Saved Properties Despite ‘Significant Risk’ Of Bushfires In Perth

Perth residents saw a silver lining as their properties have been save overnight from an out-of-control bushfire. Yet, an emergency warning is still in place for a number of communities.

Bushfires that surfaced in the shires of Gingin and Dandaragan managed to burn through 9,100 hectares of land since it began on Saturday.

It still persists in jeopardizing lives and homes in the shires of Dandaragan and Gingin, with concern centered on the Ocean Farms Estate and Seaview Park areas, more than 100 kilometers from Perth.

Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) said there was a “strong possibility” the fire could impact Ocean Farms Estate while residents there have been told to enact their bushfire survival plans right away.

That said, DFES said there had been no major property damage so far other than a pine plantation, olive groves and small farm sheds.

According to the DFES Deputy Commissioner Craig Waters, “We had significant runs overnight, crews have managed to pull them up just short of the properties, and however there is still significant risk under gustily north-easterly winds this morning.”

In the battle against the blaze, about 200 firefighters worked extensively. Deputy Commissioner Waters said the significant hot temperatures and gusty winds forecast for the next few days were bad conditions for firefighters heading into the weekend.

Updates reveal that a number of fires emerged overnight and the threat of hop-overs out of the significant fires are still prevalent as the high-temperature weekend is forecasted.

The emergency warning covers Ocean Farms Estate, Seaview Park and surrounding areas in parts of Regans Ford, Cowalla, Moore River National Park, Nilgen, Mimegarra, Wedge Island, Karakin, Orange Springs and Lancelin.

Meanwhile, people have been forced to leave the area and have been told to travel in a southerly direction along Indian Ocean Drive, should they find it safe to do so.

Moreover, DFES said people in the area should remain watchful and keep on track for bushfire updates.

As of now, an evacuation center has been set up at the Guilderton Country Club on Wedge Street in Guilderton for affected residents.

(Image source: ABC News)