Margaret Thatcher wanted to overhaul ‘non-democratic’ European Commission

He also recorded the former Prime minister’s strong opposition to conferring powers on the European Central Bank.

Mrs Thatcher also branded the Commission’s plans for a single currency as a “rush of blood to the head”.

She hit out at the “politburo” in Brussels and vowed not to be dictated to, during talks with her Irish counterpart.

The Tory Eurosceptic likened giving away powers of taxation to gifting sovereignty to Europe, Dublin archives from 1990 show.

She told Mr Haughey that cultural differences between member states over the internal market in goods would remain.

“The Italians will continue not to pay taxes.”

She accused the European Court of giving more powers to the Commission.

“The days of appointed commissioners must be numbered.

“We must give power to the Council of Ministers.

“I am not handing over authority to a non-elected bureaucracy.”

Mr Haughey said the Commission was contacting Irish local authorities and inviting groups over to Brussels.

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