Two Men Charged After They Allegedly Assaulted Two Police Officers

Allegedly Assaulted

A dispute escalated as two men have been charged after they allegedly assaulted two police officers upon being asked to wear masks in Sydney’s west.

A video circulating over the incident showed the two men, who are aged 51 and 39, in a brawl with the police authorities as they were asked to put on a preventative face covering as a measure for Sydney’s COVID-19 mask mandate at Stocklands in Wetherill Park last Thursday.

During the scuffle, police were forced to use pepper spray to detain the two men. As of now, the two have been charged with several offences, which includes the assault of an officer and failing to comply with a public health order.

Although it is repeatedly carried out, NSW Premier Gladys Berejikian persisted on urging people to obey the state’s health order.

She explained “the vast majority of people are doing the right thing and respecting the restrictions but it is so disappointing when disrespect is shown or worse to police officers or anyone else working in the system to keep all of us safe. I know it is difficult and uncomfortable and there are things we don’t like to do but we are doing it to keep each other safe.”

She even added that “the community can look forward to the easing of restrictions, so long as we see the current cases continue in the way that they are and so long as we increase those testing rates which will give out health experts that extra degree of confidence for us to be able to move forward.”

Given the recent milieu, Sydney’s mask mandate seems to remain in place until the state records two weeks of low transmission levels. Brad Hazzard, the NSW Health Minister, also hinted on the extension of restrictions around private gathering in the next fortnight, yet that decision would be dependent on an increase in testing levels.

It was just announced that New South Wales recorded a second day of no new locally acquired COVID-19 cases.

And according to the Health Minister “We are at war with an unseen enemy and the only thing that will empower our frontline troops – our health staff – to deal with this as if the rest of us get tested if we have any symptoms at all.”

Police arrest Alexey Navalny upon arrival in Moscow. Russia’s authorities now must decide what to do with him.

The Russian authorities followed through on their threat to arrest opposition figure Alexey Navalny on Sunday, January 17, taking him into police custody after he landed at Vnukovo International Airport.

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Arrests Made During Brooklyn Protest Calling For Police Reform, Firing of Officer

At least two people were arrested during a protest in Brooklyn on the night of January 16-17 as demonstrators called for the firing of an officer who allegedly drew a weapon on protesters a few days prior, local reports said, citing police. The protest began at the Barclay’s Center. This footage shows the scenes on Tillary Street. Credit: @thizzl_ via Storyful

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Man, 76, arrested after police find 36kg of cannabis in car

A man will face court on Monday after police allegedly found a commercial quantity of cannabis in his vehicle.

Police attached to the Tweed Byron Police District said they pulled the 76-year-old over for the purpose of a random breath test on the Pacific Highway at Ewingsdale about 2.15am on Saturday.

“During this interaction and conversations with the 76-year-old male driver, police informed him that his vehicle would be searched for any prohibited drugs,” police said.

Police have charged a man in his 70s after officers allegedly found 36kg of cannabis in the boot of his car at Ewingsdale on the morning of Saturday, January 16, 2021.

“As a result of the search, police located eight garbage bags containing 75 cryovac bags containing what police allege is cannabis in the boot of the motor vehicle.”

Police will allege a total of 36kg of cannabis was seized.

The man was arrested and taken to Byron Bay Police Station.

He was charged with supplying a commercial quantity of a prohibited drug and was refused bail to face Byron Bay Local Court on Monday.

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Lovemore overcame racism and police violence to become a champion boxer, now the courtroom is his ring

Lovemore Ndou was 16 when a cashier flirted with him at the supermarket.

It might seem innocuous, but a white woman flirting with a black man in South Africa during apartheid was anything but.

When authorities weren’t able to pin a sexual assault on him, they instead accused him of theft before taking him to a cell where they broke his arm and let a dog — trained to “kill black people on sight” — almost tear out his eye.

It’s left a scar he still bears next to his eye socket — a reminder of the three-time world welterweight champion’s childhood in a country where race defined lives.

“It made me realise a black man’s life in South Africa was worthless at the time,” Mr Ndou said.

“My own life was nothing in my country. I decided in the hospital bed I’d be a lawyer one day.”

Mr Ndou, 49, practices family and criminal law from an office at Rockdale, in Sydney’s south.

On the day of his graduation from the University of New South Wales.(Supplied)

In his new book, Tough Love, he reveals he did not receive a formal education until he was nine years old and when he first went to TAFE in Sydney he had to ask his stepdaughter to teach him how to use a computer.

Since coming to Australia in 1996, he’s earned six degrees across law, human rights and political science.

But Mr Ndou has always been a self-styled “poster boy for the underdog” in and out of the ring.

He grew up in a town called Musina, a border town between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

A man with dark skin and a beard sits on a lounge chair.
Mr Ndou in his office where his university qualifications are proudly displayed.(ABC News: Mridula Amin)

With apartheid’s dehumanisation on one side and a civil war raging on the other, he witnessed humanity at its darkest.

Aged eight, he witnessed rapes and murders in his community at the hand of guerilla fighters loyal to Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe.

Five years later, his best friend died in his arms after being shot by a white police officer during an apartheid protest.

A rage brewed inside Mr Ndou — and while he was a keen sportsman, his fiery temper saw him thrown out of most matches.

a shirtless black man in a boxing pose
A 24-year-old Mr Ndou in February 1996 at Brendon Smith’s gym in Charlton, Toowoomba.(Supplied)

One day, a security guard escorting him off a football field after yet another outburst suggested he try boxing.

This man, Divas Chirwa, would become his trainer and help launch his career into the World Boxing Council (WBC) ranks.

“I was wrong that you needed to be angry to fight, boxing is scientific,” he said.

“It’s like playing a game of chess you need to be thinking, and it’s only when you’re calm that you think straight.

“That lesson changed me as a boxer, it changed me as a person.”

A man sat at a desk
Mr Ndou in his office in Rockdale.(ABC News: Mridula Amin)

But no matter how formidable he was in the ring, he couldn’t escape the racial discrimination.

Although South Africa lifted a ban on interracial fights in 1973, the bouts were rarely evenly judged.

Mr Ndou had to take it to the extreme to secure a win — many of his opponents would leave the ring with a broken nose if they weren’t knocked out.

It was a dirty play and Mr Ndou knew if he stayed, his career would become compromised.

“I’d done my research and knew this country had a keep Australia white policy so I didn’t expect the treatment to be different,” he said.

“But when I arrived, they treated me like a human being.

“I got a shock when I saw a white person cleaning my toilet in the hotel.”

A man dressed in a suit boxing
Mr Ndou couldn’t escape racial discrimination even as a boxer.(ABC News: Mridula Amin)

Because of his experience, Mr Ndou doesn’t believe Australia is a racist country even if he believed there was racial injustice.

“We can’t judge the whole country on those incidents, perhaps I think that way because I come from somewhere where racism was legislated,” he said.

However, he says the black lives matter movement holds reckoning for the nation.

“‘When we say black lives matter, we’re not saying other lives don’t matter but in the context of people dying in custody, it’s black people,” he said.

“We need focus.”

a man holding up several cummerbunds and belts and smiling
After his last boxing bout on the Gold Coast in 2012.(Supplied)

Mr Ndou’s most memorable win came in 2010, when he won his second world title in South Africa.

“To go back to that country that I had to leave years ago because I wasn’t given the opportunities that I needed as a fighter, to fight in front of my people and win the world title, it was amazing,” he said.

When the judges declared he had won by unanimous decision, he dedicated the victory to Nelson Mandela.

Mr Ndou is about to earn his seventh degree in law, communication and politics, and devotes part of his week to doing pro bono work for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients.

A man with boxing gloves on.
Mr Ndou trains at a gym in Liverpool.(ABC News: Mridula Amin)

He doesn’t trade blows as much as he used to but is considering entering a different kind of fray.

“I’ve been vocal about entering politics and taking on corruption will be my next step,” he said.

He doesn’t expect to keep the gloves on if he makes it into the political arena.

“I’m a tough person, I’ll push through,” he said.

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‘Police ran like a couple of gazelles’ to apprehend man

Two general duties police officers have been called “gazelles” after they spotted, chased and caught a man who was wanted to assist with inquiries on weapons and theft matters.

Richmond Police District Acting Inspector Mary Tanner said the man was wanted to assist police in a matter where he is alleged to have threatened a man with a knife and stolen his scooter earlier this month.

Act Insp Tanner said the two officers were on patrol in Casino shortly after midnight on Friday when they spotted the man, 31.

“At 12.30am today the officers jumped out of their car like a couple of gazelles and took after the man when he ran from them,” she said.

“I think the man thought he could outrun the police, but after a short foot pursuit he was caught, arrested and taken to the Casino Police Station.

“There, he was charged with weapons and theft offences in relation to a stolen scooter on January 3, 2021.”

Act Insp Tanner said the man is also alleged to have had two knives on him when he was caught by police.

“He is alleged to have robbed a man who was riding a scooter in Casino, after threatening him with a long knife, which the victim, 30, described as being 1m long with a hooked blade,” she said.

The man was refused bail and will appear before Lismore court today.

“Since the January 3 robbery, detectives have been investigating this matter,” she said.

“The man has also been charged with other indictable offences.”

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Methamphetamine among drugs seized by police during raid on Morphett Vale industrial property

Police have arrested two men and seized several kilograms of drugs, cash and a pill press from a property in Adelaide’s south.

The industrial site at Morphett Vale was searched about 6:00pm on Thursday by officers from the Crime Gangs Task Force and STAR Group, who were assisted by a sniffer dog.

During the search, police allegedly found 6 kilograms of methamphetamine, 1 kilogram of cocaine and 150 ecstasy tablets.

A pill press and $26,000 in cash were also allegedly located at the premises.

Two men at the site were arrested and have been charged with drug trafficking offences.

They were refused bail and police said they would appear in the Christies Beach Magistrates Court.

Six kilograms of methamphetamine were allegedly uncovered, as well as cocaine.(Supplied: SA Police)

In a separate incident, a 39-year-old Semaphore Park woman was arrested early this morning after drugs and weapons were allegedly found inside her car.

Police said a patrol on Tapleys Hill Road spotted the woman sitting in the vehicle in a hotel car park in Seaton about 2:15am.

“Officers searched the woman’s car and allegedly found a substance believed to be methamphetamine, prescription drugs as well as a taser, axes and a knife,” police said in a statement.

The woman was charged with weapons and drugs offences as well as driving while disqualified, and her car has been impounded for 28 days.

She was bailed to appear in the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court in February.

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Police believe mother responsible for all four deaths in Tullamarine homicide, husband cleared

Police believe the woman found dead with her three children in Melbourne’s north-west on Thursday was responsible for all four deaths.

Her husband Tomislav Perinovic, who found the bodies at their Tullamarine home and called emergency services to report the deaths, has been released without charge.

“Investigators do not believe the 48-year-old man was involved in the incident and police are not looking for anyone further in relation to the matter,” a police statement said.

“Homicide Squad investigators have formed the preliminary view that the 42-year-old woman is responsible for all four deaths and on completion of their investigation, a report will be provided for consideration of the coroner.”

The bodies of Katie Perinovic, her three-year-old son Matthew, and daughters Claire and Anna, aged seven and five, were found in their Tullamarine home on Thursday.

Police said the detectives had spoken to a large number of people, including relatives, friends and neighbours of the family.

An extensive forensic examination of the scene has also been conducted.

Victoria Police Acting Deputy Commissioner Robert Hill said it had been an “incredibly difficult time” for the police and paramedics who responded and attended the scene.

“I know there will be many people in the community struggling to understand and come to terms with this tragedy,” he said.

“This has been an incredibly heart wrenching experience for all concerned.”

Yesterday, police said there was no known history of family violence in the household.

At the time, Acting Deputy Commissioner Hill urged the community “not to speculate” on the cause of the deaths and who was responsible.

Police and investigators outside the Perinovics’ Tullamarine home on Friday morning.(ABC News: Beth Gibson)

School community mourns heartbreaking loss

The deaths have shocked those who knew the family in the Tullamarine area.

Adrian Glasby, the principal of St Christopher’s Catholic School, which seven-year-old Claire attended, said the school was deeply shocked to hear the heartbreaking news of the deaths.

“Claire was a kind, diligent, and much-loved student at St Christopher’s, and we were looking forward to welcoming Anna, with her huge smile, into Prep to begin her school journey in just a couple of weeks’ time,” Mr Glasby said.

“Today I have communicated with our school community and provided advice for them in sharing this tragic news and supporting their own children during this time of grief and loss.”

He said ongoing support and counselling would be offered to all members of the school community.

A police car parked outside a suburban house, which has police tape across its entrance.
Police said an extensive forensic examination of the crime scene was conducted.(ABC News: Patrick Rocca)
Flowers near a hand-drawn note from a child addressed to Claire, Anna, Matt and Katie.
Tributes have been left at the family’s home as the community mourns.(ABC News: Beth Gibson)

Outside the house this afternoon, a number of mourners have been stopping to pay their respects and place flowers.

A local paramedic, whose colleagues were among the first responders at the scene, was among them.

“Everyone is pretty shaken, it’s a horrible thing for anyone to attend,” he said.

“We share the community’s heartbreak. It affects all of us.”

Earlier, family friend Marie Groves said the incident “still hasn’t really sunk in properly”.

“It hasn’t sunk in that I’m not going to walk out the door and see her walking past to the milk bar and picking up pizzas with the kids,” she said.

“I’m not going to be able to be at the park and see Matthew jumping on the trampolines.”

Katie and Tomislav Perinovic and two of their children smile happily at the camera.
Police believe Katie Perinovic, left, was responsible for the deaths of her three children.(Facebook)

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Police investigate toddler found alone in West Albury at 4.30am | The Border Mail

news, local-news,

Albury police are appealing for information after a toddler wearing Bluey pjamas was found alone in West Albury in the early hours of this morning. Police have commenced a search for the boy’s parents but have been unable to locate them. It’s believed the boy, aged about two, knocked on the door of a Waratah Street house at about 4.30am. Police were called after reports the toddler had arrived at the home unaccompanied. IN OTHER NEWS: Police are looking after the boy while the investigation occurs. The boy is described as being Caucasian with blue eyes and blond hair. He is wearing Bluey pjamas. Anyone with information is urged to contact Albury Police Station on (02) 6023 9299.


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Police arrest man sought over alleged murder at Reedy Marsh in Tasmania’s north

Tasmanian police have arrested a man following an alleged murder in the state’s north on Tuesday night.

Police said 47-year-old Robert Gerard was taken into custody near Parkham.

He was spotted by drone this afternoon and police made an arrest just before 4:00pm.

Police will allege he was armed with a large knife when he was arrested.

Acting Commander Stuart Wilkinson says no-one was injured during the arrest.

“One of the drones identified our suspect, he then got mobile, but we were able to relay his location to our members and they were able to take him into custody from there,” he said.

“The drone operators observed him appearing to move towards an outbuilding and he obviously was aware he had been seen and he then made movement back toward bushland where he was more comfortable.”

A search had been underway since Tuesday when the body of a 69-year-old man was found in a house at Reedy Marsh, west of Launceston.

Police had described the suspect as a skilled bushman who may have camouflage paint on his face.

He was spotted by members of the public allegedly carrying a knife on Wednesday morning near Parkham.

Police arrested a 47-year-old man near Parkham.(ABC News: Jessica Moran)

Helicopters, sniffer dogs and thermal imaging cameras were also used in the search.

Local residents had been urged to secure properties.

Police are yet to release the name of the alleged victim.

His wife has been released from hospital, after being treated for minor lacerations.

Police are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Forensic officers and detectives are expected to remain at the scene until Thursday.

Three people were taken into custody for questioning on Tuesday.

Police said they had been released without charge.

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