Prince Philip: The Queen says his death has ‘left a huge void’ – Duke of York

The Queen has described the death of the Duke of Edinburgh as “having left a huge void in her life”, her son the Duke of York has said.

Prince Andrew said his father’s death was a “terrible loss”, and that his family was “rallying around”.

“We’ve lost the grandfather of the nation,” he added, as he left a service at Windsor.

Earlier, ex-PM Sir John Major said the Royal Family’s shared grief was an “ideal opportunity” to mend any rifts.

And during a special service at Canterbury Cathedral, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby paid tribute to Prince Philip, saying that “for the Royal Family, as for every other, no words can reach into the depth of sorrow that goes into bereavement”.

The archbishop, who is expected to lead the duke’s funeral service at Windsor Castle on Saturday, said Prince Philip showed “a remarkable willingness to take the hand he was dealt in life and straightforwardly to follow its call, to search its meaning, to go out and on as sent to inquire and think, to trust and to pray”.

Prince Andrew was joined by the Earl and Countess of Wessex and their daughter Lady Louise Windsor at a separate service at Windsor’s Royal Lodge.

He said the Royal Family was grateful for all the “absolutely amazing tributes” to Prince Philip.

He added: “The Queen, as you would expect, is an incredibly stoic person.

“She described it as having left a huge void in her life but we, the family, the ones that are close, are rallying round to make sure that we’re there to support her.”

Speaking of his love for his father, Prince Andrew said: “He was so calm. If you had a problem, he would think about it.

“He was always somebody you could go to and he would always listen so it’s a great loss.

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‘Second chance’ for York Catholic school board as they look to replace director who left after just one month

York Catholic trustees have been given a second chance to hire a director of education that community members approve of, parents and teachers say following the exit of Robert Hofstatter after just one turbulent month on the job.

After the announcement of his appointment in February, the trustees were criticized for choosing a director who had more than 20 years of experience in the banking world but just three years of teaching as the head of computer science and engineering robotics at a private school.

Community members also questioned why a racialized candidate with more experience in education was not chosen to lead the diverse board.

Kearie Daniel, a parent of two children, said the board has been given an opportunity to “dismantle the anti-Black racism in their classrooms that they claim has been a priority, and they claim they want to do.”

As a founding member of Parents of Black Children, an advocacy group fighting racism at school boards in York Region and across the province, she said she has worked with the board and trustees for three years to help them examine policies.

While the board has listened to stories about the pain caused by anti-Black racism, “they have had a problem in addressing it,” she said.

“This is their chance to hire someone who is able to do that.”

In an email to a constituent obtained by the Star, York Catholic trustee Elizabeth Crowe said the selection of the director of education is done in private by secret ballot.

“This is to protect the confidentiality of all the candidates and the process. There is no record of the vote,” Crowe said, adding she couldn’t comment on the race, sex or qualifications of candidates who apply to the position because they are protected by confidentiality.

“In the end the board can only select from the pool of candidates that apply for the position.”

In a tweet posted Thursday, Daniel wrote, “There have been four directors in as many years at this board. This is a crisis of leadership.”

After Patricia Preston retired in late 2017, Diane Murgaski filled the role until Ab Falconi took over in April 2018. He served until Aug. 31, 2020 and his salary was $235,200, according the 2019 Sunshine List.

Following his departure, Mary Battista stepped in as interim director in September 2020. She announced her retirement in February, then Hofstatter was appointed.

Education insiders say they cannot remember a director of education of an Ontario school board leaving the position after just one month.

The Star attempted to contact Hofstatter to speak about his short tenure at the board, but he did not wish to comment.

Hofstatter was the first to benefit from a change to the Education Act, which removed the requirement that directors of education be supervisory officers that are qualified as teachers. The move was intended to broaden the pool of candidates and boost diversity.

In his last week as director, he sent an email to parents of all 54,600 students incorrectly suggesting the province would issue a “four-week shutdown of schools across Ontario starting Tuesday, April 6” as part of a broader lockdown. He then issued another letter the next day saying the board “apologizes for any confusion with regards to potential school closures.”

Education Minister Stephen Lecce told the Star in an interview Friday that “students in York Region deserve stability and I think the school board will need to work expeditiously to deliver a strong, competent leader who can deliver quality public education for those students.”

He said the hiring decision was “made by the school board, by the trustees, and obviously they are going to have to now move quickly to identify a suitable candidate with the right experience to lead this board forward.”

Tony Pontes, executive director of the Council of Ontario Directors or Education and a former long-serving director of the Peel public board, echoed Lecce’s statements.

He said the board “needs stability as soon as possible,” but appointing an experienced, interim director would be best because “I wouldn’t think that it’s wise for them to rush — you can’t find a good director in a couple of weeks.”



Pontes said he is not aware of the circumstances surrounding Hofstatter’s departure. However, said directors should have experience as a principal and superintendent.

“I believe, like all directors in the province, that those are the necessary qualifications for success,” he said. “It might be a sign that the modified qualifications aren’t in line with success — it may be too soon to draw that conclusion, but it does reinforce the concern that was expressed to the minister about the qualifications change for directors.”

During Hofstatter’s first week as director, he attended a virtual workshop on equity led by Vidya Shah and her colleague Mike Saver in which he made comments so upsetting that the two cancelled all upcoming trainings.

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Adelaide Remand Centre prison escapee Jason Burdon left carjacking victim shattered, court hears

An Adelaide court has heard a man who escaped from the Adelaide Remand Centre by using clothes as a makeshift rope to scale down the building has a “very lengthy criminal history”.

Jason Gregory Burdon, 33, was found guilty in the District Court earlier this year of robbery following a violent carjacking in Clarence Gardens in May 2019 that the court heard fractured several bones in the victim’s face.

Burdon was arrested after a roof-top standoff with police.

It was this crime he was in custody for when he escaped from the Adelaide Remand Centre in December.

During sentencing submissions for the robbery, Judge Simon Stretton said some of Burdon’s offences “could only be categorised as a crime spree”.

“There has just been relentless continual offending … constantly breaking into places, constantly stealing, constantly breaching bonds,” he said.

“There comes a point, unfortunately, when a person is a serious repeat offender that the law… says, ‘well enough is enough, you can’t expect to receive a short non-parole period because the community simply has to be protected.'”

Clothing Jason Burdon used to escape the Adelaide Remand Centre.(

ABC News: Michael Clements


Victim’s ‘shock, fear and grief’

Prosecutor Karen Ingleton asked for Burdon to be sentenced as a serious repeat offender as he had “a very lengthy criminal history”.

In a victim impact statement Ms Ingleton read to the court, the victim said he had struggled to feel happy since the robbery.

“I used to go out of my way to help people who was [sic] in need and feel really good about myself after I had helped them.

“Since the bashing, all of that has changed — my friends tell me not to stop and help strangers.”

The electronics repairman told the court his work had suffered as he experienced regular headaches as a result of the fractures he sustained between his eyes and cheekbones.

Burdon has also pleaded guilty in the Adelaide Magistrates Court to his 30-hour escape from the Adelaide Remand Centre in December but not guilty to resisting arrest.

Burdon’s lawyer, Greg Tonkin, told the court Burdon had been in solitary confinement since the escape and it had been difficult to get instructions from him.

Sentencing submissions will continue later this month and Burdon will be sentenced at a later date.

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Former participants of NT rehab program say many will be left without support when funding is cut

Shay Hodder hasn’t used methamphetamine for 18 months and is reunited with her family.

But she’s worried others recovering from addiction will not receive the second chance she got, because the Northern Territory government is cutting $2 million in funding to a rehabilitation program for people on parole and on bail.

“There’s a lot of people out there who need help,” she said.

“There’s a lot of broken families that need to get back together … it’s not fair on us, it’s not fair on the community.”

Ms Hodder believed she would have ended up in jail if she had not been able to participate in the government-funded Family Circles COMMIT program delivered by the FORWAARD Aboriginal Corporation, which is one of the organisations affected by the funding cuts.

The program provides mediation and education to recovering addicts and families, so they can rebuild a relationship and strategies to support each other during rehabilitation.

“There’s clients who want to come in here, wanting to get better,” said Ms Hodder, who is now a caseworker with FORWAARD.

The government’s cuts to the program have been criticised by welfare groups and the chair of the NT Parole Board, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Southwood, who said they would frustrate efforts to reduce incarceration rates and improve community safety.

Funding cuts confirmed

The government has confirmed about $2 million will be cut from the program by June, with almost half of the funding ending this month.

It said in a statement, the decision was based on a review of the number of beds and services used by participants in the program and further funding would be considered during the 2021 budget cabinet process.

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Selena Uibo said people on parole would have access to other support when the programs end and existing clients would finish their treatments in June.

“People eligible for COMMIT will continue to be offered support through the Department of Health’s alcohol and other drugs programs,” she said.

Attorney-General Selena Uibo said support will still be available through Department of Health programs.(

ABC News: Laetitia Lemke


But in a letter to the Alcohol and Other Drugs Association NT (AADANT) last December, Health Minister Natasha Fyles acknowledged the demand on alcohol treatment services and the pressure that would be placed on bed availability with COMMIT funding cuts.

AADANT executive officer Peter Burnheim said a budgeted evaluation of the COMMIT program was never completed.

He was concerned there were no other specialised services for parole clients.

FORWAARD Aboriginal Corporation will lose almost $600,0000 under the cuts, meaning the Family Circles program will end this month and nine rehabilitation beds will close by the end of June.

“[That’s] about 38 per cent of our total programming … it’s a real shame … there is nowhere quite as unique as the Family Circles program.”

A man looking at the camera
FORWAARD chief executive Stephen Versteegh said five staff members could lose their jobs.(

ABC News: Hamish Harty


Mr Versteegh said a letter from Ms Uibo stated the organisation’s programs were successful but the government had other funding priorities.

In December, Justice Southwood raised concerned about cuts to COMMIT in a four-page statement, saying 278 people had been successfully released since the program began in 2017.

“If COMMIT has meant that 278 offenders … spent 12 months less time in prison [which is a fair anecdotal estimate] that represents a saving of $13 million over three years,” he said.

“The reduction in the capacity of non-government organisations to provide residential rehabilitation programs … will once again add to the very high rates of incarceration of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory,” he said.

Road to recovery

Ms Hodder said she wanted to speak publicly about her own road to recovery to highlight concern over the funding cuts.

She said life recovering from addiction more than a year ago left her isolated and some of the people closest to her didn’t understand her struggles.

Ms Hodder said it was challenging confronting her past traumas as part of recovery.

She said her COMMIT caseworker helped her reconnect with her family so they could understand “what alcohol and drugs do to you.”

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Thousands return home to piles of debris left behind after unprecedented flood disaster

Australia’s east coast is facing a trail of destruction left behind by the unprecedented flooding emergency as more regions are given the all clear to return home.

Water levels remain high across large parts of the state with thousands still isolated across Greater Sydney and the state’s north-west.

Emergency services have been slammed with 12,368 calls for help and more than a thousand flood rescues over the last five days.

The flood crisis has left a trail of destruction with thousands still isolated around the state. (Getty)
Evacuation warnings are still active around the Hawkesbury River, North Richmond and Moree. (Getty)

More than 290 Australian Defence troops have assisted on the ground with clean-up and recovery, with plans to double forces.

Floodwaters have begun to receive on the Windsor bridge, although authorities say it may still be days before regular traffic would be allowed across.

David Fishburn, Maintenance Director at Transport for NSW, said water levels still need to come down further before engineers can make confident decisions on the safety of the bridge.

Several communities have been given the all clear, returning home to piles of debris. (Nick Moir)

“There is still water under the bridge deck, and some of the key components we need to look at can’t be seen yet,” Mr Fishburn said.

“So we can’t make that assessment yet.”

While water levels are dropping, some communities are still only accessible via boat.

People look at flooded paddocks in Richmond. (Getty)

The 2021 flood disaster in numbers

Over the course of the floods, the NSW coast has been drenched by at least 200mm of rain, and in some places, more than 400mm. This is more than three times the Sydney average for the whole of March.

The flooding stretches 600 kilometres from Sydney to the Northern Rivers.

The BOM’s Victoria Dodd said the state had experienced “the most significant floods in decades”.

“We’ve seen exceptionally high flood levels, high-velocity flows, lots of dangerous debris in these floodwaters.”

On Wednesday, the BOM had issued flood warnings on 33 of the state’s 40 river catchments.

The Hawkesbury River at Windsor peaked at 12.9m on Wednesday, the highest level in 60 years.

Scenes of flood devastation at St Georges Caravan park at Lower Portland. (Nick Moir)

Records fall on Mid-North Coast

At Mount Seaview, in the hills west of Port Macquarie, rainfall records have been smashed in the past week, with 815 mm falling over five days. It’s the highest total since records began there in 1960.

Further up the coast at Nambucca Heads, the community was one of the first in NSW to be hit with flooding last Saturday when 350mm of rain fell, swamping the March average of 161mm.

East coast flood disaster now stretching 600km

The river at Macksville has exceeded the major flood level , reaching 3.4 metres in 1950 – a one-in-50-year flood.

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Woman who left abusive partners says she ‘felt judged’ for her choices

Ms Bingham began carrying a bag with her at all times that contained basic essentials and one night in 2015 she seized an opportunity to run.

“This was after a string of evenings over a few weeks where things were getting really bad really quickly … and one night I basically just grabbed my bag and bolted out the door,” she says.

Amanda wants to help women and children experiencing violence once she completes training to become a support worker.Credit:Jason South

Frantic, terrified and tearful Ms Bingham was involved in an accident that night where her car almost collided with a truck. In a twist of fate, the truck driver who helped her and took her home to safety became her next partner.

While there was no violence in this second relationship, Ms Bingham says it was a lot more emotionally volatile and she ultimately had to leave the man’s home while she was pregnant with their now four-year-old daughter.

Since the Royal Commission, Victoria Police – often the first point of contact for victim survivors –has committed to major cultural change in how they deal with family violence incidents. Of the 227 recommendations out of the commission, 27 were aimed at Victoria Police – which has committed to all of them.

Ms Bingham hopes those changes have resulted in real change and that women coming forward to police and support services now will be treated with more empathy than she was in 2015.

She also hopes that services and the community better understand how complex and coercive abusive relationships are, even without physical violence.

“Especially with emotional abuse. I’ve said many times, I’d prefer to be hit in the face, because you can see that, and [people take you more seriously],” she said.

“I think there’s a lot to be said for police and service workers that work in that field about perceptions and understanding about family violence and just having a bit more understanding of women in general.

“Just because they’re going through that type of thing doesn’t mean that they’re dumb, or it’s their fault. Quite a few times I felt judged and made to feel stupid for choosing that man and that it … was my own fault, when it’s not like that at all.”

Another area that Ms Bingham says is still in glaring need of attention is a lack of affordable housing for victim-survivors of abuse – she herself has been in transitional housing for four years now waiting for an appropriate home to come up in the social housing system.

The house, provided by Launch Housing, isn’t in the suburb she would choose but she says it’s safe and secure for her and her four-year-old daughter.

”I still have a dream of buying my own house or my house or going on The Block and trying to make my house,” she laughs. “I think you’ve got to keep dreaming.“


Ms Bingham is now training to become a social support worker to support women in the family violence system like herself.

“I was pregnant and homeless, so I feel like there’s a big space for me to give back into that area, because being homeless and pregnant is full-on – it’s an experience and a half,” she said.

“To let them know that I understand and it does get better. As bad as you feel at that time, things will get better and people are there to help you. If you come across a worker that’s not the best, don’t take it personally, you’ve got to just try and keep moving on and keep it together.”

If you or anyone you know needs support, you can contact the National Sexual Assault, Domestic and Family Violence Counselling Service on 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732).

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‘Couldn’t even watch’: Tszyu left disgusted by ‘disrespectful’ Aussie boxing farce

Tim Tszyu wasn’t watching when Michael Zerafa put an end to Anthony Mundine in two minutes.

And he certainly wasn’t watching when Zerafa, fresh off the win, called out Tszyu, who faces Dennis Hogan on March 31.

“I couldn’t even watch it,” Tszyu told “I thought it was ethically not acceptable to watch, because there’s only one thing that’s going to happen.

“I didn’t understand the whole point of it.”

Watch Tim Tszyu v Dennis Hogan only on Main Event, available on Foxtel and Kayo on Wednesday 31 March at 7pm AEDT. ORDER NOW >

Zerafa’s beatdown of a 45-year-old Mundine left a bad taste in the mouths of those watching on, both in Australia and overseas. It was a mismatch between a 28-year-old and a legend who should have walked away from the sport years ago.

“I think it shouldn’t have even happened,” Tszyu said. “We got offered the Mundine fight and I said straight away: it’s not happening.

“It’s disrespectful, first of all. And there’s a time when enough is enough.”

Zerafa used the win as a new platform to shout Tszyu’s name.

“Tim Tszyu, and pardon my French, but stop f***ing running, it’s time to fight,” Zerafa said after getting past Mundine.

“It’s the best fight, the best match-up. He’s running scared, he’s saying nobody wants to fight him. I’m here, I’ll fight him.

“Let’s give Australian fight fans what they want – Zerafa vs. Tszyu.”

As Tszyu has risen, Zerafa’s words have followed. But the reality is rather simple for the 26-year-old super welterweight, who headlines another pay-per-view card, this time in Newcastle next week.

“I think that’s our last option,” Tszyu said of a Zerafa match-up. “If there’s nothing else on the table then we’ll consider. You don’t get an opportunity by beating a 47-year-old grandfather, let’s just say that.”

Zerafa fought two wars against Jeff Horn in 2019; losing the second and ultimately the opportunities that were waiting at the other end of a win.

Tszyu then beat Horn to start 2020, before dealing with Bowyn Morgan in stunning fashion to cap off a year where the son of former world champion, Kostya, established himself as the No. 1 name in Australian boxing.

“Any of the top 10 boys – they’re the ones I’m going for,” Tszyu said of what he wants next, with a WBO title shot also on the cards.

“ … It’s good that we’re here. We’ve flown under the radar in Australia. But once I do fight the big boys, it’s going to be a big shock to them.”

Watch Tim Tszyu v Dennis Hogan only on Main Event, available on Foxtel and Kayo on Wednesday 31 March at 7pm AEDT. ORDER NOW >

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Six seconds left in the grand final, six points down … and Butcher played on!

Not everything is on Wikipedia these days

Logan McDonald now has a Wikipedia page.Credit:Getty Images

With all the hype that surrounds draft picks these days you’d think they would automatically find themselves with a Wikipedia page soon after being drafted.

Not so. It wasn’t until 2:16am on Sunday morning, just hours after he kicked three goals on debut for Sydney, that No.4 draft pick Logan McDonald became the first top 10 draft pick from the 2020 national draft to have a Wikipedia page created.

He is one of just nine players with a Wikipedia page after round one, with Rising Star nominee Errol Gulden among them.

Last season it was only No.1 pick Matt Rowell and Fremantle’s three top-10 picks Hayden Young, Caleb Serong and Liam Henry that had a Wikipedia page created on draft night, with most only getting a page when the season started.

Nomination for McNamara

Telling your uncle you have a Rising Star nomination is something that would normally give you a thrill.

But Eliza McNamara, who was nominated for the AFLW Rising Star award last week after another strong performance with Melbourne’s AFLW team, might have just passed the news on to her uncle Tony with a little reticence.

Eliza McNamara in action for the Demons.

Eliza McNamara in action for the Demons.Credit:Getty Images

After all Tony McNamara was nominated for an Academy Award in 2018 for best original screenplay after he wrote The Favourite, only to be pipped at the post by the writers of the film Green Book.

Expect a good speech from Eliza if she wins the Rising Star award at season’s end!

Overlooked Pioneers no more

Finally, seven years after The Australian Football Hall of Fame created The Pioneers as a Hall of Fame category, the seven men inducted as such in 2014 and 2017 respectively have found their way into the pages of the AFL Media Guide.

For three years John Acraman, Richard Twopeny and Charles Kingston have been absent from the football bible’s pages, as have Jeffrey Bryant, William Hammersely, Thomas Smith and James Thompson, who entered the Hall of Fame in 2014, recognition for the seminal role they each played in the game.

We know at Snap Shot such oversights can happen and it was quickly fixed when Patrick Keane became aware they were missing from the Hall of Fame pages and alerted the ever-diligent editor Michael Lovett.

Winmar born for the big stage

Snap Shot loves music and football so the photos of St Kilda great Nicky Winmar on stage with Melbourne institution Painters and Dockers could not pass by without a mention.

Of course, when your middle name is Elvis, as Winmar’s is, then you are born for the stage so we’re disappointed we didn’t hear him belting out Die Yuppie Die on Saturday night.

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Adelaide man arrested and detained over Woodville West house fire that left one man fighting for life

A man has been arrested and detained on a warrant for attempted murder for a fire that seriously injured three people in Adelaide.

SA Police launched a manhunt after a man and two women were injured in a fire, which investigators believe was deliberately lit using an accelerant, at Woodville West yesterday.

Police say a 32-year-old man from Woodville West was spotted at a car wash in West Wyalong, in regional New South Wales, late on Wednesday evening.

He was taken to the Westmead Hospital in Sydney after hitting a post on the Newell Highway near Parkes in the following high-speed pursuit.

He remains under guard at the hospital on a warrant for attempted murder.

State police authorities say the man will be extradited back to South Australia in the coming days.

A 31-year-old man from Woodville West remains in the Royal Adelaide Hospital in a critical condition.

Two women aged 27 and 28 are also being treated for minor injuries.

Police say the people involved know each other and it was not a random attack.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

NSW Police said the crash had been declared a “critical incident” and a police investigation would also be subject to an independent review.

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Mother says paramedic son Damian Crump should not have been left alone with stolen medication

The grieving mother of a paramedic who took his own life has told an inquest she hopes “to see changes in the ambulance services” so her son’s death is “not in vain”.

Damian Michael Crump died on or about December 23, 2016, after he took his own life using drugs he had stolen from Ambulance Tasmania (AT).

Evidence provided to the coronial investigation suggested the 36-year-old had drug abuse and mental health issues, “including suicidal plans”.

The three-week inquest before Coroner Olivia McTaggart will examine AT’s mental health systems and drug security.

Speaking on the first day of the inquest, his mother, Alanah Crump, said Mr Crump had long struggled with his mental health, but he lived for his work.

“When he was off on leave he used to get real [sic] bored. He didn’t like to have time off,” she said.

“He liked to be working. He lived for his job.

In her ruling on the scope of the inquest, Ms McTaggart wrote there was evidence that Mr Crump had abused prescription medication before his death and that AT medication had been reported as going missing in September 2016, with Mr Crump suspected as being responsible.

In December 2016, he was caught by a colleague with an amount of unauthorised medication.

Ms Crump told the inquest she believes it was a mistake that person asked him to wait while they fetched assistance.

Mr Crump instead stole more drugs and later used them to end his life.

“He raced back into medical room and got exactly what he needed because I’m sure the first thing going through his mind was ‘I’m going to lose my job’ and that would’ve been devastating to him,” she said.

“If that had happened Damien would still be with us.”

A former paramedic told the inquest random drug testing would help reduce drug theft.(

ABC News: Scott Ross


Two paramedics, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also gave evidence that they had also stolen drugs from AT.

One paramedic said they “started looting drugs whenever their backs were turned” and would just “make up names” for the sign-in book.

“I was putting in five to 10 times what everyone else was using and nobody picked that up,” he said.

He told the inquest random drug testing would likely decrease the issue.

“There are probably still people diverting today,” he said.

Ambos mental health systems ‘inadequate’, says police officer

Sergeant Terry McCullough, who led the investigation into Mr Crump’s death, said he had been surprised to find AT’s mental health systems were “slightly inadequate”.

“Some of the issues observed during the investigation were quite surprising, [including] a lack of mental health structures in an agency involved with handling trauma,” he said.

“As a police officer I attend some of the trauma and to me it appears that ambulance officers attend all trauma matters.

Tasmanian paramedic Damian Crump
Tasmanian paramedic Damian Crump ‘lived for his job’.(



“The mental health and welfare provisions that they seemed to operate at the time of this matter seemed slightly inadequate compared to other agencies.”

He said the management structures appeared “ad hoc” and it was quite apparent many AT staff relied on private mental health assistance.

Sergeant McCullough also said while there was medication management, the “systems were perhaps flawed in many ways”.

“[There were] two other incidents, both ambulance officers who were found to be diverting medications.

“The disturbing thing is it was almost identical modus operandi, and to the best of my knowledge, I don’t think anything was done to remedy the situation.

“Hence Damien was able to do exactly the same things as what happened twice before.”

Sergeant McCullough said from what he knew of Mr Crump, he was someone who loved his job and was passionate about improving his and other paramedics’ work — he even ran a Facebook page called ‘Crump Academy’ dedicated to this.

“My understanding is his job was everything. He put a lot of effort into this work [and was] dedicated to improving his standards and standards of others,” he said.

“It’s my belief that Damian Crump’s desire to … see positive change within Ambulance Tasmania has considered by way of this investigation.”

Ms Crump told the inquest she hopes some good comes out of it.

“Hopefully his death is not in vain,” she said.

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