Echuca-Moama Bridge project on track despite pandemic

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack inspected the Echuca-Moama Bridge project today to spruik the tourism benefits of the long-awaited infrastructure.

“It’s going to build these communities that want to welcome tourists from far and wide,” Mr McCormack said.

“But as we go through the COVID-recovery, this is also promoting jobs. It’s also making sure these places can be their best selves.”

First connected by a bridge in 1878, the twin tourist towns of Echuca-Moama have been fighting for a fit-for-purpose traffic connection since 1965.

After decades of on-again-off-again funding commitments from various levels of government and several community campaigns, including “Build the bloody bridge!” in 2012, the project’s first shovel hit the dirt in 2018.

The $323.7 million project, jointly funded by Federal and State Governments, is on track for mid-2022 completion.

Echuca Historical Society president Dot Hammond said she could not wait for a change in traffic flow for the border-town population of 30,000.

“Last Saturday morning, I ran a little trash and treasure shop in town, and I just sat and watched the traffic driving around Warren street in circuits.”

While Ms Hammond is one of many in the Murray community optimistic about the new bridge’s location, she is resigned it will open with a single lane.

“I’m happy with the new design,” she said.

“The extra lane would have been nice, but we were never going to get that. It’s all about money.”

Murray River Councillor Thomas Weyrich said the new bridge would not reduce the peak-hour bottleneck.

“It’s a disaster in the making — traffic is already bumper-to-bumper on High street, this will make it ten times worse.”

Campaspe Shire councillor and Echuca business owner Paul Jarman said his three businesses had been affected by poor traffic flow for years.

Mr Jarman said he was on the council and privy to traffic management and modelling before approving the new bridge’s location and was confident the CBD will see an immediate improvement.

Mr Jarman said the decades of frustrations of tourists and locals alike was the last thing on their minds as the project comes closer to fruition.

“The efficiency of the bridge being built over the last 18 months has been amazing to watch.

“We live in the world that worries about the micro – but when we finally have our new bridge, and it will be amazing.”

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Turning a passion project into paid work

I run a tutoring and mentoring organisation for high school students, and when I ask them what their biggest fears for the future are, their answers surprise me.I was expecting “not getting a high enough ATAR” or “missing out on getting into a university degree”, but their concerns were much less short term.A common source of worry? Being unable to find a job after going to university — and these concerns are certainly warranted.Currently, 27 per cent of university graduates struggle to find full-time employment after completing their degree and, on average, it takes 4.7 years for a graduate who has finished full-time education in Australia to find full-time work.More than just a hobbyMy mentor and co-chair of Learning Creates Australia Jan Owen says it’s become clear that university is no longer a guaranteed ticket to full-time employment for young people in Australia.”What we’ve found through our research is that it’s not about preparing for a specific career or job — what’s important are the skills and capabilities that you’re building and being able to apply them in different contexts,” Ms Owen says.One of the most powerful ways young people can build these skills, or what Ms Owen calls a “career portfolio”, is through pursuing passion projects and startups.”It’s a very powerful distinguisher in the job market to say: I can demonstrate the things I can do, not just the things I’ve learnt,” she says.Opportunities for entrepreneurship and pursuing passion projects “have to be embedded in the new 21st century curriculum in school”, says Ms Owen, as they help students prepare for the future of work.There’s also value in a passion project as a way to create something that could become a full-time job in a challenging employment market.Or if it doesn’t take off, they’re still a valuable training experience and an opportunity to build skills that will make you more employable in a competitive job market.Why regional book shop is thrivingWhile perusing their local second-hand bookshop, Paul and Kaz Morgan decided to buy the whole shed and its contents of 60,000 books.Read moreEsta’s rural location was a surprising benefit for her start upEsta Musumeci is a former Year 10 school leaver based in Mareeba, rural north Queensland. She wanted to contribute to the social change around fast fashion and started to give pieces of clothing a second life.”I was working full time in town and had started [my online clothing store] as a side hustle which I really enjoyed.”It was the end of the year and something clicked in my brain, I thought I can’t work this job next year — I should try [running my business] full-time!”Now 23, Esta has successfully run her online store full time for more than two years, she has a following of more than 16,000 people, and sells between 80 and 150 pieces of clothing a week.Esta says a lot of young people leave Mareeba after high school to pursue further study or work opportunities in cities like Brisbane and Sydney.”Being based in Mareeba actually became an advantage because I was able to source vintage items in small op shops in rural towns that nobody else would ever find,” she says.Esta says running her online store also taught her digital and financial literacy skills.”It taught me an incredible amount about expenditure, budgeting and profit margins through the process of purchasing and reselling items from second-hand stores.”Hannah started a double degree, but it didn’t match her learning needs Hannah Anh wants to provide quality career advice for young people, after being disappointed by the lack of resources on how to think about future careers during her high school years.(Supplied: Momoko Metham)Hannah Anh is an 18-year-old entrepreneur and co-founder of two startups.Her current passion project provides quality career advice to help young people understand and enter the jobs market.”Throughout my entire high school experience, I felt like there were never great resources on how to actually think about your career,” she says.”There are way more resources on the internet about picking what TV show to watch than picking your career!”In the four months since launching the business, she’s amassed 7,000 newsletter subscribers and 850,000 LinkedIn post views.Hannah is just one of many young people who are growing disenfranchised with university and the lack of relevant skills it teaches for future careers.She started a double degree in science and computer science at UNSW on a full scholarship this year but decided to withdraw after just one month.”In terms of what I wanted to learn, there was a complete mismatch with what university taught me as well as the types of people I wanted to meet,” Hannah says.Turning a hobby into a side hustleCan a hobby earn you extra cash?Read morePassion projects could be the future of workHannah’s start up is her “own learning curriculum outside of university”.”I’ve learnt a lot of technical skills in terms of marketing such as how to actually use LinkedIn marketing, and how to use content marketing because our entire platform is content-focused,” she says.”When you’re running a business, you’re wearing a lot of hats and digging your hands into a lot of different things. You have to learn things as you go.”So, what does this all mean?Currently 1 in 12 Australians run a small business and almost 1 in 3 are freelancing and this is set to grow.Running your own business may just be the future of work for young people.ABC Everyday in your inboxGet our newsletter for the best of ABC Everyday each week

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Biden Offers Johnson New Tack on China’s ‘Belt & Road’ Project, Suggests Rival Initiative

US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke on the phone on Friday afternoon to discuss international challenges, such as their policies towards Iran and China, as well as the environment and the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines.

US President Joe Biden has proposed that democratic countries form an infrastructure plan to rival China’s ambitious Belt and Road (OBOR) initiative while conversing on the phone with his UK counterpart, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, on Friday.

“I suggested we should have, essentially, a similar initiative, pulling from the democratic states, helping those communities around the world that, in fact, need help,” Biden told reporters.

The two leaders had spoken to discuss their countries’ respective policies regarding Iran and China, as well as ongoing global COVID-19 vaccine rollout and tackling climate change as a key part of “building back better from the pandemic”.

“They talked about shared international challenges. The leaders agreed on the need for Iran to come back into compliance with the nuclear deal. On China, the prime minister and president reflected on the significant action taken by the UK, US and other international partners earlier this week to impose sanctions on human rights violators in Xinjiang and expressed their concern about retaliatory taken action by China,” a Downing Street spokesperson said, quoted by Reuters.

US-China Rivalry

Joe Biden’s proposal comes as on Thursday he vowed to thwart China’s attempts to outpace the United States and prevail as the most powerful country in the world.

“China has an overall goal … to become the leading country in the world, the wealthiest country in the world, and the most powerful country in the world… That’s not going to happen on my watch because the United States is going to continue to grow,” Biden told reporters at the White House on Thursday, during his first press conference since his swearing-in ceremony.

​Amid the spiraling rivalry between the two global heavyweights, Biden indicated plans to unveil a multi-trillion-dollar plan to upgrade US infrastructure next week, with emphasis on promising new technologies, such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

Joe Biden also made reference to “hours upon hours” of interaction with China’s President Xi Jinping when he served as vice president under former President Barack Obama. Biden tore into the Chinese president, saying:

“He (Xi) doesn’t have a democratic – with a small ‘d’ – bone in his body, but he’s a smart, smart guy.”

Biden’s remarks fall in line with contentious public statements made days earlier during the first high-level, in-person talks between US and Chinese officials under his administration in Alaska.


U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken (R) speaks while facing Yang Jiechi (L), director of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission Office, and Wang Yi (2nd L), China’s State Councilor Wang and Foreign Minister, at the opening session of US-China talks at the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska on March 18, 2021.

The Secretary of State Antony Blinken said at the time that the US would “discuss our deep concerns with actions by China, including in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, cyber attacks on the United States, economic coercion of our allies”.

Earlier, during their first phone call in February, US President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping spoke about a range of topics, including “the shared challenges of global health security, climate change, and preventing weapons proliferation”, according to a White House release on their talks.

At the time, the POTUS referred to China as America’s “most serious competitor” while expressingd a desire to “work with Beijing when it’s in America’s interest to do so”.

Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

Washington-Beijing tensions escalated under the Donald Trump administration as the two sides found themselves embroiled in a trade spat, slapping duties on each other’s goods.

Washington additionally targeted Chinese tech giants, including Huawei, accusing Beijing of an espionage campaign without offering any proof to substantiate the claims. The allegations have been dismissed by China.
China was also lambasted for ostensibly lack of transparency regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, something that Beijing has also rejected vehemently.

REUTERS / Wu Hong/Pool

A view shows guests listen while Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers a speech during a welcome banquet for the Belt and Road Forum at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, 14 May 2017

One of China’s most ambitious projects – its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – has been a thorn in the US administration’s side.

The multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure scheme launched in 2013 by President Xi Jinping and presupposing development and investment initiatives stretching from East Asia to Europe, has already drawn over 100 countries into its fold.

Agreements have been signed with Beijing to cooperate in BRI projects to build railways, ports, highways and other infrastructure.

As of mid-last year, over 2,600 projects estimated to cost around $3.7 trillion were linked to the initiative, according to a Refinitiv database.

While seen as potentially boosting China’s economic and political clout, the project has raised concerns in the United States, with Washington seeking to encourage private sector investment for overseas projects to rival those of the BRI.

However, the US administration has, to date, fallen short of blueprinting a viable alternative to the state-backed global infrastructure development strategy put forward by Beijing.

Images of Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump

The Trump administration denounced the project as “predatory” in its 2018 National Defense Strategy, and alleged it was a manifestation of “debt trap diplomacy.”

After Italy joined OBOR, as the initiative is also called, in March 2019, the US National Security Council tweeted that endorsing BRI ‘lends legitimacy to China’s predatory approach to investment’.

​Nevertheless, between 2017 and 2019, over a dozen Latin American countries and ten Caribbean nations joined OBOR, with nearly all NATO member states in Eastern and Southern Europe having associated with the project, writes Fortune.

​As part of its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Beijing launched the Digital Silk Road (DSR) of undersea cables, data centers, and 5G telecommunications systems in 2015, with a ‘Polar Silk Road’ seeking to link China to the Arctic and Antarctic outlined as part of its new 2021-2025 “five-year plan” published in early March and quoted by state-run Xinhua news agency.

The Chinese government has maintained its steadfast insistence that the BRI is purely a peaceful, “win-win” development initiative.

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spotlight on the project profession

The latest annual Salary and Market Trends Survey by Association for Project Management (APM), the chartered body for the project profession, reveals the average salary for a project professional is £47,500.

This average salary has remained unchanged for the past year, bearing testament to the enduring strength and broad appeal of the profession, despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit throwing many plans and projects into doubt.

The research, in partnership with YouGov, surveyed 2,626 project professionals across the UK, drawing insights from across the profession, including salary (by region, sector and job role), job satisfaction, future trends, diversity and inclusion. The findings reveal that almost half (49 per cent) of professionals now earn over £50,000; up from 42 per cent last year. Further up the pay-scale, 20 per cent of professionals now earn over £70,000; an increase from 16 per cent.

APM’s study also highlights that salaries for those in the early stages of their career have increased, with the average salary for 25-to-34-year-olds rising from £37,500 to £42,500. And for those aged 18-to-24-years-old, the average salary remains at a competitive £27,500.

Energy remains the most lucrative sector for project professionals, with average salaries leaping from £52,500 (in 2020) to £60,000; 64 per cent of those working in this sector now earn over £50,000, up from 51 per cent in the previous year.  Other sectors to see a significant increase in average salary include financial services and consultancy (both up from £47,500 to £57,500).

Salaries in business and professional services have also increased, along with local government, telecoms, and the health sector. Financial services also have the third highest proportion of high earners, with 62 per cent earning over £50,000.

Further insights from the study include Working Life and Job Satisfaction, Diversity and Inclusion and Future Trends.

Debbie Dore, chief executive of APM, said: “Our latest salary survey findings provide an interesting snapshot from across the profession, demonstrating that despite the significant impact of the global pandemic, project management salary levels across a range of sectors continue to rise, providing financial stability, and offering high levels of job satisfaction.

“As the chartered body for the profession, we are committed to supporting and promoting the value of project management, and the insights drawn from our study will help to ensure that we can act and advocate on behalf of our members and the entire profession.”

A variety of project management roles have seen an increase in salary over the past year, including portfolio managers rising from £57,500 to £67,500.  Programme managers have also seen their value increase, with average salaries rising from £57,500 to £62,500. Project planners have also enjoyed an uplift of £10,000 in their average salaries, reaching £47,500.  Consultants continue to enjoy an average salary of £57,500.

Heads of projects/programmes (£72,500), assistant project managers (£32,500) and senior project managers (£57,500), project engineers (£42,500) and project directors (£82,500) have seen no change in salary levels.

Explore the results of APM’s Salary and Market Trends Survey.  To find out more about APM visit

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Researchers in Thailand have successfully trained six sniffer Labrador retrievers as part of a six-month pilot project to identify the coronavirus in just two seconds – with an accuracy rate of 94.8%

submitted by /u/green_flash

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Lighting the way with LED project

One of the largest street light upgrade programs in Victoria has begun in Geelong.

The luminaries will provide higher-quality and better-directed lighting, with a greater spread across and along the street, according to council

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Maharashtra: MNS chief writes to CM making appeal for revival of Nanar refinery project

MAKING AN appeal for the revival of the Nanar refinery project, MNS chief Raj Thackeray has written to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray that there is a “serious contest” among states to “snatch” projects away from Maharashtra.

“In such trying times, Maharashtra should not let go of the Ratnagiri Rajapur refinery project. This is a massive project of nearly Rs 3 lakh crore. We surely cannot afford to lose this project to another state,” the letter read.

This comes six months after the state government denotified 19,146 hectares of land reserved in Raigad district by the previous Devendra Fadnavis-led government, for the mega oil refinery project. Now, the government has proposed to set up an integrated pharmaceutical city in Raigad.

In the letter, the MNS chief said local residents’ resistance to the project based on plots going to outsiders, uncertainty over preference of locals for jobs, and destruction of natural habitat were justified. But, it was imperative that a definitive and appropriate solution for these issues was found, he added.

Saying while the MNS had supported the local residents back then, he added, “Times have changed and the situation demands a radical and progressive approach. The present situation is such that Maharashtra cannot afford to let go of any new project or a project that can bring in foreign investment. If we let this happen, we will lose our status of being a pioneer state in the industrial growth of our country.”

The Shiv Sena has stayed averse to the project coming up in the Konkan region. The planned facility — Ratnagiri Refinery and Petrochemical Limited (RRPCL) — that was to come up at Nanar was cleared by the central and state governments in December 2015, and was set to pass through land spread across 17 villages in Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts. It was to be a 50:50 joint venture between RRPCL — its investors were Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum — and Saudi-owned Aramco and UAE’s National Oil Company.

The state government initiated the process of the land survey when it was shelved suddenly before the Lok Sabha elections in 2019 over “environmental concerns” expressed by the Shiv Sena. The Sena, in fact, made it a condition of its pre-poll alliance with the BJP ahead of the election. In January 2019, the previous government notified 19,000 hectares of land in Raigad as an integrated industrial cluster. In September 2019, Fadnavis once again said the state government was keen on building Asia’s biggest and first green oil refinery in Konkan.

Uday Samant, Shiv Sena minister and guardian minister of Sindhudurg, said local residents were still against the project and the party was with them. “Though the issue of the Nanar refinery is over for the Sena, the chief minister will take a decision on it,” said Samant about the MNS chief’s letter.

Raj Thackeray has recently also spoken up about the need of widespread use of Marathi in the state, and targeted the Sena over the denial of permission to celebrate Shiv Jayanti.

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Isaac Regional Council slams Adani’s Australian arm, Bravus, over handling of Carmichael Mine project

The Isaac Regional Council has slammed mining company Bravus, formerly Adani, over its behaviour in relation to the Carmichael Coal Mine project.

The council, which is known for traditionally supporting mining and its impacts on the local economy, unanimously passed a motion today that, “expressed strong dissatisfaction over Adani’s handling of the Carmichael Mine project”.

“We are disappointed with Adani’s treatment of local landholders and their non-compliance with some of their obligations,” Mayor Ann Baker said.

“Frankly, Isaac Regional Council have lost patience with the behaviour of this company.

“That incorporates economic, social and environmental commitments to the communities in which they operate.”

The motion pointed to an ongoing dispute between Bravus and nearby landholders, legal disputes with the council, and the company allegedly running recruitment advertisement almost exclusively in Rockhampton and Townsville, not in the Isaac region.

Cr Baker said Adani’s response to an infrastructure agreement between the company and the council needed to be abided by, but their current compliance was “very questionable”.

There is an ongoing legal dispute between the council and Bravus about the standards for road construction in relation to the agreement.

The motion stated Adani had failed to meet its obligations as it was requesting extensions to deadlines in the agreement, and it was failing to manage project traffic safely on the Mine Access Road, with construction standards, severe dust and the temporal condition of sections of the road a severe concern.

“But we have got to a point with dissatisfaction that this is appropriate.

“This will be of no surprise to key stakeholders.”

But Cr Baker said the council was open to discussing ways forward with Bravus.

The motion authorised the council’s chief executive officer to take the necessary actions to address council’s concerns, including communicating them with the company.

“Our door is always open,” Cr Baker said.

“The dialogue will remain open, but there can be no mistake or misinterpretation of council’s current dissatisfaction with the behaviour.

The Carmichael Coal Mine is a thermal coal project under construction west of Mackay in the Galilee Basin.

A spokesperson for Bravus Mining and Resources said the council’s move “could only be described as a smear campaign against [the] business”.

“We are not always going to agree with all of our stakeholders all of the time,” the spokesperson said.

“That is why within our various legal agreements, there are clear and defined dispute resolution processes which stakeholders are expected to abide by.

The spokesperson said one of the conditions placed on a road upgrade was to “provide a level of flood immunity greater … than some parts of the Bruce Highway”.

“This request does not make technical or commercial sense and as such we are in dispute with [the council],” the spokesperson said.

“We are focussed on providing safe and reliable infrastructure and only ask that the [council] takes a pragmatic, sensible and commercial approach to such matters.

“In some instances this means keeping an open mind and being prepared to consider new alternatives or options that provide safer and better commercial outcomes. “

The spokesperson said the company’s employment processes allowed for people from the Isaac region to apply for jobs on the project, and to claim people from the region had been excluded was untrue.

“We remain committed to working in a professional and constructive manner with the Isaac Regional Council, however if a similar attitude does not exist with the [council], we will be seeking the Queensland Government to intercede in order to safeguard the thousands of jobs our project is delivering in North and Central Queensland,” they said.

“The livelihoods of thousands of workers on our project are too important to be swept up in local political issues.”

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Walker Corporation pushes ahead with project to build new suburb at Buckland Park

A project to create 12,000 homes in Adelaide’s northern outskirts will drive unnecessary urban sprawl, according to the SA Greens — but the billionaire developer behind it says it will help improve housing affordability at a time of record prices.

After more than a decade of planning, work is now going ahead on the Walker Corporation’s Buckland Park project near the towns of Virginia and Angle Vale and their surrounding market gardening communities.

The corporation said the $3 billion project, called Riverlea, would create the state’s “largest master-planned community” and assist with “post-COVID economic recovery”.

But the project has attracted criticism since its inception, because of its proximity to the flood-prone Gawler River and concerns over urban sprawl.

Developer and executive chairman Lang Walker said the intention was to create a community that would drive economic growth outside of Adelaide’s CBD.

“Not everyone’s going to be working in the CBD. We’ve got another very large industrial estate out there in the vicinity,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“This will generate self-employment in that whole region itself. It’s a community within a community.

“This project has a life of 20 years, maybe 25 years, and that brings shopping, it brings 10,000 jobs over the period of the house-building and all the trades.”

The Walker Corporation says the project includes 450 hectares of open space.(Walker Corporation)

Adelaide property prices have hit record highs in recent weeks, and Mr Walker said house and land packages would be available for less than the price of “a block of land in Sydney and Melbourne”.

“We’re pitching into the affordable market and bringing in all the community benefits there,” he said.

“It’s a great opportunity to get people into houses.”

But Greens MP Mark Parnell has previously labelled the project a “ghetto in waiting” and said planning experts had consistently flagged problems with it.

“They knew it was a rotten project 14 years ago, and it’s still a rotten project,” he said.

“This is a bit like a zombie movie. I thought it was dead and [then] you look and it’s come back to life.

“There’s a whole range of issues … it’s a flood-prone area.”

Local teacher Robyn Lewis said some produce growers were worried about the impact on an area she said was “called the ‘salad bowl’ for a reason”.

Buckland Park resident Robyn Lewis.
Buckland Park resident Robyn Lewis says the project will bring major benefits.(ABC News: Candice Prosser)

But she said the area was “blossoming” and that the project would deliver much-needed amenities.

“We don’t have a lot of public transport out here and I’m sure, in the infrastructure [plan], that will be looked at,” she said.

“Schools are going to be built in the area [which] is fantastic for parents — they don’t have to load their children onto a bus in the morning, with all the worries that come with that.

“The fact that there’s going to be shopping centres will be great.”

Existing roads to be upgraded

Mr Walker said the project would include more than 450 hectares of open space and 50 hectares of lakes and waterways.

“There’s close on 40 kilometres of bike paths,” he said.

“We’re investing $3 billion in it so we’re very confident that this is what Adelaide needs.”

Gawler River at Baker Road in Virginia
The Gawler River at Virginia burst its banks and flooded in 2016.(ABC News: Tom Fedorowytsch)

But Mr Parnell likened it to the infamous Mount Barker development, which then-planning minister John Rau in 2011 conceded had been poorly handled.

“Mount Barker has now become a case study in appalling planning,” Mr Parnell said.

“As a city, Adelaide — the idea that we’ve come to is that they’re should probably be some limit to urban expansion on the fringe.

“Unless we want urban sprawl forever, unless we want Los Angeles and to be like that, we do need to have a containment boundary.”

An artist's impression of a new suburb.
Developer Lang Walker says the project will create affordable housing.(Walker Corporation)

A spokesperson said the Department for Infrastructure and Transport would “continue to monitor population growth” and “assess public transport requirements” in the area.

“Roadworks are being undertaken to construct a signalised intersection at the junction of Port Wakefield Road and Angle Vale Road as part of the residential community development Riverlea,” the spokesperson said.

“Traffic lights at the junction of Port Wakefield Road and Angle Vale Road are expected to be installed in mid-2021.

“The works will include some road and speed restrictions to facilitate construction.”

Ms Lewis welcomed the installation of the traffic lights at the intersection.

“There have been a few accidents on that corner and with more traffic there’s a possibility of more,” she said.

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Malia Obama Joins Writing Staff of Donald Glover’s Amazon Project – E! Online

Malia Obama‘s new job is sure to make all the other 22-year-olds out there feel like total slackers.

Barack and Michelle Obama‘s eldest daughter has joined the writers room for a potential series that Donald Glover is producing as part of his newly inked deal for Amazon Studios, according to The Hollywood Reporter‘s story on Wednesday, Feb. 17, which cited sources. Variety and Deadline also confirmed the news, citing their own sources.

The series hails from writer Janine Nabers, who previously worked on HBO’s Watchmen, and is said to center on a Beyoncé-type public figure, per THR, which also reported that Malia was recruited to work on the project.

This is quite the first post-college gig for the former first daughter, who is set to graduate from Harvard University as part of the class of 2021. 

Malia has shown interest in pursuing a Hollywood path for quite some time. According to THR, Malia landed an internship with The Weinstein Company in 2017 after having previously interned on HBO’s comedy Girls and worked as a production assistant on CBS’ Halle Berry drama Extant

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