Coronavirus latest news: Pet cat in UK catches Covid from its owners

Travellers returning from Spain have expressed their frustration at the short-notice quarantine requirements.

Joe Allen, a TV producer from London, told the PA news agency: “We waited for the appropriate time and I specifically waited for the quarantine to have been lifted from Spain, and I absolutely wouldn’t have gone with a quarantine.

“We all sort of resigned ourselves in fact pretty quickly that there was nothing we could do about it, we just have to follow the rules and we get that, but I think we’re all frustrated.”

Laura Wood, 41, from Oxfordshire, flew from Gatwick to Spain’s Costa Blanca with her family for a two-week holiday, also returning on Sunday, shortly after the measures took effect.

She told PA: “It was a bit of a last-minute disappointment to the end of the holiday but we’re going to get on with it. There has to be a cut-off, I guess, and we were just on the unlucky side of it.”

Mrs Wood said she had experienced some “smug” responses from people at home and online after the measures were announced.

“I think it works both ways; I don’t think people can complain about the quarantine necessarily because we knew we were taking risks, but I think people’s joy at other people’s misfortune is a bit sad.”

Sophia Fadil, from Brighton, 32, works in retail after being made redundant during lockdown from her job in the travel industry, and is currently on holiday in the Alicante region with her partner, who is a nurse, and her five-year-old son.

She said the measures are a “slap in the face” for the travel industry. “It’s just a really rubbish situation as I kind of feel it’s one step forward and then two steps back when it comes to the travel industry,” she said.

“I probably wouldn’t have travelled out here had I known this in advance, so in a sense I’m kind of glad I’m already here.

“I think this was outrageous that the Government finally confirmed it three hours before it was implemented so that didn’t give anyone enough time to travel home if they needed to.”

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