Katie Holmes Sends Heartfelt Message to Ex Emilio Vitolo Jr. One Month After Split

Katie Holmes shared a loving Instagram message to ex Emilio Vitolo Jr. on June 8, just about month after the pair ended their relationship of less than a year.

Katie Holmes doesn’t want to wait for her life to be over before she supports ex Emilio Vitolo Jr

The 42-year-old Dawson’s Creek alum took to Instagram on the evening of Tuesday, June 8 to share a congratulatory message just before his short film was set to debut at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival. She also included a carousel of stills from the film, Almost a Year, which counts Katie as a producer, while Emilio, 33, is among the cast members.

“ALMOST A YEAR @tribecafilmfestival,” she wrote, adding hearts and prayer-hands emojis. “I am so excited for the start of the @tribecafilmfestival today!!!!! I am so honored to have been a part of the making of ALMOST A YEAR which is premiering at #Tribeca2021 as part of #TribecaAtHome tickets and more details on the @Tribeca [website].”

Katie continued, “Congratulations to the very talented and amazing cast @eveclindley @emiliovitolo @lilmitz_ and director @jamiesonbaker.” She added a number of emojis, including a champagne bottle. 

For his part, Emilio responded in the comments section with six heart-eyes emojis. 

On May 13, multiple media outlets reported that Katie and the New York City-based restaurateur and actor had called it quits about two weeks prior after dating for less than a year. The pair first made their relationship official when they were spotted kissing passionately during a Manhattan dinner date in September 2020. 

The Jack and Jill actress, who is known for being private about her personal life and has not commented publicly about the breakup, co-parents 15-year-old Suri Cruise with ex Tom Cruise. She previously dated Jamie Foxx for a number of years before they ended things in 2019.

On May 13, multiple media outlets reported that Katie and the New York City-based restaurateur and actor had called it quits about two weeks prior after dating for less than a year. The pair first made their relationship official when they were spotted kissing passionately during a Manhattan dinner date in September 2020. 

The Jack and Jill actress, who is known for being private about her personal life and has not commented publicly about the breakup, co-parents 15-year-old Suri Cruise with ex Tom Cruise. She previously dated Jamie Foxx for a number of years before they ended things in 2019.

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Therese wants death on her own terms and has a message for parliamentarians about voluntary assisted dying

Therese McLean says her life started to end five months ago.

She said that while she did not know how much longer she had to live, she was unflinching about when that should be.

“I would want to go before I am in nappies and before someone else is cleaning up my excretions as part of [their] daily love for me,” Ms McLean said.

The 63-year-old was diagnosed with aggressive metastatic breast cancer in early January.

“I was newly retired so I was a bit baffled,” she said.

Ms McLean underwent a double mastectomy but the disease had spread to her lymph nodes and chest and she is now in the midst of gruelling chemotherapy.

“To go in January from just being tired and wondering why I was unwell to being a person who can’t even manage some of my own hygiene on some days and can’t do my own washing and make my own bed — it’s quite profoundly different,” she said.

“Since March, I’ve been lucky to have one [good] day every seven days.

“I don’t feel sorry about having the [chemotherapy] treatment — I just feel sad I have to be looked after by someone whose life plan included retirement with me and more time as a couple with our families.”

Ms McLean’s personal experience has only strengthened her resolve to see voluntary assisted dying (VAD) made legal in Queensland.

She attended public hearings two years ago, motivated to go after watching her mum, dad and brother suffer painful deaths.

The then-healthy VAD advocate was unaware she would need to contemplate it so soon in her own life.

“It was ultimately an incredible surprise that I’d chosen to energise around this issue and then find myself in exactly the same situation,” she said.

Draft laws to legalise VAD are currently before Queensland Parliament, with MPs to debate and exercise a conscience vote on the legislation in September.

While Ms McLean is holding out hope for remission, she wants the option of VAD and has a message for Parliamentarians.

“Open your hearts to the people you serve, do more listening, then more talking,” she said.

“Be an advocate for goodness, not exclusion.

Tanya Battel – who has terminal breast cancer – has been campaigning for the legalisation of VAD for years, with her online community, VALE (Voluntary Assisted Life Ending), becoming a “centre point to tell stories”.

The 57-year-old Brisbane mother-of-two has been approved for an assisted death in Switzerland when her disease progresses further, but COVID has put a halt on any plans.

“You’re left looking [down] a tunnel with no light,” she said.

She said to grasp why someone would want the option of VAD, “you have to understand the depths of our suffering and all that a terminal illness brings”.

Long a controversial issue, moves to legalise VAD in Queensland have been met with staunch opposition from church leaders, pro-life advocates and others.

It is argued the scheme is an immoral practice and jeopardises high‐quality palliative care as the medically and socially appropriate response to suffering.

Australian Medical Association Queensland (AMAQ) vice-president Dr Bav Manoharan said he was concerned VAD might become an option “people choose … because palliative care is underfunded”.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said VAD does not detract from an obligation to provide high-quality palliative care, but for some Queenslanders suffering from a life-limiting condition, palliative care is “unable to effectively manage their pain, symptoms or suffering”.

Deeply Christian GP Katrina Neal lost three brothers to cancer and her son Andrew — who had a disability and schizophrenia — passed away at 24 after having major heart surgeries.

“For Andrew, I did have those fleeting thoughts of ‘how can I help him, what’s left there for him in life?’ but I never enacted them.

“It was not necessary in the long run — in that time we had some wonderful conversations and experiences together.”

Dr Neal said she was concerned the legalisation could create a risk for vulnerable people.

“If we bring the law into the dying process, we’re going to have commercial interests who are going to be there just for voluntary assisted dying,” she said.

“When you get that, there’s so much more chance for abuse in the system.”

Under Queensland’s proposed laws, the criteria are strict.

To be eligible, a person must be:

They would have to be separately and independently assessed by two doctors and make three different requests at least nine days apart from the first and last.

There would also be a review board, and medical professionals would not be allowed to “actively propose” VAD to a patient.

Doctors, nurses and other health practitioners who have a conscientious objection would have the right to choose not to partake.

Professor Ben White, from Queensland University of Technology’s Australian Centre for Health Law Research, said a key difference in Queensland’s legislation was that it limited the ability of institutions — like faith-based private hospitals or aged care centres — to object to VAD.

He said it was a balancing exercise.

“Where a person is a permanent resident — where it is their home — the bill would require institutions to allow access to other medical practitioners to assess patients and ultimately provide VAD,” he said.

“The institution themselves wouldn’t have to be involved, their staff wouldn’t have to be involved, but it would require allowing access to other medical practitioners.

“This is an Australian first, to recognise institutional conscientious objection and try and regulate it in legislation.”

Uniting Church Queensland Synod Moderator, Reverend Andrew Gunton, has concerns.

“We want to, of course, uphold our very strong values around our rights as to express our faith-based values in those aged care facilities and in our hospitals,” he said.

“We’d like some tighter regulations about what our rights are in those spaces because sometimes, in our aged care facilities, a person may be sharing a room with another person, and what happens to that person if that’s not their values?

“How do we support everyone in that space? It becomes very complicated.”

But Reverend Gunton said if the law does pass in that form, the church would not turn its back on any resident who wanted to access VAD.

Professor White said another distinction with the Queensland legislation was that a person could apply for a residency exemption to access VAD, even if the person did not currently live within the Queensland border.

The person must have a “substantial connection” to Queensland and there are “compassionate grounds” for granting access.

“An example is a person in Tweed Heads,” Professor White said.

“Technically they’re in New South Wales, but they may receive medical care in Queensland, their family may be in Queensland, and it would be appropriate, if there’s substantial connection and on compassionate grounds, for them to do so.”

If the bill is passed, a VAD scheme would be implemented in Queensland by about January 2023.

Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania have already passed VAD legislation, with South Australia also considering it.

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Kinsey Wolanski marks anniversary of Champions League streak with Harry Winks and cheeky message

Kinsey Wolanski has toasted the second anniversary of her infamous Champions League final pitch invasion.

The Instagram model hit the headlines back in 2019, when she made it past security during the first half of the showpiece between Liverpool and Tottenham.

Wolanski, wearing a revealing black swimsuit, managed to elude security and ran onto the field of play among bewildered players from both sides.

The Russian swimwear model risked the wrath of stewards in order to promote her prankster boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy’s website ‘Vitaly Uncenscored’.

She did spend around five hours in a holding cell at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid, before being released some time after Liverpool lifted the trophy for the sixth time.

Wolsanski took to social media to toast the two-year anniversary of the Champions League final streakv
Wolanski took to social media to toast the two-year anniversary of the Champions League final streak

The publicity stunt worked to perfection with reports it earned the brand around £3million in revenue and a remarkable 32 million new users.

Two years on from that notorious moment, Wolanski has posted an image to her personal Instagram account with stewards carrying her off the pitch and Tottenham midfielder Harry Winks looking on.

The image was accompanied with the caption: “Two years ago today…time flies when you’re having fun.”

She claimed after the incident that some of the winning Liverpool players had sent her messages, telling the Sun: “I’m not revealing any names, but a couple of the Liverpool players did send me private flirty messages after I streaked the game.

“One sent some heart emojis and the other one a message saying, ‘I saw you at the game’.

“I honestly didn’t even know who they were until I clicked on their profiles. I didn’t respond though as I already have a boyfriend.”

Wolanski spent five hours in a holding cell after she was escorted off the pitch
Wolanski spent five hours in a holding cell after she was escorted off the pitch

Would rehiring Mauricio Pochettino help Spurs return to the Champions League? Comment below

Following the streak, Wolanski’s popularity went through the roof earning her millions of followers across social media.

And recently, in an interview with Names Magazine, she admitted that the reaction had even taken her by surprise.

“I definitely wasn’t prepared for what was to follow that game,” she said earlier this year.

“But going into it I was excited to push things to the limit and see where it would go as I love living life to the fullest!

“I’m very thankful for that experience as it grew my platform that I now have to share and connect with a wider audience across the world.”

Her passion for outrageous stunts has shown few signs of slowing down in the years since.

In March of last year, she informed followers that she had broken her ankle after a skydiving attempt went badly wrong.

Along with a video which saw her falling through the sky, Wolanski revealed the extent of her injuries.

She wrote: “For all those asking how I broke my ankle. It was a really windy day skydiving and I dropped 20ft straight onto my ankle on the landing.”

That came just weeks after she gatecrashed the Alpine skiing World Cup with a ‘tribute’ to the late Kobe Bryant.

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India Covid: Dying mother’s final message

Dimple Arora was a 34 year-old-dentist with everything to live for when she died of Covid-19.

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Pregnant Meghan Markle shows off her baby bump and says her and Harry’s unborn daughter should live in an ‘equitable’ world in VaxLive gig message, while he says science should not be ‘politicized’

Pregnant Meghan Markle has made an appearance during the Vax Live telecast, claiming COVID has wiped out a generation of progress for women of color.  

The Duchess of Sussex made the assertion in a recorded statement, which appeared to be filmed in the backyard of her $14.7 million Montecito mansion. 

‘As campaign chairs of Vax Live, my husband and I believe it’s critical that our recovery prioritizes the health, safety and success of everyone, but particularly women who have been disproportionately affected by this pandemic,’ Meghan stated. 

‘Women, and especially women of color, have seen a generation of economic gain wiped out.’

Cradling her large baby bump in a red floral blouse, Meghan continued: ‘My husband and I are thrilled to soon be welcoming a daughter. It’s a feeling of joy we share with millions of other families around the world. 

‘When we think of her, we think of all the young women and girls around the globe who must be given the ability and support to lead us forward.’

The Vax Live concert took place at Los Angeles’ Lo-Fi stadium this past Sunday. Prince Harry appeared in person, but Meghan reportedly pulled out at the last minute.  

However, her brief recorded statement aired at the conclusion of the concert’s telecast – which was aired across multiple TV channels in the US on Saturday night. 

It was the Duchess’s first appearance on American television since her and Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah back in March.  

Meghan also wielded out a series of stats during her 2-minute statement, saying: ‘Since the pandemic began, nearly 5.5 million women have lost work  in the U.S., and 47 million more women around the world are expected to slip into extreme poverty.’

She also stated that the the ‘future leadership’ of young women ‘depends on the decisions we make and the actions we take now’.  

‘We want to make sure that as we recover, we recover stronger; that as we rebuild, we rebuild together,’ the Duchess declared. 

It’s unclear when Meghan’s statement was recorded. However, she sported a softer and more maternal look than she did during her Oprah interview. 

The Duchess opted for a bright and loose-fitting button down adorned with flowers. She left her long locks free-flowing and styled them in loose curls. 

Meanwhile, Prince Harry warned against the ‘politicization’ of COVID-19 vaccines in a video which was recorded backstage at the Vax Live concert. 

‘I think the most worrying thing for me and my wife [Meghan].. is science being politicized,’ Harry stated in the black and white clip, posted to Twitter on Saturday. 

‘When we’re talking about life and death, which we’re talking about now, vaccines cannot be politicized’.

The Duke of Sussex further declared: ‘We must ensure that everyone around the world has equal access to the vaccine, otherwise none of this works.’   

Harry and Meghan have backed US President Joe Biden’s move to waive vaccine patents for poorer countries. 

That decision – which was announced earlier this week – caused shares for vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna to tumble on Thursday. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla described support of the waivers as ‘so wrong’, 

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Amputee footballer makes comeback with a sober message for young men

Country South Australia footballer Josh Sandow’s life changed forever after a motor vehicle accident in April 2018 claimed his left hand, and nearly his right. 

He has defied the odds and made his football comeback last Saturday in the season opener for the North Eastern Football League.

He has adapted his handball technique and, after a wobbly start where he dropped the ball from his first kick, he was named fifth best player and kicked a goal in the Mintaro-Manoora B grade win.

It was an emotional return for him.

Young man in gold and brown football guernsey, arm around smiling mum.
A proud Frankie Sandow with son Josh on his return to playing Australian Rules Football for Mintaro-Manoora.(

Supplied: Josh Sandow


“It was overwhelming the amount of support and messages I got when word got out I was playing,” Mr Sandow said.

Mintaro-Manoora Reserves coach Kevin Reynolds said the club was in awe of his determination to play.

“People would say: ‘Losing a hand … that’s it, you’d never play football again’,” Mr Reynolds said.

“All the players and spectators and family, [for them] it was just an amazing time last weekend even to see him run out.

His presence on the field was one of courage but he also has a message for other young people: His injuries were the result of drink driving.

Dangerous risk with alcohol

Alcohol involvement in crashes in South Australia from 2015 to 2019 showed a third of vehicle operators killed each year had an illegal blood alcohol concentration and/or drugs in their system and the 20 to 29-year-old age group was the largest group of drink driving fatalities.

Man in yellow and brown guernsey on grass football oval walking along, scarred right hand and stump of left arm
Josh Sandow in his first Australian Rules Football game back after losing his lefthand in a car accident.(

ABC North and West: Ian Harslett


Mr Sandow said he was lucky his injuries were not worse.

After consuming 10 beers at the local Mintaro pub he decided to drive the work van home.

“I don’t really remember much but I made a very poor decision to try and drive home, and I was in the work van as well, which was another poor decision,” Mr Sandow said.

“I was driving home and at some point I left the road and when I tried to come back on, I hit the edge of the road and rolled onto the side of the vehicle, the passenger’s side.

More than half of the drink-driver fatalities in South Australia from 2015 to 2019 were not wearing seatbelts.

Mr Sandow was flung across the van and his left arm was crushed and trapped under the vehicle.

The van was cut open by emergency services to release him and he was airlifted to Adelaide from the paddock next to the crash site.

It took 13 hours of surgery to take tendons from the back of his crushed hand and to fix his right.

Message for others

Mr Sandow is encouraging other footballers to think about planning their nights out so they can avoid making poor decisions and endangering their lives.

“Planning your night is essential to having a successful night out and looking out for others who might be thinking of making a bad decision,” he said.

He credits his girlfriend, family and football club for helping him return to his job and the footy field.

Carpenter man working with wood and saw with prosthetic titanium claw on left hand
Josh Sandow was soon back at work as a carpenter and has a prosthetic limb that helps him do his job.(

Supplied:Josh Sandow


“After the accident, I had a few things to get sorted as far as getting mobile again and getting back into work was one of the main things on the list, then living independently, and getting back as close to my normal life as I could,” he said.

“After a year I started being the runner for the A grade in 2019 and then I started getting more and more keen to play.”

Taking the field

But there were physical challenges.

“Obviously one of the main things to think about is handballing and I suppose that was one of the things that was restricting me straight up because I was a bit sensitive,” Mr Sandow said.

“I can handball both sides enough [although] distance is a bit of an issue, but it’s something I’m working on.

“My stump hand was actually a bit stronger than my right hand because it’s a bit easier to hold it so I’ve changed to a left-hand handball which is a bit interesting.”

Mr Reynolds said he still had great speed, determination and was ferocious at the ball.

His return showed he was capable of playing again.

Talented family

“I was a bit nervous on the Friday before but on Saturday I felt pretty good and then I was sort of itching to get out there,” he said.

“When I was first training it was a bit of a hurdle to try and get the process going again.

“Us three brothers played in the A grade and they’ve had a pretty successful last three years.

“Last year my oldest brother Lachie won the highest goal kicker for the year and my middle brother, Bill won the [Country Footy’s] Mail Medal last year as well.”

His next goal is to get back into the A grade, alongside his brothers.

Mr Reynolds said he looked forward to that.

“It’s going to be a real tear jerker if he does make it back up to the A grade to see him play with his brothers again.”

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Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo warns ‘drums of war’ are beating in a message to staff

One of Australia’s most powerful national security figures says free nations “again hear the beating drums” of war, as military tensions in the Indo-Pacific rise.

In an Anzac Day message to staff, Home Affairs Department Secretary Mike Pezzullo said Australia must strive to reduce the likelihood of war “but not at the cost of our precious liberty”.

Mr Pezzullo also invoked the memory of two United States war generals and warned this nation must be prepared “to send off, yet again, our warriors to fight”.

Amid growing military tensions between China and the US over Taiwan, the powerful bureaucrat also highlighted the “protection afforded to Australia” by its 70-year-old ANZUS military alliance with the US and New Zealand.

“Today, as free nations again hear the beating drums and watch worryingly the militarisation of issues that we had, until recent years, thought unlikely to be catalysts for war, let us continue to search unceasingly for the chance for peace while bracing again, yet again, for the curse of war,” Mr Pezzullo said.

“War might well be folly, but the greater folly is to wish away the curse by refusing to give it thought and attention, as if in so doing, war might leave us be, forgetting us perhaps.”

General Douglas MacArthur (centre) was quoted during a recent speech by one of Australia’s highest ranking bureaucrats.(

Courtesy of the Australian War Memorial


He drew on an address given by US Army General Douglas MacArthur at the West Point Military academy in 1962, where he reminded cadets “their mission was to train to fight and, when called upon, to win their nation’s wars – all else is entrusted to others”.

Similarly, Mr Pezzullo also invoked former Army General and US President Dwight D. Eisenhower who, he said, in 1953 “rallied his fellow Americans and its allies to the danger posed by the amassing of Soviet military power, and the new risk of militaristic aggression”.

“Throughout his presidency, Eisenhower instilled in the free nations the conviction that as long as there persists tyranny’s threat to freedom they must remain armed, strong and ready for war, even as they lament the curse of war,” he said.

“Today, free nations continue still to face this sorrowful challenge.

“In a world of perpetual tension and dread, the drums of war beat — sometimes faintly and distantly, and at other times more loudly and ever closer.”

Last weekend, Defence Minister Peter Dutton warned a war with China over Taiwan should not be discounted.

Inside military and government circles there is growing speculation that Mr Pezzullo could soon take over as Defence Department Secretary, again working under Mr Dutton.

Earlier this month, Assistant Defence Minister Andrew Hastie reminded Australian military personnel their “core business” will always be the “application of lethal violence” and warned “mission clarity” was vital to their work.

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In Earth Day message, pope warns that planet is “at the brink”

Pope Francis delivers a video message on the occasion of Earth Day, at the Vatican
Pope Francis delivers a video message on the occasion of Earth Day, at the Vatican, April 22, 2021. Vatican Media/­Handout via REUTERS

April 22, 2021

By Philip Pullella

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope Francis said in his Earth Day message on Thursday that the planet was “at the brink” and humanity had to avoid “the path of self destruction.”

The pope, who has issued many appeals for environmental protection since his election in 2013, spoke in two video messages, one for the Earth Day Live internet event and another for a global climate summit hosted by U.S. President Joe Biden.

“Now is the time to act. We are at the brink,” Francis, who has backed the scientific consensus that global warming is partly man-made, said in the Earth Day message.

He cited the Covid-19 pandemic coupled with the effects of climate change and said nature could not continue to be disrespected, because it would “no longer forgive.”

“When the destruction of nature is sparked, it is difficult to stop. But we are still in time and we will be more resilient if we work together instead of alone,” he said.

“You do not exit from the crisis the same, we will either exit better or worse. That is the challenge, and if we don’t exit better, we will take the path of self-destruction,” he said.

He said now was the time for innovation and invention and urged political leaders to act with courage and justice.

In the message to the event hosted by Biden, at which the United States and other countries hiked their targets for slashing greenhouse gas emissions, Francis said people had “to care for nature so that it cares for us”.

The event hosted by Biden, which Francis called a “wonderful” initiative, was meant to resurrect U.S. leadership in the fight against global warming.

The pope criticised former U.S President Donald Trump when he withdrew the United States from the 2015 Paris accord to limit global warming. The Vatican has welcomed Washington’s return to the accord.

(Reporting By Philip Pullella; Editing by David Gregorio)

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Queen’s sweet birthday message to Prince Louis

After weeks of sadness following the death of Prince Philip, the royal family has something to celebrate – Prince Louis has turned three.

To mark the occasion, Prince William and Kate Middleton released a photo of their youngest son proudly riding his red balance bike in a navy jumper and light blue shorts.

The royal family’s instagram – which is the Queen’s official account – shared the new portrait of Prince Louis sporting a backpack and big grin before he left for his first day of preschool this week.

“Wishing Prince Louis a very happy third birthday today,” the royal family’s page wrote, complete with a bike emoji.

Clarence House shared the new photo in their stories with the message: “Wishing Prince Louis a very happy third birthday,” they captioned the photo along with a birthday cake emoji.

Last year to celebrate Prince Louis’s second birthday, his grandfather Prince Charles shared a never-been-seen photo of little Louis giving him a hug.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have yet to post any public birthday wishes to their nephew.

It comes as Prince Louis, who is fifth in line to the throne, started at London’s Willcocks Nursery School, the same school big sister Princess Charlotte attended.

The school is the perfect choice for Prince Louis given that siblings Prince George, 7, and Princess Charlotte, 5, both attend Thomas’s Battersea nearby.

Kate also previously shared photos of George and Charlotte on their first days of nursery school. Charlotte started Willcocks Nursery School in January 2018, while George headed to preschool at the Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk in January 2016. Louis’ later start date was likely affected by the latest lockdown in the U.K. amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The photo is just the latest in many personal shots taken by Kate. The $A350 bike Louis is pictured on, is designed to help kids with their balance, promptly sold out in England after the photo was published.

Sources told The Sun that Prince William and Kate had chosen the Tadpole+.

The company’s website claims it “is a great first bike to help your child to achieve the necessary balance to cycle”.

It adds: “Our balance bike range is well-equipped with adjustable child-size brakes to provide the best fit for your child.

“We understand active kids can sometimes get a little carried away so we offer the added benefit of a steering lock, which acts as a safety mechanism to prevent any serious falls and damage.”

– with The Sun

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Kostya Tszyu’s heartfelt message to Tim after Dennis Hogan destruction

Kostya Tszyu might not be welcome ringside at his son Tim’s fights — but he’s still riding every high with the second generation star as he conquers Australian boxing.

Tim explained before Wednesday night’s five round destruction of Dennis Hogan how his dad had only ever been to one of his fights — an unexpected and chaotic appearance at his debut back in 2016.

The long-reigning undisputed light welterweight world champion was in a TV studio in Moscow as his protege moved to 18-0 with a performance that made the boxing world stand up and take notice.

“I just spoke to him,” Tim said at his post-fight press conference. “He was on the channel in Russia because they televised it there, you could tell he was happy.”

Kostya later posted a heartfelt message on Tim’s Instagram page in the hours after the emphatic victory, writing: “Love you and so proud.”

Tim is determined to forge his own path in boxing but is well aware of his father’s achievements and determined to take his own career to great heights.

“I’m not satisfied, I haven’t achieved anything in my eyes yet,” he said.

“My dad was an undisputed world champion for 10 years, what have I done?

“Again, give me a few years. I’ve got a long way to go, my comparisons and my goals are out of this world and that’s what I’m going to be striving for.”

Tim’s victory over Hogan provided an interesting comparison with current WBC middleweight titleholder Jermall Charlo, who took seven rounds to finish the Irishman.

It’s actually Jermall’s twin brother Jermell who holds most of the belts in Tim’s current division, but the Australian’s quick dismissal of Hogan is still a clear sign of his world-class talent.

“Charlo got rid of Hogan in seven, I did it in five, so my pace was a bit quicker than Charlo’s,” Tim said.

“I want an international fight, I want to be recognised globally, I want to be a global boxing star, that’s my goal and it’s always been my goal.

“And I think I need those big names, there’s a few boys that really interest me.”

But he admitted there was still room for improvement.

“In Round One I was a bit too excited, which now comes with experience but in Rounds Two and Three I was able to just slow it down, not rush and be able to pick my shots,” he said.

“Again, I was rushing a bit and I wasn’t 100 per cent happy with my performance.”

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