Tasmanian man charged with child abuse and bestiality offences after police search home and car

Police say items found in the car boot of a Tasmanian man charged with child abuse offences are of particular concern.

The 61-year-old man from the Hobart area has been charged with possessing child abuse and bestiality material after the search of his car and property on Tuesday.

The search by Australian Federal Police and Tasmania Police officers was sparked by reports made to the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation, via the United States’ National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Police seized a mobile phone and a laptop computer from the man’s property.

It is alleged the phone contained “significant amounts” of child abuse material, along with bestiality content.

Police said they also found a number of items in the man’s car boot that they suspected indicated additional offending, or plans for further offending.

AFP Commander Todd Hunter said the AFP and Tasmania Police were working together under the Joint Anti-Child Exploitation Team (JACET).

“The Tasmania JACET will continue to work together to track down and prosecute anyone who seeks to bring harm to any child.”

The man has been charged with possessing child abuse material and a bestiality product.

If convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of 15 years in jail.

He appeared in the Hobart Magistrates Court on Tuesday and was granted bail to appear again in March.

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Queensland man charged with child abuse offences after police raid home

A man has been accused of possessing child abuse material after Australian Federal Police raided his home north of Brisbane in November.

It will be alleged the man accessed and uploaded child abuse material via Dropbox and a messaging app, and stored child abuse material on several electronic devices.

Evidence images from the AFP raid on the Caboolture home.Credit:Australian Federal Police

Detectives seized four hard drives, two smartphones and a tablet during the raid at Caboolture, 45 kilometres north of Brisbane CBD.

The 25-year-old man has been charged with possessing child abuse material and using a carriage service to access child abuse material, which carry a maximum penalty of 15 years’ imprisonment.

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Ex-bikie in Qld police video awaits sentence for DV offences

A former NRL rising star who has become the face of a bikie gang reform program, boasting about turning his life around, is awaiting sentencing on domestic violence charges, it has been revealed.

Dan Kilian, who played under-20s for the Gold Coast Titans and Newcastle Knights before becoming a Rebels recruit, fronts a 27-minute video released by Queensland Police on February 4.

The program is for former outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) members “wanting a lasting way out of gang life”.

The two Gangs Exit episodes, including ‘Man Mountain – The Dan Kilian Story’, were produced in partnership with the Australian Federal Police and the Queensland Government.

Kilian, 24, is currently awaiting sentencing in the ACT Magistrates Court for two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm to his pregnant partner.

He is also charged with one count of intentionally choking, suffocating or strangling her.

Asked by news.com.au if Queensland Police was aware of Kilian’s latest crimes before the video was released, a spokeswoman said it “did not disclose these matters in the video so as to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the victim”.

“The QPS liaised with the victim throughout the production and release of the video however we regret if the video has caused any concern to the victim or her family,” the spokeswoman said in a statement on Monday night.

“The whole intent of the Exit productions is to expose the risks and dangers of being involved in OMCGs and encourage people to seek help, including opening up the dialogue that needs to be happening about domestic violence in these gangs.

“The production featuring Dan Kilian focuses on the impact of his involvement in an OMCG and exposes the subsequent challenges, including his own relationships.

“These prevention videos are not about individuals being portrayed as society’s role models. Far from it, they are personal accounts about the impact of domestic violence, the impact of gang membership, the challenges of drugs, mental health and about the benefits of seeking professional help.”

She said the decision to release the video was made as part of the Queensland Police domestic and family violence prevention strategy.

But the woman has slammed police, telling The Courier-Mail she felt misled and had been traumatised by the release of the video.

“Fundamentally the QLD Government and AFP are promoting their cause while deliberately not telling the whole story as it doesn’t fit their narrative,” she told the newspaper.

“It was going to be transparent about the current situation he was in. They were going to change the attention to the other guy (in the second film) and take the spotlight off Dan as his current actions aren’t one of someone who had reformed and unfortunately he had relapsed.”

According to QPS, women in relationships with gang members are 640 per cent more likely to be a victim of domestic and family violence than the general population.

“The severity of DFV incidents is 428 per cent higher in an OMCG relationship, including a significantly higher presence of strangulation,” the force states.

RELATED: Bikies given helping hand to change ways

Kilian spent two years and two months behind bars in Queensland and New South Wales, including for trafficking more than 10,000 ecstasy pills for the Rebels.

In the Gangs Exit video, he said he was “all about reformation instead of incarceration”.

“The power of reformation is extremely powerful, if done the right way with the right people,” he said.

“It’s not shameful. Anyone who looks down upon it, it’s unintelligent. Because it’s the way of the world now. And as much as we should chuck people in jail for their wrongs, we should also try and reform them.”

In the film, Kilian said he is “still not perfect”.

“It’s not until I become a great father, a great person, a great worker, a great friend, I think then I’ll forgive myself,” he said in the video.

“That’s been one of my biggest drivers for change and reformation and to help others, is the guilt that I carry. It’s not the only thing I’m guilty about in my life.

“So my reasoning for reformation is to try and give back, give back to the NRL, give back to young men, give back to my family in a way where I can say thank you for your support and also sorry for what I’ve done. And I live my life, nearly every day, trying to do that.

“It’s hard to move on when you’re still getting stones thrown at you for what you’ve done.

“You do one crime and get punished 100 times in all different facets of life. Whether it’s people’s opinions, whether the court of law, whether it’s a job you go to that you don’t get. There’s always a knock on the door for what you’ve done.

“But that comes with it and if you make that choice to do those crimes and to do those things and to join those (OMCG) clubs, then that’s what you’ve got to be willing to have in your life.

“You have to think, when you’re committing to this lifestyle, whether you’re in it or whether you get out of it, it’s kind of a stamp that sticks with you for a long time.

“And then you have to find people who are going to accept you for that. Not only from people that are going to employ you, from partners who are going to accept that, partner’s families that are going to accept that.

“It’s very, very hard. I’ve learnt for myself, I get judged every day for who I used to be.”

Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the people featured in the videos “chose to participate because they want to highlight to others the effect gang membership has had on their health, families and future”.

“For many ex-gang members, staying out of gangs and criminal activity is influenced by a range of factors and motivators, which individuals find difficult,” she said last Thursday.

“It is these factors the Exit Program are trying to address in order to reduce gang-related crime and the harm it causes families and communities.”

Police said Kilian was not paid for his appearance in the Gangs Exit episode.

“No person who appears in the features has received any benefit from the Queensland Police Service for their role,” the spokeswoman told news.com.au.

She said police will soon commence production of a story featuring the risk to women in relationships with OMCG.

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Two women charged with kidnapping offences after woman found in boot

“It appears to be just personal violence related,” he said on Sunrise. “We are still following up inquiries… but that is what the early indications are that I have been told.”

Police were alerted to the incident after the truck driver called Triple Zero about 11.30am on Wednesday from the Hume Highway at Pheasants Nest.

Patrol officers set up in different positions along the highway and police stopped the car, a white Holden Commodore, about 45 kilometres south in Berrima at 11.50am.

The woman in the boot, 24, was found suffering multiple stab wounds to her knee, thigh and forearm but had non-life-threatening injuries. She was transported to Liverpool Hospital, where she assisted police with inquiries.

Chief Inspector Bernie told 2GB the woman had a “fair amount of blood on her”. “I think very thankful she was found by police,” he said.

Police are still investigating where the two women were planning to take the third woman.

But Chief Inspector Bernie said police had been told that all three women first met up at a place in Claymore, in south-west Sydney, on Tuesday evening. “Sometime yesterday morning she was stabbed and placed in the boot,” he said.

“We’ll be alleging she was in the car for several hours before she was sighted… We’ve got a few more investigative steps to take.”

He told Sunrise that the woman was “holding up remarkably well”. “She is still in hospital. We are expecting her to undergo surgery on the wounds to her legs and forearm,” he said.

“But it is certainly unusual and insanely good work done by both the motorist who was very observant in finding and seeing the hand, calling Triple Zero and by our Highway Patrol officers who picked up the car a short time later.”

Police arrested Ms Henderson and Ms Ketley and took them to the Southern Highlands police station where they were charged with a number of offences on Wednesday night. Chief Inspector Bernie said they complied with police inquiries.

Both women have been charged with wounding a person with the intent of causing grievous bodily harm, kidnapping offences, and taking and driving a car without the consent of its owner.

Ms Henderson was also charged with driving a vehicle without a license, while Ms Ketley was charged with driving a vehicle while disqualified and drug possession.

Chief Inspector Bernie on Wednesday described it as “a terrible incident”. “It’s very rare that police have intercepted it in the process, so to speak. We’re just happy no one was killed or seriously injured,” he said.

Ms Henderson was a close friend of teenager Brayden Dillon, who was killed in a revenge execution in 2017. “He was a really good friend of mine. It’s so hard to accept the fact that he’s gone,” she told media at the time.

The two women were refused bail and will appear in Picton Local Court on Thursday.

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In court: Two-day hearing expected for man accused of alleged fraud and drug offences | Goulburn Post

news, local-news, court, crime, Goulburn

A two-day hearing with multiple witnesses is expected for a Goulburn man accused of alleged fraud and drug offences. READ ALSO: Simon Walter Paull, 42, of Goulburn, was before Goulburn Local Court on January 20. Paull, and co-accused Georgina Eve Tsakos, 33, were arrested by officers from the Hume Police District at a property on Kinghorne Street, Goulburn, on November 11, 2020, in relation to an investigation into fraud and drug supply in the Southern Tablelands. Paull has been accused of dishonestly obtaining financial advantage, dealing with identity information to commit an indictable offence, four counts of taking part in the supply of a prohibited drug, concealing a serious indictable offence, possessing or using a prohibited weapon without a permit, goods in personal custody suspected being stolen, and participate in a criminal group contribute in criminal activity. Solicitor Sam Rowland, acting as agent for solicitor Kel Clowry, said his client would adhere to pleas of not guilty. Mr Rowland said the case would go to a hearing and was expected to last two days. He said the prosecution planned to call 17 witnesses forward while four witnesses were expected for the defence. Paull will re-appear at Goulburn Local Court on January 27.



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Would-be Canberra car salesman wins $46k after tribunal finds he was discriminated against over road rage offences

A Canberra man has successfully sued the ACT Government for more than $46,000 after he was refused a car sales licence because of two prior road rage convictions.

Last week the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) found the ACT Commissioner for Fair Trading had discriminated against the man when they rejected his application for a motor vehicles sales licence in 2018.

The would-be car salesman successfully argued two “irrelevant” criminal convictions were used as basis to reject his application, which he said led to financial and emotional distress.

Road rage incidents

ACAT heard the man had applied for the licence in 2018, but two separate criminal convictions for property damage and assault showed up during a police record check.

The tribunal heard first offence took place in 2016 when the man hurled a small sledgehammer through the front windscreen of another driver’s vehicle during a road rage incident.

The second conviction was from an incident two months later where the man spat in another driver’s face during a dispute, resulting in a good behaviour bond.

The man said he had been “blinded by ego” at the time of the road rage incidents.(Unsplash)

ACAT heard Access Canberra staff asked the man for a personal statement to explain the offending.

The man told government staff in an email that he suffered from a permanent back injury and had suffered a deterioration in his mental and physical health in the lead up to the incidents.

“As I reflect on the events and how I handled them, my only option at the time was to hang on to what I could as I embarked through this storm.”

‘Blinded by ego’

The man also claimed he had been “blinded by ego and pride” and had since addressed his behaviour.

“I am no longer the invincible young brave man I used to be,” he told Access Canberra staff.

“But the hardest battle for me has been to not allow the negative notions of the subsequent criminal records imposed on me to affect me mentally.

ACAT heard after discovering the man’s criminal record, the Commissioner for Fair Trading refused the man’s application due to the seriousness and “nature” of his previous offending.

Senior ACAT Member Heidi Robinson found that amounted to discrimination, and awarded the man $46,766 in damages.

“The intention of the amendments to the Discrimination Act are clear: a person’s criminal conviction should not ‘hound’ them for their whole life, keep them out of employment, or cause them to be subject to discrimination,” she wrote in her decision.

The government was also warned not to reject any of the man’s future applications based on his criminal convictions.

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Canberra man charged with online child sex offences after drive of child abuse material seized in raid

A 56-year-old man has been arrested and charged by ACT Policing with a number of online child sex offences.

Police carried out a search at a residence in Kambah, in Canberra’s south, yesterday as part of an ACT Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team investigation.

During the search, “an expansion drive containing video and image files depicting child abuse material” was allegedly discovered.

Police also alleged one of the videos depicted the man himself, “engaging in a sex act while viewing ‘live’ child abuse material”.

Police seized the drive, and it will undergo further digital forensic analysis.

The man was arrested and charged with one count of using a carriage service to engage in sexual activity with a child under 16 years of age, and two counts of possession of child abuse material.

He will appear before the ACT Magistrates Court today.

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Woman who allegedly sped past Victorian border checkpoint charged with multiple offences

Police have laid multiple charges against a woman who allegedly sped through a Victorian border checkpoint last month before being arrested at the other side of the state.

Police had alleged the 57-year-old woman from Bateau Bay in New South Wales evaded the checkpoint at Chandlers Creek in East Gippsland in the early hours of December 30.

The woman had earlier attempted to enter Victoria and was told to go back to NSW and complete an application for a permit as she was travelling from a designated coronavirus red zone, police said.

Police said officers gave chase to the woman after she drove past the Chandlers Creek checkpoint “at a fast rate of speed”, but soon stopped due to concerns the woman’s driving posed a threat to the community.

More than 12 hours later, an off-duty police officer spotted the same driver near Nhill in western Victoria, allegedly on her way to South Australia.

Officers used a “tyre deflation device” to stop the woman on the highway before she was arrested.

On Wednesday night, Victoria Police said Armed Crime Squad detectives had charged her with recklessly exposing a police officer to risk by driving, failing to stop, reckless conduct, driving while disqualified, use of an unregistered vehicle and breaches of public health orders.

She has been granted bail and is due to appear at the Bairnsdale Magistrates’ Court on April 7.

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Motorcyclist dies in crash near Mannum, while Norwood pair are charged over drug and firearm offences

A man in his 30s has died after crashing his motorcycle about 80 kilometres east of Adelaide.

Just before 6:00am on Saturday, a motorist driving along Randell Road, just west of Mannum, came across the crashed motorcycle.

Authorities pronounced the rider, a 36-year-old man from Mount Barker, dead at the scene.

His death takes South Australia’s road toll for 2021 to five, compared to just one at this time last year.

Randell Road was closed on Saturday morning but expected to reopen in the afternoon after major crash officers investigated the scene.

SA Police have urged anyone who drove through the area last night and saw anything that may assist the investigation to contact Crime Stoppers.

Pair arrested, charged after city pursuit

Meanwhile, a man and woman were arrested and charged with a raft of offences — including possessing a firearm — following a police pursuit through Adelaide on Friday night.

Just after 9:00pm on Friday, a police patrol stopped a black BMW sedan on Grenfell Street, Adelaide, for a routine traffic stop.

Officers were checking the male driver’s licence, which appeared to be fake, when the car took off.

It drove through several red lights in the city and travelled the wrong way around the Britannia roundabout in heavy traffic.

The police helicopter located the car abandoned in a hotel car park on Regent Street in the CBD before police found and arrested the man and woman at a house on Church Avenue at Norwood.

Methamphetamines and an imitation firearm were found during a search of the property.

The man, a 32-year-old from Norwood, was charged with dangerous driving to escape police, trafficking a controlled drug and possessing a firearm without a licence.

The woman, a 23-year-old also from Norwood, was charged with trafficking a controlled drug, possessing a firearm without a licence and hindering police.

The pair were refused bail and will appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Monday.

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Former IMH nurse gets jail and caning for sexual offences against patients, ex-colleagues

SINGAPORE: A former Institute of Mental Health (IMH) nurse tasked to care for patients – including those who were severely mentally ill and suicidal – abused his position and committed sexual offences against them instead.

The 36-year-old man – who cannot be named due to gag orders imposed by the court – was sentenced on Monday (Dec 28) to four years, nine months and one week’s jail and 10 strokes of the cane.

He molested patients and took videos of them when they were naked. At the time of the incident, some of his victims were warded in the High Dependency Psychiatric Care Unit, a highly specialised ward for patients who are actively disturbed, suicidal or severely mentally ill. 

Other victims include his then-colleagues and a pregnant woman who responded to an advertisement he posted for a photoshoot model.

The man was caught in March this year by a victim who saw him take an upskirt video of her on an escalator at a train station.

The police arrested the man on Mar 4 this year at IMH and seized his phones. Four types of videos were found in them – upskirt videos of IMH staff and members of the public, videos of IMH nurses changing, videos of IMH patients showering and videos of the accused molesting IMH patients.

As part of his duties caring for patients in the High Dependency Psychiatric Care Unit, the man had to monitor patients in the shower to ensure they did not commit acts of self-harm.

Usually, nurses are assigned to wards of their corresponding gender, but the man would occasionally be asked to carry out duties in the female ward by the nurse in charge of the shift.

Investigations found that he had filmed nine female patients in the unit.

He also molested a victim at the unit who had been restrained to a hospital bed, and filmed himself committing the crime.

The man also outraged the modesty of another patient who had been sedated for aggression.

In a separate incident, the man posted an advertisement online for a pregnant model for a photoshoot. He asked the woman who responded to the ad to wear a dress that clearly showed her pregnancy bump and met her at Chinese Gardens.

While instructing her to face away from him, the man took five upskirt videos of the pregnant woman before placing the videos in an application that password-protected the clips.

The man, who is married with four children, pleaded guilty to eight charges of molestation, insulting a woman’s modesty and various acts of voyeurism. Another 34 similar charges were taken into consideration. He has been diagnosed with voyeuristic disorder.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Thiagesh Sukumaran asked for 58 months’ jail and 13 strokes of the cane, taking into account “the large number of offences, the repugnant and sickening abuse of the accused’s position” and “how the accused compromised the physical integrity and dignity” of the patients under his care.

Nurses are at the heart of our healthcare system, he said, but the accused instead perpetrated “egregious abuse at a public hospital”, with his “despicable conduct” striking “at the very ethos of nursing” and threatening to “grossly taint and mar the efforts of healthcare workers everywhere”. 

Defence lawyers Mato Kotwani and Ashwin Ganapathy asked instead for not more than 57 months and a week’s jail, and no more than nine strokes of the cane.

Mr Kotwani said his client’s decision to plead guilty stemmed from his remorse.

“He is truly sorry for the hurt and pain he has caused to the victims and their families,” he said. 

He added that his client has made “unqualified confessions to the police, fully assisting in their investigations”.

District Judge Luke Tan said he broadly agreed with the prosecution, adding that the accused has “really done a great disservice” to the nursing profession.

IMH said in response to queries from CNA that it takes a serious view of the incident. It has also since tightened protocol for staff members working in mixed-gender wards.

“IMH takes a serious view of the incident and staff conduct, and had fully cooperated with the police in their investigations,” said an IMH spokesperson, adding that the accused was dismissed on Mar 11. 

“We had also reached out to the affected staff and patients, addressed their concerns, and provided support to them,” the spokesperson said.

“Following the charge in court, we have reminded all staff to adhere to the hospital’s code of conduct. We also further tightened our protocol for staff working in mixed-gender wards.”

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