Travel news: Police warn of anti-social behaviour in Cornwall and Dorset ahead of bank holiday

Despite a seven-day case rate of 139.5 per 100,000, in excess of every other European territory and the 10th highest in the world, Gibraltar remains on the green list.

Perhaps special allowances are being made because it’s a British Overseas Territory (although the same allowances haven’t been made for Turks and Caicos or the British Virgin Islands). Or perhaps it is because the little exclave has been doing so much testing (although this factor didn’t stop the UK snubbing Luxembourg). 

Fabian Picardo, the chief minister of Gibraltar, which has already been added to Germany’s high-risk list, told Today on BBC Radio 4 that Gibraltar was being unfairly judged because it has tested around 32,000 people, or 95 per cent of the population. 

“We’re doing a good job in detecting the virus and dealing with it,” Mr Picardo said.

“If you do a more detailed dive and you look at the fact that we are doing more testing than most places per head of population, then you’ll understand that we are now being very successful at identifying cases of the virus and then exercising controls in terms of imposing self-isolation. [Should restrictions be imposed], I’d be concerned about the impact on people who are having to travel to the United Kingdom from Gibraltar not just for the exchange of tourism. It’s about business, it’s about studies, it’s about health.”

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Coronavirus latest news: Police, not staff, will enforce face masks in shops

Argentina is trying to solve a medical mystery after 57 sailors were infected with the coronavirus after 35 days at sea, despite the entire crew testing negative before leaving port.

The Echizen Maru fishing trawler returned to port after some of its crew began exhibiting symptoms typical of Covid-19, the health ministry for the southern Tierra del Fuego province said on Monday.

According to the ministry, 57 sailors, out of 61 crew members, were diagnosed with the virus after undergoing a new test. However, all of the crew members had undergone 14 days of mandatory quarantine at a hotel in the city of Ushuaia. Prior to that, they had negative results, the ministry said in a statement.

“It’s hard to establish how this crew was infected, considering that for 35 days, they had no contact with dry land and that supplies were only brought in from the port of Ushuaia,” said Alejandra Alfaro, the director of primary health care in Tierra del Fuego.

A team was examining “the chronology of symptoms in the crew to establish the chronology of contagion,” she said.

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