Canberra nudist who smeared fake semen on neighbour’s garage avoids jail

A Canberra Magistrate has told a 64-year-old man he is “disgusting” for exposing himself to his neighbours and using a concoction of fake bodily fluids to retaliate when a protection order was taken out against him.

James Richardson was sentenced in the ACT Magistrates Court today after pleading guilty to two charges of indecent exposure and one of breaching a protection order.

Richardson is accused of appearing nude in a place that could be seen clearly from the street on two separate occasions.

After his neighbour successfully sought a protection order, she began noticing her garage smelt of urine.

She also noted there were clear globs of liquid that she suspected to be semen on the side of her garage.

It was actually Vaseline mixed with oil, which Richardson had smeared on the shed in retaliation for her seeking the protection order.

He told a pre-sentence report author: “She just gets to me.”

Richardson’s lawyer Adrian McKenna told the court his client was a nudist.

He also said Richardson had suffered from alcoholism and had been able to work increasingly less in his job as a plumber because of injuries.

“He’s not a person of good health at all,” he said.

Fine and good behaviour order for public nudity

Magistrate Hunter described Richardson’s behaviour as disgusting and expressed concern for his neighbours.

“Somebody should not have to live like this,” she said.

“He just does what he likes.”

She acknowledged his preference to be naked, but she said once he stepped outside it was a different matter.

“What he does in his own home is his business,” she said.

Magistrate Hunter fined Richardson more than $1,000 and ordered him to complete 100 hours of community service.

He was placed on a good behaviour order for two years.

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French nudist resort records spike in COVID-19 infections

The health authority’s director general, Pierre Ricordeau, said social distancing had probably not been sufficiently respected at the centre.

“There are infections everywhere, including among people who are not libertines. The message is the same for everyone: wear a mask, wash your hands and practise social distancing, whether you are a libertine or not a libertine,” Ricordeau said.


After the tests, the government prefect for the region ordered people to wear masks in the camp, banned gatherings of more than 10 people there and scrapped exemptions on nightclub opening hours.

He also asked anyone planning to go to the village to delay their travel plans.

Cap d’Agde, set in a huge circular modernist building by the beach, is one of France’s oldest and biggest naturist resorts and draws tens of thousands of visitors per day in summer.

On Sunday, France reported nearly 5000 new coronavirus infections, a new post-lockdown record.


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