Home and Away: Ari is alive after Lewis’ failed plot to kill him while Mac tells Tane she’s pregnant

Oh Home and Away, sometimes you disappoint me so.

After weeks of promos and going hard on Lewis’ killing spree, he doesn’t kill Ari.

Ari also appears to make a full recovery.

I’m not a doctor but I have watched A LOT of Grey’s Anatomy and if Ari’s scans showed no signs of improvement — in my unmedically-trained opinion — I find it unlikely that he would wake up without any kind of “impairment,” as Budget McDreamy put it.

And this isn’t because I want Ari to die, but more there wasn’t enough of a struggle or a fight for life.

I’m a bit shocked at how quickly it all happened.

But alas, we don’t watch the show for its accuracy.

So back to the start and things pick up with Lewis preparing the syringe filled with a life ending substance and is putting it into Ari’s drip when Anna walks in and nearly catches him.

Lewis hides it – not surreptitiously – behind his back.

Anna doesn’t think it’s suss and actually thanks Lewis for taking such good care of Ari.

“I’m really glad you’re looking out for him,” Anna says.

Meanwhile Budget McDreamy is “worried about making the wrong call” but he sucks it up and meets with the Paratas and Anna — who is suddenly in love with Ari now that he could die.

The doc gets a quick inspirational pep talk from Tori.

“It’s the job hun,” Tori says. What a way with words.

Budget McDreamy is wearing a tie for the formal occasion of telling a family that the swelling in Ari’s brain hasn’t gone down but they’re going to bring him out of the coma to see if he can breathe on his own or wake up.

New tie who dis?
Camera IconNew tie who dis? Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Nikau gives a rousing speech at his uncle’s bedside and just when they are growing impatient, Ari begins to cough and splutter.

He’s breathing on his own and is somewhat responsive. He playfully slaps Tane in the face and cracks a joke which means he’s completely healed.

Lewis is devastated.

I’m not sure if it’s because Ari isn’t dead or because hindsight is a cruel mistress and he regrets that he would have killed Ari if he wasn’t caught.

Tane tells Mac about the good news.

She breaks down in tears and Tane comforts her.

Boys will be boys.
Camera IconBoys will be boys. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Mac has just been on a mums and bubs forum and if everyone casts their mind back to last year, Jasmine was basically living an alternative life through a forum pretending Gracie was her baby.

“There’s something that I need to tell Ari but I don’t want to,” Mac says to Tane.

Tane cracks a joke about her being pregnant.

I’ve never seen such a disappointed face.

Tane is way out of his depth and calls in reinforcements in Dean and Ziggy, who already know.

The boys are “just trying to help” but in typical man fashion they want Mac to come to a decision and she just needs someone to hear her out until she figures it out for herself.

Luckily Zig kicks the guys out.

Camera IconSighs. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Tane needs to “clear his head” and Dean is troubled because Mac is keeping it from Ari.

He goes back to see Mac and tells her that Ari dreamed of being a father and he and Mia had several miscarriages and she eventually gave birth to a son who died 10 days later.

Ari struggled to deal with the pain and his life spiralled out of control and he ended up in prison.

Look, I know Tane is just trying to tell his brother’s point of view since he just had blunt trauma to the head, but Tane has absolutely no right to advise Mac what to do with her body.

“I just thought she needed to know,” Tane says.

Anyway, it gets Dean thinking about life BC (before children) even though he’s only known about his son for a few weeks and he and Amber regale the good times.

“We’d make a good couple,” Dean says. “I’m in this 100 per cent.”

From my extensive TV watching experience, particularly reality, don’t trust anyone that says “100 per cent”.

Dean leans in to kiss Amber but she rejects him and walks off.

But just moments later Dean gives it another go and the mood changes.

“It’s you, I want to be with you,” Deans says to Amber.

I guess it’s a nice sentiment but am I really supposed to believe that Dean – who was in a long-term relationship with Ziggy and loved her so much he got her some hideous necklace and she got a heinous River Boys tramp stamp — is over it and in love with a woman he hasn’t thought about in five years?

They get it on anyway.

Any chance to get the rig out.
Camera IconAny chance to get the rig out. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Jai finds them in bed together in the morning and is obviously very excited and yells out “mum and dad sleep in the same bed now” in front of Willow.

Willow freaks out but Dean isn’t worried because he’s “not a complete idiot”. Such high self-praise from old mate.

Willow thinks living together as co-parents is “perfect” but clearly, she doesn’t have the gift of foresight because it was going to go downhill when one of them started seeing someone.

Dean acts weird after that.

But he resolves his issues with Amber and they’re once again going to live as one big happy family.

Over at Salt Ryder tells aunty Roo that Chloe kissed him.

Roo takes a seat and orders a Rosé to get the full story… instead of going to the gym.

YASS Queen.
Camera IconYASS Queen. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Meanwhile Chloe tells Bella they she “mooshed faces” with Ryder.

I must have missed the part when they became friends but maybe being trapped in a shipping contained does that to people.

Bella and Nikau are hatching another plan to get Chloe and Ryder together when Willow — who Bella hates for ruining Colby’s life — walks into the diner and makes Nik leave before he’s finished his chocky milkshake. Such an injustice.

Back at Salt Ryder takes Chloe to the cool room where a lot of mental breakdowns and revelations have taken place.

Not enemies anymore.
Camera IconNot enemies anymore. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

He asks Chloe straight up if she likes him. She says yes and he leans in to kiss her.

They pretend they still hate each other to keep up appearances.

Bella is also ready to talk to Willow but thankfully we are spared from hearing a soppy conversation about ‘trust, betrayal and honour’ — words that are thrown around far too often in this show.

Then there’s Justin and Leah who are waiting to hear back about the settlement of their new house.

Leah calls in a favour from Alf to distract Justin because he’s driving her insane.

The men both need a hobby. Alf suggests fishing because fishing fixes all of life’s problems.

Next thing Justin is in a wetsuit holding his surfboard with a really apprehensive facial expression.

It’s supposed to be this grand moment of rebirth after the trials and tribulations of his scare with death but I think that Justin is such a pathetic drip that it’s lost on me.

Justin proclaims how great he feels and how “great life has turned out”.

The happy couple.
Camera IconThe happy couple. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

But finally, some bad news tonight. The real estate agent who Justin and Leah supposedly bought the house off has never heard of them. No surprises there.

And they can’t get a hold of Susie either.

Irene will have a few strong words to say about that.

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Calls for pregnant women to be allocated dedicated parking spaces in Brisbane

Wellington Point woman Sophie Pasinski lodged a petition with the council, after struggling to find parking over Christmas time while heavily pregnant.

“I was that silly person who left Christmas shopping to the very last week, and I was at Carindale and it took me about 35 minutes to find a park,” Ms Pasinski told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“Having to park miles and miles away it was just a bit ridiculous trying to waddle in.”

Ms Pasinski said some people suggested she use the allocated prams and carers parking sites, but felt uncomfortable using them when pregnant.

“… If you do park there you get those looks from those mums who do have prams and they might give you that look and make you feel a bit bad,” she said.

Her petition suggested the council consider adding pregnancy parking so mothers could “feel comfortable, no matter what stage of their pregnancy”.

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#Calls #pregnant #women #allocated #dedicated #parking #spaces #Brisbane

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Heavily pregnant Zoe-Lee Buhler returns to court to fight incitement charge as due date looms

A pregnant mother arrested and handcuffed inside her own home during Victoria’s lockdown is continuing the fight to clear her name.

Zoe Buhler is accused of incitement because of a Facebook post allegedly promoting an anti-lockdown protest.

See the moment the pregnant woman was arrested in the video above

She appeared in court on Thursday, with her case being fast-tracked because she’s about to give birth.

Buhler faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in jail.

Her lawyer wants the case heard before she’s due to give birth in April.

Buhler also wants her mobile phone back, saying she can’t afford a new one because she lost her job in the lockdown.

She was given the option to plead guilty in court on Thursday to end the matter.

But her lawyer told the court she “energetically wants to fight the charge” despite previously saying it’s placed additional stress on her pregnancy.

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#Heavily #pregnant #ZoeLee #Buhler #returns #court #fight #incitement #charge #due #date #looms

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Some prenatal genetic testing called an ‘unnecessary burden of anxiety’ for pregnant women

A group of doctors has published an article on recent advances in non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) in The Medical Journal of Australia.

It said the screening, done by taking a sample of the mother’s blood, was introduced in 2010 and had revolutionised prenatal testing.

NIPT was found to have an “excellent” accuracy rate of 99.7 per cent for Down syndrome.

However, some women are now being offered additional testing — known as “extended panels” — by their GPs for other rare conditions.

The article’s lead author Dr Joseph Thomas, a specialist in maternal-foetal medicine at Mater Health Services in Brisbane, said false positives for rare conditions could lead to anxiety and invasive testing.

“When we come to the extended panel, various less common syndromes are added on … and that’s where the problem begins to come, where the sensitivity and the positive predictive value drops,” Dr Thomas said.

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#prenatal #genetic #testing #called #unnecessary #burden #anxiety #pregnant #women

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‘Archie is going to be a big brother’: Meghan Markle pregnant with baby number two

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting another baby.

“We can confirm that Archie is going to be a big brother,” the couple announced in a statement shared on 14 February.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are overjoyed to be expecting their second child.”

Instagram / @misanharriman

The news was announced alongside a black and white photo of the couple at their California home, by friend and photographer Misan Harriman.

“Meg, I was there at your wedding to witness this love story begin, and my friend, I am honoured to capture it grow. Congratulations to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on this joyous news,” Harriman wrote.

The announcement comes just a few months after Meghan revealed she suffered from pregnancy loss in July 2020.

Sharing her miscarriage experience in a New York Times essay, The Duchess hoped to bring awareness to the “staggering commonality” of miscarriage.

“The conversation remains taboo, riddled with (unwarranted) shame, and perpetuating a cycle of solitary mourning,” she wrote.

“Some have bravely shared their stories; they have opened the door, knowing that when one person speaks truth, it gives license for all of us to do the same.”

The new baby will be the fifth grandchild of Prince Charles and Diana, and Queen Elizabeth’s 10th great-grandchild.

Meghan, Harry and young Archie are currently residing in Santa Barbara, California.

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Family and friends farewell pregnant couple Matthew Field and Kate Leadbetter in private memorial

Heartbroken family and friends have paid their respects to a pregnant couple struck and killed by an allegedly stolen vehicle in Brisbane last month.

Matthew Field and Kate Leadbetter were walking their dogs across a major intersection at Alexandra Hills when they were mowed down in the Australia Day crash.

Ms Leadbetter was six months’ pregnant when the tragedy occurred, resulting in their unborn son Miles also dying in the accident.

Photos released by Queensland police showed Monday’s private ceremony at Iona College in Lindum where Mr Field went to school.

The couple’s dogs, one of which was injured in the crash, was at the service.

‘Words cannot express our gratitude’

“Our families would like to thank everyone who joined us to say goodbye and extend our sincerest thanks to the wider community for the support and compassion it has shown us,” the family said in a statement provided by police.

Both families thanked authorities for their efforts in the aftermath of the tragedy.

The couple and their unborn child were farewelled at a private ceremony at Iona College in Brisbane.(Supplied: Queensland Police Service)

“To the first responders and police who looked after Matt, Kate and Miles and who have supported our families throughout this difficult time — words cannot express the depth of our gratitude for the way you have cared for each and every one of us,” they said.

“We are incredibly grateful for everything you have done.”

People listen to a priest speak in an auditorium with two caskets.
The private memorial service was packed with mourners paying their respects to Matthew Field, Kate Leadbetter and their unborn child Miles.(Supplied: Queensland Police Service)

The families also thanked the staff at Iona College for going to “great lengths” to help them farewell the trio.

“It was their wonderful assistance which allowed us to remain COVID compliant today, through the use of their school halls and livestreaming capacity to ensure we met all guidelines,” the family said.

Candles, flowers, baby booties and teddies at a vigil for Katherine Leadbetter, who was pregnant, and Matthew Field.
Candles, flowers, baby booties and teddy bears were laid during the candlelight vigil at Alexandra Hills.(ABC News: Talissa Siganto)

Hundreds of family and friends gathered at the scene of the crash a day after the incident for a vigil to remember the couple.

Among the crowd were Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll who also paid their respects.

Relatives of Ms Leadbetter and Mr Field praised the “kindness” of the Alexandra Hills community during the candlelight vigil.

Petition for youth justice reform gains traction

The couple’s death has sparked community outrage and criticism that the state’s bail laws under the youth justice act are too lenient.

A petition demanding reform of Queensland’s youth justice act set up by Citizens Against Road Slaughter is quickly gaining support with nearly 200,000 signatures.

Two dogs sit in an auditorium.
Two dogs sit at the memorial service, one of which ran away after being injured in the crash.(Supplied: Queensland Police Service)

Ms Palaszczuk said she was open to tightening the bail laws and had demanded answers about what went wrong in this case.

Queensland’s Opposition Leader David Crisafulli has called on the State Government to reintroduce breach of bail as a criminal offence for young people when Parliament returns this month.

The comments came after a death in Townsville at the weekend involving a stolen car.

The 17-year-old Waterford West teenager police say was driving the allegedly stolen vehicle that killed Ms Leadbetter and Mr Field has been remanded in custody on several charges including two counts of murder and allegedly being under an intoxicating influence.

There has so far been no decision announced on a third murder charge in relation to the couple’s unborn child.

The teenager’s case was adjourned until the end of March.

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Canberra man allegedly punched pregnant partner in stomach, held her against her will

A Canberra man who allegedly punched his ex-partner hard enough to leave bruising on her pregnant stomach during an ordeal in which she said she believed he would kill her will remain behind bars for now.

The 35-year-old is facing a number of charges related to several incidents late last month, in which he allegedly kept the woman against her will, broke her nose, cut her arm with a long knife and punched her pregnant belly.

Documents tendered in the ACT Magistrates Court show the woman told police that the man wanted the pregnancy terminated.

The woman’s evidence to police said an argument over the future of the pregnancy had sparked at least one of the assaults she endured.

Several days after one of the alleged assaults, police were alerted by relatives of the woman, who believed she was being held against her will by the man.

When officers arrived at the property in Canberra’s north, she told them: “as soon as you leave, he is going to flog me”.

Once she had left with officers, the woman told them she had been held overnight by the man and that he had wielded a knife, threatened her, repeatedly referring to her as a “sly slut”.

A medical examination noted she had a broken nose and swollen face, a knife wound on her arm, and a visible bruise on her pregnant stomach.

The doctor felt the unborn child move and was able to detect its heartbeat.

Court hears conflicting accounts of injuries

In court today, another woman with whom the man has a child said she saw the pregnant woman on the days the assaults were alleged to have happened, but did not see him hit her.

She told the court on the night the man was arrested for the assaults, she received a text from the alleged victim saying she had been assaulted by two women.

The witness showed the court a picture the alleged victim sent her of the injuries to her face, which she had on her mobile phone.

At one point, the Magistrate asked the woman where she had got a bruise on her head.

She said she got it in an accident while mowing the lawn, however, the alleged victim said she witnessed the man attack her.

A second witness told the court she ran into the woman at the bus station, where she saw bruises and a cut on her nose.

She told the court she asked the woman whether the man had caused the injuries, but she said he had not.

The man will remain in custody until a decision on his bail is made.

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#Canberra #man #allegedly #punched #pregnant #partner #stomach #held

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My Money: ‘I’m a 33-weeks’ pregnant doctor’

Today has been the first day after the end of the second lockdown. Our lockdown experience has been very different from most people – we haven’t had to worry about our jobs or cope with a reduced income due to furlough, but it has been stressful in other ways – obviously we have had to see a high volume of very sick patients, and during the first lockdown our nursery closed, and my parents were isolating from us, so we had no childcare, which was very hard to manage with two full time jobs – we had to swap a lot of shifts, and it seemed like we were never at home together. It has also been an odd time to be pregnant – my husband has not had the chance to see the baby on a scan or come to any of my appointments, whereas last time he came whenever he could, and I have not been allowed to see high risk patients at work as there is concern about how pregnant women may be affected by Covid.

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Paedophile jailed for maintaining sexual relationship with pregnant teenager in state care

A paedophile who was living with his victim while she was in state care resumed a sexual relationship with the pregnant young teenager after he was arrested and then released from police custody.

Philip Edwin McIntosh, 21, pleaded guilty in the South Australian District Court to maintaining an unlawful sexual relationship with the girl and contravening an order not to communicate with her.

He was sentenced to at least three-and-a-half years’ jail, after a judge imposed a 30 per cent discount because of his early guilty pleas.

The case has similarities with another earlier this year, in which a girl under the guardianship of Child Protection Minister Rachel Sanderson became pregnant to a paedophile.

Ms Sanderson was not informed of that case until September despite policy changes she instituted earlier this year, but said she intended to ensure her department kept her informed about matters from then on.

The minister has been contacted for comment about the McIntosh case.

McIntosh’s victim was aged either 13 or 14 “and pregnant with another person’s child” when he began communicating with her in mid-to-late 2019, Judge Sophie David said.

The girl was under the guardianship of the minister and living in a placement with the Department for Child Protection when she and McIntosh began a sexual relationship and moved in together.

McIntosh was arrested in February and has been in custody since March, when he broke directions not to contact the girl, by attending her home.

The court heard he continued a sexual relationship with the girl after he was arrested.

“Over a period of about two months you engaged in numerous acts of … sexual intercourse with her,” Judge David said.

“When interviewed by police, you denied that you were in a sexual relationship with her.

In a victim impact statement, the girl “said she was uncomfortable in the sexual relationship and that she wanted to leave”, Judge David said.

“Your offending has adversely affected her relationship with her son,” Judge David said.

“Your offending has had a poor impact upon her and continues to adversely affect her.”

Offender perpetrated ‘flagrant breach’ of bail

McIntosh is himself a child abuse victim and was under the guardianship of a previous child protection minister from a young age, and has a daughter who is also under the minister’s care.

He was diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression at the age of 16.

A court-appointed psychologist said he also had an intellectual disability and symptoms of cannabis use disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, adjustment disorder “with mixed anxiety and depressed mood and a mixed paranoid anti-social borderline personality disorder”.

While acknowledging McIntosh’s disability and “poor psychological functioning”, Judge David said it was clear he knew his sexual relationship with the girl was wrong.

“Your offending is undoubtedly serious,” she said.

“You engaged in a sexual relationship with a vulnerable, pregnant child who was in state care.

McIntosh was sentenced to six years, three months and 18 days in prison, after the jail term was reduced by 30 per cent because of his guilty plea.

His non-parole period of three years and six months was backdated to April 5.

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NRL news: NSW State of Origin 2020 star Payne Haas baby, girlfriend Leilani Mohenoa pregnant, brother Chace death

One of the toughest years of Payne Haas’ life is ending on a bright note after he and girlfriend Leilani Mohenoa announced they’re expecting a baby girl.

Mohenoa posted a photograph of an ultrasound on Instagram on Thursday night with the caption: “We lost an angel but he sent us another that same month. Baby girl due in May.”

“Can’t wait to meet our baby girl,” added Haas, on his page.

Leilani and Payne are having a baby girl.Source: Instagram
Grand Final

Haas’ older brother Chace, who became a quadriplegic when he was involved in a car crash at just five-months-old, died in mid-August aged 22.

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