Gary Neville on European Premier League: ‘Football will eat itself because fans will turn away’

Gary Neville has criticised the timing of talks about a new European Premier League and warned football will “eat itself” and turn fans away from the game.

It emerged on Tuesday that Liverpool and Manchester United have held discussions over the creation of a new £4.6billion tournament, backed by Fifa, that would replace the Champions League.

Reports claim five Premier League clubs have been approached by the people behind the radical plans, with more than a dozen teams from England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France and in talks about becoming founder members of the competition.

It comes a week Premier League clubs rejected Project Big Picture proposals that would have given more power to the ‘Big Six’ in England.

Reacting to the talks of about a new European Premier League, Neville told Sky Sports: “Football is going to eat itself soon, because the fans will turn away. It is getting to the point where the people who love the game are starting to dislike large elements of what they are actually supporting. And that cannot be allowed to happen.

“I am not against pioneering approaches and I am not against even some aspects of Project Big Picture last week.

“However, it is all about timing, it is all about communication and how you would deliver this, and communicate this this message, not just to your fellow members in the Premier League but your fellow members in the football community in this country and also to the fans, the most important people.

“All this does is create unease, the idea that a £5billion package is being put together to set up a new league when lower clubs are trying to stay in existence. It seems to be another wound for football. It does not feel the right time to be talking about this.

“I am for progression of football, new competitions, new formats. But we have got to look after the fabric of the game and what it means to the communities in this country. And every single week at the moment there is a new announcement which takes it away from that.”

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Premier Mark McGowan reveals minister’s office under investigation

Premier Mark McGowan has revealed the office of one of his ministers is under active investigation, but would not reveal details to Parliament.

Mr McGowan was facing opposition questioning about the Public Sector Commission, which oversees integrity matters relating to public servants and political staffers employed in ministerial offices.

WA’s Parliament House.Credit:Nathan Hondros

He said there had been two matters dealt with by Public Sector Commissioner Sharyn O’Neill relating to investigations into ministerial offices.

One related to complaints about Treasurer Ben Wyatt’s media adviser, who was found not guilty in April of indecently assaulting a female colleague at a Christmas function.

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David Skynews interviews NSW Premier Gladrags Bereftoclues

In an exclusive interview, NSW Premier Gladrags Bereftoclues joins David Skynews in the studio to discuss the recent ICAC inquiry, her love life and being hounded by the media.

“I have never said that my secret relationship with this person, or indeed persons, unknown was of the intimate type. In fact, I expressly said it was not of the intimate type. My office even sent out a detailed media release, including several explicit illustrations.”
~ Gladys Bereftoclues

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DAVID SKYNEWS: Premier Gladrags Bereftoclues, welcome to the program.

GLADRAGS BEREFTOCLUES: Thank you, David. It’s nice to be here with you.

DS: Before we begin, I’d just like to say on behalf of our sponsors … I mean, listeners … you are doing an outstanding job leading the great state of NSW during these very difficult times.

GB: Thank you, David, my role is a great privilege.

DS: And it is a very great privilege to be able to interview you, Madame Premier.

Now, Premier, you are facing some tough questions in the current ICAC Inquiry about your so-called “lover”, Daryl Maguire. Can you tell us more about this relationship? Feel free to be as detailed as possible.

GB: I need to pull you up there, David…

DS: Feel free to pull me up any time, Premier.

GB: Uh, yes… Well, concerning your question, I need to correct you. That man was not, in fact, my lover. At most, he was an alleged secret lover, David. I want that to be perfectly clear.

DS: My apologies, Premier. What can you tell us about your secret alleged so-called lover, former State Liberal MP Daryl Maguire?

GB: Well, this is unknown to me. I have never said that my secret relationship with this person, or indeed persons unknown, was of the intimate type. In fact, I expressly said it was not of the intimate type. My office even sent out a detailed media release, including several explicit illustrations. Indeed, any member of the public is able to download this release on

And furthermore, my personal life in no way impacts my public office responsibilities … Unlike the previous Labor Government who actually sat in chairs, next to Eddie Obeid, for goodness sake!

DS: Indeed, Premier. What are you able to tell us of your possible alleged secret connection with Daryl Maguire, with whom you may or may not have been engaged in a sexual or non-sexual relationship of some kind?

GB: Well if, as I said, if, hypothetically, I was in any type of relationship with Mr Maguire over a period of five years, then it would clearly be a secret, so I don’t know anything about it. And I certainly never sat next to him! Lying is a distinct possibility, however.

But, if I did lie with him in the Biblical sense, which I am not confirming or denying until the Solicitor-General has fully considered the exact implications of the MPs Code of Conduct … But if I did, then if had I known then what I know now, I may or may not have made different choices. That is, if I made any choices at all, which of course I cannot confirm or deny.

DS: Thank you Premier, for making that perfectly clear for our audience.

And did you know anything about Mr Maguire’s secret corruption?

GB: Well, as I’ve said many times to those impertinent reporters, obviously not!

DS: But Mr Maguire did tell you about his corrupt activities, didn’t he?

GB: Well, I suppose it is possible he may have told me about them on at least two occasions. But those were secret occasions, so how could I possibly be expected to remember them, let alone pass them on? It appears to me as though people no longer properly understand the meaning of the word “secret”!

Oh, and he was also rather a blabberer, whether on the phone or non-intimately in bed and so, frankly, I never really listened to a word he said. I am rather a busy woman, you know!

DS: But Premier Bereftoclues, you sacked him in 2015 pending a corruption investigation didn’t you?

GB: David, as I’ve said over and over again, I may have. I’ll leave the commentary up to you commentators in the media, while I get on with the important job of running this fine state.

But even if I did ‒ and I’m not saying I did, mind you ‒ send Mr Maguire to the crossbenches in disgrace in 2015, any knowledge I may have had about corruption that was, in fact, shared with me by any person ‒ or persons ‒ with whom I may or may not have continued a close, but not intimate, secret sexual ‒ or indeed asexual ‒ relationship, possibly after I sacked this same alleged person – or people ‒ over alleged secret corruption allegations, well, I certainly do not recollect any of it.

DS: So in summary, Premier, if you did in fact have a secret lover named Daryl Maguire and he was, indeed, sacked by you over secret corrupt dealings, the details of which he shared with you, you could not possibly be said to be involved with or have any knowledge of any alleged corruption whatsoever. Is that that the case?

GB: You have it exactly right, David. Unless something even more damning comes out at ICAC tomorrow or I receive alternative advice from the Solicitor-General.

Now, I can’t be any more upfront than that!

DS: And now it behooves me to inform our listeners that all such allegations by unscrupulous members of the non-NewsCorp media must now cease. Do you agree, Madame Premier?

GB: Of course, David! Heavens! It’s not like I’m in the Labor Party!

DS: [Laughs] Good God no, Premier!

Premier Gladrags Bereftoclues, thank you so much for sharing with us some of your extremely precious time.

GB: Oh, it’s been my absolute pleasure, David.

DS: And I pleasured myself, Premier… I mean, the pleasure was mine, Premier.

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Victoria considers scaling back hotel quarantine, NSW Premier says border with Victoria could open within month; Australian death toll climbs to 905

The former Aer Lingus boss said reliable and affordable testing would be more accurate and alleviate the need to police quarantine, which in the UK is required at people’s homes but is barely enforced.

“We need to get the economy moving again, and this just isn’t possible when you are asking people to quarantine for 14 days,” he said.

“It is our view that even if that quarantine period is reduced to, say, seven days, people won’t travel here and the UK will get left behind.”

But he said there had been little interest among governments in establishing cost-effective testing or health passports.

British Airways has slashed flights to the United States to fewer than half the 30 destinations it once serviced. Flights between London and New York have been cut from 12 to two times per day, with fewer than 200 passengers making that transatlantic crossing daily.

Read the rest of this story here.

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Victoria considers scaling back hotel quarantine, NSW Premier says border with Victoria could open within month; Australian death toll climbs to 905

The former Aer Lingus boss said reliable and affordable testing would be more accurate and alleviate the need to police quarantine, which in the UK is required at people’s homes but is barely enforced.

“We need to get the economy moving again, and this just isn’t possible when you are asking people to quarantine for 14 days,” he said.

“It is our view that even if that quarantine period is reduced to, say, seven days, people won’t travel here and the UK will get left behind.”

But he said there had been little interest among governments in establishing cost-effective testing or health passports.

British Airways has slashed flights to the United States to fewer than half the 30 destinations it once serviced. Flights between London and New York have been cut from 12 to two times per day, with fewer than 200 passengers making that transatlantic crossing daily.

Read the rest of this story here.

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Premier labels 15-year delay for South Road tunnel outlined in leaked plans as ‘fake news’

Labor says it has been given leaked documents which show the design to turn Adelaide’s South Road into a non-stop motorway and also reveal the project’s end date will be delayed by more than a decade.

Opposition transport spokesman Tom Koutsantonis said the document prepared by the Department for Infrastructure and Transport also identified a tunnel as the preferred option for the section of the road from Tonsley to near Anzac Highway.

It would take four and a half years to complete, and the second stage — between Anzac Highway and the River Torrens — would not begin until after that work was finished.

“What we know now is the Government was planning to announce in the budget a tunnel from the Gallipoli Underpass towards Tonsley,” Mr Koutsantonis said.

The incomplete part of the project is shown in green.(Department for Infrastructure and Transport)

“It also shows South Road now won’t be completed until 2035.

In 2013, then prime minister Tony Abbott pledged to upgrade South Road within a decade.

The State Government wants to turn the route into a 78-kilometre non-stop motorway from Old Noarlunga to Gawler.

Mr Koutsantonis said the “extraordinary leak” showed an open motorway would be the cheapest option, have the highest cost-benefit ratio and would be the cheapest to maintain.

Heritage and acquisition difficulties

The last part of the project, through inner-western suburbs such as Edwardstown and Mile End, is among the trickiest because of the heritage and commercial buildings that straddle the road, including the Thebarton Theatre.

The report said it would be $800 million cheaper to not build exits at Sir Donald Bradman Drive for airport access, a move which would also save up to 100 properties from acquisition.

The Thebarton Theatre
The Thebarton Theatre in Tom Koutsantonis’s West Torrens electorate.(ABC Open: Mickw78)

A further $300 million could be saved by building the motorway over the River Torrens instead of a tunnel under it.

If the State Government proceeds with this plan, the project is expected to cost $8.9 billion.

Only $5.5 billion has been budgeted for it at this stage.

The RAA first suggested tunnels for the project in 2009 under the former Labor government, but enquiries into the possibility only started under the Liberals in 2018.

‘Fake news’, says Premier

Premier Steven Marshall said any suggestion Adelaide’s north-south road corridor project would take until 2035 to complete was “fake news”.

Mr Marshall said the leaked papers looked to him like an old document.

A graphic showing cars in a tunnel.
A proposal for a South Road tunnel released by the RAA in 2009.(Supplied: RAA)

He said he would reveal more details about the project and its expected duration in coming weeks, but he insisted a 2035 completion date was wrong.

“That’s definitely not correct; that is absolute fake news,” he said.

“As the Treasurer said two or three weeks ago that we would be completing this project in 10 years — it’s a very important project.

“There are real complexities to this project. Part of it is making sure we get the balance right in terms of the cost, in terms of the timeframe, also in terms of the inconvenience of the build and also the property acquisition.”

Treasurer Rob Lucas is due to hand down the State Budget on November 10.

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Victoria’s coronavirus cases rise by four as Premier Daniel Andrews clashes with Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg

Victoria has recorded four new coronavirus cases and one death, as the state’s Premier, Daniel Andrews, continues his spat with the Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg over the schedule for reopening the state.

The new cases bring the rolling 14-day average for Melbourne down to 7.2, while in regional Victoria it remains at 0.5.

The number of “mystery” cases remains at 15.

The latest fatality takes Victoria’s coronavirus death toll to 817 since the pandemic began.

The Premier, Daniel Andrews, has confirmed that the death recorded overnight was that of a man in his 90s, who was in the aged care system.

All four of the new cases are in metropolitan Melbourne, and the Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton, said one of those cases is someone who had the virus in July, but appears to still have traces of coronavirus in their system.

The other three cases are people from the same household, in the local government area of Hume, in Melbourne’s north.

Andrews accuses Frydenberg of playing politics

Daniel Andrews responded angrily to another intervention by the Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, who this morning accused the Premier of a “callous indifference” towards the plight of small business during Victoria’s lockdown.

“It’s all about the politics with this bloke isn’t it? That’s all he does,” Mr Andrews said.

“He is not a leader, he is just a Liberal, because all he does is play politics in the midst of a global pandemic.”

“I haven’t played politics during this crisis, I didn’t play politics during the bushfires and believe me I could have, but I did not, because I don’t believe that is appropriate.”


Mr Frydenberg’s criticism of the Premier was backed up by the Australian Industry Group, who said it was disappointing that retailers in Melbourne would not be allowed to reopen for another fortnight.

Mr Andrews gave hope that the travel restriction, which was extended from 5 to 25 kilometres overnight, may be lifted entirely in “a couple of weeks”.

“Might even be earlier, depending on whether we can make some announcements this weekend,” he said.

The Premier has confirmed the easing of restrictions on hospitality venues in regional Victoria won’t apply in Shepparton, which is dealing with a handful of coronavirus cases.

The restrictions will remain in place in Shepparton until October 25.

Victoria is still “a long way” from defeating the virus

Speaking before the release of today’s figures, epidemiologist James McCaw from the University of Melbourne warned that Victoria was not out of the woods yet.

“We are still, by and large, fully susceptible to this virus,” he said.

“A vaccine is a long way away, so even with the most compliant population that is doing everything it should, there is still a risk that we will get an outbreak.”

“We have to prepare to be in this for the long haul and we certainly need to live with the virus — no-one can be locked down for years,” Professor McCaw said.

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Beauty salon owner Sandra Vittorio is disappointed she is not allowed to reopen.

Melburnians flock to hairdressing salons and golf courses

Restrictions have now eased in Melbourne and regional Victoria, which means people can now travel further and have greater freedom when it comes to social activities and exercise.

Melburnians now have no time limit on meeting family and friends outdoors, and golf and tennis clubs have reopened.

The 5 kilometre travel restriction was also extended to 25 kilometres, giving people the freedom to travel further out of their suburbs.

Hairdressers can operate again for the first time in months, and South Yarra hairdresser Joey Scandizzo opened his business at midnight.

“The phones have been going crazy so we’ve been trying to get everybody we can in,” he said.

“As soon as the clock struck 12 we were in here, we got them all done.”

A photo of hairdresser Joey Scandizzo cutting the hair of a client
South Yarra hairdresser Joey Scandizzo says customers were lining up waiting for his salon to open at midnight.(ABC News)

Some keen golfers turned up early this morning to a public golf course in Balwyn North only to find that the course did not yet have council approval to reopen.

At Yarra Bend Public Golf Course, Chris Walsh was out on the fairways before 9:00am for his first round of golf in months.

A photo of golfers wearing masks at Yarra Bend golf course.
Golfers returned this morning to Yarra Bend Public Golf Course, in Melbourne’s inner north-east for their first round in months.(ABC News: Dylan Anderson)

Chris says he supports many of the measures introduced by the Premier, Daniel Andrews, to try to suppress the virus, but questions why people weren’t allowed to play golf.

“I just don’t feel it’s been necessary to have us locked down in the way that we have been locked down because the social distancing is so easy for us,” he said.

“We don’t have to be together and be near each other at all, we can still converse from a distance, so I’m not too happy about it.”

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Melbourne’s new coronavirus rules have been announced by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. Here’s what they mean for you

Melbourne has been on a COVID numbers rollercoaster — and the restrictions designed to suppress the virus have been changing, too.

Dates have been shifted, targets have been abandoned and various rules have been introduced, clarified, modified and dropped.

Now, some more big changes have been announced.

Freedom of movement

The limit on how far Melburnians can travel from their home has been extended to 25 kilometres.

You can use our map to see what that means for you.

The border between Melbourne and regional Victoria remains in place.


Feel like running a marathon? Go for it.

There is no time limit on how long you can exercise for each day — as long as you remain within 25 kilometres from home or your permitted workplace.

Women wearing masks pushing prams as Defence Force members watch.
From 11:59pm, Melburnians will no longer be restricted to two hours of exercise each day.(ABC News: Darryl Torpy)

You’re permitted to use more outdoor sport facilities, including tennis courts, skate parks and golf courses. But communal facilities such as toilets or clubrooms must remain closed.

Outdoor pools can host 30 swimmers and indoor pools can open for one-on-one hydrotherapy sessions with a health professional.


There’s now no time limit on how long you can socialise with family and friends outdoors, so an all-day sunbaking session or long picnic lunch in the park is allowed.

But outdoor gatherings are still limited to 10 people from a maximum of two households.

Retail and hospitality

Hairdressers can reopen.

Real estate auctions can be held with a maximum of 10 people and commercial real estate inspections will recommence.

Mobile pet grooming is allowed again.

Solo and automated car washes can operate.

Outdoor photography is allowed.

Four people wait outside a cafe in inner Melbourne.
Hospitality businesses in Melbourne will continue to be restricted to takeaway-only this week.(ABC News: John Graham)

Home maintenance and trades

You can book in a tradie to complete non-essential outdoor home maintenance including repairs, renovations, painting and solar panel installation, but with a maximum of five workers on site.

Pool cleaners can also get back to work.

People who have a property in regional Victoria that has been issued with a fire prevention notice from the local council, or is subject to flooding, can travel to regional Victoria to get their property ready for fire or flood.

“The rules that apply in Melbourne will travel with you,” Mr Andrews said.

“This is not an invitation to go and have a couple of days in regional Victoria and essentially move into regional Victoria without due reason.”

The next steps

Mr Andrews also announced Victorians wouldn’t have to wait too long for the next set of changes.

From 11:59pm on November 1, some really big changes will take place.

And if numbers continue to stay low, and mystery cases remain under control, the following changes could even be brought forward.

“If we continue to follow the rules, if we enjoy these freedoms but do it in a COVID-safe way … then there is every chance that we are able to bring the November 1 deadline forward and take the next big step towards COVID normal some days ahead of the November 1,” Mr Andrews said.

A person wearing an orange shirt and tan pants walks across an inner-city street. Very few people or cars around
Retail will not be allowed to open in Melbourne for at least another week.(ABC News: John Graham)

The changes he forecast for November 1 include:

  • Scrapping the four reasons to leave your home and allowing people to go out for any reason
  • Allowing two adults plus their children to visit your home each day. “Not a bubble, not an exclusive arrangement, but essentially one family, two adults and children, to your home, once-a-day. No more often than that,” Mr Andrews said.
  • Reopening retail
  • Allowing 20 people inside and 50 people outside at hospitality venues
  • Reopening beauty services
  • Restarting outdoor contact sport for juniors, and non-contact sport for adults
  • Allowing a maximum of 20 people at outdoor religious gatherings
  • Allowing weddings capped at 10 people, and funerals capped at 20
  • Permitting outdoor seated entertainment to host up to 50 people, or 25 per cent of a venue’s fixed-seat capacity
  • Restarting outdoor fitness classes of up to 10 people
A man and woman, each wearing a mask, hold one another while walking in a city street.
The Premier says Victorians are “well-placed” to have a COVID-safe summer.(ABC News: John Graham)

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EPL, Tottenham vs West Ham, comeback, Premier League, world reacts, ‘unbelievable’

Gareth Bale’s second Tottenham debut was ruined by a stunning West Ham fightback from 3-0 down in the final eight minutes to draw 3-3 this morning.

Manuel Lanzini’s sensational long-range strike into the top corner capped the comeback after Fabian Balbuena’s header and Davinson Sanchez’s own goal resurrected David Moyes’s men.

Spurs raced to a 3-0 lead within 18 minutes as the free-scoring combination of Harry Kane and Son Heung-min looked to have Jose Mourinho’s side cruising towards a win that would have put them second on the Premier League table.

The opener came inside the opening minute as Kane’s sumptuous long pass in behind the West Ham defence picked out Son and the South Korean cut inside to curl into the far corner.

The roles were reversed for Kane’s first goal as the England captain produced a stunning piece of skill with a nutmeg on his marker before firing low into the bottom corner.

Sergio Reguilon also made the move from Real Madrid to Tottenham last month and his rampaging runs from left-back are reminiscent of Bale’s early days at Spurs before the Welshman pushed further up the field.

The Spaniard set up Kane’s second with a pinpoint cross for the striker to head home at the far post.

Only a fine save from Lukasz Fabianski prevented Son also registering a double in a blistering opening quarter from Spurs.

Mourinho lauded Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy as a “genius” for the deals he made in the transfer market to give his manager a depth of squad capable of challenging for trophies.

That was shown as Bale was then introduced as a substitute and showed no lack of confidence by striking a free-kick with his first touch but the ball flew straight into Fabianski’s grasp.

Kane came within inches of sealing his hat-trick with a shot from outside the box that hit the post, but Tottenham’s defensive deficiencies saw a comfortable afternoon completely unravel.

Balbuena’s header from Aaron Creswell’s free-kick started the collapse before Sanchez turned a dangerous ball across the box into his own net.

Bale should have sealed the three points and a dream debut but he flashed a shot wide with just Fabianski to beat as the game entered stoppage time.

And that would come back to haunt Mourinho’s men when a Cresswell free-kick was only cleared to the edge of the box and Lanzini arrowed an unstoppable shot high past Hugo Lloris.

West Ham are the first team in Premier League history to avoid defeat in a game having trailed by three or more goals as late as the 81st minute.

“The game was under control. We had Harry Kane to score the fourth when he hit the post, then Gareth Bale to kill the game. This is a game that was in the pocket and we lost two points,” Mourinho said.

“We should be stronger. They were lucky but maybe they deserved that luck. We were unlucky but maybe we deserved that.”

Former Socceroo Ned Zelic was rubbing his eyes in disbelief.

“What a goal,” he tweeted after Lanzini’s miracle strike. “Pure drama! Unbelievable comeback. Incredible.

“Still can’t believe what just happened. That was outrageous. Football is nuts!”

American football writer Joe Prince-Wright tweeted: “No way has this just happened. No way. This is absolutely bonkers. This season is just nuts.

“This game. My goodness.”

Journalist Rob Blanchette added: “That was extraordinary. Football, bloody hell.”


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Alberta premier says resource project financing depends on climate progress

Jason Kenney says access to capital for projects in the oil and gas industry requires action on environmental issues from industry and government, a statement that marks a major shift in tone for the Alberta premier. 

Kenney, who is the leader of Alberta’s governing United Conservative Party, made the remarks during a question-and-answer session at the UCP’s annual general meeting on Saturday. 

The question focused on a comment from Erin O’Toole who, shortly after winning the federal Conservative party’s leadership race in August, said a future Conservative government would commit to meeting Canada’s targets for greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris climate agreement.

A party member asked Kenney if he was aware of that position when he decided to support O’Toole in the leadership race and whether supporting the Paris accord could hurt Alberta’s oil and gas industry. 

After stating former prime minister Stephen Harper supported the Paris accord because it was an “aspirational target,” Kenney said oil and gas companies are telling him that it is getting harder to access funding for projects from lenders without demonstrating a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

“I don’t think Erin [O’Toole] is wrong to say that we have to find a way forward for our industry where we don’t stick our head in the ground and pretend that the aspirations behind the Paris thing are not hugely influential in how capital is allocated and how market access decisions are made,” Kenney said. 

‘Walk and chew gum’

Kenney’s statements come as more international banks and funds, including Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Blackrock, the world’s largest asset manager, are stepping away from investments in the Alberta oilsands. French energy giant Total has written off $9.3-billion worth of oilsands assets. 

In July, Kenney said he demanded Deutsch Bank provide reasons for its decision to stop funding oilsands and railed about the “misinformed campaign from European financial institutions.”

Jason Kenney was joined by federal Conservative Party of Canada Leader Erin O’Toole for part of the Q&A. (Submitted by United Conservative Party of Alberta)

But world events and Alberta’s ongoing financial woes may have convinced Kenney to try something new. 

Alberta is investing $1.5 billion in equity and $6 billion in loan guarantees in the Keystone XL pipeline, a project that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has vowed to kill if he wins next month’s U.S. election. 

In order to ensure Alberta’s investment pays off, Canada has to show a potential new administration in the United States that the sector is making progress on reducing emissions, he said. 

“We have got to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time when it comes to the energy and environment dynamic,” Kenney said.  “One of the reasons I supported Erin [O’Toole] is that he gets that.”

O’Toole, who joined Kenney for a portion of the session, said that Canadian resource companies are making strides in meeting climate goals. 

“If we ever replace a barrel of Canadian energy from world supply, who’s replacing that?” O’Toole said. 

“They don’t care in other countries about carbon intensity, social governance, Indigenous engagement. So we should be proud of what we do here.”

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the UCP to move its annual general meeting online this year, with events spread out over this weekend and next.

The party held debates of policy and governance policies on Friday and Saturday.

The one-day session on Oct. 24  will feature speeches from Kenney, O’Toole, CPC leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis, Justice Minister Kaycee Madu, Energy Minister Sonya Savage and Jobs, Economy and Innovation Minister Doug Schweitzer.

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