Magnus Carlsen’s shirtless gambit, Hikaru Nakamura’s Bongcloud Attack

A shirtless gambit from the world champion has thrown the chess community into a stir as the 2020 Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz concluded.

Magnus Carlsen, the reigning champ, arrived late to the board for his match against American super grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura.

The US star waited for a full minute before Carlsen appeared on camera in the online-only tournament that boasted a $250,000 prize pool.

He flashed onto the screen without a shirt, leaving social media to dub it the “shirtless gambit” — a gambit being another name for an opening move in chess.

Apparently late for the game, Carlsen quickly dressed himself while playing black in Sicilian Defence.

“I am just so stunned by what just happened,” Jamaican-American grandmaster and chess commentator Maurice Ashley said after the game.

Carlsen quickly entered a losing position against Nakamura and resigned.

Carlsen had dominated the slower time control rapid event and stayed at the top with a no-holds-barred attacking approach.

His main rival for the title, GM Wesley So, had earlier played out multiple draws before finishing strongly with an incredible winning streak. He caught his Norwegian rival in the final round.

Carlsen and So tied for first place with 24 points apiece and $45,000 in prizemoney. The tournament having no provisions for play-offs

Nakamura finished third with 21 points, winning his final game with the offbeat opening known as the “Bongcloud Attack”.

He managed to confuse his young American opponent Jeffery Xiong with the ultimate troll opening, winning in 52 moves.

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