Fox’s Contempt for Trump Supporters Exposed in Off-Air Video

Watch this video of Fox News anchor Sandra Smith as she expresses her elitist contempt after a Trump supporter dares question The Mighty Fox News Channel’s decision to declare His Fraudulency Joe Biden the winner of a hotly contested presidential election.

Watch Smith’s face especially…

So Fox invites this woman on, her name is Cleta Mitchell, she’s a lawyer out of D.C., and for very good reason — the votes are not yet counted, the election is being legally contested — she politely questions the decision of the corporate media to declare Biden a winner before a single state is certified, and here she is being mocked like some kind of stupid rube for daring to question The Mighty Fox News.

Look at Smith’s face… Listen to her, “What? What is happening? Like, Trace, we’ve called it.” The incredulity that anyone would dare question the unelected, proven liars at Fox News when they tell the public who their next president will be!

Fox  News is worse than CNNLOL.

At least CNNLOL hates us to our face.

Fox News laughs at us, mocks us, betrays us over and over and over again while posing as “fair and balanced,” while posing as “different from the mainstream media,” while posing as one of us.

Look at Fox News over the closing days of this election…

Chris “The Proven Liar” Wallace rigged the first presidential debate.

Fox deliberately called Arizona early, even though more than a week after the election that state is still too close to call.

Fox News lied about President Trump not disavowing racists.

Fox News deliberately interrupted Trump and allowed Biden to interrupt Trump during the first presidential debate and then lied about it.

Fox News released one rigged poll after another.

During the first presidential debate, Chris Wallace demanded both candidates wait for the certified winner, and now Wallace and Fox are ridiculing those waiting for a certified winner.

And now we know what Fox News thinks of Trump supporters when Fox believes no one is watching them.

Anyone who is still watching Fox News is being laughed at by Fox News, and you’re not just being laughed at by Fox News because you support Trump, you are being laughed at by Fox News because you are a sucker who still watches Fox News.

There is no doubt in my mind that Fox News just howls with laughter and ridicule at those faithful Fox News viewers who allow themselves to stabbed in the back over and over and over again.

At least CNNLOL despises you to your face.

Fox News is literally — literally! — making faces at you behind your back.

Stop being a sucker.

Stop watching Fox News.

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After 25 years, Australia’s Community Television is set to go off-air

Tavleen Singh was shocked when she was questioned to host an Australian Tv set display. 

“One of the reasons it was astonishing was due to the fact I am Indian, not Australian,” she tells SBS News. 

“I’m not a white individual and I did not think that they would like to signify a person of colour on Tv.”

The university scholar is a volunteer journalist for The Wrestle, a youth-oriented news exhibit broadcast on absolutely free-to-air channel 31, Melbourne’s Local community Tv station.

But Neighborhood Television will be shut down in Australia on 30 June.

Tavleen Singh operates a digicam at the C31 studios in Melbourne.


“Community tales are a thing that are normally lost in the more obtrusive sounds that commercial or important networks choose up,” Ms Singh says. 

“And Group Television set provides that extremely essential system for voices that are frequently drawn out.”

Local community Tv stations ended up established across Australia during the early 1990s, launched on the theory of ‘open access’ for anyone in the local community to make material to place on the air.

“There are very several people in the tv marketplace that haven’t touched local community television on their way as a result of to obtaining a profession in this industry,” says Shane Dunlop, the typical manager of Melbourne station C31.

Group Tv set has assisted well-acknowledged entertainers together with Hamish Blake, Andy Lee and Rove McManus crack into the industry.

The sector has also promoted numerous voices on courses these as Salam Cafe, the Islamic comedy present that released the media occupations of Waleed Aly, Susan Carland and Nazeem Hussein.

For Dorcas Maphakela, the creator of life style method OzAfricanTV, Neighborhood Television set has represented an option for Australia’s African diaspora to “own our narrative”.

“There’s a large amount of negativity about and I sense like men and women of African descent are not celebrated more than enough,” she suggests.

“So we select to convey to tales that stem from a positive point of view so we demonstrate a new standpoint about the African people of Australia.”

Dorcas Maphakela in the C31 studio

Dorcas Maphakela in the C31 studio.


Through the COVID-19 pandemic, neighborhood Tv set stations have also assisted spiritual organisations by transmitting their products and services immediate to dwelling rooms.

With mosques shuttered, The Victorian Board of Imams organised weekly sermons to be broadcast each and every Friday. The program has been so very well-been given, the Board of Imams is hoping to lengthen it further than the pandemic.

“The chanting of glorifying God and the sermon came to the residing rooms of several Muslim people are living,” suggests Sheikh Muhammad Saleem.

“This certain method in the final nine months has lessened this emotion of absence or feeling of not likely to the mosque to some extent, especially for the people.”

Looming change-off

In 2014, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull explained to Neighborhood Television stations their accessibility to the broadcast spectrum would be revoked, forcing the sector to shift on the internet.

The initial change-off date was slated for the close of 2015, but stations gained a sequence of smaller extensions with the deadline now set for June 30 this 12 months.

“It has been authorities plan to changeover neighborhood tv to an online design because 2014, and the group tv sector has been perfectly informed of the government’s plan because that time,” a spokesperson for Communications Minister Paul Fletcher informed SBS Information.

Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher at a press conference at Parliament House in Canberra, Wednesday, October 16, 2019. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas) NO ARCHIVING

Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher has not introduced a even further extension for Neighborhood Tv licenses.


“Community Television set can keep on to help the creation, output and distribution of Australian written content on the internet and offer chances for the next era of screen expertise in front and driving the digital camera and achieve a bigger audience on the internet.”

“Government recognised the shift to digital creatives a long time ago and by Screen Australia it has funded expertise development on the web for far more than 200 projects, principally for YouTube, and the top rated 30 by itself have had more than 375 million sights.”

Federal government funding was provided to help the sector to changeover to a new streaming design, but that has not stopped two of the 5 community Television stations from shutting up shop due to the fact the authentic announcement was created.

Mr Dunlop does acknowledge audiences are relocating away from tv screens to the online but claims the station basically won’t be in a position to endure the changeover financially.

“Community tv is self-reliant and has been for its 25-calendar year historical past,” he states. 

“We guidance ourselves as a result of station sponsorship, from modest to medium-sized companies.”

“Our businesses suffered immensely. We estimate that we’ve misplaced in the vicinity of $4 million in revenue in excess of the 6 many years as a final result of the impacts of the government’s choice.”

Mr Dunlop also argues the chances, education and creation values the station supplies for creatives just simply cannot be replicated on line.

“We have working Tv set studios that replicate what you will uncover at mainstream networks, and outside the house of community tv, there is no other option to get that experience.”

Volunteer and application maker Ms Singh states: “Getting throughout the diverse fields that are associated in filming, modifying, manufacturing … I don’t believe I would have experienced that chance if not for Group Tv.” 

“It’s a extremely reasonable atmosphere and an encounter that we do not normally get as journalism or media college students.”

More than the past handful of months, C31 and it’s sister station C44 in Adelaide have ramped up their marketing campaign to have their licenses extended.

They’ve acquired assist from users of both sides of politics, with a motion passed in the Australian Senate contacting on Communications Minister Paul Fletcher to reverse his decision.

“The effects will be felt throughout multicultural communities who definitely rely on community tv to access their audiences,” Mr Dunlop says. 

“Yes, [online streaming] opens up that information to a broader viewers globally, but it also cuts out a substantial part of the communities that would ordinarily tune into people systems on tv.”

And the electricity of broadcasting is not skipped by the station’s program makers.

“Although Australia marketplaces by itself as a multicultural society, we will not get to see that on our screens,” says program creator Ms Maphakela.

“Platforms like Channel 31, they are incredible because they allow for us the area to come and notify our tales, the way we want to inform our tales.”

“These platforms are incredibly significant. And I truly hope they really don’t get switched off.”

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