AFL news 2021: Cale Hooker 50m penalty video, Brisbane Lions vs Essendon Bombers

Was this 50m penalty a result of Cale Hooker’s shrewdness, Zac Bailey’s innocence or a flustered umpire error? Or all of the above? You be the judge.

Was this 50m penalty a result of Cale Hooker’s shrewdness, Zac Bailey’s innocence or a flustered umpire error? Or all of the above?

With his Bombers in desperate need of a goal during the second quarter of Saturday night’s game at the Gabba, Hooker appeared to help manufacture a 50m penalty to earn a set-shot close to goal.

After winning a free kick for holding the ball near the wing position, Hooker was about to handball to a teammate before Brisbane player Bailey appeared to move off his mark at around the same time the umpire had called ‘play on’.

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The wise Hooker, before he disposed of the ball, pointed out Bailey’s movement to the umpire, who then appeared to be caught in two minds about what to do next.

The umpire was seemingly halfway through saying to Hooker that Bailey was “not off his mark”. However Bailey himself appeared resigned that he’d made a mistake and given away a 50m penalty for not adhering to the AFL’s new “stand” rule when manning the mark.

Ultimately, the 50m penalty was paid and Hooker converted the set-shot attempt to kick the Bombers’ first major of the night.

But commentators believe Bailey was unlucky.

“I think he (the umpire) didn’t want to pay it, but by the letter of the law he had to in the end,” former Bulldogs ruckman Luke Darcy told Channel 7.

“Was he (Hooker) planning that? Was he faking it? Good move if he was.

“He (the umpire) called ‘play on’ and he hadn’t played on and he wanted his words back.”

Richmond legend Matthew Richardson added: “He said ‘play on’. It can’t be play on and then 50?”

Four-time premiership Hawk Jordan Lewis said it was incumbent on the umpire to not make a panicked decision in situations like that.

“I think the umpire in this instance needs to have a little bit of calm about him and not penalise the player who is the man on the mark and doing the right thing,” Lewis told Fox Footy.

“I’m OK with the umpire there to say: ‘Sorry I mucked the call up, Hooker go back and take your kick, I’m not going to use it as a ball-up … go back and take your kick, I made a mistake.’”

It wasn’t the only call in the second term that perplexed fans and commentators.

Essendon young gun Nik Cox and Lions forward Eric Hipwood were both penalised for deliberate out of bounds.

The free against Hipwood, who soccered off the ground and kicked the ball forward while under pressure, seemed to irk Lions coach Chris Fagan the most. And commentators agreed.

“That’s the one I don’t get. He’s not trying to get that out of bounds. He’s trying to get it forward, he’s trying to attack,” Richardson said.

“It’s almost at the point where they should pay last touch because there’s not much else Hipwood could do then.”

Four-time premiership Hawk Luke Hodge added: “I think that’’s where common sense needs to come into it. It’s a wet game, that ball’s going to slide on, he’s run 50m to kick the ball forward off the ground.”

Earlier in the quarter, Lions midfielder Jarrod Berry was reported for rough conduct after a sling tackle on Cox.

However on replay, it appeared Berry’s head was well off the ground when he was brought to ground.

“I think the free kick was there, but I don’t think the report will be too much of an issue,” Darcy said.

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‘Effed it up’, Lando Norris qualifying penalty, Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, track limits, Italy, Imola, Daniel Ricciardo out qualified, McLaren, Sergio Perez, front row, Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen

In his teammate battle with Lando Norris, Daniel Ricciardo has taken a win but only on a technicality after the British youngster took a track limits penalty which deleted his time.

Norris had a stunning final lap and would have been on the second row 0.043 of a second behind pole sitter Hamilton in third.

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While it would have been a cracking result for McLaren with Norris up on the second row to start the race, he will now start in seventh, a row behind Ricciardo who qualified sixth.

It was a big step forward for McLaren after a nightmare first day of practice with Ricciardo and Norris struggling massively.

But FP3 was a big change — at least for Norris — with the Brit finishing in second behind Verstappen.

Ricciardo was still well back in 13th, but was able to salvage some form for qualifying.

Martin Brundle felt for Norris after putting in a brilliant final lap.

“What a shame for Lando Norris, with track limits,” Brundle said. “That otherwise was a stunning lap.”

David Croft said it “might be a bit heartbreaking for Lando Norris but rules is rules”.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Norris said it was tough to swallow.

“I’m pretty disappointed, pretty annoyed with myself,” he said. “It was a very good day until then. I think the team did an awesome job. The car really came alive in quali, we made a lot of improvements since Friday but that one lap I really don’t need to make a mistake on, I effed it all up.

“The thing that people don’t realise is that it’s the same for everyone, so at the end of the day, it’s my mistake and I’ve messed it all up. From the outside, it looks a lot easier to stay between the lines than what it is inside.”

Norris said he was happy with the team and that the team had improved since Bahrain.

Perez pips Max in first since Ricciardo

It’s the 30th different track that Hamilton has sat on pole as he broke yet another milestone.

He was well ahead of his teammate and 2020 pole sitter in the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Valtteri Bottas, who was well back in eighth, nearly half a second behind Hamilton.

While it would be expected that a Red Bull would be in second, it was a shock with Sergio Perez taking second place, just ahead of teammate Max Verstappen.

It was the first time that Verstappen has been out qualified in the dry and without penalties by a teammate since Ricciardo.

Perez was happy with the result, and particularly the development the team has shown.

“The most important thing is that we’re showing progress,” he said. “I never expected to be here today from where we were yesterday.”

Social media was also behind the Mexican star.

‘Bad news’: Rookie’s big crash

Early in the first session, AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda slammed into the wall, causing a red flag on the session.

Sky Sports Martin Brundle said it was a brutal blow for the team.

“That is a huge amount of damage, and probably with the gearbox gone too,” he said.

“That’s very bad news for a team with their factory just up the road.

“This is a golden opportunity that has well and truly been wrecked.”

But none of the big teams were pushed into Q1 elimination zone with Ricciardo sliding into Q2 in 13th.

In Q2, McLaren teammate Lando Norris was the second fastest, pipped by just 0.002 second, while Ricciardo had to battle right until the end to sit P8.

Surprisingly, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz out in P11, just missing out the top 10.

Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Starting Grid

Row 1: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – Sergio Perez (Red Bull)

Row 2: Max Verstappen (Red Bull) – Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)

Row 3: Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) – Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren)

Row 4: Lando Norris (McLaren) – Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)

Row 5: Esteban Ocon (Alpine) – Lance Stroll (Aston Martin)

Row 6: Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) – George Russell (Williams)

Row 7: Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin) – Nicholas Latifi (Williams)

Row 8: Fernando Alonso (Alpine) – Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo)

Row 9: Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) – Mick Schumacher (Haas)

Row 10: Nikita Mazepin (Haas) – Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri)

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Arsenal 2-1 Tottenham: Jose Mourinho says penalty decision was wrong

Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho says referee Michael Oliver “made a wrong decision” in awarding the penalty from which Arsenal scored the winner in their 2-1 victory at the Emirates.

MATCH REPORT: Arsenal 2-1 Tottenham

Watch highlights from Sunday’s Premier League games on Match of the Day 2 from 22:30 GMT on BBC One, BBC iPlayer and the BBC Sport website and app.

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Rule change under fire after 50-metre penalty for standing on the mark in practice match

Former Adelaide and Carlton player Sam Kerridge commented that it was “horrible, hard to watch”.

Dual Sydney premiership player and AFL life member Bolton, added to the All-Australian panel this year, said that while he understood the rationale behind the new rule it appeared bound to cause chaos.


“From my perspective, it’s such a small sample size at the moment, it’s hard to make a real judgment on how it’s going to impact the season moving forward. However of that sample size, it’s been really poor from my perspective. I feel like we’re just making it one of the hardest games to adjudicate, which puts undue pressure on the umpires, which creates unnecessary angst in the crowd,” Bolton said on Sunday.

The rule was implemented during the off-season under the imprimatur of AFL football operations chief Steve Hocking, who is aiming to open up the game amid declining scoring rates. Scoring fell to a 52-year low in 2019. It plummeted considerably last year but matches were played with shorter quarters.

Bolton accepted the jury was out on the new rule but didn’t seem optimistic.

“I’m happy to see how it changes the flow of the game,” Bolton said.

“Speaking to some of the players, they know that it’s opened up that 45-degree kick … it’s going to be high-scoring. Obviously, that’s the way the AFL want the game. But those little frustrating tiggy-touchwood free kicks that create angst.

“It’ll rear its head like the deliberate out of bounds and things like that. It only needs one a game that cause headlines on a Monday morning. I feel for the umpires because they might get the game right for the whole time and have one incident that fans are just going to lose their minds over. It’s a little bit of ‘suck it and see’ for the moment, but from what I’ve seen thus far in just the trial games, it’s frustrating.

“It’s going to be pretty frustrating for defenders when it’s coming in so fast.”


Under the terms of the new rule announced by the AFL in November: “The defending player will only be permitted minimal lateral movement on the mark. If the defending player moves off the mark in any direction prior to “play on” being called, a 50-metre penalty will apply. The defensive team is unable to substitute the player on the mark.”

“The evolution of the game has seen an increase in defensive structures and these changes combined are designed to provide a better balance between attack and defence while encouraging more open ball movement,” Hocking said at the time.

One senior club official – speaking on the condition of anonymity – said on Sunday that the rule had been brought in to speed up play around the ground but should not apply for set shots inside 50.

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Should Corey Norman face the same penalty as Payne Haas?

Then, on Monday, Broncos prop Payne Haas was slapped with a $50,000 fine and three-match ban for abusing police, daring them to taser him before threatening physical violence on a female officer.

The problem isn’t so much the sanctions but the inconsistency of them in comparison to those given to other players. Or even Haas himself.

Payne Haas was suspended for three matches for abusing police officers.Credit:Getty

Two years ago, Haas was suspended for four matches and fined $20,000 for failing to co-operate fully with the NRL integrity unit in relation to two off-field incidents involving family members.

“We see this is as a mistake made by a young man and we are confident Payne will learn his lesson,” Broncos chief executive Paul White said at the time.

Evidently not. Haas’ latest indiscretion, for which he received a two-year good behaviour bond, appears to be infinitely worse, yet the punishment is less in terms of matches to be served.

Which brings us to Corey Norman, who was involved in a street fight with a group of men in Cronulla and is now inconceivably facing a suspension and fine similar to Haas’.

According to a statement on January 25 from his ironically named company You Know The Rules, Norman was leaping to the defence of his friend James Segeyaro, who they claim was racially abused before a knife was pulled.

It was also claimed Norman was “blindsided” while protecting his friend.

“Before the media have the opportunity to do their thing,” the statement read, “we wanted to be fully transparent.”


CCTV footage of the incident will show whether the version of events laid out in the statement is correct.

A question will be whether the level of provocation warranted the response, although if someone started racially abusing my good mate, who I’d just dined alongside with our respective partners, it would be difficult to not unleash my inner Marvin Hagler.

The NRL is waiting for the police investigation to conclude before deciding on penalties for Norman.

It is unlikely that police charges will be laid but the Dragons five-eighth is expected to receive a suspension and a fine sometime this week after the moment was captured on a passer-by’s mobile phone and aired on TV.

Don’t be surprised if it’s in the same ballpark as the one given to Haas.

The NRL made a rod for its back when it suspended Storm giant Nelson Asofa-Solomona for three internationals after he stepped in when teammate Suliasi Vunivalu was about to get whacked with a bottle outside Bali nightclub Favela.

Much like the Norman case now, the NRL wasn’t totally convinced the situation warranted his punching frenzy, which was also captured on a mobile phone but didn’t attract police charges.

My Bali nightclub sources, who were standing right there, said he saved his teammate’s life.

Two years ago, the NRL introduced a matrix, much like the grading system for on-field misdemeanours, to bring some consistency to proceedings. It has failed.


Does Asofa-Solomona deserve greater punishment than Haas? Does Norman deserve something similar to Haas? How many notes in a saxophone? How many tears in a bottle of gin?

And where does Mitchell Pearce reside in this debate after he was fined $125,000 and banned for eight matches for his Australia Day shenanigans … which were also captured on a mobile phone but didn’t attract police charges?

Professor Catharine Lumby has become a rent-a-quote on player misbehaviour in recent years, even though she has no role at the NRL as many keep misreporting.

After the Pearce incident, some of us felt the best thing for the Roosters halfback was a change of scenery. For his sake as much as his club.

Lumby wanted his head on a stick.

“He should be stood aside, this should be the end of his career!” she fumed.

When contacted last week about the Haas situation, she said he deserved no suspension because “some cultural backgrounds have sometimes had a history of distrust of the police”.

Thankfully, the NRL no longer listens to Catharine Lumby, but her responses highlight the subjectiveness of the issue.

Like Asofa-Solomona, I don’t think Norman should be sanctioned. Many do. Others consider the Haas punishment too heavy. I reckon it’s a slap on the wrist.

Perhaps it’s time for the NRL to defer these matters to an independent arbitrator with the player stating his case, and the NRL explaining the damage done to its good name, because the system currently in place is simply too inconsistent. Nor is it working.

The sledgehammer penalties delivered to Pearce were supposedly a line in the sand. So, too, the controversial stand-down policy that has sidelined Jack de Belin for more than two years.

That line gets blown away in the off-season as alcohol mixed with athlete entitlement leads us to the sight of a 21-year-old prop the size of a minibus barking at a female officer: “Why you looking at me like that? Cause you’re a woman you think I won’t touch ya?”

Things need to change. How many times have we said that?

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Final throes – Use of the death penalty in America may be ending | United States

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faceless penalty scheme: Govt introduces faceless penalty scheme

The government has introduced the Faceless Penalty Scheme 2021 which will digitise issuing of penalties on assessees under the faceless taxation regime.

The scheme, notified on Wednesday, specifies setting up of national faceless penalty centres, regional penalty centres, penalty units and review units for execution of penalty proceedings, such that a penalty order is issued correctly and undergoes review before being issued to an assessee.

For appeals, an assessee can approach the commissioner looking after appeals or the national faceless appeal centre.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes said in the notification that till the time the faceless penalty centres, both at national and regional levels, are set up, the penalty actions will be undertaken by the faceless assessment system.

All communication between units and assessees will be done either via email.or through mobile app, while physical hearing will be allowed only with approval from CBDT.

The government has been trying to make faceless taxation a reality, having introduced faceless assessment and faceless appeals last year.

More than 58,000 cases identified for faceless assessment in the first phase, final orders have been passed in more than 24,700 cases, revenue secretary Ajay Bhushan Pandey had said in an interview earlier this month.

The government has been relying heavily on technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning to plug as evasion and in turn making assessment of taxes for assessees as seamless as possible.

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said last month that the government was inclined to introducing faceless assessment for indirect taxes as well.

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Boca Juniors 0-0 Santos: Marinho denied penalty by VAR in first-leg stalemate

Watch highlights as six-time Copa Libertadores champions Boca Juniors are held to a 0-0 draw in the first leg of their semi-final with Brazilian side Santos.

Available to UK users only.

Watch the Copa Libertadores semi-final second leg, Boca Juniors v Santos, Wednesday 13 January, 2215 GMT. Live on BBC iPlayer and Red Button.

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Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool boss says ‘other teams would get a penalty’ at Southampton

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp felt his side were denied a clear penalty in Monday’s Premier League defeat at Southampton and said other teams would have been awarded one.

As the Reds searched for an equaliser in the second half, Georginio Wijnaldum had a shot blocked by the hand of Jack Stephens, while forward Sadio Mane went down under a challenge from Kyle Walker-Peters.

Danny Ings’ second-minute goal ended up being enough to earn the Saints all three points, and leaders Liverpool can now be leapfrogged by both second-placed Manchester United and Manchester City, who are fifth, if they win their games in hand.

“[The handball] looked like a clear penalty,” Klopp said. “I turned to the fourth official, he said: ‘We checked already, no penalty.’

“What [referee] Andre Marriner did with Sadio Mane tonight, I’m not sure that’s OK, to be honest.”

Klopp added: “I hear now that Manchester United had more penalties in two years than I had in five and a half years. I’ve no idea if that’s my fault, or how that can happen.

“But it’s no excuse for the performance. We cannot change it, we have to respect the decisions. But we can change our performance. That’s our focus now.”

32Manchester United
24Leicester City
18Manchester City
Premier League matches only

Klopp was frustrated by his side’s lack of cutting edge after former Reds striker Ings’ early goal – a fine lob over keeper Alisson following Trent Alexander-Arnold’s failure to deal with a James Ward-Prowse free-kick.

And the manager felt that at least one of his side’s penalty shouts should have been given.

The German told Sky Sports: “The best situations we had were with Sadio having the ball at his feet.

“For anyone to say he is a diver is the biggest joke in the world. He tries to stay on his feet. He had two situations where other teams would get a penalty for it.

“The handball – I don’t know who will explain that to me. In these situations we were unfortunate.”

Liverpool face a resurgent Manchester United in their next league match on Sunday, 17 January. United will be ahead of the Anfield side by then if they are not beaten at Burnley on 12 January.

Liverpool stay on top of the league but Manchester United now have a game in hand

Where have the goals gone?

Liverpool have now failed to score in 258 minutes of league action – and Klopp’s side managed just one tame shot on target at St Mary’s.

The reigning champions have netted with one of 41 efforts against West Brom, Newcastle and Southampton.

“These are our problems,” Klopp said. “Yes, we are worried about that, but football problems you solve with football and that’s what we are working on.

“We know about the situation. We are not silly and we have to show a reaction – 100%.”

‘I’m not crying – it’s the wind!’

Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl was hugely emotional at the final whistle, sinking to his knees on the sideline as he celebrated three points which lifted his team back into the top six.

The Austrian has transformed the club since arriving two years ago and was proud of his side’s “perfect” night.

“There were tears in my eyes – but because of the wind!” he told BBC Sport.

“When you see our guys fighting with everything they have it makes me really proud. You need to have the perfect game against Liverpool and I think we did have that.

“It was an intense game; my voice is nearly gone. The guys are tired, you have to be to win against such a team. The guys believed in what they were doing.

“In the 92nd minute I though: ‘OK, it can be something for us.’ It’s a perfect evening.”

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Manchester United 2-1 Aston Villa: Bruno Fernandes penalty puts Red Devils joint top

Bruno Fernandes’ only penalty miss since joining Manchester United 12 months ago came at Newcastle in October

Manchester United moved level on points with Premier League leaders Liverpool as a Bruno Fernandes penalty saw off stubborn Aston Villa.

Fernandes drilled his 11th league goal this season – and his fifth from the spot – into the bottom corner to punish Douglas Luiz’s clip on Paul Pogba and hand United an eighth win in 10 games.

Bertrand Traore’s calm finish underneath David de Gea had deservedly drawn Villa level, cancelling out Anthony Martial’s stooping first-half header for the hosts.

But Fernandes’ penalty extended United’s hold over Villa – they have now won 32 and lost just one of the past 44 league meetings between the sides – and leaves Liverpool top only by virtue of goal difference.

The spot-kick award angered Aston Villa boss Dean Smith who claimed Pogba “tripped himself” and that the video assistant referee should have asked on-pitch official Michael Oliver to review his decision.

“I don’t see why Michael couldn’t have looked at it. That’s what VAR is for isn’t it?” Smith told BBC Sport.

“I thought it was a penalty at the time, but I looked at it after the game and saw he tripped himself. I don’t think it’s a penalty.

“I think there’s enough doubt there to send the referee over to the screen.”

Smith’s side were perhaps unfortunate not to have left Old Trafford with at least a point from a thoroughly entertaining game but they also needed several fine saves from Emiliano Martinez to keep them in it.

After Fernandes’ spot-kick put United back in front, Martinez superbly tipped a stinging 25-yarder from the Portuguese on to the crossbar as well as denying Martial a second.

Martinez’s counterpart David de Gea was just as busy, with a late save from Matty Cash’s long-range strike preserving the points, not long after Tyrone Mings had headed wide a glorious chance to level.

United proving they mean business

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side have displayed their ability to grind out points at Old Trafford in recent weeks, as evidenced in 1-0 home wins over both West Bromwich Albion and Wolves.

But they have also shown a willingness to go toe-to-toe with teams who are happy to open up the game and, while this was not quite the shootout of the 6-2 win over Leeds, it was just as easy on the eye.

A number of fluid first-half moves produced chances before Martial’s opener as the France forward saw a curler tipped over by Martinez, while Fernandes and Wan-Bissaka were narrowly off target with similar efforts.

Anthony Martial.
Anthony Martial’s only other Premier League goal this season came in a 3-2 win at Sheffield United

Martial stole between Mings and Ezri Konsa to nod the Red Devils ahead from Wan-Bissaka’s inviting cross for only his second league goal of the season on his return to Solskjaer’s starting line-up.

While Luiz was unfortunate to be penalised for what might have been an accidental clip on Pogba, there was enough contact for the penalty to be given and Fernandes continued his excellent record from the spot.

United were nine points behind Liverpool after a 1-0 defeat by Arsenal at Old Trafford on 1 November but have made up that gap in just two months to set an intriguing title race into motion.

A minute’s silence before the game paid tribute to former boss Tommy Docherty, who famously prevented Liverpool claiming the treble by leading United to an FA Cup win over the Reds in 1977.

And while talk of foiling a second successive Liverpool title might be premature, moving alongside them at the Premier League’s summit will give Solskjaer’s side even more confidence as they eye up a trip to Anfield on 17 January.

Villa impressive even in defeat

While Villa were ultimately outgunned by their hosts, their brave display was further evidence of the progress Smith’s side have made this season.

They held their own in the first half, causing United a number of problems down the flanks, with playmaker Jack Grealish prompting and probing to show why the hosts have long considered a move for the Villa captain.

But they were even more impressive in the early stages of the second period, Grealish crossing for the Watkins header that was saved by De Gea before collecting a quick free-kick and finding Traore to tuck home the equaliser.

Luiz’s foul on Pogba came with Villa very much in the ascendancy and while they then had to ride a storm the visitors still came close to pinching a point as Mings beat fellow England centre-half Harry Maguire to a free-kick only to nod wide.

With Ross Barkley’s return from a hamstring injury imminent, this performance should keep Villa optimistic even if defeat halted a five-game unbeaten run and saw them slip a place to sixth, behind Chelsea on goal difference.

And while their rotten record at Old Trafford continues – just one win in 34 visits since 1983, which came courtesy of a Gabriel Agbonlahor header in 2009 – they have still only conceded five times in eight away games this campaign.

‘We have improved a lot in a year’ – what they said

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer told BBC Sport: “You are always delighted with three points. The performance was good and we created chances.

“It was maybe a little too open and we wasted chances. We tried to play the Hollywood pass instead of securing the first one and using the space that was there.

“We are happy with what we are doing. We have shown we have improved a lot in a year. We lost to Arsenal away last New Year’s Day. We have improved immensely.”

Aston Villa boss Dean Smith told BBC Sport: “I wasn’t happy with the first half. We were miles off the levels where we have been. It felt like a testimonial pace then they deservedly had the lead at half-time. I told the players we needed to be upping our levels.

“We competed a lot better [in the second half], showed more quality and created chances. I’d take the second-half performance all day long. A dubious penalty has lost us the game.

“When you look at our performances and results, it shows we are very competitive in this league now, which is what we wanted it to be.”

United’s hold over Villa goes on – the stats

  • Manchester United are unbeaten in their past 16 Premier League matches against Aston Villa (W12 D4).
  • Aston Villa have lost 13 of their past 15 away Premier League games against Manchester United at Old Trafford (W1 D1).
  • In Premier League history, the only player to be directly involved in more goals in their first 30 appearances in the competition than Bruno Fernandes (33 – 19 goals, 14 assists) is Andrew Cole (37 – 28 goals, nine assists).
  • Anthony Martial has now scored on all seven days of the week in the Premier League for Manchester United, becoming the fifth player to do so, after Ryan Giggs, Andrew Cole, David Beckham and Wayne Rooney.
  • Only Tottenham’s Harry Kane (10) has assisted more Premier League goals this season than Jack Grealish (7), while the last Aston Villa player to assist more than seven Premier League goals in a season was Ashley Young in 2010-11 (10).
  • Since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s first Premier League match in charge of Manchester United in December 2018, the Red Devils have taken (27) and scored (21) the most Premier League penalties.

What’s next?

Manchester United host local rivals Manchester City in the Carabao Cup semi-finals on Wednesday (19:45 GMT) and welcome Watford in the FA Cup on Saturday 9 January (20:00 GMT). Their next Premier League game is away at Burnley on Tuesday 12 January (20:15 GMT).

Aston Villa host Liverpool in the FA Cup next Friday (19:45 GMT) before returning to Premier League action at home to Tottenham on Wednesday 13 January (20:15 GMT).

Player of the match

Bruno FernandesBruno Fernandes

Aston Villa

  1. Squad number10Player nameGrealish

  2. Squad number26Player nameMartínez

  3. Squad number2Player nameCash

  4. Squad number7Player nameMcGinn

  5. Squad number15Player nameTraoré

  6. Squad number21Player nameEl Ghazi

  7. Squad number4Player nameKonsa

  8. Squad number5Player nameMings

  9. Squad number6Player nameDouglas Luiz

  10. Squad number11Player nameWatkins

  11. Squad number18Player nameTargett

  12. Squad number39Player nameDavis

  13. Squad number41Player nameRamsey


Man Utd

  • 1de Gea
  • 29Wan-Bissaka
  • 3BaillyBooked at 55mins
  • 5MaguireBooked at 49mins
  • 23ShawBooked at 89mins
  • 39McTominaySubstituted forMaticat 65′minutesBooked at 90mins
  • 17FredSubstituted forTuanzebeat 90+4′minutes
  • 10Rashford
  • 18Bruno FernandesSubstituted forJamesat 87′minutes
  • 6Pogba
  • 9Martial


  • 8Mata
  • 11Greenwood
  • 14Lingard
  • 21James
  • 26Henderson
  • 27Telles
  • 31Matic
  • 34van de Beek
  • 38Tuanzebe

Aston Villa

  • 26Martínez
  • 2Cash
  • 4Konsa
  • 5Mings
  • 18Targett
  • 6Douglas Luiz
  • 7McGinn
  • 15TraoréSubstituted forRamseyat 79′minutes
  • 10Grealish
  • 21El GhaziSubstituted forDavisat 84′minutes
  • 11Watkins


  • 1Heaton
  • 3Taylor
  • 14Hourihane
  • 19Nakamba
  • 24Guilbert
  • 27El Mohamady
  • 30Hause
  • 39Davis
  • 41Ramsey

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