Farm labour incentives failing and the result could be crops left unharvested

Attempts to encourage Australians who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic to take up farm work appear to be failing, despite cash incentives to help cover accommodation and the cost of moving to rural areas.

The nation’s horticulture industry is projecting a shortfall of 26,000 fruit and vegetable pickers this harvest season due to the shutting of international borders that has kept many working holiday-makers locked out.

According to figures from the Federal Department of Employment, a program that offers Australians who move to regional areas to take up harvest jobs has only attracted 148 workers in the month it has been operating.

The Relocation Assistance to Take Up a Job program offers workers up to $6,000 to cover things like transport, accommodation, and uniform — provided the employee works a minimum of six weeks.

“The numbers really aren’t surprising,” said Tyson Cattle from horticulture lobby group AusVeg.

The nation’s horticulture industry is projecting a shortfall of 26,000 workers this harvest season.(ABC News: Nathan Morris)

The ABC understands that a similar initiative in Queensland, the Back to Work in Agriculture Incentive Scheme which offers workers who relocate up to $1,500 in rebates, has only had one successful applicant in the two months it has been operating with 30 people in the process of applying.

Despite that, Queensland Agriculture Minister Mark Furner said the program — initially announced as a trial for two regions in the south-east of the state — will now be extended.

“We are pleased with the early stages of the incentive scheme and we are now making it available to farms statewide,” Mr Furner said.

However, the lack of Australian workers, as well as international ones, has farmers like Queensland Granite Belt apple and strawberry grower Nathan Baronio worried.

“Unfortunately we haven’t seen a significant amount of people taking advantage of the current schemes,” he said.

“We already saw this in October, but when you don’t have enough staff you walk away from the crop.

“We walked away from six and a half acres of strawberries. It resulted in crop loss of about $500,000 to $600,000.”

A man wearing a blue tshirt and cap stands in the middle of rows of strawberries, with a strawberry in hand.
Applethorpe grower Nathan Baronio says he’ll struggle to get the workers he needs in the coming weeks.(ABC News: Nathan Morris)

Bureaucratic nightmare for farmers

Lee Fox, a grain grower in Victoria’s Wimmera region, recently signed on a new worker through the Federal Government’s relocation assistance scheme and got the worker’s accommodation and relocation costs covered.

However, Ms Fox said it took her a month to organise the paperwork with the relevant Government departments and labour service providers — a problem for many farmers who often source many of their causal workers at the last minute, depending on when the crop is ready.

“I really am very doubtful that many farmers have access to this scheme because the paperwork and time involved in chasing how you access the program from both ends is exhausting,” she said.

A woman with red hair, blue shirt and orange necklace stands in a canola crop that's ready to harvest.
Wimmera grain grower Lee Fox says incentives for worker schemes are a bureaucratic nightmare.(ABC Rural: Angus Verley)

Despite the bureaucratic nightmare, the worker she employed, Wayne Russel, said the money has made his move from Melbourne to the Wimmera a lot easier.

“The allowance will be covering some fuel receipts and work clothes, but the major expense will be accommodation, which for me will be about $4,500. I’m very grateful for it,” he said.

Mr Russel was stood down from his job as a Qantas A380 pilot as the pandemic halted international travel and has embraced the new machinery he will now pilot — harvesters and boom sprays.

A man wears a blue shirt and cap, sitting behind the steering wheel of a large piece of farm machinery.
Wayne Russel was stood down from his job as a pilot with Qantas and has taken up farm work.(ABC Rural: Angus Verley)

Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud said cash incentives for Australian workers were only one part of the solution to the rural labour hire problem, and said states should be focussed on allowing more Pacific islander workers into the country to help fill the gap.

“We haven’t relied on it [the relocation incentive scheme], we have made sure that we have had complementary measures to try and tackle this in any way we can with domestic supply as well as international supply [of workers],” he said.

“The pressure needs to be on to act and act quickly.”

Western Australian has had more success with it’s own incentive program, the Primary Industries Workers’ Regional Travel and Support Scheme, which allows workers who go bush for a job to claim a $40 a night accommodation rebate and a travel allowance of up to $500.

The scheme has had 212 successful applicants since it launched two months ago, and 251 are still pending.

The ABC understands the South Australian Government is finalising a $5.5 million plan of its own to provide relocation assistance to workers.

Tough sell to Aussie workers

Even before COVID-19, attempts to get out-of-work Australians to take up farm jobs through cash incentives have often flopped.

The Coalition Government’s $27.5 million Seasonal Work Incentives Trial, which offered out-of-work Australians on welfare an extra $5,000 per year to pick crops, found placements for fewer than 500 people despite budgeting for 7,600 positions.

The Victorian and Western Australian agriculture ministers have been lobbying the Federal Government to let people who are receiving JobSeeker payments to continue to get that money even if they are working in low-paying farm jobs.

WA Agriculture Minister Alannah MacTiernan said she believed it would help resolve the potential labour shortage crisis this harvest, but was frustrated the Federal Government had not yet considered the proposal.

“We think that it’s not going to cost any additional money, and if we don’t do it we simply aren’t going to get the people out there doing the job,” Ms MacTiernan said.

Workers harvesting cauliflower in the early morning on a farm at Werribee.
There are growing concerns that this summer’s harvest will be in disarray if international workers don’t arrive.(ABC News: Jess Davis)

Federal Labor agriculture spokesperson Ed Husic backed the calls by his state labour colleagues.

“If the states have put forward this idea in terms of JobSeeker I can see the attractiveness of it,” he said.

“Can the Government just please get out and tell us what their view is?”

Mr Littleproud said it was a “long bow” to expect dual payments, through JobSeeker and farm work, to be enough for urban jobseekers to uproot themselves.

He said many unemployed people were not prepared to travel hundreds or thousands of kilometres from their home for work due to things like family commitments.

The Agriculture Minister said cash incentive programs were only meant to complement existing measures to address the potential worker shortage, such as the restart of the Seasonal Worker Program and Pacific Labour Scheme.

Call for Pacific travel bubble

AusVeg is calling on the Federal Government to consider including Pacific island nations with no COVID-19 cases in the trans-Tasman travel bubble that already guarantees quarantine-free travel for New Zealanders coming to Australia.

a worker in the field picking raspberries
Tasmania will receive 700 seasonal workers this month from Pacific nations.(ABC Rural: Laurissa Smith)

Analysis by consultancy firm Ernst and Young puts the worker shortage nationwide at 26,000 — a gap which AusVeg says could be better and more quickly filled by some of the 22,000 visa-ready workers from Pacific Island nations who are being held up by various quarantine restrictions.

“We think that is a step in the right direction,” the firm said.

While Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and Samoa have recorded recent COVID-19 cases, countries like Nauru, Tonga, Kiribati, Micronesia, Palau, and Tuvalu have not.

Currently, Pacific island workers are allowed into the country provided they quarantine as per the rules of the state they are arriving in.

However, who pays for that — the worker, the farmer, the state government, or a combination — has been a source of contention which has delayed significant planeloads of workers.

“The states have agreed that they want to handle their own quarantine process … but what that’s done is really add another layer of bureaucracy in terms of hoops in which growers and industry needs to jump through in order to bring in these workers from COVID-free nations,” AusVeg’s Tyson Cattle said.

Tasmania is due to receive 700 workers this month after the State Government there agreed to foot the bill for hotel quarantine, while workers and farmers will share the cost of the chartered planes to get them there.

The Home Affairs Department said that 953 Pacific workers have arrived in Australia as part of the Seasonal Worker Program and Pacific Labour Scheme since they restarted in August, far short of the 26,000 shortfall the horticulture industry has predicted.

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Cricket news 2020, England vs South Africa, result, coded messages, Eoin Morgan, Michael Vaughan

England is under fire over its attempts to send coded messages to captain Eoin Morgan while the team is fielding.

During the most recent T20 international against South Africa this week, England’s analyst Nathan Leamon was picked up by television cameras holding up large cards on clipboards on the team balcony.

Cards showing messages reading ‘4E’ and ‘2C’ were held up in what was thought to be an attempt to give Morgan more information about possible match-ups between batsmen and bowlers.

“It’s a little help, a suggestion,” wicketkeeper Jos Buttler said after the match. “Eoin and Nathan work closely on analysis. It’s just a little bit of an experiment.

“Eoin is one of the best captains in the world, a fantastic, instinctive captain, and there’s a nice balance going on.”

But former England skipper Michael Vaughan condemned the idea, tweeting: “Signals sent from an analyst on a balcony to the captain on the pitch!!!! The world has officially gone nuts!!!”

Writing in his column in the UK Telegraph, he said he would never have considered such a move when he was leading the team.

“If I were the England captain and the analyst suggested sending messages to me through signals from the dugout he would get short shrift,” he wrote.

“Absolutely no chance would I let that happen. I love innovation and always encourage new ideas and thinking but there is very little an analyst can tell you from the sidelines that you do not already know.

“I would be a bit worried that Eoin Morgan, a World Cup-winning captain, and Jos Buttler behind the stumps, cannot react instinctively to what is happening on the field.”

England said the coded system had been cleared with the ICC match referee before the game began, in case there were suggestions of match fixing involved.

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Australia cricket vs India 2020, third ODI, team changes, Pat Cummins, Brett Lee, injury, rested, latest news, result

Australian great Brett Lee has questioned the wisdom of rotating Pat Cummins out of the final one-day international and the upcoming Twenty20s against India.

Fox Cricket expert Lee was often frustrated through the final years of his international career by Australia’s rest and rotation policy with its fast bowlers and believes it risks doing more harm than good if the bowler is not carrying a genuine niggle.

“It probably wouldn’t have been his call, he probably would have wanted to play, the players generally want to play,” Lee told “I would have thought after a couple of games they shouldn’t be tired.

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GENIUS review gets Kohli


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Donald Trump hints he will run for president in 2024 if he cannot overturn 2020 result

Donald Trump has teased running again for president in 2024.

During hosted a holiday reception at the White House on Tuesday evening Mr Trump told the crowd: “It’s been an amazing four years. We’re trying to do another four years. Otherwise, I’ll see you in four years.”

The video of Mr Trump’s appearance was streamed live on Facebook by one attendee, Pam Pollard, who is national committeewoman for the Oklahoma GOP.

The video showed dozens of people crammed into the Cross Hall of the White House state floor, standing closely together.

Many people in the crowd, which included many Republican National Committee members, were not wearing masks.

The Trumps began hosting holiday receptions this week, intent on celebrating a final season before the incumbent President leaves office on January 20.

According to social media posts reviewed by The Associated Press, the events have featured large crowds of often maskless people gathered indoors — violating the very public health guidance the US Government has pressed the nation to follow this holiday season as cases of COVID-19 skyrocket across the country.

In the video, Mr Trump is heard continuing to air baseless allegations of election fraud to explain his defeat by president-elect Joe Biden

It followed his Attorney-General, William Barr, saying earlier on Tuesday the Justice Department had not uncovered evidence of widespread voter fraud and had seen nothing that would change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

“It’s certainly an unusual year. We won an election but they don’t like that,” Mr Trump told the group, adding: “I call it a rigged election and I always will.”

The White House has been the site of at least one suspected COVID-19 superspreader event, and dozens of the President’s aides, campaign staffers and allies have tested positive in numerous outbreaks.

Mr Trump himself was hospitalised for the virus in October. The first lady and two of the President’s sons have also tested positive. Numerous others have had to quarantine.

Stephanie Grisham, the first lady’s spokeswoman and chief of staff, said last month the White House would go ahead with holiday events, “while providing the safest environment possible”.

She said in addition to smaller guest lists, “masks will be required and available, social distancing encouraged while on the White House grounds, and hand sanitiser stations [will be] throughout the state floor”.

“Attending the parties will be a very personal choice,” she added.


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Credit Suisse says new court order could result in $680 million RMBS judgment

December 1, 2020

ZURICH (Reuters) – Credit Suisse on Tuesday said a judge presiding over a more than decade-long dispute regarding a U.S. residential mortgage backed security (RMBS) had asked the bank and another party to issue estimates of damages, which could result in a judgment against Credit Suisse of up to approximately $680 million.

“While Credit Suisse believes that it has strong grounds for appeal, it has already taken provisions totalling $300 million in prior periods in connection with this case, and would expect to increase its RMBS-related provisions as a consequence of this order,” the bank said. “We will provide an update on the impact on our 4Q20 results in due course.”

(Reporting by Brenna Hughes Neghaiwi; editing by Thomas Seythal)

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How a twist of fate leads can result in sweet success

Every successful businessperson can tell you the decision that helped them turn the corner. For me, that moment came at a time when I was almost ready to turn my back on the business in which I’d invested years of emotion, time, and money. I established my company Twisted Healthy Treats 11 years ago after my husband and I came back home to Australia to start our family. We’d lived in England for 13 years and I had a wonderful job as a global project manager for the investment banking industry. I had a great job and I loved it but, as wonderful as it was, I never had a deep passion about what I was doing.

For as long as I can remember, what I really wanted to do was run a
business of my own. My father was, and still is, a serial entrepreneur and
businessman. When I was growing up, business was always part of my life. We’d
sit down at the dinner table and dad would talk to mum about what had happened
in business that day. From that, sprang my dream of having something like that
of my own.

We’d been back in Australia for about 18 months when one day I wanted to
get my daughter a treat on a hot summer afternoon. She was just a toddler and I
wanted something delicious, but I also wanted something healthy, too. I very
clearly remember walking down the aisle in the supermarket to the freezer aisle
and looking in vain for something I could give.

It was at that moment that I realised there was quite a wide space in
the Australian market for a product that could fit that bill, a healthy, zero
sugar, nutritious treat that kids, and maybe adults, would love. I’d seen
products like that in the United States when we’d been there on holiday. My
university degree is in food technology and at that moment I felt that the
strands of my life had finally started to come together. This was my business
idea and I set out to make it a reality.

I developed our first product, the twisted Healthy Treat yogurt. Our
business model was based on the Boost Juice concept pioneered by another
successful entrepreneur Janine Allis, who I admire greatly. I wanted to emulate
her success and I established a network of stores across the country.

But it wasn’t a success. I lost lots of money. Some stores were making
money, but others were losing money, a lot of money. The silver lining in that
for us was that we noticed that lots of customers liked to take the products
home to eat later as a dessert.

That gave us the idea for our first important transition in the
business. We converted a room behind our store in Bondi beach to a cold room
where we started to make the yogurt ourselves. It was basic but it passed all
the requirements for NSW Food and other authorities and we were able to make up
tubs of yogurt in the back of the shop. From that we began supplying the Harris
Farm chain of grocery stores across Sydney, giving the business a springboard
to another new direction.

As I said earlier, my inspiration for Twisted health treats came from a visit to the supermarket aisle. My best advice to other businesspeople would be to build a business you believe in and are passionate about.

Wellness has always been a part of our focus but at the same time I’m
not a mother who says you can’t have treats, or you can’t have chocolate, or
you can’t have ice cream. I’m someone who believes in balance. And it is fun to
share a frozen treat with your kids. But I also believe that you should be able
to do that without taking a toll on your health. And that is the reason I am in

Cass Spies, Founder, Twisted Healthy Treats

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Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr boxing result, draw, judges scorecard, updates, news

Boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr have slugged out a controversial draw that has stunned the boxing world. 

Tyson dominated almost every round with veteran TV commentator Bob Sheridan declaring he scored every single round to the former Baddest Man on the Planet.

Tyson, making his professional return to boxing after  15 years of retirement, looked by far the sharper of the two brawlers, while Jones showed every day of his more than 1000 days outside the ring.

Tyson, however, still showed glimpses of his former self. One of the most dangerous punchers in the history of combat sport, Tyson only needed a few trademark uppercuts and powerful body shots to get the sporting world salivating for more.

Tyson and Jones Jr fatigued quickly as the fight continued into the later rounds, but when the dust settled on the eight-round fight it was clear that Tyson had dominated.

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A beaten up Jones Jr admitted after the fight that he was in terrible pain as a result of Tyson’s barrage of body shots. 

However, when the judges’ decision was announced, the fight was ruled a draw.

The fight was sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission as an exhibition fight that would not involve any official decision or any official winner.

However, promoters announced before the fight a celebrity judging panel made up of former champions Christy Martin, Vinny Pazienza, and Chad Dawson would be scoring the fight in an unofficial capacity. They were clearly watching a different fight.

Despite both fighters saying after the battle they accepted the controversial decision, the boxing world erupted in outrage at the dodgy call. 

Music producing artist Murda Beatz summed it up best in a post on Twitter:  “Tyson Got Robbed”.

ESPN boxing guru Dan Rafael called the judges’ decision “pure insanity”. 

“Absurdly the unofficial WBC scorecards had #TysonJones a draw when Tyson clearly dominated,” he posted on Twitter.

“(Judge) Vinny Paz had the pure insanity card of 80-76 Jones.”

Legendary boxing TV commentator Bob Sheridan told the Main Event broadcast in Australia he couldn’t believe Jones Jr got away with a draw. 

“I gotta tell you, I gave Mike Tyson every single round, because Roy just couldn’t seem to do anything at all,” he said.

“I scored it 80-72.”

While boxing commentators couldn’t belief the verdict, there wasn’t an angry bone in Tyson’s body when the announcement was made.

“I’m good with that,” Tyson said before admitting he believed he won the fight.


“I’m good with a draw because I entertained the crowd and the crowd was good with it.”


Tyson said he will fight again. He said he wants Jones Jr on the card of his next fighting event. Jones Jr even talked up a re-match.



Jones Jr even said he believed he should have been awarded the victory on the judges’ cards. 



It came despite the official CompuBox statistics showing Tyson landed 67 punched to Jones’ 37, including 57 power punches to Jones’ 28.



“Hell no, I never settle a fight with a draw,” Jones said.


“I don’t do draws. The dude is so strong man, I understand why they say some things are bucket list. Because if he hits you, whether it’s his head, or his punches, his body shots, it don’t matter, everything hurts. For me, I thought I did enough on the outside to edge it out but I’m cool with a draw, it just means we’ll have to do it again.”



Here’s how the drama unfolded.


Tyson Otto

The WBC celebrity judging panel scored the fight:

Chad Dawson 76-76, draw

Christy Martin: 79-73, Tyson

Vinny Pazienza: 80-76, Jones

Tyson Otto

Round 1 – Tyson comes out swinging. The 54-year-old was clearly the aggressor in the first round and dominated the early exchanges. ESPN boxing guru Dan Rafael wrote on Twitter: “Tyson by the the aggressor”.

Round 2 – Tyson wins the round. Jones struggling to find timing. Tyson’s cornerman says at the end of the round: “You’re throwing missiles”.

Round 3 – Roy Jones Jr is sloppy in the ring. Struggling to land any shots. Tyson has won all three rounds. An accidental headbutt delays the round.

Round 4: Tyson still yet to lose a round. Tyson lands a heavy body shot that forces Jones to hug Tyson and slow the round.

Round 5 – Tyson clips Jones in the final exchange before the bell. Tyson is landing shots on the inside. Jones appears to be fatiguing. Veteran Boxing commentator Bob Sheridan says he has it scored Tyson 50-45.

Round 6 – Slowest round of the fight. Tyson shows a few trademark uppercuts but fails to land them.

Round 7 – Mike Tyson controlling the fight. Lands a couple of painful body shots. Jones Jr needs a knockout to win this fight.

Round 8 – Jones Jr lands a couple combinations, but also appears to struggle with a leg injury. Both fighters look for relief by repeatedly coming forward for a hug in the clinch.

Tyson will be awarded the fight on the unofficial judges’ cards. Jones Jr was lucky to win one round.

Tyson Otto

YouTube star Jake Paul has absolutely destroyed former NBA player Nate Robinson in a second round knockout.

Paul dropped Robinson twice in the first round, but the three-time NBA slam dunk contest champion was allowed to continue because the fight was sanctioned as an exhibition fight with a no knock-out clause.

However, the third time Paul dropped Robinson the fight was officially called when Robinson face-plated coming forward following another painful jab.

It was all over after Paul landed a third heavy right hand. The contest was officially over 1.35mins into the second round.

Robinson failed to get back to his feet for several minutes and was lying on the deck motionless for several minutes.

He was unable to get back to his feet for the official decision.

Tyson Otto

On the morning of the fight in Los Angeles there was some late drama with rapper Lil Wayne pulling out at the last minute – only for rap icon Snoop Dogg to announce he will be joining the star-studded performance line-up at the Staples Centre event.

The late switch was confirmed by promoters in a statement.
“We are excited to announce that world-renowned rapper, Snoop Dogg will be joining tonight’s musical lineup in celebration of Tyson and Jones Jr.’s historic return to the ring,” the statement claimed.

Lil Wayne also confirmed his no-show on Twitter, writing: “Due to unforeseeable circumstances I won’t be performing tonight at the Tyson/Jones fight. Hope the event is still a success and much love to (promotion company) Triller”.

It came after TMZ first reported Lil Wayne skipped his scheduled flight to Los Angeles to perform before Tyson and Roy Jones Jr make their walks to the ring.

SAINt JHN, Wiz Khalifa, YG and French Montana are also expected to perform.

Snoop was hyped for the event, posting on Twitter Sunday: “Who wanna see me LIve ?? It’s going down”.

Tyson Otto

Mike Tyson has made his way to the Staples Centre and is strapping his hands up ahead of his fight with Roy Jones Jr.

Tyson Otto

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. — Heavyweight exhibition
Jake Paul defeated Nate Robinson via KO, Round 2
Badou Jack defeats Blake McKernan via judges’ decision (80-72 x3).
Jamaine Ortiz defeated Nahir Albright via TKO, round 7 via liver punch, body shot.

Tyson Otto

Mike Tyson says he never imagined as a heavyweight boxing champion that he would climb into the ring with Roy Jones Jr. at age 54 as he does on Saturday.
Fifteen years after retiring with a 2005 loss to journeyman Kevin McBride, Tyson makes a comeback after dropping 100 pounds and returning to training.
“I didn’t think I’d live that long. It was so intense,” Tyson said Friday in a news conference ahead of the eight-round fight in Los Angeles.
“Me just existing is a success.” Tyson said his hunger has returned 15 years after finishing his career.

“I don’t know who I was then. I’m just very comfortable with who I am now,” Tyson said.

“My last fight, I didn’t have no interest in it. I’m interested now.” Tyson, 50-6 with 44 knockouts, plans to take the fight to 51-year-old Jones, 66-9 with 47 knockouts, from the start.
“I’m just going to go right at him at the bell and see what happens,” Tyson said. “It’s going to be entertaining. He’s a fighter. I’m a fighter. We’re in there throwing punches. Anything can happen.”

Jones, whose last fight was a 2018 cruiserweight victory, plans to take some time to sort out how much of “Iron Mike” remains in Tyson.
“I want to come out early, figure out my ways to attack him. He’s very dangerous when he’s at his distance,” Jones said.
“He knows my combinations, but not the speed or velocity. He won’t be knowing how I’m throwing them.
“We both want to beat each other up.” Asked how hard he can punch, Tyson replied, “We’re going to see” and said he’s ready to adapt if Jones attacks quickly – “I’m going to Plan B – punch him back.”

Tyson ruled the heavyweight division in the late 1980s and struggled through the 1990s after a stunning upset loss to Buster Douglas, a rape conviction and two losses to Evander Holyfield that included biting a chunk out of his rival’s ear.
“I’m struggling like everyone else,” Tyson said. “I’m learning from life’s mistakes.” Tyson lost his last world title fight to Lennox Lewis in 2002 and faded from the scene before a desire to get back into shape evolved into more.
“If I didn’t have the same dedication I wouldn’t have lost the weight,” Tyson said. “You don’t bring age to the table. You bring your energy.
“It’s incredible I can still do this.”

His “100-pound process” began with 15 minutes a day on a treadmill that grew into two hours and led to hitting gloves and sparring sessions.
“The first day was disastrous.” Tyson said, but found while he was “getting shellacked” he realized, “I belong here.”

“To some degree, it tells me I’m a fool,” Tyson said. “The other side tells me I can do it.
“I’ll never call another fighter a bum again. The process to get in shape to fight somebody is psychologically overwhelming if you’re not a boxer.
“This is fun. Right now. Everything else I’ve gone through is hell.”
– ‘Time humbles you’ –
Tyson finds himself a family man who has a place in life for boxing, not a fighter whose life revolves around battles as it once did.
“This is a part of my life I threw away. It doesn’t have the appeal it once had,” Tyson said.
“Time humbles you. You want to see your children grow. I want to involve myself in my friends and family.” That’s why he hopes staging over-age athlete events has a feature with his Legends Only League.
“God willing, the sky is the limit,” he said.

Jones has more modest goals, including a fight with 45-year-old Brazilian mixed martial arts star Anderson Silva.
“If this goes well, I’m almost positive that will be next,” Jones said. “A success would be to look good, not to get caught with nothing stupid. A success would be me being me.” Jones surprised himself at how ready he is to fight.
“I can’t believe I’m able to maintain my speed at 51. It shocks me. It’s the craziest thing,” Jones said.

“The aches and pains are there. You have to have the mental strength to overcome the adversity.”


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F1 2020: Bahrain Grand Prix, live, start time, stream, how to watch, full starting grid, news, blog, qualifying result

Formula One, Bahrain Grand Prix: 1.10am AEDT, LIVE —

F1’s twenty drivers will do battle on one of the most brutal tracks on the Formula 1 calendar early on Monday morning (AEDT) at the Bahrain GP.

Daniel Ricciardo knows all too well just how painful the Sakhir Circuit can be, having retired just four laps from the finish in 2019 just metres away from then-Renault teammate Nico Hulkenberg. In 2018, Ricciardo was part of another double-DNF, then racing with Red Bull.

This year, Ricciardo will begin his hunt for redemption from sixth on the grid after an impressive qualifying saw him pip teammate Esteban Ocon by just 0.002 seconds.

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Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr result: Boxing legends draw exhibition fight in Los Angeles

The American boxing legends – both now in their 50s – certainly did not disgrace themselves during a watchable eight-round encounter at Staples Center.

Former undisputed heavyweight world champion Tyson – fighting for the first time since his shock defeat to Kevin McBride 15 years ago – impressed with his conditioning and formidable body punching in a ring that was smaller than usual size.

Meanwhile, former four-weight world champion Jones Jr was able to showcase some of the nifty movement that was a trademark of his 29-year, 75-fight professional career that only ended in 2018, but was perhaps fortunate to escape with a draw against a more aggressive opponent.

“I’m good with that,” Tyson said afterwards when questioned if he accepted the draw, which was scored by three WBC-appointed former champions in Christy Martin, Vinny Pazienza and Chad Dawson.

Asked if he thought he won the fight, he added: “Yeah, but I’m good with a draw.”

Jones Jr was less content, saying: “Hell no, I ain’t never satisfied with a draw. I wear draws, I don’t do draws!

“But he was so strong man and I understand why they say that some things are bucket list, because when he hits you, if it’s his head, his  punches, his body shots, don’t matter.

“Everything hurts, so for me I thought I did enough boxing on the outside to edge it, but I’m cool with the draw.

“Means we just might try to do it again. But I don’t know.”

Much of the talk in the build-up to the money-spinning exhibition bout regarded the specific rules, with plenty of confusion over whether knockouts would be permitted on the night.

However, a shorter length of only eight two-minute rounds and the wearing of larger 12oz gloves was designed to lessen the damage incurred by both men during a fight that would have been stopped at the sign of any cuts.

As it was, a stoppage never looked likely as Tyson – who shed six stone before his comeback to the ring, weighing in lighter than when he became the youngest heavyweight champion in history 34 years ago – fought on the front foot throughout and did most of his good work to the body, but had to negotiate a stream of clinches initiated by the evasive Jones Jr, who did his best to avoid being caught with many heavy shots while trying to land from the outside.

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Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne Stars, result, collapse, curse

The Melbourne Stars curse has struck again, with their women’s side suffering a cataclysmic collapse in the WBBL final on Saturday evening.

Having dominated opposition throughout the entire tournament, the Stars faltered in their must-win clash against the Sydney Thunder, collapsing to 5/37 in the first innings.

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The Stars finished in top spot on the WBBL ladder this year, qualifying for their first finals campaign in six years.

But after securing a comfortable victory against the Perth Scorchers in Wednesday’s semi-final, the Melbourne-based club crumbled to an embarrassing seven wicket thrashing.

Although she has opted to bowl first all season, Stars skipper Meg Lanning chose to have a bat at North Sydney Oval, a decision she immediately regretted.

Even stranger, it was the first time she had won the toss and batted first in four seasons.

The Thunder’s seam bowlers were impeccable with the new ball under lights, hooping the ball around corners and baffling the Stars top-order.

South African import Shabnim Ismail was at her fierce best on Saturday, ending her four-over spell with 2/12.

Meanwhile, all-rounder Sammy-Jo Johnson will finish as the tournament’s highest wicket-taker after snaring 2/11 from her four overs.

Although the Thunder spilt several catches in the field, the Stars continued to offer chances throughout their dire collapse.

Lanning was removed for 13, while South African star Nat Sciver was cheaply dismissed by tweaker Sam Bates for 11.

The Stars finished with 9/86 from their 20 overs, the club’s second-lowest team total in WBBL history.

The Thunder chased the target with 38 balls or 6.2 overs to spare to secure their second WBBL title.

Skipper Rachael Haynes (21 not out off 17 balls) and English international heath Knight (26 not out off 19 balls0 guided the Thunder to victory.

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The Melbourne-based franchise has an unfortunate record in finals series’, their male team regularly tripping at the final hurdle.

The Stars’ BBL side have qualified for the post-season on eight occasions, but are yet to win a title. They have lost three BBL finals since 2016, including their unforgettable choke against the Melbourne Renegades in 2019.

Now their female counterparts have suffered the same fate, and the Stars finals hoodoo lives on.

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