US Declassifies Strategy, Revealing Yawning Gap Between Rhetoric and Reality – The Diplomat

Just eight days before Joe Biden is inaugurated as president of the United States, the Trump administration declassified the strategy it purports to have followed in its policies towards Asia.

Called the “U.S. Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific,” the President’s National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said that the “the document is being released to communicate to the American people and to our allies and partners, the enduring commitment of the United States to keeping the Indo-Pacific region free and open long into the future.”

The timing of the release seems more likely to be intended to pressure the in-coming Biden administration to perpetuate some of the Trump White House’s policies, or to burnish the professional reputations of national security officials tainted by Trump’s behavior and scandal.

Deputy National Security Advisor Matthew Pottinger, who oversaw much of the strategy’s development as the National Security Council’s senior director for Asia, resigned from the White House last week after a deadly pro-Trump mob stormed the U.S. Capitol.

The framework lists three overarching challenges in the Pacific: maintaining the United States’ strategic primacy in the region and promoting a liberal economic order against China’s illiberalism; ensuring that North Korea does not threaten the United States; and promoting the United States’ global economic leadership and fair trade.

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Separate from the merits of these objectives, the Trump administration made little progress towards achieving any of them and made some situations much worse.

Trump’s often capriciously pursued trade war against China broadly failed and likely cost the United States economically far more than it did China, and for marginal, if any, strategic benefit.

The world is broadly much more skeptical of China’s global objectives and concerned about its illiberal and unchecked influence. However, this awareness and concern has been driven far more by China’s own behavior, such as its treatment of the Uyghur minority in Xinjiang, the political repression of Hong Kong, its economic punishment of Australia, and its abrasive “wolf warrior” diplomacy, than by U.S. leadership or policy.

The Trump administration’s legacy on the Korean Peninsula is much worse. After coming close to sparking a war with North Korea over the reclusive state’s nuclear weapons program in 2017, Trump engaged Kim Jong Un in a series of not very serious diplomatic summits that failed to produce any agreements. North Korea meanwhile unveiled a number of advanced new nuclear-capable missiles, including a giant intercontinental ballistic missile likely capable of hitting anywhere in the continental United States. Instead of bolstering its relationship with South Korea, the Trump administration repeatedly antagonized it with demands to pay the United States more money to support American troops stationed there, while also threatening to bring many of those forces back home and threatening South Korean car manufacturers with trade tariffs.

Instead of bolstering the United States’ economic leadership, the Trump administration presided over its retreat from the global economic order. In spite of China’s widespread economic coercion and disturbing violations of human rights, it has succeeded in leveraging international disappointment and skepticism of the United States from Trump’s policies to cement itself more securely into the global economy. Since Trump withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, Southeast Asia assembled a new regional trade partnership with China, and the European Union concluded a new investment agreement with China over objections from incoming Biden officials.

The Biden administration now faces an even more fractured world from which it might try to assemble an international block against coercive Chinese policies.

The strategy’s goal of maintaining “primacy” in Asia is consistent with Trump’s own sometimes cartoonish military boasts – like the “super duper missile” – and the Pentagon’s goal of maintaining military “overmatch” against any potential adversary. But this overarching goal is not quite aligned with the strategy’s military tasks.

The strategy names two military goals for deterring or prevailing against China in a conflict: to deny China air and sea dominance within the first island chain in a conflict, and for the U.S. military to dominate outside of the first island chain itself. Successful denial does not require military primacy or overmatch and the Pentagon’s own plans suggest that the primacy and overmatch rhetoric belie its more modest approach.

Contesting Chinese dominance inside the first island chain is why the U.S. Army is pursuing new long-range rockets and artillery and is behind the Marine Corps’ expeditionary island base strategy and purchase of mobile missile systems.

But even though these efforts align with the White House strategy, it is questionable whether the strategy is responsible for them. Most of those new weapons systems and warfighting concepts began being developed during the Obama administration and reflect geographic reality more than the Trump team’s strategic innovation.

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If anything, primacy is even further out of reach after Trump’s four years in office than it was at the beginning. Despite coming in with promises of building a 350-ship fleet and successive plans for a 400 or even a 500-ship navy, the Trump administration never submitted a budget proposal to match its sound bites.

Incoming Biden administration officials appear skeptical that these more grandiose military goals are either affordable or necessary to balance China and protect U.S. interests in Asia.

At its best, the “Framework” reads as a collection of the United States’ enduring interests and policies in Asia grafted onto the outgoing President’s bombastic rhetoric and transactional worldview. The result was a strategy that could not achieve Trump’s own idiosyncratic goals and struggled to maintain the geopolitical position he inherited.

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Revealing The True Scale Of The Reptile Trade

AsianScientist (Nov. 9, 2020) – While we occasionally hear about the poaching of rhinos and elephants in the news, these animals are far from the only species being illegally exploited. According to a Thai-Chinese team, almost 4,000 of all known reptile species are being traded online with little international regulation. Their findings were published in Nature Communications.

For most of us, the word ‘pet’ likely conjures up images of a cuddly dog or cat. In certain parts of the world, however, reptiles like snakes and lizards are increasingly popular pets. With their exotic appeal and relative ease of care, reptiles are ideal for pet owners living in urban areas with limited space and access to the outdoors.

Unlike dogs and cats, however, many pet reptiles are not bred in captivity. Instead, they are snatched from the wild, contributing to the ongoing biodiversity crisis. Moreover, reptiles are consistently overlooked by world trade regulations. Though the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was created in 1973 to protect endangered wildlife by banning and limiting their trade, its regulations primarily cover only charismatic, high-value species. Thus, thousands of traded reptiles remain largely unmonitored.

To address this gap, a combined team of researchers from Thailand’s Suranaree University of Technology and China’s Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) scoured online data from two international trade databases and 24,000 web pages covering 151 reptile retailers. For the latter, the researchers used an algorithm to scrape information associated with 11,000 known reptile species in five languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Japanese. The team’s analyses revealed several insights about the state of reptilian trade.

Between 2000 and 2019, almost 4,000 reptile species were being sold online, amounting to over 36 percent of all known species. They also found that nearly 80 percent of traded species were not covered by CITES regulations. Without CITES protection, these species can more or less be freely traded. Worryingly, about 90 percent of traded reptile species and half of the traded individuals were obtained from the wild. When the team mapped the origins of these species—many of which were either endangered or range-restricted—they found that they were mostly concentrated in Asia.

As a testament to the demand for rare and exotic pets, the authors also found that at least 133 newly discovered species were already being sold shortly after being described to science. This meant that online sellers were actively using species descriptions to locate and capture the newfound reptiles.

Alarming as they might be, the team’s findings are likely to be an underestimate of the true scale of reptile trade. Further research efforts could therefore consider including more languages in their analyses, as well, scraping private reptile trade groups on social media platforms for data.

In the meantime, they suggest reversing the status quo in reptile trade practices. Instead of allowing species to be freely traded until given CITES protection, trade should be banned by default. Only species listed by CITES should be legally traded. Until then, the authors emphasized that current regulations will continue to fail reptiles.

“If we fail to mitigate the impacts of unregulated, but legal trade, small-ranged and endemic species may be the next victims of the ongoing biodiversity crisis,” said corresponding author Dr. Alice Hughes from XTBG.

The article can be found at: Marshall et al. (2020) Thousands of Reptile Species Threatened by Under-regulated Global Trade.


Source: Chinese Academy of Sciences; Photo: Fukayamamo/Unsplash.
Disclaimer: This article does not necessarily reflect the views of AsianScientist or its staff.

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Rudy Giuliani cites reportedly leaked text revealing Hunter Biden’s alleged corruption

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani pauses while addressing supporters of President Donald Trump supporters Monday, Oct. 12, 2020 during a Columbus Day gathering at a Trump campaign field office in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma)

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 7:13 AM PT – Thursday, October 15, 2020

President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani shared a private text message that he said further highlights the alleged crimes committed by the Biden family. In the latest episode of his podcast Wednesday, Giuliani quoted a message allegedly from Hunter Biden to his daughter Naomi.

In the message, Hunter told Naomi he’s paid for everything for the entire family for the past 30 years, which is a statement Giuliani said is likely is due to Hunter receiving money from Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Giuliani then went on to highlight a part of the message that specifically references Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden. He made the following remarks on the matter:

“But then it goes on to say because the boss, remember the Godfather, the boss has to wet his beak, the boss has got to get his money. The boss here is Pop. It’s really hard, but don’t worry, unlike Pop that’s one of the names for Joe Biden Democrat…candidate for the United States presidency. I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

The message is allegedly among the tens-of-thousands of texts, emails and photographs found on Hunter’s laptop.

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Read the extraordinary phone taps revealing the secret love affair between premier and disgraced MP

If the citizens of New South Wales thought they knew anything about Gladys Berejiklian it was that the premier was always prim, proper and intensely private.

The unmarried 50-year-old appeared to have no personal life outside her work and family commitments, or went to great lengths to keep it well hidden. 

That all changed on Monday morning when tapped phone calls between her and disgraced former MP Daryl Maguire – her secret lover – were played at a corruption inquiry. 

It was extraordinary enough that the premier’s private conversations with a dodgy colleague were recorded but the intimate nature of those chats belied her demure public image.  

The calls feature colourful language including swear words and offensive phrases coming from Mr Maquire’s mouth which seem not to offend Ms Berejikilian’s ears.

Scroll down for video 

Premier Gladys Berejiklian has admitted she shared a private relationship with disgraced former colleague Daryl Maguire while he was in office. Secretly recorded phone conversations the pair had have been played at the Independent Commission Against Corruption (pictured)

While Mr Maguire makes comments such as 'they are sucking people's d***s' and 'they can get f**ked' in the pair's phone conversations, the onetime Girl Guide often simply replies to his remarks with 'Mmm'. The pair is pictured together

While Mr Maguire makes comments such as ‘they are sucking people’s d***s’ and ‘they can get f**ked’ in the pair’s phone conversations, the onetime Girl Guide often simply replies to his remarks with ‘Mmm’. The pair is pictured together

Gladys Berejiklian departs after giving evidence at the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption on Monday

Gladys Berejiklian departs after giving evidence at the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption on Monday

While Mr Maguire makes comments such as ‘they are sucking people’s d***s’ and ‘they can get f**ked’, the onetime Girl Guide often simply replies to his remarks with ‘Mmm’. 

Mr Maguire calls Ms Berejiklian ‘babe’ in a secretly-recorded phone conversation and she says to him in another: ‘You will always be my numero uno.’ 

Asked at the inquiry what she meant by ‘numero uno’, Ms Berejiklian said: ‘I think what I would have meant there is that in my personal life I placed importance on how I felt about him.’

In other private correspondence the two called each other ‘hawkiss’, an Armenian term of endearment. 

One call between Ms Berejiklian and Mr Maguire played to the Independent Commission Against Corruption took place before a trip he planned making to China.

Mr Maguire, then the Liberal member for Wagga Wagga, was concerned about looming job losses at a company which was based outside his electorate. 

Mr Maguire calls Ms Berejiklian 'babe' and she says to him: 'You will always be my numero uno.' Asked at the inquiry what she meant by 'numero uno', Ms Berejiklian said: 'I think what I would have meant there is that in my personal life I placed importance on how I felt about him'

Mr Maguire calls Ms Berejiklian ‘babe’ and she says to him: ‘You will always be my numero uno.’ Asked at the inquiry what she meant by ‘numero uno’, Ms Berejiklian said: ‘I think what I would have meant there is that in my personal life I placed importance on how I felt about him’

Ms Berejiklian said she had a 'personal attachment' to Mr Maguire and their relationship - which began in 2015 - had been kept under wraps as she was a 'very private person'. Mr Maguire is pictured outside ICAC on July 13, 2018

Ms Berejiklian said she had a ‘personal attachment’ to Mr Maguire and their relationship – which began in 2015 – had been kept under wraps as she was a ‘very private person’. Mr Maguire is pictured outside ICAC on July 13, 2018

Ms Berejiklian can be heard telling Mr Maguire her then chief-of-staff Sarah Cruickshank had concerns about his travel.

What is the Maguire ICAC inquiry about?

The Independent Commission Against Corruption is investigating whether the former MP for Wagga Wagga, Daryl Maguire, engaged in conduct that breached public trust by using his public office to improperly gain a benefit for himself or entities close to him including the company G8wayInternational.

He was forced to quit the Berejiklian government in 2018 after a separate ICAC inquiry heard evidence he sought payments to help broker deals for property developers.

‘All right babe, what do you think?’ Mr Maguire says.

‘I just got home, did Sarah ring you from my office?’ Ms Berejiklian replies.

‘No why?’ he says.

Ms Berejiklian: ‘She sent me a text, when she has to ring a member of parliament she lets me know.’

‘They seem to think it’s in your electorate. I didn’t say anything, It’s none of my business, I’m just letting you know.’

Mr Maguire goes on to explain why he wants to go to China.

‘I will [unintelligible]… these bureaucrats don’t care… they’re shaking hands, they are sucking people’s d***s and they are turning up to everything and they do nothing,’ he says.

Mr Maguire had proposed going on a trade delegation to China where he would discuss a dairy in southern NSW but did not make the trip after a direction from Ms Cruickshank. 

One phone call between the pair was supposedly so ‘offensive’ that a live stream of the hearing was paused when it was played for the first time. 

Another phone call was played in a private session after counsel assisting Scott Robertson said it raised ‘questions as to the privacy of the two people involved in the conversation… that’s the safest course.’ 

One phone call was played in a private ICAC session after counsel assisting Scott Robertson said it raised 'questions as to the privacy of the two people involved in the conversation...' Ms Berijiklian is pictured with Mr Maguire (right) and former premier Barry O'Farrell

One phone call was played in a private ICAC session after counsel assisting Scott Robertson said it raised ‘questions as to the privacy of the two people involved in the conversation…’ Ms Berijiklian is pictured with Mr Maguire (right) and former premier Barry O’Farrell

Ms Berejiklian said she had a ‘personal attachment’ to Mr Maguire and their relationship – which began in 2015 – had been kept under wraps as she was a ‘very private person’. 

‘She won’t survive this’ 

Radio host Ray Hadley: ‘I don’t think, for a whole range of reasons, that Gladys Berejkilian can survive this.’

‘Given this relationship predated his divorce and separation, and given that she’s now admitted had he retired from politics in 2017 she would have made public the relationship.

Greens MP David Shoebridge: ‘It’s hard to see how the Premier can survive a day in Parliament this week given the bombshells being dropped in ICAC about her relationship with the… Liberal MP Daryl Maguire.’

Sky News political editor Andrew Clennell: ‘When they call a premier you know they’ve got something. I actually think I that there’s a good chance Gladys Berejiklian will have to resign over this.’

In 2017 the pair spoke about their future shared plans, including making their relationship public if Mr Maguire resigned before the 2019 state election. 

Ms Berejiklian admitted that over the course of their relationship Mr Maguire frequently spoke of his finances and was ‘obsessed’ with them.

In one phone call, Mr Maguire says: ‘So I think what I’ll do is, if they give me a cheque for my tax, I think it’s better taken off my mortgage. I think what I’ll do is I’ll whack it into shares.’ 

Ms Berejiklian: ‘You told me that before.’

Mr Maguire was forced to quit the Berejiklian government in 2018 after a separate ICAC inquiry heard evidence he sought payments to help broker deals for property developers. 

Ms Berejiklian said on Monday she had a ‘close personal relationship’ with Mr Maguire and the pair continued to communicate until less than a month ago.

She also admitted Mr Maguire had told her about some of his business interests and she presumed the former MP had appropriately disclosed them.

Mr Maguire is accused of using his public office and parliamentary resources to improperly gain a benefit for himself or for G8way International, a company Mr Maguire allegedly ‘effectively controlled’.

He last spoke to Ms Berejiklian on September 13 – less than a month ago – and she had ceased communication only after agreeing to attend the ICAC inquiry.

Ms Berejiklian denied distancing herself from specific details on Mr Maguire’s affairs in an attempt at self-preservation.

‘I would never, ever, ever turn a blind eye from any responsibility that I had to disclose any wrongdoing that I saw, or any activity that I thought was not in keeping with what a member of parliament should be doing,’ Ms Berejiklian told the inquiry.

‘I would suggest that I was either not interested or I thought what he was raising with me was fanciful. He was a big talker.

One message from 2014, before Ms Berejiklian was premier, appears to reveal Maguire telling Mr Berejiklian about how a motel had sold for $5.8 million, and how he was entitled to $5,000

One message from 2014, before Ms Berejiklian was premier, appears to reveal Maguire telling Mr Berejiklian about how a motel had sold for $5.8 million, and how he was entitled to $5,000 

‘A lot of the time, I would have ignored a lot of what he said as fanciful and information that I didn’t care to be involved in or interested in.’

The premier also said she did not take a personal interest in Mr Maguire’s finances, despite their relationship, as she was an ‘independent woman’ with her own means.

She was never concerned Mr Maguire might be attempting to use the influence of her office to promote his own business activities. 

Ms Berejiklian was dragged into the saga last week when the ICAC heard Mr Maguire gave racing heir Louise Waterhouse the premier’s email address to help her lobby for rezoning changes that would benefit a parcel of land she held.

ICAC heard Mr Maguire had suggested the premier would be able to provide a ‘tickle from up top’, but Ms Waterhouse said Ms Berejiklian never responded.

The inquiry had heard Mr Maguire looked to make about $1million if the Waterhouse land was sold to a Chinese buyer called Country Garden. 

NSW police guard a driveway at the Independent Commission Against Corruption ahead of premier Gladys Berejiklian's appearance on Monday morning

NSW police guard a driveway at the Independent Commission Against Corruption ahead of premier Gladys Berejiklian’s appearance on Monday morning

In a call played to ICAC, Mr Maguire referred to property broker William Luong who was working with him to help Ms Waterhouse with the western Sydney land sale.

‘William tells me we’ve done our deal,’ Mr Maguire says.

Ms Berejiklian replies: ‘I don’t need to know about that bit.’

Ms Berejiklian could become the third Liberal premier in NSW to be brought down by the anti-corruption body her side of politics created.

Nick Greiner became its first victim in 1992 – just four years after he established the ICAC in a bid to uncover Labor scandals during Neville Wran’s decade in power.

While the Supreme Court later cleared him of scandalously offering a government job to former education minister Terry Meterell, the damage was done and the late John Fahey replaced him as premier.

Little more than two decades later, in 2014, Barry O’Farrell resigned over an undeclared $3,000 bottle of Grange Hermitage, bottled in the year of his birth – 1959.

He had received the gift in March 2011 in the week he won a landslide election victory that ended 16 years of Labor rule, following a series of scandals in Kristina Keneally’s government.

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Integrative Systematic Approaches for Revealing Biological Functions of Psychiatric Risk Genes and Alleles


Sponsored by:
NIMH Genomics Team

About the Workshop:

The purpose of this workshop is to stimulate discussions among experts to identify systematic experimental approaches to gain comprehensive insights into psychiatric disease mechanisms based on human genetic findings. This Genes to Biology (G2B) framework is envisioned as a tiered approach from broad, unbiased high-throughput screens to deep, targeted low-throughput investigations. Given that the effects of coding mutations are more readily interpretable, this workshop focuses on identifying current or emerging scalable technologies for surveying the biological impact of all risk alleles in genes with an increased burden of damaging mutations in neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders. The hope is to develop a systematic framework for gaining a meaningful biological understanding of the genetic risk underlying psychiatric disorders and make much-needed headway into identifying disease mechanisms.

Meeting Goals:

  • Identify opportunities and challenges for developing a transformative framework to advance the work on systematic functional dissections of psychiatric risk genes.
  • Focus: conceptual approaches, high-throughput technologies, scalable assays, mechanistic and computational inferences.


11:00 am – 12:00 pm: Conceptual discussion
12:00 – 1:20 pm: Scalable technologies
1:30 – 2:50 pm: Functional assays/understanding mechanisms
3:00 – 4:30 pm: Future directions/Next steps
4:30 pm: Adjourn

Registration: Please register online for this free event to confirm your attendance. Registration will close on Friday, September 18th.

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Fast food worker fired over TikTok video revealing how to save money

It’s become a sure fire way to get viral success — hop on TikTok, share some behind-the-scenes tips from your popular workplace and watch as the video racks up hundreds of thousands of views.

Videos from McDonald’s, Woolies and Kmart workers have gone viral with employees revealing tricks like how to successful get a discount, or their favourite products people don’t know about.

But one viral TikTok star has claimed she was fired from her fast food job after a video of her revealing “tips” for customers got millions of views.

19-year-old TikTok user @anasteeezy, first name Ana, was elated when a video she shared about Chick-Fil-A, a fast food fried chicken chain in the United States, got more than 2.6 million views.

“So I work at Chick-Fil-A and I’m here to give you all the tips and tricks on secret menu items, how to get things cheaper,” Ana said in the video.

In the short clip she shared how to get a bigger Mango Passion tea for less money by ordering another drink and adding mango syrup to it, sharing pictures of a Chick-Fil-A register screen.

In a follow-up video Ana was in the car and claimed she was “actually on my way to get fired now”.

She later explained that she had “finished my day at work and decided it’d be cool to make a Chick-Fil-A video”.

Ana said she had been excited when she went “TikTok famous”, but soon began getting “messages and threats from Chick-Fil-A operators and employees trying to get me fired”.

Then things got worse, with Ana claiming she “got a call from my boss saying we needed to talk and that I needed to return my uniform”.

Ana’s firing got plenty of sympathy from her fans, who said they had enjoyed her original video and were looking forward to more tips.

“Do they not realise that these tips can help low-income families and such to afford more food for their buck?” one person wrote, while another added: “Can’t believe what they did to you! So unreasonable.”

“I still don’t know why they would fire you,” another commenter fumed. “It’s not like it’s a big deal, you were just trying to help people out. It’s not like they’re losing money.”

But while people joked that she had “took one for the team”, others said it wasn’t unreasonable for an employer to take action if you reveal work secrets.

“OK they shouldn’t do that but honestly what do you guys expect when you’re exposing a company on social media,” one person wrote.


One woman has had more success with her TikTok videos about another fast food giant, posting about her time working there six years after she left the role.

New York makeup artist Dessy Joseph worked at McDonald’s from 2013 to 2014 and gone viral for posting more than 30 videos about the fast food chain.

Some of her best tips include how to get a discount and why you should never order a caramel sundae.

Dessy explained that the different sundae sauces were stored in “metal bins” at the base of the machine which would cause the caramel to go off.

“The machine gets hot, it heats up when it’s working and condensation builds. Condensation plus tight closed spaces equals mould,” she said.

“There was plenty of occasions where we would open the thingy and there’d be mould in it.”

In another video, Dessy said that there was an easy way to get a discount if, for example, you were ordering a hot cakes breakfast and wanted to change some items.

“Most of you would say no hash browns, but I want extra bacon. The person will remove the hash browns but add the extra bacon and you just spent two dollars for no reason,” she explained.

“Instead use the word sub say ‘no hash brown sub bacon’. It reminds the cashier to press the sub button and you won’t be charged extra.”

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Robert Muir responds to ‘overwhelming reaction’ after revealing story of racism and trauma

Former St Kilda player Robert Muir has responded to the “overwhelming reaction” he received after he spoke out about the racism and trauma he suffered during his career.

The full extent of the racist abuse Muir endured throughout his career was revealed by the ABC on Sunday, prompting an official acknowledgement and apology from both St Kilda and the AFL.

Muir played 68 games for St Kilda in the VFL in the 1970s and 80s, and was the victim of persistent and systemic racism.

He said he received little to no support from his club, his teammates or the league.

Since his playing career, Muir has experienced significant hardships, including being homeless for long periods, while also making several attempts on his own life.

In a statement today, he said he had been overwhelmed by the reaction to his story, and wanted to thank all those who had sent him kind wishes.

The weekend before his last senior St Kilda game, Muir responded to racial abuse from Geelong senior players.(Supplied: Inside Football)

“I appreciate it greatly, because for most of my life people have not understood the difficulties I’ve faced because of racism and trauma,” he said.

On Monday, the SANFL and Woodville-West Torrens Football Club also offered apologies to Muir, with a SANFL statement also acknowledging his would not have been an isolated case.

A trading card of Robert Muir from 1977.
The AFL and St Kilda Football Club have issued apologies to Muir.(Supplied)

“We are sincerely sorry to all those SANFL players who have endured racial vilification,” the league said.

A number of AFL clubs also acknowledged the issue, including the Collingwood Football Club, which apologised to Muir for the racist abuse he endured.

Muir said the recognition had made him feel more valued, but that he now needed space and time deal with the fallout.

“My first priorities are my family and my mental health. I ask that people respect my privacy, and avoid making personal contact for now.”

‘All we ask for in return is respect’

Muir said he had received many messages from former teammates and opponents, and had plans to reconnect with them in time.

“Although I have suffered greatly because of my involvement in the game, my love for football and for St Kilda remains,” he said.

“But for now, I’d like to relax and get back to normal for a while.

“I’m also pleased that the many brilliant Indigenous footballers currently playing the game are finally getting the support they require,” he added.

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have made a huge contribution to AFL football. All we ask for in return is respect.”

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Mum shares air fryer cheat sheet revealing how to cook anything

They’re fast becoming the cult kitchen item in Australia, but for newbies using their air fryers there’s been one annoying problem.

A quick search of air fryer recipes online and you’ll find most of them are from the US and in American measurements.

But one mum has come up with a solution, helpfully compiling the cooking times and temperatures for dozens of common foods into one place.

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“I needed something with Aussie weights and measurements on it so I have converted a couple of cooking charts from the internet to this with a couple added of your recipes from the group’s Facebook,” the woman wrote in the Kmart Air Fryer Recipes group.

“Please feel free to use it if it helps you.”

The list is divided into categories for vegetables, pork and lam, fish and seafood, chicken, beef, frozen foods and snacks and baking.

It includes cooking temperatures and times for fish fillets, a whole roast chicken and even a cake.

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She added that the measures had been “converted to the nearest whole number” and so you should “watch your cooker and know that they are not strict conversions”.

“If you can think of anything that should be added please let me know so I can cover as many things as I can,” the woman wrote.

The post soon attracted hundreds of comments, with people praising her for sharing the “fabulous” conversions.

“This is a great reference chart,” one person wrote, while another added: “Thank you – that takes a bit of guess work out. I bought a Telfal French brand – love it – but the instructions are in French.”

“What a hero! I could have done with that two hours ago, trying to figure out how long to cook my whole chicken and at what temperature,” another person commented.

Others said the list had inspired them to make more in their air fryer.

“Great will start adding more as I didn’t know I could cook so much in it,” one commented.

“Wow this is great. I have just acquired a air fryer (not a Kmart one) and this is so handy!” another said.

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Air fryers cook meals by circulating hot air around food, creating a crispy outside similar to deep-fried food.

They’re popular for cooking some foods faster than a conventional oven as well as not heating up an entire room – an advantage when cooking during summer.

According to Healthline, you can use just one teaspoon of oil to make fries in an air fryer that taste almost identical to the less healthy deep-fried version.

Because of this, the cooking gadget has been labelled as a sneaky way to lose weight – however, one dietitian has warned that it won’t magically make unhealthy foods suddenly better.

“If you’re using your air fryer to whip up treats all day long, I’ve got some bad news. You see, a brownie is still a brownie, regardless of how it’s cooked,” Melissa Meier wrote for body&

“My suggestion is to simply exercise a little common sense with your air fryer if good health is on your radar – veg, wholegrains and lean proteins are good-for-you everyday foods that can form the basis of a healthy meal, while chocolate, pastry and butter are not.”

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NBCUniversal vice chairman Ron Meyer steps down after revealing affair and secret settlement

NBCUniversal Vice Chairman Ron Meyer stepped down from the entertainment company after revealing that he made a secret settlement with a woman with whom he had an affair and received extortion threats.

In a statement, Meyer said he told his family and the company that he “made a settlement, under threat, with a woman outside the company who had made false accusations against me.”

“Admittedly, this is a woman I had a very brief and consensual affair with many years ago,” said Meyer, 75.

Meyer said “other parties” learned of the settlement and tried to extort him into paying them money “or else they intended to falsely implicate NBCUniversal, which had nothing to do with this matter, and to publish false allegations about me.”

In a statement, NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell said that Meyer had “acted in a manner which we believe is not consistent with our company policies or values.”

Based on those actions, “we have mutually concluded that Ron should leave the company, effective immediately.”

Meyer, once called “Hollywood’s Mr. Nice Guy,” had worked for 25 years at the entertainment company, which is now a division of Comcast Corp. He was president of Universal Studios from 1995 until he was promoted in 2013 to be NBCUniversal’s vice chairman, providing strategic guidance across the media giant. In 1975, he co-founded Creative Artists Agency with fellow agents from the William Morris Agency.

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