Snapdeal Says US Report Naming It On Notorious Markets List Defamatory

Snapdeal has contested a US Trade Representative a report.


Snapdeal, one of India’s largest e-commerce platforms, has contested a US Trade Representative report that placed it on the Notorious Markets List for counterfeiting and piracy, and termed it ill-informed and incorrect.

Snapdeal and four Indian shopping complexes have figured in the latest 2020 Review of Notorious Markets for Counterfeiting and Piracy issued by the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR).

“The report released by the USTR tarnishes the image of the world’s leading marketplaces, including Amazon, Mercado Libre, Pinduoduo, Shopee, Snapdeal, Taobao, Tokopedia and many others, based on incorrect understanding of practices and laws applicable to various markets,” a Snapdeal spokesperson said in a statement on Friday.

“The report reflects a poor understanding of the governing law in various jurisdictions, including India. While courts in India continue to uphold and assert the distinction between marketplaces and sellers, the USTR report wilfully blurs this distinction to further a flawed point of view.

“In doing so, it ignores clear and well-established regulatory and legal frameworks under which marketplaces operate,” the company said.

The spokesperson said the comments made about Snapdeal were factually incorrect and repeated the falsehoods contained in a 2019 report, which it had also strongly rebutted.

The lack of diligence is evident in including reference to related sites that have ceased to operate four years ago, the company said.

The USTR, in its report, said Snapdeal remains a concern for right holders who report that the volume of counterfeit products on this platform has increased over the past year.

“According to a November 2018 survey, 37 per cent of purchasers reported that they had received a counterfeit product from Snapdeal. In July 2019, Snapdeal’s founders were accused of criminal conduct in India for selling counterfeit products there. Right holders have also sued Snapdeal for selling counterfeit goods,” it added.

Snapdeal, however, asserted that the USTR report omits any mention of the various on-going, proactive and preventive anti-counterfeiting efforts of the company.


These include Snapdeal’s robust reporting and swift takedown process program Brand Shield, which has been in operation now for more than two years, it said.

The program has led to close and effective collaboration with leading national and international brands, building on which Snapdeal has formed alliances with various brands to provide additional protection for brands with registered trademarks, the company said.

“The report also fails to acknowledge the continuing close co-operation between platforms, brands and law-enforcement agencies, all of which have led to significant and productive outcomes,” the spokesperson said.

“The USTR report reflects a blinkered and flawed view of the world. The report not only fails to make a distinction between the respective roles of brands, sellers and platforms, but also wilfully ignores the applicable laws in various jurisdictions, including in India,” Snapdeal alleged.

The report is also factually incorrect on many counts, it said, adding there have been no criminal accusations against the founders for selling counterfeit products.

“Such negligent statements and unverified reporting by USTR is defamatory and unacceptable,” it said.

“The process of collating inputs by USTR continues to be outdated, opaque and based on unverified inputs. We firmly disagree with the ”findings” of the report, specifically in its observations relating to Snapdeal,” the spokesperson said.

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Coronavirus latest: Intensive-care staff in England report mental health issues

Peter Wells in New York

The US on Tuesday reported more than 4,000 coronavirus fatalities in a single day for only the second time and as the death tolls in the country’s two most populous states surpassed 30,000.

State authorities attributed a further 4,056 deaths to coronavirus, a daily tally second only to the 4,081 fatalities reported on January 7, according to Covid Tracking Project data.

Over the past week, 23,119 deaths in the US have been attributed to coronavirus, a record for a seven-day period and averaging out at about 3,303 a day.

The overall death toll for the US stands at over 371,000, more than any other country.

On Tuesday, the health departments of California and Texas, which rank first and second among US states by population, revealed their death tolls had surpassed 30,000, climbing to 30,513 and 30,219, respectively.

Only New York, with 32,007 fatalities — the majority of which occurred during the early stage of the pandemic — has more.

Chris McLaurin, a Walgreens pharmacist, jabs Lakandra McNealy, an aged-care home worker, with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in Jackson, Mississippi

Arizona (335), Alabama (226), Mississippi (98) and Wyoming (33) reported record one-day increases in deaths.

The number of people currently in US hospitals with coronavirus ticked back above 130,000 for the first time in three days to 131,326.

On January 7, a record 132,464 people were reported to be in hospital.

Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia and president-elect Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware reported record hospitalisations, as did Texas, which crossed the 14,000 threshold for the first time.

States reported a further 213,885 infections over the past 24 hours, according to CTP data, up from 193,857 on Monday and compared with an average over the past week of 244,519 cases a day.

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McConnell thinks Trump committed impeachable offenses: report

Republican Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, has told associates that he believes President Trump committed impeachable offenses, according to a report Tuesday in the New York Times.

Citing people characterized as familiar with McConnell’s thinking, the paper said McConnell, who has thus far maintained a disciplined silence about Trump’s role in the insurrection at the Capitol Wednesday, is “pleased that Democrats are moving to impeach him, believing that it will make it easier to purge him from the party.”

The Democratic Party–led House is expected to consider a second impeachment of Trump on Wednesday after party leaders have unsuccessfully prevailed upon Trump to step aside and upon Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to at least temporarily remove Trump.

While supporters say the impeachment article charging Trump with incitement is likely to pass the House, with at least some Republican votes, Trump’s fate in the Senate is far from clear. A few Republican senators have expressed either support for or interest in a conviction, but Democrats would need more than 15 to cross over to remove Trump from office and, likely, prevent him from holding federal elective office in the future.

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Ireland Report on Mother and Baby Homes Reveals Abuse and Thousands of Deaths

A government-commissioned report released on Tuesday found a shocking number of deaths and widespread abuses at religious institutions in Ireland for unwed mothers and their children. Survivors say the document is a small step toward accountability after decades of horrors.

The report, the culmination of a six-year investigation, detailed some 9,000 deaths of children at 14 of the country’s so-called mother and baby homes and four county homes over several decades, a mortality rate far higher than the rest of the population. The institutions, where unmarried women and girls were sent to give birth in secrecy and were pressured to give their children up for adoption, were also responsible for unethical vaccine trials and traumatic emotional abuse, the report found.

For decades, the stories of these places and the atrocities carried out in them, were largely unspoken — despite calls from the mothers who became virtual prisoners within their walls and children who spent their earliest years there, later sharing stories of neglect and abuse.

But as the country has made strides to reckon with uglier aspects of its conservative Roman Catholic roots, deeply intertwined with the foundation of the state, there have been recent moments when the scale of the systemic abuses has been thrust into the light.

Tuesday was one of those days.

Ireland’s leader, or Taoiseach, Micheal Martin, at a news conference said the report outlined a “a dark, difficult and shameful chapter” of the country’s past, acknowledging significant failures by the state, society and church.

“It opens a window onto a deeply misogynistic culture in Ireland over several decades, with serious and systematic discrimination against women, especially those who gave birth outside of marriage,” he said. “We did this to ourselves as a society.”

Survivors of the homes say urgent action by the state is needed, and many say the Roman Catholic church, which ran the homes, needs to be held more fully accountable.

The Coalition of Mother and Baby Home Survivors said it was disappointed in the “fundamentally incomplete” nature of the final report.

Mr. Martin and the country’s minister for children, Roderic O’Gorman, spoke with survivors earlier in the afternoon by video to discuss the contents of the report, which is more than 3,000 pages. Mr. Martin said he would issue an official state apology in front of Parliament on Wednesday, and Mr. O’Gorman pledged that the government was committed to working with survivors.

Mother and baby homes were run by religious orders, starting in the 1920s, and funded by the Irish government. But the institutions where young women and girls were taken, typically against their will, are not a thing of Ireland’s distant past. The last of the facilities was closed in 1998.

The commission focused on 18 institutions between 1922 to 1998, and was set up after reports emerged that the remains of nearly 800 babies and children were interred in an unmarked mass grave at a home run by nuns in the town of Tuam in County Galway.

Attention was initially drawn to the situation by the extensive research of a local, amateur historian, Catherine Corless, who pieced together records showing dozens of suspicious deaths of infants and children at the St. Mary’s Mother and Baby Home, but no graves associated with them. Mr. Martin thanked her by name Tuesday, calling her a “tireless crusader of dignity and truth.”

“It has been a long journey, and it hasn’t been easy,” Ms. Corless said in an interview on Tuesday morning. As evidence had piled up over the years, she said she felt compelled to pressure the government to take notice. “That’s all I could do: keep talking, keep being a voice for the people who had no voice.”

In the wake of her work, the government was forced to pay attention and formed the commission in 2015. A significant number of human remains were found at the site in Tuam in 2017.

Ms. Corless acknowledged that Tuesday was a “big day” for survivors, but said an apology from the state simply did not go far enough. She said the Bon Secours nuns, who ran the facility in Tuam, and orders that oversaw others, needed to be held accountable.

The atrocities did not play out just in Tuam. The 18 homes in Tuesday’s report spanned the country and were run by different groups of nuns. The Church ran the homes, but the newly founded Irish state worked hand-in-hand with them making many effectively state institutions in all but name.

The report detailed how 56,000 unmarried mothers and about 57,000 children came through the homes investigated by the commission during a 76-year period. It attempted to differentiate between the earliest years of the home and those that came later.

“In the years before 1960 mother and baby homes did not save the lives of ‘illegitimate’ children; in fact, they appear to have significantly reduced their prospects of survival,” the report said, adding that the women and children “should not have been in the institutions” at all.

But it also said there was “no evidence of the sort of gross abuse that occurred in industrial schools,” and said women were not forced by the state or church to enter the homes, though they were left with little choice, a point survivors took issue with.

The homes were just one part of a larger system that exploited and suppressed some of the country’s most vulnerable women and girls. Considered “fallen women,” they were relegated to the fringes, and even when they were not confined to mother and baby homes — were often pressured into giving up their newborns, often in shadowy adoptions.

After Ireland’s Sunday Independent published details of the report this week, KRW Law Human Rights, which represents a number of survivors, said the leak had further undermined confidence in the commission.

Marie Arbuckle, a survivor of one of the homes in Dublin where she gave birth to a son in 1981, said the decades since have been painful and felt the report barely scratched the surface.

“Taking a baby away from a mother, how can you say that’s not abuse?” she said. “No matter what apology they give, it cannot take back what they have stolen from us already, but own up.”

The commission’s archive has been handed over to the country’s child and family agency, though survivors had raised concerns about access to the materials. The government vowed to ensure access to their personal information and said counseling services were being offered. Mr. O’Gorman said the government had written to the religious orders involved to arrange a meeting to urge an apology and to seek compensation for the survivors.

But the church has been silent on the issue in the past.

For the survivors, the report is only the start, Ms. Corless said, adding it was time for the church and the religious orders to apologize and work with the survivors.

“Really and truly, they need an apology, not just want it, they need it for healing,” she said. “We are depending on that.”

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Irish mother and baby homes report to be published

Taoiseach Micheál Martin said the findings of the report are a “shocking and difficult read”.

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Tokyo Olympics Organisers Say Cancellation Report ‘Fake News’

Tokyo Olympics organisers played down a poll showing plunging support for the Games on Tuesday and said a report claiming cancellation could be discussed next month was “fake news”.

The comments, less than 200 days before the postponed Games start in July, come with greater Tokyo under a state of emergency over a spike in coronavirus cases and with countries around the world battling outbreaks.

In a New Year’s address to staff, Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto put a positive spin on a Kyodo news poll published Sunday showing 45 percent want the 2020 Games delayed again, with 35 percent favouring outright cancellation.

“The number of people calling for it to be cancelled has only risen by about five percent,” Muto said.

“The number of people calling for it to be postponed has risen a lot, but that means those people still want it to be held,” he added.

An opinion poll has revealed falling support for holding the Tokyo Olympics this year
 AFP / Behrouz MEHRI

“Of course, for it to be held, we have to guarantee that we hold a safe Games with anti-virus measures. If you think of it in those terms, I firmly believe people will get more and more behind it.”

British rowing great Matthew Pinsent has called for the Games to be cancelled and Tokyo to host the event in 2024 instead, replacing Paris.

Muto also dismissed as “fake news” a Japanese media report claiming the International Olympic Committee and Tokyo 2020 organisers would debate the fate of the Games in February.

“When these types of reports surface, some people might feel anxious about them,” said Muto.

“I want to say that we are not thinking that way at all, and that these reports are wrong.”

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Hospitals struck by artillery in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, according to humanitarian report

Many of the hospitals in Ethiopia’s conflict-hit Tigray region have been struck by artillery during the two months of fighting, according to the first humanitarian assessment of the devastation as aid begins to arrive with desperately needed supplies.

The scale of the damage has been largely unknown while Ethiopian forces pursue and clash with those of the now-fugitive Tigray regional leaders, with the involvement of troops from neighbouring Eritrea.

Transportation and communications links were severed. More than 50,000 people have fled to Sudan, some telling The Associated Press of mass abductions, torture, and killings along ethnic lines.

The United Nations (UN) and rights groups have long emphasised that intentional attacks on hospitals are war crimes. The assessment does not say who fired at hospitals; the UN humanitarian agency said it did not have confirmation of such details.

Tigray leaders dominated Ethiopia’s government for nearly three decades before prime minister Abiy Ahmed came to power and sidelined them amid sweeping reforms that won him the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. Abiy has rejected international “interference” in the conflict, which continues outside the Tigray capital, Mekele, and in other areas.

The full humanitarian assessment, seen by the AP, was prepared by a joint mission of Ethiopia’s government, UN agencies and aid groups that visited the Mekele and communities in southern Tigray in late December after weeks of pleading by the UN and others for access.

Food, medical supplies and other basics have run alarmingly low across the region. The assessment cites regional authorities as saying more than 4.5 million people – more than two-thirds of the population – need humanitarian assistance.

“The little food stock the affected communities had have either been looted, burned, or damaged,” the assessment says, adding that a locust outbreak has worsened the situation. “Living conditions for both recently displaced people and host communities remain very critical”.

It adds: “As a result of the conflict, many houses, shops, and private stores were burned or damaged”. Schools, health centres, shops, and other buildings were looted.

An even grimmer picture expected from an assessment based on a visit to western Tigray, where some of the fighting first erupted in early November.

The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, said on Saturday that he had spoken with Ethiopia’s deputy prime minister, Demeke Mekonnen, “and conveyed the EU’s alarm over the situation in Tigray. Full and unrestricted humanitarian access must be granted. This is not an EU demand — this is international law”.

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Top steelmakers to report record earnings in Q3 FY21

Mumbai: Indian steel mills are estimated to report record high earnings in the December quarter – and the rest of the year – due to skyrocketing steel prices and a visible rebound in infrastructure and consumption demand.

“We expect the steel sector to stage a splendid turnaround on the back of a price uptick,” said Edelweiss Vice President, Amit Dixit in a sector report on Tuesday. “And the operating profit per tonne for ferrous is likely to be near the peak of the previous cycles in the past 15 years.”

Analysts expect steel companies as pick of the pack with Ebitda growth of around 152% year-on-year on an average. Prices rose by an average Rs 7,300/tonne to Rs 49,000 – Rs 52,000 per tonne in Q3.

Steelmaker JSW Steel said that a shortage of steel in the country combined with a pick-up in infra and auto demand is resulting in reduction of inventories for steel players.

“Overall, there is a shortage of steel, not only in India but globally. Supply has not gone in line with the recovery. Last year in October the consumption was around 8 million tonne this year it is 8.6 November also witnessed a growth. Supply did not go up in a similar way,” said JSW Steel’s joint managing director, Seshagiri Rao.

Most user industries exhausted their inventory and there is big restocking that happened in Q3. Cost pressures pushed up the steel prices and this will result in a better December quarter for steel companies, he added.

JSW Steel is witnessing demand from infra, commercial vehicles, electrical goods and solar segments. The company’s average capacity utilisation improved from 86% in Q2 to to 91% in the Q3 of FY 21 and it reported an Ebitda per tonne of Rs 10,141.

“Iron ore shortage continued to persist in Odisha, which has led to lower steel production for some non-integrated players such as JSW Steel,” said a report by IDBI Capital on Friday. It expects JSW Steel’s Ebitda to go up by 146.3% YoY.

Yet another top steelmaker, Tata Steel, reported an Ebitda per tonne at Rs 13,127 in Q2 and it expects to see a revival in Q3 and Q4.

“We are very bullish on demand for Q3 and Q4 as we see the steel sector is reviving and it is also traditionally a good quarter for steel,” said Tata Steel’s managing director T.V. Narendran.

IDBI Capital expects Tata Steel’s Ebitda to go up 136% yoy.

While JSPL reported an Ebitda per tonne of Rs 12,600 and state-owned Steel Authority of India’s Ebitda per tonne was around Rs 4,158 in Q2. It is likely to go up by 76% and 323.7% yoy, respectively, in Q3.

“In Q3FY21 we did 35 lakh tonnes of sales and 35 lakh tonnes of production in H1. We are targeting 40 lakh tonnes of sales and 40 lakh tonnes of production in H2 which will amount to 7.5 million tonnes of sales & production in FY2021”, said V R Sharma, Managing Director, JSPL

As per analysts, the record high profit estimates can be attributed to the steady price hikes taken by the large Indian steel players since September of FY 21 due to international price hikes and an increase in iron ore prices.

In Q3, steel players undertook around five price increases and at the end of December, HRC prices were quoting at Rs 52,000 per tonne to Rs 58,000 per tonne.

As of Friday, domestic HRC prices rose further by Rs 2,750/t (5%) compared with previous week as major producers calibrated their notified prices with wholesale ones, said a report by Edelweiss.

“Steel price hikes will not affect some of the infra projects and auto contracts booked earlier,” said Ranjan Dhar, chief marketing officer, ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India.

To be sure, iron ore prices went up sharply, while yet another raw material, coking coal, became cheaper by Rs7,300 per tonne as per Ind-Ra’s report last week.

“Companies using the blast furnace route are likely to have reduced cost of steel production by around Rs 1,800/tonne yoy in 2H FY21, supported by the reduced cost of coking coal per tonne of around Rs 7,300,” the report said.

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Coronavirus pandemic may cause decline in democracy, rise in extremist groups: report – National

A new research report by the Department of National Defence suggests the longer the COVID-19 pandemic rages, the stronger right-wing extremism and other threats in Canada and around the world are likely to become.

The report prepared by the Defence Department’s research arm lays out a range of political, economic and security challenges that could emerge — or become more prominent — depending on how long the pandemic remains.

READ MORE: Searches for extremist content spiked after Canada’s coronavirus lockdown, report says

To that end, it looks at what may happen in a best-case scenario that would see COVID-19 brought under control by the end of this year, as well as the potential ramifications should the pandemic last past 2023 and — as a worst-case — 2025.

The best-case scenario would see effective vaccines rolled out quickly, which would not only kickstart a strong economic recovery but also boost trust in the governments, international institutions and science that ended the pandemic.

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Yet even if that happens, reads the Defence Research and Development Canada report, “we can expect that the adversarial states will remain those already identified as such prior to the pandemic, including China, Iran, North Korea and Russia.”

CSIS links Russia, China and Iran to COVID-19 misinformation

CSIS links Russia, China and Iran to COVID-19 misinformation – Dec 3, 2020

The same is true for right-wing extremism, which the report prepared in October for NATO military alliance planners says is already on the rise around the world — and is likely to continue to rise, particularly the longer COVID-19 remains out of control.

The federal Liberal government has identified the rise of right-wing extremism and hate as a major threat to Canada, while the Canadian Armed Forces has started working to weed such behaviour and ideology from the ranks.

Public trust in governments, particularly in democracies such as Canada, will also likely suffer the longer the pandemic remains, according to the report, along with confidence in international organizations like the United Nations and NATO.

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“The world will continue to experience conflict regardless of which future is closest to the events that transpire in the coming years,” the report adds.

Read more:
U.S. hate crimes rise to highest level in more than a decade, FBI report says

“Clearly, conflict can be expected to be more prevalent and increasingly violent in a baseline and more still in a worst-case than in a best-case-type outcome.”

The international community’s ability to respond to such conflicts, whether they are wars between countries or inside them, will similarly be negatively affected based on the state of the pandemic.

“The pandemic has acted to accelerate existing global trends so it follows that the longer and more severely it plays out, the greater the impact will be on international security,” the report said.

“Military planners would be wise to keep this metric in mind as they consider the challenges that their nations and the NATO alliance faces.”

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Report: Ga. voter turnout low on election day

Election workers at the Fulton County Georgia elections warehouse check voting machine memory cards that store ballots following the Senate runoff election in Atlanta on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021. Georgia’s two Senate runoff elections on Tuesday will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate. Republican Kelly Loeffler is going up against Democrat Raphael Warnock, while Republican David Perdue is challenging Democrat Jon Ossoff. Democrats must win both seats to take control of the Senate. (AP Photo/Ben Gray)

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 7:16 PM PT – Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Georgians are biting their nails as they await the results of the dual Senate runoff elections.

On Tuesday, residents voted throughout the state, but several election officials said foot traffic at the polls was light. This contrasts the historic early voting turnout reported last week, where over 3 million residents cast their ballots.

However, election officials in some counties, including Floyd County, said they are happy with voter turnout.

“This morning, we saw lines at the precinct. For Republicans on Election Day, that’s a good thing because we need to turn out today to fight against the turnout for absentee ballots and early voting, which was lower than we wanted it to be,” Luke Martin, chairman of the Floyd County Republican Party said. “So the turnout’s been pretty good so far today. It’s higher than it was on Election Day in general.”

Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are fighting to keep GOP control of the Senate. Results are expected to be finalized in the coming days.

MORE NEWS: GOP Congressional Candidate Targeted By New York Times

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