Thousands demonstrated on the French island of Martinique against a looming statute of limitations that may hurt their compensation case for widespread harm done by a highly toxic insecticide. The chemical, chlordecone, was widely used between 1972 and 1993 to protect banana plantations : worldnews

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Thousands demonstrated on the French island of Martinique at the weekend against a looming statute of limitations that may hurt their compensation case for widespread harm done by a highly toxic insecticide.

The chemical, chlordecone, was widely used between 1972 and 1993 to protect banana plantations from insects in Martinique and neighbouring Guadeloupe, also a French territory in the Caribbean.

Over 90 percent of the adult population of Martinique and Guadeloupe suffer from chlordecone poisoning, according to the French public health agency.

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‘Airspace’ may delay sale of popular coastal hotel

The sale of a popular Northern Rivers hotel could be delayed by a lease agreement with council for the use of a balcony.

The stunning views of Seven Mile Beach are one of the main features of the Lenox Hotel’s restaurant, Beef + Beach Steak and Seafood Restaurant.

But the sought-after tables in the ample balcony are located in ‘airspace’ that the hotel owners lease from Ballina Shire Council.

The lease expired recently and it has been extended on a month-to-month basis.

But with confirmation of the hotel changing hands, council was asked to renew the lease for the sale to take effect on March 15.

Councillors disagreed with that idea. They want to see what a new valuation would mean in terms of the value of the lease.

A council spokeswoman confirmed the Lennox Head Hotel has had an ongoing lease for airspace in which a balcony at the restaurant is constructed.

“The purpose of the late item in the council agenda was to seek council’s endorsement to finalise a new lease to enable the property to proceed to settlement,” she said.

Council approved a motion on Thursday to seek a new lease over airspace adjoining the hotel,

to be granted to Maldew Pty Ltd, the current owner of the Lennox Point Hotel.

The lease will expire on November 14, 2025.

“The initial base rental to be determined by an independent external valuation. Consent is also sought to assign the new lease from Maldew Pty Ltd to SLl Freehold Pty. Ltd,” the motion read.


The Lennox Hotel, Lennox Head


Cr Phillip Meehan said the airspace rented to the company allows a large part of the restaurant to operate.

“There are not many sites (for a hotel) on the east coast of Australia that are oceanfront,” he said.

“The business is a multimillion-dollar enterprise, and I don’t now what sort of income the restaurant generates, but I guess it’s quite significant.

“In my opinion, the current lease amount the comes to our community is woefully inadequate, and if that was based on a valuation from 2016, I’d like to see something very different in 2021.”

Council’s general manager, Paul Hickey, said council may be able to get an external evaluation done and an extraordinary meeting of council could be completed before the March 15 date.

The motion passed with votes by councillors Wright, Parry, Johnston, McCarthy, Williams, Cadwallader and Smith. Cr Meehan voted against it. Cr Johnson and Willis were absent.

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New KIND snack bar range launches in Australia

KIND has landed in Australia with the arrival of its tasty and
wholesome snack bar range.

KIND products, which have received international acclaim in the UK and US*, use premium, better-for-you ingredients that are kind to the body, without sacrificing quality or flavour. Founded by American-born social entrepreneur Daniel Lubetzky, KIND has been created from the ground up to inspire a kinder and healthier world.

Packed with nutrient-dense first ingredients like fruits, nuts and whole grains, KIND bars are gluten free and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The range also features bars that are high in fibre and protein.

Explore the range of KIND® Bars available now

Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt
Nuts drizzled with dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt – it’s a simple recipe that’s packed with flavour.

Caramel Almond & Sea Salt
Salted Caramel. It’s a combo that speaks for itself. But add in heaps of wholesome almonds and a sprinkle of sea salt, it becomes a super-group of satisfaction.

Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate
Nothing hits the spot quite like peanut butter. Which is where this nut bar comes in. Blended with peanut butter. Drizzled in dark chocolate. All your PB needs – now pocket-sized.

Almond & Coconut
One of KIND’s original bars – this one has been tried & tested by taste buds all around the world. And the verdict? You can’t beat this combo of crunchy almond, toasted coconut and chewy honey.

Explore KIND Protein® bars available now; made with 12g plant protein and 25% bigger than an original KIND® bar, so there’s even more to enjoy. Each KIND Protein® Bar is gluten free and a good source of fibre and protein.

KIND Protein – Crunchy Peanut Butter
The perfect blend of smooth peanut butter with the added crunch of whole peanuts for a tasty plant-based protein hit.

KIND Protein – Dark Chocolate Nut
Double up on taste with the rich flavour of delicious dark chocolate, crunchy whole nuts and 12g of protein for a tasty plant-based protein hit.

Want to give KIND a try? KIND products are available from $3.00AUD from leading retailers, such as: Coles, Coles Express, IGA, 7 Eleven, BP, EG and Amazon.

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One hundred icons of queer history mapped to mark 40 years since law change

To mark the occasion, the Australian Queer Archives – in conjunction with Heritage Victoria, will on Monday release a list of 100 icons of the state’s LGBTQI+ history.

A History of LGBTIQ Victoria in 100 Places and Objects is described as a ground-breaking study of queer people, places, objects and stories that have shaped our state.

They range from venues like Mandate, Tasty and Val’s Coffee Lounge, to a map of Melbourne beats and love letters exchanged between Melbourne men Ben Morris and Harry Bruin in 1919, which were seized and used by police in an unsuccessful attempt to prosecute the men for homosexual sex. (Police were forced to drop the matter in court, as the men did not describe sexual acts in their letters, and expressing love for someone of the same sex was not illegal.)

Also included in the register is ephemera including a Victorian “mourning brooch”, constructed from gold and the intertwined strands of hair of squatters Anne Drysdale and Caroline Newcomb, commissioned by Ms Newcomb after her partner’s death in 1853.

In a foreword to the report, Australian Queer Archives patron Dennis Altman said the list offered an LGBTQI+ history of Victoria, but in fact did much more.

“Reading it is to muse on the ways in which queering the history and geography of Victoria opens up a series of questions about the shared history of us all, Indigenous and settlers alike, who live in the
lands we still name after a dead British queen,” Professor Altman wrote.


To compile the list, the Australian Queer Archives and Heritage Victoria worked with the State Library of Victoria, Museums Victoria and the National Gallery of Victoria, receiving more than 150 submissions.

But creating the list came with its challenges: given gay sex was a criminal offence before 1981, keeping records of a “criminal” relationship came with grave risks, leaving much of this history obscured or lost.

Planning Minister Richard Wynne said the list, which includes buildings across Melbourne and regional Victoria (including the entire town of Daylesford), would help guide future planning decisions. Local communities will be able to apply for heritage protections based on buildings being included in the register, he said.

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Richmond coach Damien Hardwick steps out with new girlfriend

Richmond coach Damien Hardwick and his new partner Alexandra Crow enjoyed an afternoon walk together with their dog in Melbourne over the weekend as they were captured stepping out together for the first time.

The couple have faced intense public interest in their relationship, which blossomed when the three-time premiership-winning coach separated from his longtime wife Danielle, with whom he shares three children.

But they looked carefree as they sipped juice while walking their dog, Hank, in Elwood on Sunday afternoon.

RELATED: Who is Alexandra Crow?

There’s less than three weeks before Richmond opens another premiership defence against Carlton at the MCG and Hardwick has been forced to confront questions about the impact his personal life could have on the performance of his footy team.

Often referred to by the Tigers coach as “Mrs Hardwick” in press conferences, Danielle had been by her husband’s side through an incredibly successful career in football that’s included flags as a player with Essendon and Port Adelaide and now three more as coach of the Tigers.

Richmond CEO Brendon Gale said the separation was “intensely personal and private and sensitive” but had been dealt with behind closed doors.

“I think we’re all very saddened to see the end of a 30 year-relationship – I think that’s the natural response. But these things happen, as sad as they are,” Gale told 3AW.

“But at the end of the day, we decided on a course of action that we felt was in the best interest of the club. Damien’s been a very, very good coach for our football club and has continued to be so. He has a relationship with a person who happens to be an employee at a club – and that happens. We’ve got other people in relationships, we’ve got people, in fact, that are married. We have policies in place and guidelines which help manage that – and at the end of the day, we were satisfied everything was in place, the course of action followed.

“Damien is a very good football coach and will continue to be so at Richmond for many years to come.”

Gale held no fears it would impact the playing group. “I’ll be honest, I worry for the family and I worry that’s a sad thing to see. But in terms of the football club, I don’t worry because our club, our football department and our coaches and our team have got a proven ability to focus on the things that are within their control, the things that really matter,” he said.

“They’re battle-hardened and they’ve got a flint-edged focus on performance. They’re really well prepared, they’re well coached, they’re hungry, they’re a very driven group – and I expect them to take that attitude into the 2021 season.”

But veteran football scribe Caroline Wilson believes the situation could cause headaches for the veteran coach.

Wilson said Hardwick used his wife in public to create a “personal brand” and believes he runs the risk of losing the moral high ground when it comes to admonishing players for missteps.

“In a workplace sense, this is a senior and junior colleague who embark upon an affair, probably cover it up — certainly cover it up,” Wilson told the ABC’s Offsiders program in January.

“At the very least, it was not reported to human resources or anyone senior at the club until the rumours became so strong that the question was asked by the CEO of the coach.

“I’m sorry, but we did see two AFL executives lose their jobs (in 2017) over a similar (incident). Don’t tell me it’s different, because it’s not. Don’t tell me they are in different departments because the coach has an all-encompassing influence over the whole club.

“Quite simply on an active football sense this is a man who created a personal brand out of his partner, Mrs Hardwick. She became his moral compass, and I just reckon a lot of people at the club feel duped, the public feel duped, the supporters feel duped.

“And if Trent Cotchin is suspended for three weeks in May or another player hides something and it comes out later, I think it’s going to be difficult for Damien Hardwick to tell these boys that they’ve let down the team.”

Offsiders host Kelli Underwood agreed with Wilson’s take on the matter, adding: “I just can’t understand when he put his head on the pillow at night how he possibly would have thought that this could play out for him. It’s got to have an effect internally.”

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Calls for ‘deep systemic investigation’ into parliament culture after Brittany Higgins’ rape allegation

Gender Equity Victoria has launched a campaign calling for a broad and independent systemic investigation into parliament culture for female MPs and staffers.

The ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign is calling on the government to establish an independent investigation led by the Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins.

“If the highest decision making body in our country, the place where we rely on laws being made for women, is unable to keep female MPs safe and their staff free from gendered violence, we just have to have a deep systemic investigation. It’s just not good enough,” Gender Equity Victoria CEO Tanja Kovac told SBS News.

The campaign comes in the wake of Brittany Higgins’ allegation that she was sexually assaulted in Parliament House by a former Liberal staffer in 2019.

Following Ms Higgins’ allegation, the government has established four separate inquiries to look into workplace culture, support for staff and processes for handling complaints.

One of those inquiries, a cross-party inquiry into workplace culture, is set to be established this week, with Finance Minister Simon Birmingham saying he hoped the inquiry would be up and run with cross-party support by the beginning of March.

Separately, there is a police inquiry into the allegations raised by Ms Higgins.

But Ms Kovac said the inquiries announced so far don’t go far enough.

“It’s not enough for there just to be individual investigations into individual incidents. If there are crimes that have been committed then they need to be investigated and prosecuted,” she said.

“But we are calling for a systemic investigation of the entire culture of parliament that is enabling this kind of behaviour.

“The investigation should be being managed by an independent statutory authority, and the person we have for that is the Sex Discrimination Commissioner. So nothing less from our perspective of having a full independent inquiry – not somebody who is a friend of the Prime Minister’s or someone else in cabinet.”

Ms Kovac said the workplace culture in parliament, along with other issues such as the online safety of women in politics, was discouraging young women from entering politics and needed to be addressed.

“Women are feeling braver and stronger to stand up and speak out. If there is a broader culture problem in parliament then we need these brave women to continue speaking out,” she said.

If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault, you can call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit

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Austal efficiencies drive profit but revenue takes hit

Austal’s net profit after tax was $52.4 million, up 29 per cent, while revenue fell 19 per cent to $840.3 million, due to a poor exchange rate and less throughput in the US.

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Survivor of serial sexual abuser James Geoffrey Griffin calls for national review

A victim of a nurse who preyed on and abused sick children in the Launceston General Hospital has called for a national review into how that abuse was allowed to continue for more than 10 years.

An internal investigation by Tasmania Police into why action was not taken sooner when complaints were made about nurse James Geoffrey Griffin has found officers missed multiple opportunities to apprehend him.

The Tasmanian government has ordered an independent investigation into how the Tasmanian Health Service, Department of Health and other relevant government agencies handled allegations about Griffin. That Commission of Inquiry is expected to start next month.

But Keelie McMahon, who alleges Griffin first abused her when she was 14, says a national review of what took place in Tasmania is needed.

“I think now knowing the Australian Federal Police knew about this, it needs to be national, there shouldn’t just be Tasmania, it needs to be looked at,” she said.

Griffin worked as a nurse at the Launceston General Hospital.(ABC News: Luke Bowden)

Lawyer Kim Price said the deficiencies uncovered by the internal review of Tasmania Police’s investigation of Griffin had horrific consequences.

“The report really only scratches the surface as to what we know and what we suspect has occurred at Launceston General Hospital,” he said.

His law firm Arnold Thomas and Beckett is representing 10 people who say they were abused by Griffin.

“Far fewer young women would have been abused — Griffin would have been, should have been, stopped really no later than 2009 and that’s about 10 years before he was eventually exposed,” Mr Price said.

“Almost all of our clients were unfortunately abused after 2009 and disappointingly the actions of either the hospital and or Tasmania Police have contributed to, we say, the abuse that our clients have suffered.”

Angelique Knight said Griffin sexually abused her for years, starting when she was a 14-year-old patient at the Launceston General Hospital.

Last year, she tried to make a statement to Tasmania Police but was turned away because Griffin had taken his own life in October 2019.

She was distressed to learn Tasmania Police received reports about Griffin’s behaviour as early as 2009.

“I was very hurt by this. So many victims might not have been victims in that time,” Ms Knight said.

“Yes, I know they said sorry, but it doesn’t actually help the situation when this should have been dealt with all those years ago.

“When I first found out it wasn’t just me and I wasn’t just special, I was a victim, I was a complete mess … I think I was in shock that this went on for so long of my life, let alone before that; I didn’t see it, I didn’t believe he was this monster. He fooled me and everybody,” Ms Knight said.

A woman wearing a beanie and a black shirt sits in front of a book shelf looking at the camera.
Angelique Knight says she was sexually abused by nurse James Geoffrey Griffin.(ABC News: Peter Curtis)

Another victim, who does not want to be identified, said Griffin began abusing her when she was a 16-year-old patient.

She said trying to live with the abuse is harder, knowing it could have been prevented if the hospital or police had acted earlier.

“It makes me feel like everything that’s happened to myself and other victims could have been avoided — they just allowed a predator to keep working in an environment and keep living a life like normal, even though he’s taken so much of our lives,” she said.

“It makes me frustrated and angry and I just get so upset about it because the amount of traumas that has happened in my life as a result of his abuse, it could all have been avoided and I could have done so much more.

The LGH Community Support Group’s Sallyann Geale is among those demanding full transparency from police and government in all future investigations of misconduct in public institutions.

“So that when things arise for people in the community, the departments that are meant to be serving them, are out there putting the people first,” Ms Geale said.

Launceston General Hospital community support members standing outside.
Launceston General Hospital Community Support members Sallyann Geale and Rosemary Armitage say community members want a full and transparent investigation.(ABC News: Laura Beavis)

Launceston MLC Rosemary Armitage has been contacted by many hospital staff members distressed by the latest revelations.

“I’ve also had contact from some doctors just generally saying that they actually have some guilt from having put some patients in the ward, and not realised what was happening,” she said.

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Tasmanian branch secretary Emily Shepherd welcomed Police Commissioner Darren Hine’s pledge to do better.

“I think that just reaffirms the need for the Commission of Inquiry so that all government agencies can work better together to ensure that children in Tasmania are protected,” she said.

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Northern Territory’s CLP delays preselection decision for Lingiari

The Country Liberal Party has delayed its preselection process for the vast Northern Territory electorate of Lingiari until June.

Party members made the decision on Saturday afternoon at the CLP’s three-day central council meeting in Alice Springs.

Darwin-based members and the parliamentary team travelled to the town on Friday for the meeting, where it had been expected a final decision on a candidate would be made.

But the party will now decide in June, when it will also finalise candidates for the NT’s other federal seat of Solomon, which takes in Darwin and most of Palmerston, and the Senate.

The CLP had set an original “expression of interest” deadline of February 12 for Lingiari and Solomon, but this will now be extended.

Earlier this month, CLP president Jamie DeBrenni told the ABC he was “comfortable” with the number of expressions of interest received for Lingiari.

But he declined to specify how many nominations for Lingiari the party had received.

Labor yet to confirm candidate

The massive electoral division of Lingiari extends across almost 1.4 million square kilometres and covers almost all of the NT.

Lingiari also covers the Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Christmas Island territories.

Labor’s long-serving Member for Lingiari Warren Snowdon announced his retirement from the job late last year, saying it was time for him to “roll up the swag” after representing the area for about three decades.

Labor’s Warren Snowdon has announced he will not contest the next election.(ABC News: Shuba Krishnan)

Deputy Nationals leader David Littleproud was a guest at the central council meeting and said a “conduit” was needed between the huge remote electorate of Lingiari and the Federal Government.

“What the people of Lingiari want is someone from their community, that believes in their community, is from their community and understands it,” he said.

Labor has not yet confirmed its candidate for Lingiari but the party is likely to select one of four Aboriginal nominees, according to senior party sources.

The potential candidates include Northern Land Council chief executive Marion Scrymgour, Charles Darwin University researcher Jeanie Govan, Aboriginal Carbon Foundation chief executive Rowan Foley and public servant and former NT Government minister Matthew Bonson.

A woman smiles into the camera.
Marion Scrymgour is the first woman ever appointed to the chief executive role of a Northern Territory land council.(ABC News: Stephanie Zillman)

Sources close to Mr Snowdon have told the ABC he and NT Senator Malarrndirri McCarthy would support Ms Scrymgour.

Mr Snowdon has not publicly confirmed his endorsement of a particular nominee.

“It is not my intention to be engaged in public commentary on the preselection process,” he said.

Ms Scrymgour was the first Indigenous woman elected to the NT Parliament and served as an NT government minister and deputy chief minister.

The parliamentary terms for the NT’s two Senate seats — held by the CLP’s Sam McMahon and Labor’s Malarndirri McCarthy — expire before the next federal election.

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V8 Supercars 2021: Mount Panorama 500, Bathurst, news, results, timing, update, Shane van Gisbergen,

For the first time in 50 years, a Supercars season began at the same track where the prior season concluded.

Bathurst. Mount Panorama – the most hallowed track in Australian motorsport. And just like last season’s finale, it was Shane van Gisbergen who emerged triumphant this weekend, claiming back-to-back victories the perfect start to his title bid.

Commentators declared it a “big, big statement” as the 31-year-old veteran chases his second Supercars crown, after winning in 2016.

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Van Gisbergen completes Bathurst double


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