9 Nutritious Low Carb Snack Ideas

With a great diet comes great cravings, so what are some low carb snack ideas?

High protein, low carb diets are really popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. If you’re looking to lose weight or maintain muscle mass and achieve an athletic looking figure you might find these low carb snack ideas useful.

Whether you are trying to reduce body-fat, maintain your current weight or manage insulin resistance, these 9 nutritious low carb snack ideas, which are also high in protein can really do wonders for your diet.

1. Nuts

Whether they are considered to be low carb, or not, nuts have been a favorite daily snack of mine for quite a while. Not only are they a great source of protein, but they also provide a lot of healthy fats and fiber as well. When talking about additional nutrients, almonds are one of the best kinds of nuts to eat as they contain considerable levels of both iron and calcium compared to other types of nuts.

2. Almond Butter on Apple Slices

If you happen to be in the process or attempted process of balancing out your intake of carbohydrates, there are many great fruits available to aid you, apples being one of the better choices. Even though they already have a lower amount of sugar than other fruits such as cherries, bananas, or grapes, apples become even better when you add almond butter to the equation. An apple has a relatively high amount of fiber, and almond butter has several important nutrients in it as well including calcium, iron, and vitamin E. For a nice healthy snack packed full of nutrients, try half of an apple combined with one tablespoon of raw almond butter.

3. Beef or Turkey Jerky

Jerky has been one of my favorite snacks for a long time. Beef, turkey, or even fish, I love them all. If it is in any way possible for you to make your own, do so. But if it’s not possible or you just don’t want to; be sure to find a jerky that is 100% natural and organic, lacking preservatives, and has little MSG, sugar, or sodium content. Generally speaking, jerky is a great low-fat and low-cal snack that is also low in carbs as well. All of this in addition to being an excellent protein and iron-source make jerky a good healthy choice for a snack.

4. Cottage Cheese with Berries

When one is trying to limit their carbohydrate intake, combining cottage cheese with berries is always a good idea. Most berries have a pretty low number of calories and are high in antioxidants as well as vitamins and lutein. Add some protein to that (cottage cheese) and you have yourself a pretty well balanced snack to enjoy.

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5. Fresh Tuna and Vegetable Salad

It’s common knowledge that bread is full of carbohydrates. But bread isn’t the end all be all for sandwiches! For example next time you make a light tuna salad – skip the bread. Instead, serve the salad with a tomato, or you could also use cucumbers or wrap it up using lettuce leaves. There is a lot of protein in tuna, and it also contains a considerable amount of iron too. The added veggies will add other nutrients and vitamins to the snack as well.

6. Prosciutto and Melon

Another one of my favorite kinds of healthy snacks is honeydew melon with prosciutto wrapped around it. Being both savory and sweet, the combination of melon and prosciutto can hardly be beaten. And don’t let the sweet taste of melon fool you into the belief that it only consists of sugar, melons have a high amount of water in them which means that you get more bang for your buck in one serving. From the melon you get a lot of vitamin C and a decent amount of protein comes from the prosciutto.

9 Nutritious Low Carb Snack Ideas by gymnasium post (GP) (gymnasiumpost.com)

7. Smoked Salmon With Cottage Cheese

Just because something is labeled as “low-carb” like these snacks, it doesn’t mean that it has to have zero carbs. Combining salmon (which is very heart healthy and rich in healthy fats ) together with cottage cheese (which is full of calcium) to put on whole wheat crackers makes for a very tasty snack. Alternatively, replace the crackers with cucumber slices additional nutrients.

8. Vegetable Frittata

Beyond being an extremely simple snack to make, frittatas also have the added benefit of being very healthy for you as well. Apart from the fact that they have a low-carbohydrate count, eggs (a main ingredient in frittatas) contain essential nutrients like iron, protein, and vitamin D. Vegetables such as chard, broccoli, or spinach will provide an added boost of fiber to the frittata – without loading it up with extra carbs. A good idea is to whip up a frittata over the weekend to enjoy throughout the coming week.

9. Caprese Salad

During the months of summer, when the cool of spring starts to fade and the heat begins to rise, there is nothing quite like enjoying a nice, healthy caprese salad. It’s even better that the recipe for it is so simple! It’s nothing more than basil, olive oil, mozzarella, and tomatoes. And, as with most things in life, the more fresh the ingredients the better it will taste. If calories are on your mind, you can always substitute regular mozzarella for a part-skim variety, which is still just as satisfying to the palette. Included in this snack is protein and calcium, as well as vitamins A + C.

This article first appeared on GYMNASIUMPOST.com on 1st July, 2020.

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