Mount Isa teenage didgeridoo player Linkyn Macmillan takes talents to Brisbane

Sitting with Linkyn Macmillan at his family’s home property near Mount Isa the teenager is quiet and polite when answering questions about his passion for playing the didgeridoo.

The Kalkadoon teen holds a custom made didgeridoo, made from wood from his family’s property, Riverview Dairy.

There’s no milking cows here anymore, though and Linkyn leads the way to a small lookout on the property before he sits down and, without any pomp or ceremony, begins to play.

He seems not to notice the photographer or journalist anymore, despite videos and photos being taken as his mum stands to the side smiling, proud of her 14-year-old son.

The haunting sound perfectly comlements the red dirt, rocks and spinifex which make up the backdrop of the small performance.

Linkyn at his Mount Isa home.(ABC North West Queensland: Kelly Butterworth)

Connecting to culture

Linkyn said he began playing the instrument when he was eight.

“I basically almost played it every day,” he said.

“I wanted to and realised it was fun and enjoyable and could take me places.

“I’m self-taught, I haven’t really had anyone teach me about didgeridoo or any of the cultural sounds.

Linkyn said playing made him feel more connected to his culture.

“The sound connects me to the land and makes me think of … the sounds of the natural bush or the animals inside of it that make the music,” he said.

A photo of a young boy holding an ornate didgeridoo.
Linkyn Macmillan’s didgeridoo by Jesse Wilson in Townsville.(ABC North West Queensland: Kelly Butterworth)

Opportunity in Brisbane

Linkyn has recently begun playing at events in the Mount Isa region and intends to continue playing when he goes to Brisbane next year for school.

Also a talented boxer, Linkyn said he hoped the move to St Joseph’s Nudgee College will open up more opportunities for him.

“I do have a scholarship and I’m also going down for other reasons,” he said.

“The main reason we’re moving was boxing to have more opportunity at boxing.

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