Sydney news: Berejiklian names Aerotropolis at Western Sydney Airport Bradfield

Here’s what you need to know this morning,

New name for airport city

The state government has announced the city to be developed on the doorstep of Sydney’s second airport will be named Bradfield, after the renowned engineer.

The city centre, which until now has been referred to as the Aerotropolis, sits north of the existing suburb of Bringelly and is not far from the new Western Sydney International Airport.

The name Bradfield was chosen after the community was asked to have a say, with a panel settling on the final decision to honour engineer John Bradfield, who designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the city’s original rail network.

“We wanted to make sure this wasn’t just a bureaucratic name anymore. We wanted to put, like Bradfield did for the rest of Sydney, the citizen at the heart of what we are doing,” Minister for Western Sydney Stuart Ayres said today.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said she wanted the new city of Bradfield to be a thriving high-tech manufacturing and research hub, creating up to 200,000 jobs.

“When people are standing in Parramatta they won’t be looking east for the best jobs in the future, they’ll be looking here,” she said.

Koala habitats derail coal mine plans

A growing koala habitat is threatening to derail plans for a controversial coal mine in the state’s north-west.

Shenhua’s proposed Watermark mine on the Liverpool Plains has long triggered concerns about the potential impact on koala populations.

Recently released minutes from the company’s Koala Working Group reveal 25 koalas have been mapped in one area, including four breeding females.

A researcher advising the company said that area, earmarked for a key rail line, should now be considered “core habitat” and not destroyed.

A Shenhua spokesperson said the company was consulting widely as it developed its Koala Plan of Management.

Delivery riders win back jobs

Hungry Panda delivery riders Jun Yang and Xiangqian Li have their jobs back.(

ABC News: Jerry Rickard


Two food delivery riders say they’ve won their workplace battle with Hungry Panda to have their jobs reinstated following a pay dispute.

Jun Yang and Xiangqian Li told the ABC the international food delivery company offered them their jobs back after they were removed from the platform last month following a protest over changes to pay rates.

The pair last month launched unfair dismissal claims with the Fair Work Commission, arguing they were removed from the Hungry Panda app after they organised a small strike to protest changes to pay rates that they claimed disadvantaged riders.

Mr Yang said the court action, launched with the help of the Transport Workers’ Union, would no longer need to go ahead after Hungry Panda “reversed” his removal from the platform.

“After weeks of protests, meetings with politicians and negotiations with the company, I have been offered my job back at the high level I had worked hard to maintain for over a year,” he said.

Regional water prices to increase

Water prices for regional NSW are set to increase under an Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) draft report into water supplies and costings.

Charges for water delivered to irrigators and small towns could go up by as much as 25 per cent from July 1 and be in place for the next four years.

Tribunal acting chair Deborah Cope said the increases were justified.

“There is a risk that the assets will deteriorate and this will increase the costs more in the future. And also it could impact on the long-run security and reliability of water to people,” she said.

Farmer protests divide Indian community

The exterior of a Sikh temple with a sign that says "Save Indian farmers" hung on the fence
Glenwood Gurdwana is a hub for Western Sydney’s Sikh community.(

ABC News: Kathleen Calderwood


Sydney’s Indian community leaders are meeting today over growing tensions among locals taking opposing views of India’s new farming laws.

Tensions boiled over in several incidents over recent months, including an attack on four young Sikh men as they sat in a car in Harris Park in Sydney’s west.

A group of men pummelled the car with wooden bats and hammers.

Amar Singh of charity Turbans 4 Australia (T4A) said Sikhs were experiencing online hate, “where people are spilling out venomous statements against our community”.

Eleven Indian community groups will attend the meeting with NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Peter Thurtell in an attempt to address the issue.

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Where to find the cheapest fuel in Wollongong

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in NSW
Every day, NewsLocal tracks local fuel prices, so that you know when and where you are paying too much.
The cheapest U91 petrol at 2.15am today, according to Fuel Check, was 126.9 cents a litre, 39.0 cents cheaper than the most expensive bowsers.
These are the cheapest stations for Unleaded:
Russell Vale Service Station, 115 Bellambi Lane, Bellambi, 126.9
Metro Petroleum, 37 Shellharbour Rd, Lake Illawarra, 127.5
7-Eleven Lake Illawarra, 2 – 4 Peterborough Avenue, Lake Illawarra, 127.5
Caltex Woolworths Warilla, 43-57 Shellharbour Rd (Warilla Grove Shopping Centre), Warilla, 127.5
Enhance Barrack Heights, 254-256 Shellharbour Rd, Barrack Heights, 127.5
Today’s other average and cheapest fuel prices:
Premium 98
The cheapest is 144.9 cents, while the average is 159.7 cents.
Cheapest stations for Premium 98 are :
Enhance Port Kembla, 2-4 Church Street, Port Kembla, 144.9
Metro Petroleum, 37 Shellharbour Rd, Lake Illawarra, 145.5
7-Eleven Lake Illawarra, 2 – 4 Peterborough Avenue, Lake Illawarra, 145.5
South Petrol, 48 Illawarra St, Port Kembla, 145.9
Russell Vale Service Station, 115 Bellambi Lane, Bellambi, 146.9
Premium 95
The cheapest is 139.5 cents, while the average is 152.8 cents.
Cheapest stations for Premium 95 are :
7-Eleven Lake Illawarra, 2 – 4 Peterborough Avenue, Lake Illawarra, 139.5
Independent Balgownie, 99 Balgownie Road, Balgownie, 139.9
Caltex Woolworths Warilla, 43-57 Shellharbour Rd (Warilla Grove Shopping Centre), Warilla, 140.5
Russell Vale Service Station, 115 Bellambi Lane, Bellambi, 142.9
7- Eleven Towradgi, 162-166 Pioneer Rd, Towradgi, 143.9
Caltex Star Mart Barrack Heights, 332-336 Shellharbour Rd, Barrack Heights, 143.9
7-Eleven Corrimal, 138-146 Princes Highway, Corrimal, 143.9
The cheapest is 123.9 cents, while the average is 134.9 cents.
Cheapest stations for Diesel are:
Caltex Port Kembla, 16 Flinders St, Port Kembla, 123.9
Independent Towradgi, 119 Towradgi Road, Towradgi, 125.7
Independent Kanahooka, 90-94 Lakeside Dr, Kanahooka, 126.9
Enhance Port Kembla, 2-4 Church Street, Port Kembla, 128.9
Russell Vale Service Station, 115 Bellambi Lane, Bellambi, 129.9
Westside Coniston, 136 Gladstone St, Coniston, 129.9
The cheapest is 79.8 cents, while the average is 89.1 cents.
Cheapest stations for LPG are :
7-Eleven Dapto, 125-127 Princes Hwy, Dapto, 79.8
Metro Berkeley, 57 Winnima Way, Berkeley, 82.9
Bp Warrawong, 42-46 King St, Warrawong, 83.9
Enhance Port Kembla, 2-4 Church Street, Port Kembla, 86.9
Bp West Wollongong, 438 Crown St, West Wollongong, 87.9
Why you should shop around:
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says petrol price cycles bear little relation to the wholesale price of fuel.
“The cheapest and most expensive days to buy petrol can change from cycle to cycle,” it says, recommending motorists “use price cycles to help you decide when to buy petrol”.
What service stations must do:
Service station operators must ensure the price of fuel in FuelCheck matches the standard price of the fuel at their service station at all times.
NSW Fair Trading says consumers who notice a price difference are “encouraged to raise this with the service station operator”.
“Consumers are able to lodge a complaint with NSW Fair Trading directly via FuelCheck regarding instances of fuel price mismatch,” it says.
“Fair Trading will review each complaint and depending on the circumstances the service station may be fined for non-compliance. Penalty notices of $550 can be issued for each offence.”

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The Hon Andrew Peacock AC – Statement from Prime Minister – 16 News

Andrew Peacock was a great Australian and a treasure of the Liberal Party.

He was one of our greatest Liberals who helped shape Australia and the Liberal Party over three decades.

Andrew Peacock served in Parliament for over 28 years and was a Minister in the Gorton, McMahon and Fraser governments; and led the Liberal Party to two elections. After his service in Parliament, he served as Australia’s Ambassador to the United States.

During his time as a minister, Andrew Peacock held the Army; External Territories; Environment; Foreign Affairs; Industrial Relations; and Industry and Commerce portfolios.

He was Minister for the Army during part of the Vietnam War. A difficult portfolio in the most challenging of times.

As Minister for External Territories, he built a close relationship with Michael Somare, and was instrumental in gaining Australian acceptance for Papua New Guinea Independence.

His bonds with Papua New Guinea were such that he visited PNG over fifty times in his career. In honour of this work, Papua New Guinea awarded Andrew Peacock the Grand Companion of the Order of Logohu making him an honorary chief.

He was a distinguished Minister for Foreign Affairs who built deep relationships across the region. He was vocal in his denunciation of the Pol Pot regime in Kampuchea, despising what he called that “loathsome regime”.

As Leader of the Opposition, Andrew Peacock led the Liberal Party in the 1984 and 1990 elections. In both elections he picked up seats against a popular prime minister, but not enough to win Government.

As Australia’s Ambassador in Washington, he used his enormous personal skills to strengthen the close relationships with our most important strategic ally.

He had a long career in the Parliament, entering it at the age of 27. He followed Sir Robert Menzies as Member for Kooyong. These were big shoes to fill, but he was not daunted and filled them in his own way.

Andrew was known as the “colt from Kooyong”, a term which did not do justice to his thoroughness, intellect and capacity to make friends far and wide.

Andrew had a rich life outside politics. He had a lifelong love of horse racing and the Essendon Football Club. His love of his daughters was a mainstay of his life. In later life, his wider family also brought him immense happiness.

To his wife Penne and his family, Jenny and I extend the sympathies of the Government and the Liberal Party.

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Sydney man Blake Davis jailed for samurai sword killing of rapper Jett McKee

Sydney actor Blake Davis has been sentenced to five years and three months for the samurai sword killing of a man who attacked him during a botched home invasion.

The 31-year-old was last year cleared of murder but found guilty of manslaughter by a jury over the August 2018 death of rapper Jett McKee.

Armed with knuckle dusters and a replica gun, McKee punched Davis and threatened his girlfriend Hannah Quinn in their inner-city granny flat at Forest Lodge.

The court heard Quinn chased McKee down the street after he snatched her bag and when her boyfriend caught up to them, he cracked McKee’s skull with the sword.

Justice Natalie Adams sentenced Davis to a non-parole period of two years and nine months behind bars.

“I am left with no doubt that the lives of both the McKee family and the Davis family have been shattered forever as a result of the events that occurred on Hereford Street, Forest Lodge,” she said.

Davis’s eyes welled up as he learned his fate, while Quinn looked on anxiously from the public gallery with relatives.

Hip-hop artist Jett McKee, known as Scepaz, was killed after a botched robbery attempt.(



Justice Adams said the home invasion would have been a “horrifying experience” for anyone, let alone someone with Davis’s anxiety and PTSD.

“I accept Mr Davis is not a man usually prone to violence and reacted to the extraordinary circumstances he was facing,” Justice Adams said.

During the trial the court heard McKee, 30, had toxic to lethal levels of the drug ice in his system and targeted the couple because he believed they were dealing drugs.

On Tuesday, Justice Adams rejected Quinn’s claims during a police interview that McKee was pointing his imitation gun at her when Davis swung the sword.

The judge was satisfied McKee “did not pose any immediate threat” to Quinn such as to render the sword strike a reasonable response.

However, she “soundly rejected” the Crown’s case that Davis murdered McKee “in cold blood” to teach others a lesson about robbing drug dealers.

“This is a moderately serious case of manslaughter by excessive self-defence, but nowhere near as high as contended by the Crown,” Justice Adams said.

a woman with glasses in front of a wall
Averil Bowers said her fiancee, Jett McKee, was “cut down in such a cowardly way”.(

Facebook: Supplied


Last month, McKee’s fiancée Averil Bowers stared down the offenders during a sentencing hearing and condemned them for portraying themselves as victims.

She said they used every tactic at their disposal to vindicate themselves while “villainising” McKee.

Davis has previously apologised for taking a life and said he “died emotionally” on the day.

But he has also insisted his only intention was to save Quinn and admitted he did not accept the jury’s verdict.

Justice Adams accepted Davis was “very remorseful” for the killing and that his mental health had been “profoundly impacted” by his actions.

A woman and man walk down the street holding hands.
Blake Davis was found guilty of manslaughter and Hannah Quinn was found guilty of being an accessory after the fact.(

AAP: Dean Lewins


But Davis’s insistence that his actions were warranted meant his remorse was not the same as having remorse for the offence of manslaughter, Justice Adams said.

Davis and Quinn spent days on the run in hotels before they handed themselves in to police.

Quinn, 26, was tried on a murder charge but part-way through the trial the judge directed the jury to find her not guilty.

Justice Adams agreed that the evidence, taken at its highest, could not establish that Quinn formed an agreement with her boyfriend to inflict injury on McKee.

Quinn was instead found guilty of being an accessory after the fact to manslaughter and will be sentenced next month.

Davis’ appeal rejected

Davis immediately applied for bail pending an appeal against his conviction, which was rejected.

His barrister argued there was an accumulation of matters during the trial that gave rise to a miscarriage of justice, and that Davis’s appeal had a reasonable prospect of success.

“Having considered all of the grounds of appeal … I’m unable to accept that Mr Davis’s prospects of appeal rise any higher than being reasonably open,” Justice Adams said in rejecting the application.

Davis blew a kiss to Quinn and his mother as he was led away.

He will be eligible for parole in August 2023.

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Labor’s cheeky media move irks Laming

Andrew Laming has fired up after Anthony Albanese held a press conference outside his bayside office.

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Science on climate end-game puts Liberals and Labor targets to shame – 16 News

The release of a new report shows only the Greens have a climate policy in line with the science.

The Climate Council report, Aim High, Go Fast, which drew from new data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change identifies the need for 75% emissions reduction from Australia by 2030 – in line with the Greens policy but 3 times the Coalition’s current target (26-28%). Meanwhile the Labor party has no articulated 2030 target at all.

The Greens announced updated targets in June 2020 which match the ambition outlined in the new report.

Today the Greens Leader, Adam Bandt, called on the government and opposition to accept science-based targets of 75% by 2030 and net zero by 2035 ahead of the Climate Summit hosted by US President Joe Biden.

“The reality is stark and should be a call to drastic action for anyone who acknowledges the science,” Greens Leader Adam Bandt said.

“A tripling of our target is the only way to have any chance of keeping within our carbon budget.

“There is nowhere for the Liberals and Labor to hide. To have any credibility on climate they need to adopt these targets and rapidly transition out of gas and coal.

“For politicians that want to be honest with coal communities and the Australian public at large, this report reiterates what that honesty looks like. If you don’t have a plan to get out of gas and coal, your climate plan is a sham.

“The repeal of the successful Greens-Labor price on carbon has proven to be an act of economic and environmental sabotage. If we had continued on that trajectory we would be marching into these global summits as players in the new green economy, but instead we’re a target of ridicule and potential sanctions.

“The good news is that the rest of the world are lifting their ambition, but that makes the Australian government’s position a diplomatic as well as a climate risk,” Bandt said.

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Investigation underway after sixth baby in two years dies at Blacktown Hospital

An investigation is underway after the death of a baby at Blacktown Hospital in Sydney’s west, the sixth baby to have died at the facility in two years.

Blacktown Hospital has described the baby’s death on Friday as a “tragedy”, but it says the cause of death is not yet clear.

In a statement, the hospital expressed its condolences to the family, which was receiving bereavement support.

The child is the sixth newborn to die unexpectedly during or soon after birth at the Western Sydney hospital in the past two years.

“The Hospital general manager and the Women’s and Children’s nurse manager have met with the family and assured them a root cause analysis (RCA) is underway,” a statement from the hospital’s management read.

There would also be an internal investigation into the infant’s death, it added.

“Western Sydney Local Health District follows a rigorous process to ensure we identify, investigate, and learn from incidents that occur in our hospitals.”

The hospital said at the time of the incident the ward was fully staffed, including with full medical and midwifery coverage.

On Wednesday morning, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian extended her condolences to the family of the baby boy.

“Can I just extend my heartfelt condolences to the family of that little baby,” she said.

“The Minister for Health Brad Hazzard and the health agencies will undertake all the required investigations.”

The Premier said a death was difficult under any circumstances, let alone in this instance.(

AAP: Joel Carrett


Opposition Health spokesman Ryan Park said he would be talking to various unions covering the hospital today to get a sense of how the death happened.

Mr Park described it as an “absolute tragedy” and said the family and the community would be demanding answers.

In December, 20 senior obstetricians at Blacktown Hospital threatened to resign amid accusations of understaffing and lack of access to essential medical resources.

At the time, NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said the 20 doctors had told management they would resign in February if they felt the issues had not been addressed.

“I’ve made it very clear that, having spoken to the obstetricians, I want resolution of these issues and I require resolution of these issues,” Mr Hazzard said in December.

At the time, the State Opposition’s health spokesman Ryan Park described the issues as “an appalling situation” and said Mr Hazzard needed to intervene to urgently resolve what he called a “crisis”.

Today, however, Mr Park said he acknowledged staffing levels had improved and would be “getting to the bottom” of the circumstances of the death.

Since October, Blacktown Hospital said it had appointed “three senior medical officers, four junior doctors and 15 midwives, with more appointments still to be made”.

“The district has also opened a dedicated operating theatre at Blacktown Hospital to provide improved access for emergency caesarean sections,” it said.

Findings from the RCA will be referred to NSW Health and the Clinical Excellence Commission, the hospital’s statement added.

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Here’s what you can expect with today’s Port Macquarie weather

A dew point of 12.3 at 3am today means the temperature will feel like a comfortable 14.6 degrees. The relative humidity is 90 per cent.
The highest expected temperature today is 26, the same as yesterday’s max.
Today’s maximum is the highest the mercury will climb over the next seven days, according to the forecast.
The chance of rain today is 10 per cent.
Showers are more likely tomorrow with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting a high (70 per cent) chance of rain.
The UV index is predicted to be 7. There is a high risk of harm from sun exposure. Experts suggest reducing sun exposure around noon, using eye protection, sunscreen and cover up to protect from sunburn.
Winds will be west-southwest around 6 km/h in the morning shifting to east-southeast around 9 km/h in the afternoon.
Details for the next six days:
Friday, April 16: Shower or two. Min – 15. Max – 24.
Saturday, April 17: Rain at times. Min – 15. Max – 20.
Sunday, April 18: Shower or two. Min – 13. Max – 23.
Monday, April 19: Mostly sunny. Min – 11. Max – 23.
Tuesday, April 20: Sunny. Min – 12. Max – 25.
Wednesday, April 21: Sunny. Min – 12. Max – 25.

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Officer seriously injured when hit by trail bike – Maitland – 16 News

A police officer has been injured when he was struck by a trail bike during a pursuit in the Hunter this evening.

Officers from Port Stephens-Hunter Police District had initiated a pursuit of the trail bike rider shortly before 7pm (Wednesday 14 April 2021), on the New England Highway at Maitland.

The officer was on foot when he was struck by the trail bike and has suffered serious leg fractures, as well as suspected arm, head, pelvic and spinal injuries.

The male constable has been airlifted to John Hunter Hospital where his condition is reported to be serious but stable.

The trail bike rider – a man believed to be aged in his 20s – has been arrested and taken to John Hunter Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. He remains there under police guard.

Officers attached to the Crash Investigation Unit (CIU) are now inquiring into circumstances surrounding this incident.

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 or Information is treated in strict confidence. The public is reminded not to report crime via NSW Police social media pages.

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