Devastating moment Greg Alexander learns of Bob Fulton’s death on live TV

Rugby league icon Bob Fulton has died aged 73 after a long battle with cancer.

Tributes began pouring in for the footy legend when his death was confirmed on Sunday afternoon.

Close friend and veteran broadcaster Ray Hadley was rocked by the news, which he delivered live on air.

“It’s a very sad day for the Fulton family and rugby league generally,” Hadley said. “I’ve announced some sad things on radio but this could be the saddest.

“I’m going to miss him, he was a great man … the most loyal friend I’ve ever had. He’ll be sadly missed.”

Hadley’s commentary colleagues on 2GB’s Continuous Call team — where Fulton used to work — were also shattered.

“It is with a broken heart, we announce that our dear friend, immortal Bob Fulton, has died,” they posted on Twitter.

Continuous Call team member Dave Morrow fought back tears as he spoke about his great mate.

“I’m blown away because he’s been a big part of me ever since I came to Sydney in 1980 as a broadcaster,” Morrow said.

“Geez there’s some players that owe their careers to him. It is like a dagger in the heart.”

Devastating moment Brandy learns of Bozo’s death

Penrith legend turned commentator Greg Alexander was on air for Fox League when presenter Hannah Hollis told viewers of Fulton’s death.

Alexander was visibly shaken by the news, having only spoken to the footy legend recently.

“My God,” Alexander said. “I was only talking to Bozo a couple of weeks ago.

“I live in the northern beaches and … yeah … I pulled up at Woollies and was chatting with Bozo for about half-an-hour.

“That’s devastating news. Gee-whiz.”

You can see Alexander’s reaction in the video player at the top of this article.

Footy fans pay tribute

Plenty on social media were quick to pay their respects.

Channel 7 reporter Taylor Auerbach wrote: “Listening to the guys fighting back tears on @2GB873 @ContinuousCall about the death of Bob Fulton is extremely tough, moving, raw, incredible radio. RIP Bob Fulton.”

Broadcaster and NRL expert John Gibbs, who played with and worked alongside Fulton, told ABC radio the news was “very difficult to take in”.

Former NRL star Jamie Soward tweeted: “Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and everyone that knew Bob Fulton. Legend player, legend bloke.”

Journalist Steve Hart added: “In total shock Bob Fulton gone! One of the all time greats. RIP Bozo and condolences to family and friends. Sad day.”

Fulton truly was one of the greats

Fulton was surrounded by family and close friends when he passed away on Sunday morning. He is survived by wife Anne, daughter Kirsty and his sons Brett and Scott.

Fulton was an outstanding player, recognised for his on-field achievements by being named an Immortal. He played 35 Tests for Australia and coached the Kangaroos from 1989-1998.

The man known as “Bozo” played more than 200 games for Manly and was synonymous with the club, coaching it for more than 300 games across two lengthy stints in the 1980s and 1990s.

In a total of 428 first grade games, he won three premierships with Manly and two with Eastern Suburbs when he made the move across in the late 1970s.

Fulton also played 17 times for NSW.

One of the godfathers of rugby league, Fulton became a trusted advisor and confidante to many within the game. He was a vital sounding board at Manly and also helped out the Blues during State of Origin campaigns.

Fulton boasts the rare honour of having won premierships as a player, captain and coach.

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EXCLUSIVE: Horrifying moment grandmother is grabbed off street by her suspected killer and forced into bush where her body was found next day – as police release image of man they want to speak to

Horrifying footage has captured the moment a woman was grabbed off the street by her suspected killer and forced towards the bush where she was later found dead.  

The body of Maria Jane Rawlings, 45, who lived in Chelmsford, Essex, was found in shrubbery near Little Heath in Romford at around 2pm on Tuesday.   

Security camera footage obtained by MailOnline captures the final moments of mother-of-two Ms Rawlings before she was bludgeoned and strangled to death.  

It comes as the Metropolitan Police released images and video this evening of a man they want to speak to in connection to the killing.

In the clip, the man is seen travelling on the 364 bus towards Dagenham at around 12.16am on Tuesday, around an hour after Ms Rawlings was last seen in the CCTV footage. 

Police said they believe the man has ‘significant information’ that could help with their ‘fast-paced investigation’. 

The CCTV of the alleged abduction, taken from a nearby house on the day before Ms Rawlings’ body was found, shows the grandmother walking on Barley Lane at 11.17pm on Monday. 

She had just left the nearby King George Hospital in Goodmayes.

Footage shows a male in dark clothing walking behind Ms Rawlings and quickening his step to catch up with her. When he reaches her, he forces his arm around hers.

She resists slightly but he forces her towards the shrubbery on a green near the busy A12. Just as they disappear from view a white car drives past.

Ms Rawlings’ body was found in the bush at 2pm on Tuesday by a man out walking his dog.

Detective Chief Inspector David Hillier, who is leading the murder investigation, said after releasing the latest footage of the man on the bus: ‘I would urge anyone who recognises this man to contact police immediately. 

‘We are carrying out a fast-paced investigation and I believe this man may have significant information to help us with our enquiries. If anyone sees this man, I would ask them not to approach him but to call 999.’

A post-mortem examination at Walthamstow Mortuary gave the preliminary cause of death as neck compression and possible blunt force head trauma.

The homeowner who gave MailOnline his security footage did so in order to help trace the man seen with Ms Rawlings in the minute-long clip.

He has also appealed to the driver of the white car to contact police if he has a dash cam or if he saw anything untoward as he drove past.

The homeowner has given the footage to the Metropolitan Police and believes the man was seen walking away from the area at about 11.43pm.

Ms Rawlings lived 20-miles away from Little Heath in Chelmsford, Essex.

Her devastated family yesterday left flowers by the bush where her body was found, with a message attached to one bouquet reading: ‘Mummy. I love you now, forever and always. 

‘In this s*** world you made things brighter. Forever my angel. Your Big Baby.’

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CCTV captures moment thief sledgehammers glass door of Leongatha jewellery store

Victoria Police have released detailed CCTV footage as they try to track down a pair of burglars who smashed their way into a Gippsland jewellery store.

Police said the two thieves arrived at the Leongatha jewellery store in a stolen black Lexus SUV about 2:45am on February 15.

One of them, dressed in a disposable orange jumpsuit and armed with a sledgehammer, repeatedly smashed through the glass front door of the shop.

They both then entered and, using a crowbar to smash up the store, stole watches, pearls and other jewellery.

The pair then fled the Bair Street jewellery store and were last seen driving off in the SUV.

The second offender was dressed in a grey beanie and navy tracksuit pants.

The SUV was found, burnt out, near Rices Road in Rosedale nearly two weeks later on February 27.

Detectives are appealing for anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers.

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UK Covid LIVE: US supports patent waiver in ‘monumental moment’ as study shows vaccine impact in Israel

S President Joe Biden on Wednesday threw his support behind waiving intellectual property rights for Covid-19 vaccines in what has been called a “monumental moment” by the World Health Organisation.

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, called Biden’s move a “monumental moment in the fight against #covid19” on Twitter, and said it reflected “the wisdom and moral leadership of the United States.”

It comes as a study, published in The Lancet, showed two doses of the Pfizer vaccine have proved more than 95 per cent effective against infection, hospitalisation and death from Covid-19 in Israel.

The study’s authors said it showed the impact of vaccines on ending the pandemic, as opposed to lockdowns.

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‘Congratulations, you’ve killed Bin Laden’: Moment Pakistani military commander told Obama the hunt for 9/11 mastermind was over is revealed in new oral history of 2011 raid

A new blow-by-blow account of the raid that got Osama bin Laden and the harrowing decision to go in reveals new details of how President Barack Obama finally got firm evidence the terror mastermind had been killed in a U.S. operation.

‘Congratulations, you killed Osama bin Laden,’ Pakistani military chief of staff Gen. Ashfaq Kayani told the president in the hours after Navy Seals undertook the daring raid that resulted in bin Laden’s death in an Abbottabad compound where bin Laden was hiding out. 

Pakistani military personnel had showed up at the bin Laden family compound and gotten confirmation from family members, according to a new account on the 10th anniversary of the May 2011 raid published in  Politico.

The U.S. would ultimately obtain highly scientific confirmation – as well as coarse efforts to eyeball the situation.

Admiral Willam McRaven, who oversaw special forces carrying out the raid, asked a Navy SEAL to lie down next to bin Laden’s corpse, now ensconced in a body bag, to get a rough measurement of his height.

‘I knew that bin Laden was about 6-foot-4. I saw some young SEALS standing nearby and I said: “Hey son, how tall are you?” He said, “Sir, I’m 6’ 2.” I say, “I need you to lie down here.” 

McRaven recounted the episode in his own book, ‘Sea Stories,’ and Obama included it in his own, ‘A Promised Land.’

SEALS had crossed over into Jalalabad, Afghanistan with bin Laden’s body, but it was hours before the White House would announce the raid. 

According to Mike Leiter, former director of the National Counterterrorism Center, Obama broke the ice with a quip on a video conference.  

‘You just blew up a $65 million helicopter and you don’t have enough money to buy a tape measure?’ he joked to McRaven.

The new oral history by Garrett Graff also describes the difficult decision to decide whether to go ahead with the raid.

The contours of that advice is already known: with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reluctantly urging action, and former Vice President Joe Biden stressing caution.

According to former deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes, Biden’s role in a key Thursday strategy session before Obama authorized the raid was partly the role of ‘devil’s advocate’ – just hours before a raid that had to take place between Friday and Monday because there would be no moon. 

Biden, the former chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stressed the potential for blowback in Pakistan – whose government was infuriated by the incursion into its territory. The U.S. feared providing notice could cause a leak that would botch the operation.  

‘Biden had worked a lot on Pakistan over the years, and he really laid out the risk of this going wrong and the potential for confrontation with the Pakistanis,’ said Rhodes. 

‘Our embassy being overrun, the fallout that could ensue. I don’t remember it as being firmly against as much as it being about like, “I’m going to point out the downsides that you need to consider from the perspective of Pakistan.”

Said former CIA Director John Brennan: ‘I think Joe Biden was most concerned about if it was a failed mission, what it would mean for Barack Obama and his prospects for a second term.’

Following the Situation Room discussion that Rhodes called ‘incredibly dramatic,’ Biden pulled Rhodes and chief of staff Denis McDonough into a small conference room. 

 “You guys think he’s going to do this?” Biden asked. 

‘We both said, “Yes, absolutely. He always said he would.”’ 

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Moment a 20ft container suddenly detaches from lorry on busy motorway forcing terrified drivers to swerve and slam on the brakes

Dramatic dash cam footage shows the moment a large container detaches from the rear of a HGV and narrowly avoids colliding with drivers on a busy motorway. 

Motorist Christine Luff captured the heart-stopping incident while driving on the M25 motorway just outside Potters Bar in Herefordshire on March 22.  

The 69-year-old from East Hunsbury in Northamptonshire had been travelling on the busy road with her 89-year-old mother when the 20-foot container became detached. 

In the video, retired hairdresser Ms Luff can be seen travelling down the busy stretch of motorway. 

A HGV pulling two large containers can be seen travelling in the left hand lane of the busy carriageway surrounded by travelling vehicles. 

Without warning, the blue container then becomes completely detached from the rest of the vehicle and swerves across three right hand lanes. 

One motorist was clipped by the container despite trying to dodge the object in their Peugeot. 

The load then collides with the central reservation and comes to a stop. The HGV driver is shown driving across the lanes to follow his lost load which is now situated in the right hand lane. 

Ms Luff then overtakes the scene and passes another motorist who has pulled over at the side of the road after being clipped by the container. 

Ms Luff’s husband Brian shared the footage onto his Facebook page that night captioning his post: ‘Dashcam today from our car. ‘Wait for [the] 20 foot container to disengage.’ 

Since Mr Luff shared his footage, social media users have posted their thoughts on the terrifying footage. Paul Varley said: ‘That could have been so bad. Thank goodness nobody was hurt.’ 

Geoff Marshall posted: ‘Holy s***.’ Callum Turff commented: ‘Must have been a mechanical failure right? No way he made it that far if it wasn’t coupled correctly.’ 

Speaking today, Ms Luff said: ‘I slowed down with hazards on and saw that the rest of the traffic had slowed also. 

‘I carried on slowly at first and saw the white car involved in the film, he had been clipped and had then stopped at the side. 

‘Glad to be out of that unscathed. 

‘I am glad to be a couple of seconds behind the incident and not getting rear-ended.’ 

MailOnline has approached the Metropolitan Police or a comment.  

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Kate Garraway shares ‘amazing’ moment husband Derek spoke to her as he continues recovery

Kate Garraway shared a positive and “amazing” moment, as she embraced the “little things” after her husband Derek Draper moved home earlier this month.

Derek Draper had been in hospital for over a year after contracting coronavirus in March 2020, with him left in a coma.

The virus severely impacted his body, and he’s still recovering – making small moments of progress, with Kate questioning if this could be because he is back home with her.

She previously revealed his progress seemed to slow down during the lockdown months with her unable to visit him, but now she is noticing little moments again which are leaving her hopeful.

Kate Garraway shared a positive and "amazing" moment, as she embraced the "little things" after husband Derek Draper moved home
Kate Garraway shared a positive and “amazing” moment, as she embraced the “little things” after husband Derek Draper moved home

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Thursday, Kate revealed Derek spoke to her recently in a moment that she thought was “amazing”.

Derek’s conversations are limited due to his time in a coma affecting his speech, with him only saying words.

But Kate talked of an “emotional” connection and a familiarity, when Derek asked her if she was wearing a new dress recently.

Kate revealed Derek spoke to her recently in a moment that she thought was "amazing"
Kate revealed Derek spoke to her recently in a moment that she thought was “amazing”

She explained to her co-stars: “It’s been wonderful having Derek home and there are lots of little positives I think.

“Whether it’s positives because it’s genuinely helping him being home or because I’m there to see the little things, as I couldn’t go in before and we had to FaceTime and stuff, I don’t know but it feels positive.

“There are little moments of reaction, and he actually said something the other day. I walked in and he said, ‘new dress?’ which was just amazing.

Kate went on to say there was an "emotional connection" and talked of the "basis" of their relationship
Kate went on to say there was an “emotional connection” and talked of the “basis” of their relationship

“I thought it was amazing on so many levels because he recognised this, and he remembered I need a lot of flattery.”

She went on to say there was an “emotional connection” and talked of the “basis” of their relationship, before revealing that the moment was followed by “nothing” and they went back to an “in-between”.

Asked if she believed Derek was benefiting from being at home, Kate added: “I hope so,” before saying: “So far so good but I don’t want to tempt fate.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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Moment police made biggest-ever UK drugs seizure to intercept £20m of cocaine on M6 is revealed as gang including ex-UFC cage fighting enforcer are jailed for total of 60 years

This is the moment police made the UK’s biggest-ever drugs seizure as they intercepted £20m of cocaine on the motorway.

Dramatic police helicopter footage shows four unmarked vehicles surrounding a van and another car on the M6 near Knutsford, Cheshire, before officers drag out the suspects out and arrest them in the middle of the busy carriageway.

The bust came as part of an investigation into an organised crime group, which included an ex-UFC cage fighting enforcer nicknamed ‘The Bear’, and supplied vast amounts of Class A drugs from Merseyside to gangs across Britain. 

Liverpool brothers Alan and John Tobin masterminded the operation, and were backed up by former martial arts star Robbie Broughton, who enforced debts and collected payments from notorious gang leaders. 

Anthony and Leon Cullen, who headed a heavily armed drug gang, and a firm bossed by Jamie Oldroyd, both based in Warrington, Cheshire, were among their regular customers.

Broughton, a 6ft 2in, 18st heavyweight, moved an estimated £30m of cash and used an encryped EncroChat phone with the handle ‘NovaBear’ to carry out his work, Liverpool Crown Court was told.

Judge Garrett Byrne said the married father-of-two was the ‘muscle’ for the gang and added: ‘I’ve no doubt you have a keen sense of letting your family down.’ 

Nicola Daley, prosecuting, said the Tobins ran a ‘criminally sophisticated, highly profitable and well-organised business’ for more than four years, between 2016 and 2020.

The criminal gang was ultimately jailed for a total of some 60 years.

Alan, 52, of Regency Park, Widnes, and John, 40, formerly of Manor Road, Prescot, had minions trading primarily in cocaine, but also in heroin, cannabis, and ketamine.

But the brothers had to become more hands-on after instructing Jamie Simpson to transport a £20m stash of cocaine from Kent to Warrington for them.

Detectives made the largest ever land seizure of cocaine in the UK when they intercepted the van, which was carrying 186kg of up to 90 per cent pure cocaine under floorboards and in a specially adapted ‘hide’ on August 2, 2018.

Astonishing police helicopter footage showed the moment officers stopped the blue van near Knutsford, Cheshire.

John Tobin’s DNA was later found deposited on the bubble wrap of one of the drug blocks he had earlier watched being placed into boxes during the packing process.

Ms Daley said enquiries revealed just five days earlier, on July 28, John Tobin had travelled from Kent to Brussels via Eurostar, and while he couldn’t be directly linked to the importation, he had been ‘very close to the original source’.

The Tobins also sold drugs to other gangs in London, north Wales, Cornwall, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Manchester, the north-east, and Scotland, using couriers like Liverpool father Anwar Rahim.

The brothers commanded the criminal enterprise but used Broughton, as well as fellow criminals Simon Leech, and Brian McQuillan to help with the day-to-day running of their business.

Ms Daley said Broughton didn’t have direct contact with drugs, but was used to ‘enforce unpaid debts’ and involved in moving cash, which she said given the amounts of drugs involved could be around £30m in total.

He was a close associate of the Tobins, but also in regular phone contact with the Cullen brothers, and offered to move money for other gangs, charging 7.5 per cent commission.

A three-pronged operation was launched into Tobin’s customers, as Operations Bullfight, Samurai and Dreadnought, targeted the Cullens, Oldroyd, and drug boss Lee Stoba. 

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Townsville’s ‘road to Paris’ moment: the slow greening of an Adani stronghold | Adani Group

“Adani was about the here and now for the community,” says Townsville’s mayor, Jenny Hill, reflecting on a decade spent championing the thermal coal project as a way to reduce the city’s high unemployment rate.

“There were no jobs. There was no interest in manufacturing. It was important to give the community hope for the future.”

Townsville’s place at the forefront of the coal wars have made Hill, who is a member of the ALP, a prominent figure in the party’s schism over coal and climate. In 2019 she told a forum run by Labor’s Chifley Research Centre that the city’s mantra was “we stick to our guns: we support mining”.

It is remarkable, then, that Hill now says clean energy – and not thermal coal – will be at the forefront of Townsville’s future economy.

“If you’re smart in politics you’ve got to deal with the short term, but you’ve got to deal with the long term as well,” Hill tells Guardian Australia.

“The market will eventually decide what happens with thermal coal and where it ends up. The Japanese have put it out there on public record they are going to cut their thermal coal imports.

“Economies [like South Korea and Japan] want clean energy and that means green hydrogen. We’re in a position to be able to deliver.”

Some locals in Townsville described the subtle but significant shift in language from community and business leaders as a “road to Paris conversion” – a pivot brought about by rapidly changing international sentiment and declining prospects for coal.

Hill doesn’t directly acknowledge a suggestion that the ground has shifted from a point a few years ago when she described Adani to the writer Anna Krien as “the only next big thing”.

But she now speaks with zeal about the sorts of transition opportunities that might be created in a place where the port could link Queensland’s rare earth mineral deposits with the world; and where refining and manufacturing is already being fuelled by the city’s 320 days of annual sunlight.

Townsville is developing an eco-industrial precinct with plans for a solar microgrid to power battery manufacturing, a nickel refinery and other industries. This week the port of Townsville signed a memorandum of understanding with energy company Origin to export green hydrogen, which could be produced locally with non-potable water and solar power.

“The scientist in me sees it as a pilot study,” Hill said.

“I will always support mining, but it doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of these new technologies and bring manufacturing back into this country.

“This is about reimagining the economy for my community and building it. If it works here, it can help ensure we get growth.”

The future is sunny

Last month Solar Citizens, a lobby group for solar owners and renewables supporters, released a report detailing how Townsville could become a renewable energy “powerhouse”, creating 11,000 jobs – equivalent to 10% of the city’s total workforce.

Proposed manufacturing and industry projects powered by renewables could be worth $154bn over their lifetime, the report found.

The city already has a company spearheading the transition: the Korea Zinc-owned refiner SunMetals, one of Queensland’s biggest energy consumers, and the first power-intensive facility in Australia to build its own solar farm.

The Townsville council and its regional business lobby, Townsville Enterprise, are heavily promoting plans to build an “eco-industrial precinct” at Lansdown, which would run on a renewable micro-grid and could include a battery manufacturing plant, refineries and other green industry businesses.

The Queensland Nickel refinery at Yabulu, near Townsville. The closure of the plant was ‘a massive shock’ to the town. Photograph: Andrew Rankin/AAP

In Queensland politics, “transition” has been a dirty word. Pro-coal politicians like LNP senator Matt Canavan have said transition equates to job destruction. Rightwing media commentators have portrayed comments that miners need to “re-skill” as a kind of ideological warfare, rather than part of a discussion about how communities respond to a real global shift away from fossil fuels.

“It’s the right of the workers in the community not to be destroyed in the process of the transition,” Tim Buckley, the director of energy finance studies at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, says. “And now the opportunities [from transition] are starting to become tangible and real.”

Sean Cochrane, who runs renewable business SuperGreen Solutions in Townsville, says the conversation had clearly shifted in the city now people could see genuine opportunity from the energy transition.

“A year ago it was all we need coal jobs, we need coal jobs,” Cochrane says.

“There was never another argument, another source of jobs. I don’t think Townsville is the backwater that sometimes people in the south think it is. Townsville has come of age. People are looking for intelligent solutions.”

Joseph O’Brien, the managing director of a Townsville company proposing to build Copperstring 2.0 – a project that would connect the North West Minerals Province to the national energy grid – says there are significant opportunities for the city.

“I believe the real message here is that it’s not about what Townsville shouldn’t do, but what Townsville does as a global leader, and that’s advanced industrial manufacturing and minerals processing,” O’Brien said.

“This pedigree in industrial manufacturing can be an enormous job creator and it’s also an enormous creator of expertise that will be very valuable for the region and for Australia too.

“Townsville is an entrepreneurial and pragmatic place, it doesn’t have the luxury of choosing where it wants to get its jobs from. Regional centres need to play to their strengths and respond to global opportunities and for Townsville the global opportunities make for a very bright future.”

‘You don’t want your city to die’

After Townsville flooded in early 2019, residents in the low-lying suburb of Hermit Park brought out their dead appliances and mud-logged possessions and piled them up at the roadside.

Guardian Australia asked a handful of locals there about climate change. The Queensland premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, had just called the flooding “unprecedented”. Experts overwhelmingly believe the climate is fuelling more extreme weather events.

“If anyone mentions [climate change] I’ll punch ’em,” a local, Mark Parison, said immediately after the floods.

Residents of Hermit Park cleaning up after floods in 2019.
Residents of Hermit Park cleaning up after floods in 2019. Photograph: Dan Peled/AAP

“These people crying about climate change, they’ve got to look at how they live themselves. They’re still driving around in cars, they’re still wearing nice clothes. They’re using mobile phones. So give that up, I’ll start listening to you.

“City people are stalling us. We need the economy here to be boosted.”

So, for several years, has gone much of the debate in Townsville about coal and climate change. Kitchen table concerns come first. Even if your kitchen table is literally floating away.

Elements of that fraught debate remain a reality in north Queensland, even as the opportunities of a green energy future move from concept towards reality. Few are ready to completely eschew the coal industry or its prospects to provide jobs for locals.

“Whilst an eye must certainly be kept on the future, we cannot stop investing and supporting the existing industries that have been the backbone of our nation’s economy for generations,” says Wade Chiesa, the regional development and investment director of Townsville Enterprise.

Chiesa highlights efforts to create new industries, but says north Queensland’s strengths remain “the natural resources sitting in our backyard and our capacity to generate energy”.

“Off the back of 12 months of Covid-19 support measures from state and federal governments, the royalties generated by our mining and resources industry are more important than ever as we claw back from the largest debt we have ever experienced.

“As of early this year, Bravus (Adani) had signed $2.2bn in contracts to build the Carmichael mine and rail project and in under two years since the project was greenlighted by the state government the company has employed more than 2,000 people.

“Now is the time we need sustained jobs to support families, not a time to erase them.”

Hill says the closure of Clive Palmer’s Queensland Nickel refinery was “a massive shock” to the northern port city, which was Australia’s first “solar city” back in 2007.

“Adani [became] the face of everything because the community desperately needed jobs,” she says.

“You don’t want your city to die. We had 13% unemployment. We have long-term aspirations but there’s a short-term need.

“When you go doorknocking you see people who are barely making ends meet and are desperate for a job that is barely a living wage. Many tourism jobs are low-paying jobs, you can’t go into a bank and get a home loan with some of those jobs. When you’re in the mining sector you can.”

Now, Hill says advanced manufacturing powered by renewables offers another prospect for well-paid work – and that the city will embrace its opportunity.

“The key for me and the council is to show the community that we can get this right in Townsville. We can use renewables to power industry at a far cheaper rate than pulling power off the grid.

“We’re hopeful for long-term jobs for our community.”

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100 days to go: 2021 Olympics a pinch-me moment for Abbey Gelmi

Hosting alongside some of the world’s best broadcasting talent for the Tokyo Olympics is a pinch me moment for Abbey Gelmi.

The Perth raised sports presenter will be front and centre as part of Seven’s Olympics coverage alongside the likes of Bruce McAvaney, Hamish McLachlan, Johanna Griggs, Basil Zempilas, Matt Shirvington and Edwina Bartholomew when the Games kick off on July 23.

With just 100 days to go, it’s a prestigious honour for the 31-year-old, Gelmi describing the atmosphere and excitement of the world’s biggest sporting competition as one big “reality TV” show.

Seven’s 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games team.
Camera IconSeven’s 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games team. Credit: 7 Network/7 Network

“It’s the ultimate reality TV, the Olympics — the highs, lows, big blows — it doesn’t matter who is competing people are competing for their dreams and it’s going to be really exciting to cover,” Gelmi told The West Australian.

Sport has always run thick in Gelmi’s veins, her grandfather Herb Elliot won gold and set a world record at the 1960 Olympics in Rome and she has spent many years re-watching his old tapes.

“What struck me about Pa was his dedication and his win at all costs approach to running and that’s what I really love about the Olympics,” she said.

“It doesn’t get much more dramatic than people getting one shot in four years or in this case five years, to have a go at their dreams.”

While this year’s Games won’t be without it’s logistical challenges, including potential banning of crowds and cheering, Gelmi says the broadcast will be more important than ever.

“When you speak to athletes, while yes, some of them like to vibe off a crowd they don’t need extra motivation to chase after something they’ve wanted their whole life,” she added.

Abbey Gelmi.
Camera IconAbbey Gelmi. Credit: Instagam

However, a small time difference between Australia and Tokyo, viewers will get to watch the best events in real time.

“I think the beauty of the time slot that means in real time these athletes will know that families in living rooms across the country that they are gathered cheering them on.”

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