AFL 2020: Melbourne coach welcomes extra scrutiny after scathing comments from the club chairman

Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin has welcomed the increased pressure brought on by scathing comments from club chairman Glen Bartlett in the wake of an “unacceptable” performance against Port Adelaide last week.

And while Goodwin said he wouldn’t be making any excuses for the 51-point smashing by Port, forward Tom McDonald has paid the price for his poor output and been dropped for Wednesday’s clash with Adelaide.

Bartlett was livid after the Demons managed just one goal in a half against Port, calling the effort “insipid” and “disgraceful”.

Goodwin, who is contracted until the end of 2022, said he agreed with the club boss, who has thrown his support behind the coach to turn things around.

“I think when the chairman speaks you’ve got to listen,” Goodwind said.

“Glen was speaking of an emotion that supported what I thought and what our supporters thought.

“I’ve spoken to Glen at length and he’s had nothing but support for myself. I was employed to lead this footy club with a clear strategy, to lead us to our next premiership and I’m still very confident we are going to be able to do that.

’If that puts pressure on me, those comments, I have to accept that. I know where we are at. I want to thrive under this pressure.”

Despite slumping to a 3-5 record, Goodwin was adamant Melbourne’s season was “well and truly alive” ahead of a must-win clash against the winless Crows.

“What we are looking for right now is for people to thrive. We’re looking for staff, for coaches, for players who really welcome this opportunity. There is no better opportunity to deal with pressure,” he said.

“As a club that’s where we have placed ourselves, on our own doing, and we are the ones who will get ourselves out of it.

“We’ve got an incredibly proud group. We made some progression, we regressed badly, and we get a chance to do something about it.”

Goodwin confirmed skipper Max Gawn was “fine” and would play the Crows, but forward McDonald, who has kicked just four goals in six games, wouldn’t.

Goodwin said the Demons had scrapped the idea of playing three tall forwards, as they did last week, and McDonald wasn’t performing well enough to keep his spot.

“We’ve got to work with Tom to get him back to his best,” Goodwin said, ruling out returning McDonald to defence.

“We need him to play like a big man, compete aerially and at ground level and we are going to keep working with him. Tom would be disappointed with his output in recent times and we need to get him to his best.

Aaron Vandenberg will return after having surgery on his cheekbone, and Goodwin said Melbourne would take 29 players to Adelaide for back-to-back games against the Crows and North Melbourne.

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Melbourne is missing part of its identity with no sport during the coronavirus lockdown

After Melbourne’s initial COVID-19 restrictions were eased in May, the brilliant volunteers at my 13-year-old’s local footy club smeared themselves with sanitiser, marked the field to separate the authorised groups of 20 and got training started.

There was uncertainty about whether any games would be played, but the coaches rightly suspected kids who had been locked away were bursting to have a kick with their friends.

Then, just five days before the season was to commence, Lockdown 2.0 was announced and the footballs and cones went back into storage.

There were a few tears when parents told their children the games were off. Some of the kids probably cried too.

Since then, lingering hopes the season would start have been diminished by daily COVID-19 case figures that resembled first-innings cricket totals compiled on lifeless decks against a perspiration-free ball.

Enter Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews on Sunday with his now customary “not angry, just disappointed” expression to tell us that we were going from Lockdown 2.0 to Shutdown 1.

Essentially, Victoria had collapsed and would be forced to follow on.

So here we are now. Teased and tantalised by seasons that didn’t quite happen; deprived of our weekend rituals featuring the opportunity to attend Super Netball, AFL, NRL, A-League and Super Rugby AU games that have been packed up and sent interstate.

There has always been a trace of the competitive little brother in Melbourne’s claim to be Australia’s sporting capital, as it displays a tone of condescending superiority over supposedly less passionate Sydney in particular.

A look across the MCG as the scoreboard shows the day one crowd figure for the Boxing Day Test.
The MCG may not be in a position to host the Boxing Day Test this year.(AAP: Scott Barbour)

Thus there will be some schadenfreude in other cities as Melbourne is transformed from sporting paradise to athletic leper colony and its assets are stripped. Melbourne Cup at Royal Randwick anyone? AFL grand final at the Gabba?

But the self-proclaimed sporting capital title has been hard-earned. Melbourne’s quasi-religious sporting zeal has allowed politicians to invest in first-class infrastructure and, in turn, the accumulation or retention of major events knowing grandstands would be packed to the rafters.

Sport is, and has long been, part of Melbourne’s identity, the drum that beats out the city’s rhythm. Holidays are taken “during the tennis” rather than January, or “when we’ve got the bye” rather than June or July.

Now the MCG is empty and no-one knows quite when the gates will swing open again. AFL finals are highly unlikely and the WBBL, BBL and even the Boxing Day Test are only pencilled in.

A female netball player holds the ball behind her head as she prepares to shoot for goal.
Vixens fans living in Melbourne will have to get used to watching their team on TV.(AAP: Julian Smith)

Across the footbridge, AAMI Park is for now the place where the Storm, Rebels, Victory and City used to play and the ever-expanding Melbourne Park won’t see any Super Netball or an early-round NBL game, while even the Australian Open is no certainty.

Following the rule that there is an episode of The Simpsons to describe every situation, Melbourne is the one where Bart breaks his leg and is forced to spend the summer in his bedroom watching others romp outside through a telescope.

Disconnection to sport grows

As other cities cherry pick events from our loaded sporting calendar, crowds reappear in their venues and their participants start to play games in local parks, our resentment, bitterness and even paranoia is growing.

Instead of attending games, we are stuck on our couches and subjected to the moronic shrieks and blokey-bloke prattle of those AFL commentators whose vaudeville acts make you pine for the smooth tones, intelligent foresight and dry wit of the game’s greatest voice, Dennis Cometti.

A Geelong AFL player pushes against a Collingwood opponent as they prepare to contest for the ball in Perth.
Victorians are becoming used to watching their AFL clubs play each other interstate.(AAP: Richard Wainwright)

Narrow defeats and alleged umpiring atrocities sting even more in our home echo chambers without the cathartic venting of spleens in the crowd and the consoling post-mortem drinks with friends at a local pub.

We still see sport, but as our disconnection continues it is becoming increasingly difficult to feel it.

Meanwhile as community sport starts elsewhere, Melbourne’s flickering hopes of a relatively swift return were snuffed out at the weekend when Andrews transformed Victoria from the Garden State to the State of Disaster.

Cricket club committee meetings previously occupied by potential clashes with late-finishing football seasons will “pivot” to contingency planning. How many Kookaburras do you order for a season you might not play?

During the initial lockdown the community spirit created by watching and playing local sport was replaced to some degree by the warmth of the response to the crisis. We were all losing something, but we were “all in it together”.

But as that sense of unity gave way to inevitable bickering and finger pointing over the causes of Victoria’s failure to contain the spread, and the isolation is intensified by harsher measures including a curfew, the longing for things lost is greater.

A few weeks ago I saw some of the players from our local footy team having a vigorous kick-to-kick at the very time on a Saturday afternoon they would normally have been playing a game.

I asked one of the group if he was missing it.

“It’s killing me,” he replied.

So too those of us who would have been watching from the sidelines, munching on one of the club canteen’s famous hamburgers while chatting to friends and neighbours about not very much.

The sports capital with no sport feels like Venice without gondolas, Paris without romance, New York without taxis.

It is not just the games that we are missing. It is a significant part of our daily life and our identity.

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Victoria’s stage four coronavirus restrictions hit Melbourne businesses as Dan Andrews flags tougher fines and enforcement

Thousands of Melbourne businesses are reeling after being ordered to shut their doors from Thursday, as the Victorian Government prepares to unveil tougher policing measures to enforce the city’s stage four lockdown.

Premier Daniel Andrews said on Monday the shutdown of businesses spanning retail, manufacturing, childcare and hairdressing would see 250,000 fewer Victorians out and about, helping to drive down levels of coronavirus transmission which were otherwise forecast to plateau until the end of the year.

Fitzroy hairdresser Sofia Basile said the six-week closure would be “devastating” and disagreed with the Victorian Government’s ruling that her business was not “essential”.

“I believe it’s an essential service, it is the feel-good factor, it’s part of grooming, it’s part of everyday life, so to take that away as an essential service, I think that it’s an incorrect move,” she said.

“A lot of my clients have actually come in and it’s been a real relief for them to actually have their hair done.

“It helps with your mental health, so I think taking away this completely is quite devastating and I do think that it will be crippling for a lot of businesses and they won’t recover.”

Sofia Basile puts foils into the hair of a customer in her salon, both of them wearing surgical masks.
Ms Basile said she had begun using masks at the beginning of the pandemic and believed the Government should have made them mandatory then to prevent the recent surge in infections.(ABC News)

She said she was hopeful that her business, which is celebrating its 30th birthday this year, would be able to recover with the support of her clients and staff.

“It’s hard you’ve worked all your life to build up an amazing brand and this is the devastation that we’re dealing with right now,” she said.

“So I think there’s been a lot of mistakes along the way and I do think that the Government’s got to help more, particularly with businesses.”

On Monday, the Premier announced businesses in Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire which were already eligible for $5,000 support grants would receive an additional $5,000, in recognition of the lockdown’s extension.

Businesses in regional Victoria which will shut down under stage three restrictions on Thursday will be eligible for $5,000 grants.

Ms Basile said all support helped, but she and many other businesses had been waiting for weeks for the first round of grants, and the top-up payment of $5,000 was “too low” to get her through the next six weeks.

The Victorian Government said it had paid $5,000 grants to 12,600 businesses so far, worth $63 million in total.

It said it had also paid 215 businesses through its tourism support program and 77,600 businesses had been paid a total of $776 million in $10,000 grants through its original business support fund.

‘Many unanswered questions’ remain for builders, childcare workers

Builders and the construction union were poring over the details of the new restrictions for their industry on Monday night, which include a 75 per cent reduction in workers on large sites and no more than five workers on projects three storeys or under.

In a brief statement, Master Builders Association Victoria’s chief executive Rebecca Casson said there were “many unanswered questions” in the wake of the Government’s announcement.

Cranes on Melbourne buildings seen from West Melbourne
Major commercial construction projects can only have 25 per cent of their employees on the site compared to normal operations.(ABC News: Patrick Rocca)

“Despite the great work everyone in our industry has done to keep it safe, we understand the broader issues at play and we will continue to work with the Government and DHHS to ensure this scaling back is as brief as possible, and the effects to the Victorian economy are also minimised by being ready to go at full capacity when allowed,” she said.

A restriction limiting workers to only one site for the duration of the stage four lockdown could have a significant impact on tilers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and plasterers, who often work across multiple sites simultaneously.

Melbourne bricklayer and scaffolder Warwick Archer said while he was sometimes working on one site for up to a month at a time, that was not the case for many other tradespeople.

“These tradesmen that need to call around from site to site, various sites through the day, if that is the rule, that they are only allowed on one site, that is going to [have an impact],” he said.

He said household construction jobs had already been drying up since May as concern about community transmission grew.

“Particularly if the customer’s living onsite and close contact with other people coming and going, people get a little bit nervous about it,” he said.

Mr Archer, who is a member of the construction subcontracting alliance Subbies United, said he was also concerned some rogue builders who were failing to pay subcontractors had become emboldened by the chaos of the pandemic.

“[They are] using this as a time to get away with more than they would normally get away with due to the smokescreen of the pandemic,” he said.

Melbourne preschool and childcare centres will fall under similar restrictions to schools and will only be open to vulnerable children or children of “permitted workers” who cannot care for them at home.

“I know that will be incredibly challenging for a number of people who perhaps are working from home, but there’s simply no choice, we’ve all got to make a contribution to less movement, not more,” Mr Andrews said.

The Australian Childcare Alliance was on Monday night still digesting the details of the announcement, seeking to understand how many parents would fall into the category of “permitted workers”.

Tougher fines and more ADF personnel coming to enforce restrictions

The Premier has flagged “significant boosts” in penalties and enforcement directed at those who breach coronavirus restrictions, the details of which will be announced later today.

On Monday, he said he was grateful to the Prime Minister for his partnership in providing further Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel to help the state “get this job done”.

ADF personnel walk alongside Victoria Police officers, all masked and gloved, at The Tan walking track.
ADF personnel have already been joining police on patrols to enforce restrictions in recent weeks.(AAP: Daniel Pockett)

All Victorians currently face $200 on-the-spot fines if they are out of their homes without a face covering, $1,652 fines for individuals who breach health directives and $9,913 fines for businesses.

More announcements are also expected this week about greater support for people living with family violence and mental health issues, as Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton recognised the toll the lockdown would have on Victorians.

“That’s why there’ll be further announcements in relation to that support, but these are inescapable realities, we have to limit our interactions with other people,” he said.

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Melbourne Streets Deserted as Stage Four COVID-19 Lockdown Comes Into Force

Streets in Melbourne’s city centre had been deserted on the morning of August 3 immediately after the point out imposed more durable restrictions on movement to battle the state’s COVID-19 outbreak. Recognized as Stage 4 limits, the new constraints provided an 8 pm to 5 am curfew, a restriction on vacation for purchasing or training outside of a 5-kilometre radius from the person’s house, and a ban on weddings from Thursday, July 6. Long strains of persons were being observed striving to get into supermarkets in the town on August 2 when the restrictions had been announced by Premier Daniel Andrews. There were being 671 new verified scenarios of coronavirus in the state on August 1 and 123 persons had died from the virus by August 2, according to state health and fitness authorities. Credit rating: SharyBobbins through Storyful

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Coronavirus Victoria: Melbourne COVID-19 live updates

Here’s a quick recap.

– Victoria is now in a ‘state of disaster’ until Sunday September 13.

– All Victorians must wear a face covering when leaving home.

– Police have additional powers to make sure people are complying with public health directions.

– Melbourne is now in stage four restrictions, while regional Victoria will move to stage three restrictions from Thursday. Mitchell Shire will remain at stage three.

– A curfew is now in place across Melbourne from 8pm to 5am. The only acceptable reasons to leave home during these are times work, medical care and caregiving.

– New duration, distance and gathering limits will apply to shopping and exercise. Exercise will be limited to one hour a day within a five-kilometre radius of your home. Group size will be limited to two, regardless of if you are in the same household or not.

– Shopping for essentials will be limited to one person per household per day within a five-kilometre limit.

– In regional Victoria, under stage three people will only be allowed to leave home for food and supplies, medical care and caregiving, exercise and work or study, if they can’t work or study from home.

– All Victorian students will move to remote learning from Wednesday, August 5.

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Melbourne Storm record 26-16 NRL win over Newcastle as Parramatta defeat Bulldogs

Melbourne Storm’s 26-16 win in excess of Newcastle on the Sunshine Coast has been soured by a shoulder damage to captain Cameron Smith.

Smith was hurt in the 24th moment of engage in when he lunged awkwardly while scoring his very first NRL attempt since spherical 20 previous year.

He kicked the conversion but then hurried off the field subsequent the restart.

The Storm confirmed Smith had sustained a reduced-quality AC joint injuries.

In spite of Smith’s injuries, the Storm were being constantly in command of the match.

It was a sixth straight win for the club, which sits in 2nd put on the ladder guiding Penrith on 20 details.

Parramatta, who conquer Canterbury 18-16 earlier in the day, is also on 20 details in third posture.


The Storm, who have scored 88 factors in their previous two matches, also crossed for tries versus the Knights by Suliasi Vunivalu, Ryan Papenhuyzen and Tino Faasuamaleaui.

Cameron Munster took above purpose-kicking responsibilities from Smith to include a conversion and two penalty objectives to the Storm’s whole.

The Knights scored tries as a result of Bradman Greatest, Aidan Guerra and Enari Tuala, with Kalyn Ponga kicking two conversions.

They have now shed their earlier two matches to be seventh on the ladder.

Eels survive Bulldogs comeback

Parramatta captain Clint Gutherson scored a double in the win over Canterbury, as the Eels chalked up their ideal get started to a season via 12 rounds because 1978.

But there was no temper for celebration adhering to the unconvincing general performance versus the Bulldogs, with Eels mentor Brad Arthur even asking his gamers if they nevertheless preferred to sing the crew song right after the match.

Immediately after they jumped out to an 18- guide in the opening 28 minutes, the Eels — who now have a 10-2 win-loss file this time — had been compelled to stay away from the largest upset of the season in a very poor next 50 percent.

Eels skipper Clint Gutherson crossed for two tries in the victory around the Bulldogs.(AAP: Brendon Thorne)

Gutherson and Mitchell Moses had been both of those electric in the opening 30 minutes, even though Junior Paulo stood up in defence and attack.

The prop gave Parramatta its initially test with a great offload for Moses, in advance of Gutherson scored the future two.

Gutherson’s 1st came in weird situation, right after Bulldog Dallin Watene-Zelezniak was penalised on the preceding established for playing the ball facing his possess intention line.

Trailing 18- in the 32nd moment, the Bulldogs suddenly came to existence with Raymond Faitala-Mariner touching down for their opening try out, which was transformed by Jake Averillo.

Averillo scored the Bulldogs’ next 4-pointer just immediately after fifty percent-time, before Foran set Marcelo Montoya by means of for a transformed attempt to make it 18-16.

The Bulldogs had been then left to rue a skipped option to amount the scores with 24 minutes to play, when Aiden Tolman took a fast faucet from proper upcoming to the posts.


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Victoria announces State of Disaster as Melbourne enters drastic Stage 4 coronavirus lockdown

A Point out of Disaster has been declared in Victoria, with authorities imposing Phase Four constraints on metropolitan Melbourne after 671 new coronavirus infections had been introduced on Sunday.

Premier Daniel Andrews also confirmed seven even more coronavirus deaths inside of the point out, 6 linked to clusters in aged treatment, increasing the state’s loss of life toll to 123.

Forty seven aged care residents are now living with COVID-19 in Victoria.

The national loss of life toll now stands at 208, with 408 folks in medical center and 46 in intensive care.

With 760 “mystery conditions” throughout the state, the place the source of infection could not be traced, Mr Andrews has announced further limitations on metropolitan Melbourne for the up coming six weeks.

From Sunday night, a day-to-day curfew from 8pm to 5am will be set in area across the town, and training will be limited to just one hour day by day within 5 km of home.

Citizens will only be in a position to leave their dwelling to get foodstuff, operate or study, exercising or give care.

“Neighborhood transmission is in many respects out biggest problem and the reason why we want to go to a unique set of policies,” Mr Andrews said on Sunday.

“If you have that lots of situations of group transmission, you will have to assume you have even much more and on that basis you can no for a longer period be self-confident that you’ve acquired a exact comprehension of how significantly virus is there. You have to er on the facet of warning and go more and more challenging.”

The leading warned there will be zero tolerance for these violating the new curfew orders.

“We can no extended have individuals visiting other folks. We can no more time have men and women simply out and about for no good rationale in anyway.

“If you are out with no superior purpose to be out after 8pm tonight, you will be caught and you will be fined.”

“The time for leniency, the time for warnings and cautions is around.”

Limits tighten on locations

Regional Victoria will go to Phase 3 limitations from midnight on Wednesday.

Eating places and cafes in these parts will be restricted to providing takeaway or household deliveries.

On Wednesday, school students across the condition will return to distant understanding, with Yr 11 and Year 12 learners in metropolitan Melbourne to return to home mastering. 

Childcare providers will also be shut, with exemptions for susceptible small children and the children of essential employees.

From Thursday, weddings in the regions will be banned, with exemptions available only on compassionate grounds.

Religious gatherings will also be limited to five people today.

The premier stated new company and market limits will be announced tomorrow.

He assured Victorians essential providers such as supermarkets will keep on being open up.

“There’s no want to be queuing up at the Coles or Woolworths or queuing up at the regional baker or butcher, they’ll stay open up.”

‘The stop for a lot of businesses’

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry warned Stage 4 restrictions, whilst required to cease the spread of coronavirus, will have a devastating impact on businesses and work opportunities.

Victorian Chamber Main Govt Paul Guerra stated it was “a extremely tricky working day for Victoria”, with staff now possessing to supervise faculty-aged youngsters at property once more and childcare centres closing in Melbourne for the initially time.

“Stage 4 will imply the conclude for several enterprises, with countless numbers a lot more employment established to be shed,” Mr Guerra claimed.

“It is incredibly disappointing that regional Victorian firms will now also face Phase 3 limitations soon after a time period of restarting.”

“The only glimmer of hope is that with these extraordinary actions we can prevent the distribute and get Victoria back into a place the place we can discuss about opening up our economy all over again.”

The Victoria Tourism Marketplace Council (VTIC) warned the amplified limitations would even more devastate the state’s ailing tourism and party market.

“While we absolutely regard the need to have for these drastic actions to get the virus less than control, this 6-week extraordinary shutdown will gut our industry and dim the prospects of making it by to the other facet of this circumstance, for quite a few,” VTIC Chief Executive Felicia Mariani reported.

Australian Clinical Affiliation President Dr Omar Khorshid welcomed the announcement of further COVID-19 limits throughout Victoria on Sunday.

“Every Australian wants to see Victoria succeed in halting the unfold of COVID-19. Halting the virus needs equally harder limitations and improved compliance by citizens,” Dr Khorshid mentioned.

“These new constraints will mean hardship and inconvenience for several Victorians and an additional interruption for the economy…

“The alternate, though, is continued distribute of the virus via the Victorian community, a lot more illness and deaths, and increasing pressure on a strained wellness program.”

‘We will require our resilience’

Federal Wellbeing Minister Greg Hunt claimed Sunday “was a single of the toughest times in Victoria’s heritage” but mentioned the new steps have been “regrettably important”.

Mr Hunt acknowledged how the extended lockdown would pose a “really important challenge” for the mental wellness of a lot of Victorians.

“With this lockdown there will be mental wellness troubles. I want to say it is regular. It can be comprehensible for someone to be experience depressed or anxious, isolated and that we realize and there is support,” he said on Sunday.

Federal Wellbeing Minister Greg Hunt.


The minister announced an growth of the Improved Entry to Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Standard Practitioners initiative for individuals needing psychological health aid. Medicare rebates will now be obtainable for an more 10 solutions for each 12 months from the 10 solutions now offered.

Mr Hunt asked Victorians to draw on their resilience.  

“We will require our resilience extra than at any time prior to… and I consider we have this resilience. You can never 
undervalue Australians and never ever undervalue Victorians and at this time they will increase to the most tricky of challenges.”

He also urged Victorians to achieve out to each individual other.

“Whether it is undertaking the buying for an isolated senior who could be a neighbour, whether or not it’s obtaining on the telephone, calling persons. This is the moment to be our strongest finest group. We are likely to get by way of this. I know that. I consider that,” Mr Hunt stated.

The Condition of Catastrophe in Victoria, in location from 6pm on Sunday night time, will exist in addition to the Point out of Unexpected emergency currently in spot, which presents police supplemental powers.

There are now 1,500 users of the ADF assisting in the coronavirus response.

NSW recorded 12 new COVID-19 circumstances on Sunday. Condition overall health authorities up-to-date mask use suggestions to contain general public-experiencing personnel, worshippers and people near clusters.

South Australia has recorded two new instances, just one a youthful female who attended a university though likely infectious. The condition has warned of the prospective for more durable defense actions. The lady was a close get hold of of a recognised COVID-19 scenario and has been placed in resort quarantine.

Queensland confirmed a person beneficial situation on Sunday, a younger consular workers member who was infectious on a domestic flight just after returning from overseas. The person, who is in quarantine, flew into Maroochydore from Sydney on Friday on Jetstar flight JQ790.

Readers looking for assist can get hold of Lifeline crisis assistance on 13 11 14, Suicide Connect with Back again Company on 1300 659 467 and Children Helpline on 1800 55 1800 (for young men and women aged 5 to 25). 

More information is accessible at Further than and

Citizens in metropolitan Melbourne are topic to keep-at-property orders and can only depart residence for critical operate, study, work out or treatment responsibilities. It is also obligatory to don masks in public.

Folks in Australia should continue to be at least 1.5 metres away from other folks. Examine your state’s restrictions on collecting boundaries.

If you are going through cold or flu signs and symptoms, continue to be house and set up a check by contacting your doctor or contact the Coronavirus Wellness Facts Hotline on 1800 020 080. Information and information and facts is readily available in 63 languages at

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Coronavirus: Melbourne to face tighter restrictions as state of disaster is declared | World News

A state of disaster has been declared in the Australian state of Victoria as sweeping new restrictions will come into force from Sunday night.

An evening curfew will be implemented across the state’s capital Melbourne from 8pm to 5am.

Those living in the city will only be allowed to shop and exercise within 3 miles (5km) of their homes, and all students across the state will return to home-based learning.

Childcare centres will also closed.

State premier Daniel Andrews said the state of disaster proclamation gave police greater powers.

Mr Andrews said 671 new coronavirus cases had been detected since Saturday, including seven deaths.

Military staff are seen at a care facility during the coronavirus outbreak in Melbourne

Melbourne may be placed under a six-week period of more stringent constraints, including the almost complete shutdown of its public transport network, starting from Wednesday, according to The Sunday Age.

Mr Andrews will announce the new measures over the next two days, according to The Sunday Herald.

The restrictions would include the closure of more businesses selling non-essential goods.

The state of disaster has been declared after a steady rise in both deaths and infections over the past six weeks in Victoria.

The deaths in the state took Australia’s national toll to 208.

Mr Andrews said: “If we don’t make these changes, we’re not going to get through this.

“We need to do more. That is what these decisions are about.”

A key workers in Victoria walks past a sign encouraging people to wear masks
A key worker in Victoria walks past a sign encouraging people to wear masks

He added there would be more announcements about workplaces on Monday, including the closure of certain industries.

Mr Andrews continued: “I want to ensure all Victorians – supermarkets, the butcher, the baker, food, beverage, groceries, those types of settings – there will be no impact there.”

New South Wales confirmed its first coronavirus-related death in more than a month on Sunday as authorities sought to suppress a number of growing clusters at a hotel and several restaurants in Sydney.

The measures in Victoria comes as India’s coronavirus caseload crossed 1.75 million with another spike of 54,735 in the past 24 hours.

The new cases in India are down from 57,118 on Saturday.

The country’s health ministry also reported 853 deaths on Sunday for a total of 37,364.

Commuters are seen in Melbourne ahead of sweeping new restrictions that are set to come into force
Commuters in the city may have to do without public transport

Randeep Guleria, a top government expert, said that New Delhi and Mumbai may have crossed their peak levels with declining trends.

The month of July alone has accounted for more than 1.1 million cases in India.

South Korea has reported 30 additional cases of the coronavirus, most of them associated with international arrivals.

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The cases announced Sunday by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention brought the national tally to 14,366 with 301 deaths.

The agency says eight of the newly confirmed cases were locally infected while the rest came from overseas.

South Korea has recently seen an uptick in imported cases, many of them South Korean construction workers airlifted out of virus-ravaged Iraq and crew members of Russia-flagged cargo ships docked in local ports.

Health authorities have said imported cases are less threatening as they continue to enforce two-week quarantines on all people arriving from abroad.

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NBL confirms 12 Melbourne United players have coronavirus

Twelve NBL players from Melbourne United have now tested positive to COVID-19.

It comes after the club suspended training last week.

United and South East Melbourne Phoenix players and staff have been in isolation and will remain that way amid Victoria’s coronavirus lockdown.

Phoenix players also undergoing testing.

The news follows the league last week confirming United players Mitch McCarron and Jo Lual-Acui had tested positive to COVID-19.

“Our primary concern is the health and welfare of our players, staff and their families,” NBL commissioner Jeremy Loeliger said in a statement.

“This is a challenging time for everyone concerned and we are working closely with the clubs and the Australian Basketball Players’ Association to provide support for all those affected.

“We are also working closely with the Department of Health and Human Services to manage the outbreak and limit any risk to the wider community.”

There will be no further group training sessions for United or Phoenix until further notice.

The 2020/21 NBL season is scheduled to tip off in December.

Premier Daniel Andrews declared a state of disaster in Victoria this afternoon, and announced Melbourne would move into stage four restrictions from this evening.

Mr Andrews said 671 new coronavirus cases had been detected since yesterday, with 6,322 infections now active in the state.

Seven people have died from coronavirus in Victoria in the past 24 hours, taking the state’s death toll to 123.


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