Package of white powder washed ashore believe to be a hazardous substance

Beachgoers were shook to see an unusual package washed ashore. Ten kilograms of white powder, which is believed to be cocaine, was found on the north Queensland beach.

Beachgoers at Ramsay Bay, Hinchinbrook Island, was sparked by confusion and concern and immediately contacted police on a Sunday upon coming across and discovering a 10-kilogram packages on the shore at the high tide mark.

Currently, the police authorities are awaiting results on the forensic examination of the white powder in determining its substance, yet numerous skeptical and the beachgoers who discovered the package themselves strongly suspected it as cocaine.

Meanwhile, to further add up the matter of the occurrence, investigators are searching the area, and are urging the public with any substantial and helpful information to come forward, as it cites a looming fear the contents of the packages “could become a health risk” should it come to wrong hands.

In line with that, police authorities say more packages of the substance could likely wash up over coming days and finders should not open them. Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Graham Camp said anyone who finds further packages should not open them, but contact police.

“Anyone who was at sea or on the coastline near these locations and saw anything suspicious in the water or other suspicious activity is urged to contact police. It is possible further packages may wash up along the coast due to tidal flows and ocean currents.”

He further noted that the substance could be hazardous for the community, thus urging everyone, especially beachgoers who might come across such packages, to be cautious and contact the police right away.