Bond University QAFLW 2021 Leadership Group announced

AFL Queensland has today announced the 2021 Bond University QAFLW leadership group, ahead of this weekend’s opening match between Wilston Grange and University of Queensland at Hickey Park.


Captain / Leadership Group Member

Bond Uni

Paris Lightfoot and Shannon Danckert


Kitara Whap-Farrar


Mia Walsh


Megan Hunt

Wilston Grange

Jess Matthews and Kristen Tyquin


Emma McKenzie


Courtney Daniec and Ange Lingard


Rachel Crack


The 2021 QAFLW season will kick off on Saturday, February 27th, overlapping with the NAB AFL Women’s competition.

Download 2021 fixture here – Please note; times and venues are subject to change.

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Rob Penney defends Waratahs’ Wallabies exodus as leadership void laid bare

But those experienced heads have departed over the last few years. The decisions to let those players go can’t all be attributed to Penney, as he’s only been in charge for 15 months, but at a time when the Waratahs needed to keep their last remaining greybeards, the Kiwi and the organisation have not managed to stop the bleeding.

Penney said wouldn’t do anything differently, however. “Don’t regret it. Don’t regret the discussions we had and the decisions we made there,” Penney said. “We have people in the organisation that will do a job (as captain), yeah.”

Jake Gordon (middle) came away from Suncorp Stadium with an injured ankle. Credit:Getty

While Penney didn’t wish to discuss the list management decisions which led to the hole the Waratahs find themselves in, he didn’t shy away from his team’s “ugly” performance against the Reds.

“When you get a red card [to Izaia Perese] and you get a couple of significant injuries to players who have more or less established themselves – any team is going to struggle with that sort of carnage,” Penney said.

“There were some really good bits but there were some really ugly bits. The inconsistency was there for everyone to see. The Reds are a really good side and particularly on the day, the backline they had exposed us.”

The “inconsistency” in the Waratahs’ performance reminded Penney of the rugby his side produced at the start of last year.

“There were certainly some elements of that inconsistency that were evident early on last year,” he said.

“That rose its head. It’s a different group. This group is still feeling its way a little bit and there was only really a bad window of seven or eight minutes where the Reds scored some good seven pointers. They were ugly.”

Penney and the Waratahs did not disclose how long Gordon and Joey Walton, who also injured his ankle, will be sidelined.

They will be buoyed by the return of Lachlan Swinton, who hasn’t played since being shown a red card in his Wallabies debut late last year.


“Swinno back eligible for selection … is good timing.” said Penney. “You know what he’s going to bring.

“He’s a great team man, he loves the Waratahs, wants them to do well and he brings a competitive, combative element.”

Gordon will be replaced by Jack Grant, the son of former Wallaby James Grant.

“Jack is a success story of a young guy who has persevered and stayed in a really good club environment and has now reaped the rewards of that,” Penney said.

“He’s a really mature player. We have no issue with his decision making around the game. But he’s also quick, he has a lovely pass and he has a good kicking game. All the thing you need from your No. 9.

“And it’s a great credit to his perseverance that he will get a good opportunity to get amongst it.”

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Leadership runs in the blood for Maoris skipper

IT might his first time captaining a representative side, but there is no daunting Maori All Stars leader Dallin Watene-Zelezniak.

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Power and Corruption within Malaysia’s Leadership

By: Murray Hunter

Former Attorney General Tommy Thomas in his recent book, “My Story: Justice in the Wilderness,” suggested that big-time corruption in the Malaysian polity sprang up during the Tun Abdul Razak era – 1970-1976 – that a secret or covert space in government appeared, out of sight of any scrutiny.

This is real power, where greed and self-int…

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AFL-CIO president’s reaction to Keystone XL shutdown shows divide between union leadership, members: experts

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka’s muted reaction to President Biden’s decision to derail the Keystone XL pipeline project shows the divide between union leadership and union members, Heritage Foundation economics research fellow Rachel Greszler told Fox News.

“The fact that Trumka was relatively indifferent to Biden’s move to kill thousands of union jobs is troubling and revealing,” Greszler said. “It shows that unions don’t actually represent workers’ interests, but rather union leadership’s quest for power.”


Trumka expressed displeasure with the pipeline project cancellation but also praised Biden as possibly “the best union president we ever had” during an “Axios on HBO” interview that aired on Sunday.

Richard Trumka, president of the American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), speaks during the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Legislative and Grassroots Mobilization Conference in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Monday, Feb. 10, 2020. Photographer: Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/Bloomberg via Getty Images

“I wish he hadn’t done that on the first day because the Laborers International [Union] is right,” Trumka told Axios. “It did and will cost us jobs in the process. I wish he had paired that more carefully with the thing he did second by saying, ‘Here’s where we’re creating jobs.'”

Labor groups have said Biden’s Day One decision to nix the Keystone pipeline quickly eliminated 1,000 union jobs and could kill 10 times more in construction jobs that were expected to be created by the project.


“It suggests that he’s going to get something in return for sitting silent on a matter that is negatively impacting [workers],” Greszler said, referencing union-backed policies like a $15 federal minimum wage and the PRO Act. 

Biden’s pledge to create new “high-paying union jobs” through investments in green energy infrastructure projects.

In an Aug. 21, 2017 file photo, workers make sure that each section of the Enbridge replacement Line 3 that is joined passes muster in Superior, Wisc. (Richard Tsong-Taatarii /Star Tribune via AP)

In an Aug. 21, 2017 file photo, workers make sure that each section of the Enbridge replacement Line 3 that is joined passes muster in Superior, Wisc. (Richard Tsong-Taatarii /Star Tribune via AP)

“There’s a gap between what they’re promising and what’s actually possible,” Greszler said. “You can talk about these green jobs, but it’s going to take years, if not decades, to actually generate these jobs.”

Daniel DiSalvo, professor of political science at the City College of New York, told Fox News that he doubts the Keystone XL cancellation will be a turning point for union relations with Biden and the Democrats. Once economic growth post-pandemic kicks in, unions will forget about the loss, DiSalvo said.

“That’s going to assuage everyone if you have job growth,” he said.

However, DiSalvo said there’s an “inherent tension” between the union leaders and environmentalists, and Biden is trying to court both.

“Biden, depending on how ambitious his green, environmental agenda becomes, that could act as a constraint on growth,” DiSalvo said, adding that while some individual union members may abandon Democrats, union leadership tends to be intertwined with the Democratic party.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy and White House press secretary Jen Psaki sparred over the timeline of Biden’s green jobs plan.

“When is it that the Biden administration is going to let the thousands of fossil fuel industry workers, whether its pipeline workers or construction workers who are either out of work or will soon be out of work because of Biden’s EO, when it is and where it is that they can go for their green jobs?” Doocy asked.


“As the president has indicated when he gave his primetime address to talk about the American Rescue Plan, he talked about his plans to also put forward a jobs plan in the weeks or months following,” Psaki eventually responded. “He has every plan to do exactly that.”

The AFL-CIO did not respond to a request for comment.

Fox News’ Michael Ruiz and Fox Business’ Thomas Barrabi contributed to this report.

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Getting the Leadership Respect I Deserve

Her C-suite peers haven’t always valued what she brings to the table. Now one leader must learn how to change that dynamic in her new executive role.

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House Republicans vote to keep Liz Cheney among leadership in rebuke to Trump loyalists

Kevin McCarthy also denounced stripping Marjorie Taylor Greene’s committees.

House Republicans voted on Wednesday to keep Rep. Liz Cheney in GOP leadership despite her vote to impeach former President Donald Trump last month, with a strong majority of the conference rejecting the challenge from Trump allies to punish the Wyoming Republican.

The conference voted 145-61 in a secret ballot, after members spent hours venting frustrations about Cheney’s vote, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s past support for conspiracy theories and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s leadership of the conference following Trump’s defeat.

“We really did have a terrific vote tonight and terrific time this evening laying out what we’re going to do going forward, as well as making clear that we’re not going to be divided and that we’re not going to be in a situation where people can pick off any member of leadership,” Cheney told reporters after the meeting. “It was a very resounding acknowledgment that we need to go forward together and that we need to go forward in a way that helps us be back.”

In remarks to her colleagues, the House Republican Conference chair did not apologize for her vote to impeach Trump for inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, and welcomed the referendum on her position, following a weekslong campaign from Trump’s most fervent supporters to drive her out of the conference and recruit a primary challenge to defeat her next year.

McCarthy, who has been criticized by colleagues for shifting statements about Trump’s responsibility for the storming of the Capitol, endorsed Cheney and encouraged Republicans to keep her on the leadership team.

Cheney was also supported by other Republicans in the conference, including Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., one of nine other Republicans who voted to impeach Trump, according to a source familiar with the conference meeting.

She was criticized by others in the conference, including Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa., who likened Cheney’s support for impeachment to seeing a girlfriend cheer for the other team at a football game, a remark that wasn’t well received by women in the conference, according to a source familiar with the comments.

Rep. Tom Rice, R-S.C., a conservative who surprised Republicans by voting to impeach Trump, questioned McCarthy’s decision to travel to Mar-a-Lago to meet with the former president last week.

GOP leaders emerged from the meeting depicting a united front, even as fault lines remain over how to position the party with Trump out of office, but potentially eying a 2024 White House run.

“The No. 1 thing that happened this conference was unity. People were able to air their differences, people were able to focus,” McCarthy told reporters.

Greene, who has faced intense criticism for past comments promoting conspiracy theories about school shootings and QAnon, apologized to members for the remarks and expressed contrition for some of the past comments, a move that was appreciated by some members in the room.

The embattled congresswoman received a standing ovation from approximately half of the conference, according to a source in the room.

McCarthy rejected Democrats’ calls for Greene to be stripped from the House Education and Budget committees over the controversy, but faulted Democrats for rejecting his proposal to instead place her on the Small Business Committee. The House will move forward with a resolution from Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., to remove Greene from those committees.

Following the meeting, the California Republican leader repeatedly denounced the conspiracy theories Greene allegedly promoted. The Georgia Republican has yet to repudiate her past remarks in public, and instead doubled down on Twitter, accusing Democrats of targeting her over her race and religious beliefs. She also boasted of raising over $100,000 on Wednesday amid the backlash.

“I want to see her do it on Twitter and in public, though. I think that would be a good idea,” said Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, of Greene’s apology.

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Cheney holds on to House GOP leadership position amid furor over impeachment vote

Liz Cheney (R-WY) departs after a House Republican Caucus meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, February 3, 2021.

Joshua Roberts | Reuters

Liz Cheney, the third-highest-ranking Republican in the House, held on to her title as House GOP conference chair during a secret ballot held on Wednesday.

Three sources told NBC News the secret ballot among among Republican House members was 145-61.

This comes after Cheney refused to apologize for voting to impeach former President Donald Trump during the closed-door meeting with her GOP conference Wednesday evening, according to a source in the room. Cheney was among the 10 House Republicans who voted in favor of the article of impeachment against Trump for inciting the Jan.6 insurrection at the Capitol, which killed five people.

More from NBC News:

Cheney, a frequent critic of Trump and his rhetoric, said at the time, “There has never been a greater betrayal by a president of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution. I will vote to impeach the President.”

The lopsided vote to keep Cheney in leadership, despite her vote to impeach Trump, signals a hidden disenchantment with the former president in the House GOP ranks. The impeachment vote was public, meaning lawmakers would be held accountable by their party’s voters for their position. But the Cheney vote was a secret ballot, freeing lawmakers to vote their preference without fear of repercussion.

The move created fury and fractures within the party, leading some pro-Trump lawmakers to protest Cheney in her home state of Wyoming, call for her to be stripped of her GOP conference chair title and a potential primary challenge.

Wyoming Republican state Sen. Anthony Bouchard announced last month he would challenge Cheney, who is up for re-election in 2022. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., a staunch Trump ally, also urged supporters of the former president in her home state last week to vote her out.

The rising GOP leader and daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney is also facing the prospect of censure from the Wyoming GOP party, according to the Associated Press.

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., told reporters after the conference meeting that he stood up for Cheney in the meeting.

“People can have differences of opinion that is what we are having a discussion about. Liz has a right to vote her conscience. At the end of the day, we will be united,” he said.

The tension between those who supported impeachment and those still loyal to Trump was also illustrated earlier this week when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., released a statement defending Cheney.

“Liz Cheney is a leader with deep convictions and the courage to act on them. She is an important leader in our party and in our nation. I am grateful for her service and look forward to continuing to work with her on the crucial issues facing our nation,” McConnell said.

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Caroline Wilson says Damien Hardwick has tarnished his leadership at Tigerland

Most importantly the lines have been blurred where accepted workplace practices are concerned. Again the club line has been found wanting. Alexandra Crow might be an impressive marketing official in charge of elite club supporter groups but the power imbalance between her and Hardwick is stark.

Neither he nor Crow reported the relationship, which was only revealed when the rumours became so rife that CEO Brendon Gale asked the question of the coach.

President Peggy O’Neal and chief executive Gale have rightly pointed for some years to Richmond’s strong organisational culture and core values. Gale has often said he has been as proud of the manner in which players have carried themselves as of how they have played. That they now give the Hardwick-Crow scenario a tick because they work in different departments is frankly laughable given the coach’s influence across the entire club.

It is telling that the Tigers cannot guarantee Crow will remain at the club although they insist that choice will be hers alone. If it came to it, good luck selling the story of a woman yet again sacrificing her job ahead of a man.

But then the Hardwick controversy highlights the recurring hypocrisy across big organisations and specifically in this case football clubs when it comes to political correctness. You can’t help but wonder whether the coach might have been in more trouble if his name was Simon Goodwin or Leon Cameron. Or an assistant coach.

And there is no doubt sacking Hardwick would have proved a lot tougher than the alternative. Not only would that have created a costly legal thicket for the club but removing a premiership coach in his prime because he fell in love with a colleague would not wash with members, supporters and some sponsors eyeing off a three-peat.

Richmond insist it never considered sacking him, a decision backed by the six club CEOs contacted who say they would have done the same. Still the Hardwick story provoked a serious conversation several weeks ago between AFL boss Gillon McLachlan and Gale. McLachlan reluctantly forced two married league executives – one whom he counts among his closest friends – to resign back in 2017 due to workplace affairs.

And yet head office, perhaps uncomfortable regarding its own more recent history, will not take any form of position on Richmond’s issues, saying it is for the club to handle. Disappointingly, when comparing itself to the AFL, another Richmond line is that the AFL is the game’s regulator and therefore justified in the tougher stand it took.

This too seems flimsy when you consider the role of the senior coach as teacher, mentor and guide to so many impressionable young men. Particularly one who publicly adopted his wife as his moral compass and created “Mrs Hardwick” as a major part of his brand as well as her private role as a key part of the Tigers family.

Stronger feminists than this columnist were never comfortable with “Mrs Hardwick” never having a true voice or even her own name. No one asked Hardwick, never comfortable with the media, to evoke Danielle regularly in his media conferences and make her such a big part of the story – crediting her with such a major role in turning his career around, even joking about their sex life.

Even so, I loved it when, on the 2017 premiership dais, the winning coach became the first in the game’s history to thank his wife straight after the game.

Konrad Marshall’s chronicle of the journey to the 2019 flag speaks of how the coach held up a large rock inscribed with Danielle and family, revealing them as his key motivation. As recently as last June, after one of his many 2020 public missteps, it was “Mrs Hardwick” who told the coach he had behaved like a goose in criticising John Longmire’s tactics. You have to wonder how many people within the club – including players – felt duped when the truth came out.

Affairs of the heart like so many private issues are difficult to write about in the context of a large sporting organisation but no one can deny this situation has not rocked the Tigers and therefore is fair game. It is intriguing that the club has still not put Trent Cotchin in front of the media after wife Brooke’s pointed social media commentary over Christmas.


Jack Riewoldt’s “business as usual″⁣ claim belied the difficult conversations Hardwick has undertaken with his players and his shrinking group of coaches. And you can’t help but wonder whether the fall-out from marital breakdown and workplace affair will impact on the coach’s relationship with his players when connectivity has been such a major player at Punt Road.

Hardwick has revealed his vulnerabilities before but surely now he has relinquished the high moral ground upon which he once lived with his wife and family. It is difficult to predict how his authority will endure, particularly when demanding transparency from his players and coaches.

But then so much off-field went wrong for Richmond in 2020 and look how that turned out. Hardwick’s rapsheet alone saw several instances of bad sportsmanship, blaming the MCG ground staff for a poor team performance, an initial refusal to guide his team in adapting to COVID, cruelly belittling David Schwarz and bizarrely almost missing lining up with his team for the national anthem in the Tigers’ first final.

Perhaps his personal turmoil contributed to his sometimes strange behaviour, which culminated in one of the great grand final coaching performances. Perhaps the club and what it has achieved under Gale and O’Neal can prove itself bigger than the coach and his issues.

For those of us who have celebrated the fairytale at Tigerland, the good memories will endure but the story has changed. And as much as those major characters who played their part in the resurgence wish he hadn’t, it is the coach who has rewritten it.

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NRL 2021: Newcastle Knights, leadership group, Mitchell Pearce, Kalyn Ponga, Mitch Barnett, captaincy

The Newcastle Knights have unveiled a five-man leadership group as the club prepares for the 2021 season following Mitchell Pearce’s decision to step down as captain.

The Knights announced on Saturday that Mitch Barnett, Kalyn Ponga, Daniel Saifiti, Blake Green and Jayden Brailey will form part of the group.

The club said the players were chosen after an “extensive selection process” and that all five will lead “both on and off the field throughout 2021”.

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Round 1

The Knights said that the decision to select a club captain and on-field captain would be made in the coming weeks.

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