Tragic Crocodile Attack Left Man With Numerous Lacerations

crocodile attack

A tragic encounter occurred as a man was quickly rushed to the hospital after an apparent crocodile attack in the Far North Queensland.

In an interview with a Queensland Ambulance Service spokesman, he revealed that the man, aged 40, was just swimming of Lake Placid Road in Cairns before 1:00 pm when he was attacked.

Sadly, he sustained lacerations to his head, face, hand and shoulder and was taken to Cairns Hospital and is now in a stable condition.

As per Paul Sweeney, a critical care paramedic said the man was conscious and luckily did just suffer grave injuries. “There was definite evidence of puncture wounds through his scalp … from either the upper or lower jaw … corresponding to a bite. The animal has bitten the top of his head, with jaws either side.”

More so, the man had minor puncture wounds to his right shoulder and one finger, yet the injuries did not appear to have fractured his skull.

“The gentleman explained that he was swimming in the water doing some training … he felt this sudden impact clasp on the top of his head which he recognized to be a crocodile. He put his hands into the jaws to prize them off his head and when he did so and let go, the jaw snapped shut onto his left forefinger.” Mr Sweeney said.

According to the paramedics the man then swam back to the bank and dragged himself out of the water and asserted it was extremely lucky to escape without more serious injuries saying, “had the crocodile bitten into his neck or his throat where the major blood vessels are, then it could have been a fatality — he’s a very lucky man.”

Further updates reveal that man is expected to make full recovery as his wounds need to be treated.

(Image source: The Guardian)