COVID-19 Updates


NO NEW CASES 10 days in a row for Victoria

Victorians woke up to yet another day of good news as a 10-day record for no new Covid-19 cases is achieved. This, along with no records of local transmission was announced today.

Thus far, there are some 20,000 cases in Victoria, over 3,000 health care workers, with complex settings, and to go through genomic testing and sequencing actually takes time.

As testing have been increased the past few weeks, according to Mr. Martin Foley, further actions will be taken to broaden the scope of the test, hence, early outbreaks could be moderated. “Victoria over the past month has actually increased testing levels as numbers have come down more broadly. We’re running 30 per cent above New South Wales, in actual figures, let alone per head of population,” he said.

With this news in mind, the local authorities seek to move a step further as few restrictions were eased and Victorians can now move freely across the state. The ‘ring of steel’ separating regional and metro areas were removed at midnight.

To name a few mitigations, 25km restriction has been lifted, 2 visitors – including dependents, are now allowed per household. Public facilities, on the other hand, increased their capacities to 40 people for indoor areas and 70 for outdoors.

Gaming facilities, Casino, Cinema and Gym and Fitness establishments would cater up to 10 – 20 people. Religious gathering restrictions were also eased, allowing 20 for indoor and 50 for outdoor, weddings included.

Although the number of patients that had contracted the virus in Victorian hospitals is yet to be determined, he emphasized that there are more innovative actions they could carry out as future hotel quarantine program have been prepared.

Mr. Foley added that “we need to make sure the enormous sacrifices and progress Victorians have made over the pandemic are sustained”, hence all recommendations for safety protocols will be given a comprehensive response, keeping in mind that all arrangement correlate with each other. Once all the evidence, based on the science, is accountably and transparently released, this complex work will come to its peak and be a manifestation of hope.  

To all Victorians, this is a reassurance that this path is promising and will be given utter confidence in order to stay safe and stay open.