Wallabies rookie reveals his injury battle

Wallabies tyro Harry Wilson has revealed how his right foot ballooned to twice the size just three days before Australia’s second Bledisloe Cup clash with New Zealand.

It’s been well documented how Wilson spent 36 hours in an Auckland hospital last week before making a miraculous recovery in time to tackle the mighty All Blacks on Sunday.

But the 20-year-old back-rower only detailed his extraordinary week on Wednesday after returning to Australia for the final two games of the series in Sydney and Brisbane on October 31 and November 7 respectively.

Wilson said what started as a small cut, which he can’t even recall how it came about, developed into boil cellulitis that rendered him immobile less than a week after making a memorable Test debut in Australia’s series-opening 16-16 draw in Wellington.

“It was a bit different to a usual game week. I just had a little bit of a cut on my foot on Monday and then it progressively got worse,” Wilson said at the unveiling of the Wallabies’ latest Indigenous jumper.

“I did a big training session on Wednesday and then my foot was probably the size of two shoes.

“So on Thursday I had my foot all up and Friday we decided it was probably best to go to hospital to get it sorted.”

Wilson was pumped with antibiotics and spent almost every waking minute icing the foot in his race against the clock.

He was eventually released from hospital on Saturday afternoon, less than 24 hours before going into battle in Bledisloe II at Eden Park.

“I pretty much didn’t move for 36 hours just to get it all out,” Wilson said.

“The swelling left and I kind of knew (I’d be OK to play) because about every four hours I was able to walk on it a bit better.”

Continuing his Cinderella year, Wilson’s foot fitted beautifully into his shoe and the Wallabies hardman managed to play 50 minutes in Australia’s 27-7 defeat.

“The boot ended up fitting on pretty well so I didn’t really notice it on game day, which was good,” he said.

Wilson did enough to suggest he’ll be retained for Australia’s must-win showdown in Sydney.

But, furious with seeing his side miss 40 tackles, Wallabies coach Dave Rennie threatened to wield the axe.

One player unlikely to back-up is midfield playmaker Matt Toomua, who is still awaiting the outcome of scans after limping off before halftime with a recurring groin injury.

“However long he misses, he’ll be a big loss,” his Wallabies and Melbourne Rebels teammate Dane Haylett-Petty said on Wednesday.

“He’s one of the leaders of the team and he’s probably been close to the form player so far, shifting out and doing a job at 12 and leading the defence.”

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Formula 1 driver Lance Stroll reveals COVID-19 diagnosis forced him to pull out of Eifel Grand Prix

Canadian Formula 1 driver Lance Stroll has revealed he tested positive for COVID-19 after the Eifel Grand Prix in Germany earlier this month.

The 21-year-old said he had spent 10 days at home in self-isolation with mild symptoms, and was now clear and ready to race at the Portuguese Grand Prix this weekend.

“I was tested again on Monday this week and my results were negative,” the Racing Point driver said on Twitter.

“I feel in great shape and I can’t wait to be back with the team and to race in Portugal.”

Lance Stroll was replaced by Nico Hülkenberg at the Eifel Grand Prix.(Reuters: Bryn Lennon)

Stroll pulled out of the Eifel Grand Prix at the Nürburgring a day before the October 11 race because he felt unwell.

He was replaced at short notice by Germany’s Nico Hülkenberg, who started from the back of the grid and ended up finishing eighth.


Racing Point said at the time that Stroll, whose father Lawrence owns the Silverstone-based team, had felt unwell since the Russian Grand Prix on September 27.

Stroll is the second Formula 1 driver to have tested positive for coronavirus, the other being his Mexican teammate Sergio Perez, who missed two races in August.

Stroll is in ninth place in the drivers’ standings on 57 points.

The first practice at Algarve is scheduled for Friday.


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Penrith Panthers winger Josh Mansour reveals surgeon’s horrifying life or death warning after 2018 facial injury

“He [Lyttle] freaked out about how much bone was shattered,” Mansour said. “He couldn’t believe the force that went through my face. He’d seen 12 people in his whole career as bad as me. People had that similar injury to me were car accident victims and army soldiers injured in bomb blasts.”

Despite the warnings, including fears for his life, Mansour only cared about one thing. “Malcolm sat us down and spoke about all the details of the surgery and the potential risks,” Mansour’s wife, Daniella, recalled.

He kept stressing to me that if I copped another knock to the face, it was a matter of life and death.

Josh Mansour

“After he finished speaking he asked if we had any questions and Josh straight away said: “Will I play football ever again?’ That was his first question. Not what will I look like, not will I be able to play with the kids. It was about football. If the surgeon tells Josh he can play football again, to him that’s a full life. That was the only question he had to ask. I wasn’t going to influence his decision. It was his choice. It’s his dream. How do you tell someone, ‘No, you should stop living your dream now?’

“Everyone that plays knows the risk. Anything can happen on any given day, you just don’t know. It’s not my position to tell him he should stop. You could die in a car crash. I worry about that every time I take the kids in the car. But can you really live your life scared? He was living his dream. In everything you do there’s a risk. If you are scared you’ll never live life to the fullest.”

The dangers were real and Mansour had to wait two weeks for the swelling to go down before he could undergo surgery. There was also a possibility that he could lose his eyesight, given how delicate the surgery to repair the damage was expected to be. It’s why the memory of waking up from the seven-hour operation, which left him with three metal plates and 18 screws in his face, will forever be etched into his memory.

“I remember when I woke up, my eyes were completely shut and I didn’t know if I could see,” a teary Mansour said. “I lifted my eyelid with my fingers and the first people I saw were my wife and daughter. It’s a pictured memory in my head. I’ll never forget it. I’m getting emotional now thinking about it.”

Panthers player Josh Mansour, wife Daniella and children Andre, left, and Siana.Credit:Nick Moir

When Mansour left the field against the Titans in 2018, the team medical staff demanded he refrain from blowing his nose in fear of damaging his eye. But the former NSW and Australia winger was in such pain he forgot the warning and was rushed straight to hospital as a result of his actions.

“If you blow out of your nose with an orbital fracture, air can go through the pocket and pop your eye out,” Mansour said.

“I was in the shower and completely forgot about it because I was in all sorts and had so many thoughts going through my head wondering if I was ever going to play again. I forgot and I blew my nose and my whole eye puffed up. There was this massive air bubble and they rushed me straight to hospital.”

More than two years have passed since the ordeal and, while he’s made a near full recovery, there are a few lingering effects from the injury.

Josh Mansour clutches at his face in 2018.

Josh Mansour clutches at his face in 2018.Credit:NRL Photos

“I still have a bit of nerve damage,” he said. “I get a lot of tingling and numbness just above my cheek. When I go to clip my beard where my moustache is, it gives me a funny feeling in my face. But I’m OK. Daniella has been massive for me. I knew she was worried, but she never let that fear impact on me.

“If I had to worry about the fact that she was worried about me, it would have been hard to keep playing; it would have held me back. I wouldn’t have got through it without her support. I would’ve retired if she didn’t want me to play.”


Mansour also felt he owed it to the club to continue.

“I love this place so much,” he said of the Panthers. “Words can’t even describe how much I love this place. It’s my home. This place is my home. Every time I’ve come off contract I’ve never ever wanted to leave. My heart is here. The club has always had my back and by playing on I wanted to pay them back.”

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Research Reveals the Powerful Benefits of Whey Protein

As one of the best studied supplements in the world, whey protein packs an incredible nutritional value and plenty of health benefits.

In fact, whey protein is considered to be one of the top dietary sources of high quality protein available because it contains all nine essential amino acids – the most crucial nutrients for attaining your optimal level of fitness. It doesn’t matter whether you’re lifting heavy weights in order to get huge and ripped, trying to lose some excess weight or training light to improve the tone of your muscles and your overall health – whey protein can help you get where you want to be in less time.

Recent studies have shown that whey protein can help you increase size and strength and get rid of fat while preserving lean muscle mass.

  • One study from Baylor University has proven that consuming whey protein one hour before and one hour after the workout leads to the greatest mass and strength gains, while another group of researchers in Minnesota found that whey protein intake is associated to a significant loss of body fat.

And speaking about fat loss, what you probably don’t know is that whey protein can help you suppress your appetite and manage blood glucose levels.

  • One Canadian study concluded that consuming whey protein 30 minutes before a meal will decrease the amount of calories consumed and minimize the risk of overeating in subsequent meals.

But perhaps your chronically stressful lifestyle, a well-known obstacle on the path to a fitter and healthier body, prevents you from losing the desired amount of fat? As it turns out, whey protein can help you out with that one as well.

  • A recent study coming from the Netherlands suggests that whey protein consumption can help you significantly improve your mood, eliminate symptoms of depression and reverse immunosuppression by simultaneously reducing the levels of cortisol and increasing the production of serotonin.

Still, the greatest news concerning this potent form of protein come from a pool of new scientific data that dubs whey protein as one of the most promising tool in the global fight against certain forms of cancer, especially prostate and colon cancers.

  •  A study from the Ohio State University reveals that regular consumption of whey protein increases the levels of the cancer-blocking compound glutathione in the body.

Glutathione is made from the amino acid cysteine, a great amount of which is found in whey protein. It’s important to note that many scientific findings indicate that regular aerobic exercise is bad news for your glutathione levels leads, which in turn can negatively affect the health of your nervous, gastrointestinal and immune systems.

  • But a study from the University of Alberta found that whey protein supplementation is linked to a significantly lesser reduction in glutathione levels in subjects who engage in aerobic exercise.

As we mentioned above, regardless of your motives and goals, whey protein is an excellent way to speed up the effects of your training by stimulating muscle growth, increasing strength and contributing to greater fat loss, while also enhancing your health and well-being by reducing the risk of prostate and colon cancer, strengthening the immune system and promoting psychological balance and stability.

Science has spoken: including whey protein supplementation in your diet will make a significant difference in the way you live, eat and train, so make sure you choose a trusted, high quality brand and enjoy the beneficial effects of this amazing powder.

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Penrith Panthers’ Jarome Luai reveals man-crush on Melbourne Storm’s Cameron Munster

“He’s definitely a freak and a challenge for us. I’m thinking I want to play like him. He stepped off his left foot four times and made a line break. I was like ‘I want to be like that guy’.

“He’s a freak on the field and a good guy off the field. I can’t wait to go up against him.”

In a contest full of salivating match-ups, few are likely to provide as many highlight-reel moments as the opposing five-eighths. Munster has established himself as a representative star for Queensland and Australia, as well as an integral member of the Storm spine.

Panthers playmaker Jarome Luai is a big fan of Cameron Munster.Credit:Nine

Luai, meanwhile, is delivering on the promise he displayed as a junior after a breakout year at the foot of the mountains. The 23-year-old has long been a fan of Munster and wants to base his own free-wheeling game on the Melbourne No.6.

“He’s so instinctive,” Luai said. “He’s a big frame and when he runs the ball, he runs to break the line.

“I want to be like that, I want to play what is in front of me. He’s got so much X-factor, he’s so dangerous. He will be a target for us to watch out for.”

I want to be like that, I want to play what is in front of me. He’s got so much X-factor, he’s so dangerous.

Jarome Luai on Cameron Munster

The feeling is mutual. The pair hit it off after meeting at a nines tournament and Munster was quick to acknowledge Luai’s role in Penrith’s 17-game winning streak.

“He’s got a lot of confidence, a lot of skill. I like the way he plays, he plays with a lot of flair and he’s not too scared to get in with the rough stuff,” Munster said.

“He has come on leaps and bounds from previous years. There was obviously a question mark on who would play six for them and he has taken it with both hands.”

The Rabbitohs attempted to poach Luai the past two times he was off-contract and he will receive more interest from rival clubs when he becomes a free agent on November 1. However, the St Marys Saints junior has no intention of leaving the Panthers.

“Hopefully Penrith will re-sign me. We’ll see how I go,” he said.

“This is my home, my childhood dream has come true. I get to play in my backyard every day, train every day here, it’s about a 15-minute drive from home, it’s not too far. I’m going to be here for life.”


Luai is one of more than half-a-dozen local juniors who tasted premiership success with the Panthers at National Youth Competition level. The opportunity to replicate the feat at NRL level with his mates is still sinking in.

“It’s crazy and it makes it that much more special,” he said. “You’re willing to work harder for the end prize and we’re just 80 minutes away from what you work for your whole life. There are a lot of young boys in this team, so it’s come pretty quickly to us.

“People talk about us not having much finals experience but it feels like back when we were in under-20s, winning premierships there as well. It doesn’t feel any different, just the occasion is much bigger.”

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Premier Mark McGowan reveals minister’s office under investigation

Premier Mark McGowan has revealed the office of one of his ministers is under active investigation, but would not reveal details to Parliament.

Mr McGowan was facing opposition questioning about the Public Sector Commission, which oversees integrity matters relating to public servants and political staffers employed in ministerial offices.

WA’s Parliament House.Credit:Nathan Hondros

He said there had been two matters dealt with by Public Sector Commissioner Sharyn O’Neill relating to investigations into ministerial offices.

One related to complaints about Treasurer Ben Wyatt’s media adviser, who was found not guilty in April of indecently assaulting a female colleague at a Christmas function.

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Travel latest news: Wales ‘circuit-break’ lockdown would span half term, leaked letter reveals

Wales is planning to announce a three-week “circuit breaker” shutdown that would span the half-term holiday, a leaked letter has revealed.

Details of the proposed lockdown measures are outlined in the letter (published by Bubble Wales) from John Pocket, the Wales director of the Confederation of Passenger Transport, to members, including that the “circuit break” would take effect at 6pm on October 23 and last until November 9. 

The leaked document explains that “the message for public transport will be essential journeys only” and that “it will take us back to the situation in March when all but essential retail outlets were open – pubs, cafes, restaurants, hairdressers etc – were closed”. It adds that financial government support for travel firms had been secured.

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford is holding talks today ahead of an announcement on Monday – last week Mr Drakeford said his Government was “very actively talking about and preparing for” a circuit-breaker lockdown in Wales and called on the UK Government to consider adopting a short-term lockdown in England. 

A four-week “circuit breaker” came into force in Northern Ireland on Friday, which includes the closure of pubs and restaurants, the extension of the half-term holiday from October 19-30 and advice against “unnecessary” travel. 

In Wales, meanwhile, 17 out of 22 local authority areas are under local lockdown and the Welsh Government has banned visitors from Tier 2 and 3 areas of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Scroll down for the latest travel updates.

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Land of land-grabs – A crackdown in Bangladesh reveals corruption on a daunting scale | Asia

IN FARIDPUR, A small provincial town in Bangladesh, it is hard to keep a secret. Everyone knows not just that Sajjad Hossain and Imtiaz Hasan, two brothers who until recently headed the local branch of the ruling Awami League, are very rich, but also how they came to be so. Over the past seven years they acquired more than 300 hectares of land at rock-bottom prices. Sellers apparently felt that the brothers’ low offers could not be refused—perhaps because they had connections to Sheikh Hasina Wajed, the prime minister, or because complaints about them to the police seemed to fall on deaf ears. No longer: a recent criminal investigation into the Faridpur division of the Awami League found that some $340m had passed through the brothers’ 49 accounts. Along with other local Awami League leaders involved in the scandal, the brothers now await trial, on charges of money-laundering.

If the scale of the pair’s empire surprised many, so did the fact that it ever came to light. Their arrest is the latest in a series of moves to clean up the ruling party. At the start of the covid-19 pandemic, Sheikh Hasina berated her party’s members for pocketing rice intended for the poor. In July two hospitals in Dhaka found to be issuing fake negative-test certificates for hefty fees were raided by the Rapid Action Battalion, an elite police unit. Mohammad Shahed, chairman of the Regent group, which owns the hospitals, was jailed on corruption charges. Last year wads of discarded cash were found in Dhaka’s rivers after the prime minister ordered raids on the city’s underground casinos, mostly run by high-up officials in the Awami League and their cronies.

Sheikh Hasina has complained about corruption since she came to power in 2009, but has shown much more vigour in the past year and a half, says Iftekhar Zaman from Transparency International Bangladesh, a watchdog. The crackdown, he argues, is mainly driven by the prime minister’s hankering for legitimacy, which is in doubt because she has squeezed the pips out of the opposition and run the country with a crushing parliamentary majority for the past 12 years. The scourge of covid-19 risks further harm to the government’s standing. Making a song and dance about corruption diverts voters’ attention, says Mr Zaman, and suggests that the Awami League is, as it claims, “working in the public interest”.

The crackdown may also reflect divisions within the ruling party. The raids on casinos chiefly netted members of the Awami Youth League. Omar Faruk, its leader at the time, accused the police of hypocrisy, claiming they had been complicit in the thriving casino business for years. The crackdown, he said, was a politically motivated “plot”. He was removed from his position, along with many others in the Youth League. But the main reshuffle, says one observer, was of Dhaka’s underworld: the Youth League’s ousting allowed gangsters with connections to other bits of the party to muscle in on the casino business.

In the Faridpur case, the accused named a local Awami League politician, Khandaker Mohtesham Hossain, as their “protector”, alleging that he took a 2% cut of the spoils (he denies it). His brother, Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, the local MP and a former minister, is the father-in-law of Saima Wajed Hossain, Sheikh Hasina’s daughter. Bangladeshis speculate that allegations that such grandees were involved reflect a power-struggle within the party.

Whatever the explanation for it, the sudden anti-corruption drive, far from burnishing the Awami League’s image, seems to have horrified many Bangladeshis by revealing that the problem was even bigger than they had realised. “I knew there were casinos in Dhaka,” says Mr Zaman, but the number—at least 60, according to reports—was “surprising even to me”. The suspected abuses in Faridpur, he notes, began long before the current government took office. But their exposure has reinforced the widespread suspicion that many politicians see their jobs as “a licence for self-enrichment”.

This article appeared in the Asia section of the print edition under the headline “Land of land-grabs”

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Rental Report Reveals Tenants’ Covid Struggle – 16 News

Australian Greens Housing spokesperson Senator Mehreen Faruqi has said that AHURI’s Renting in the time of COVID-19: understanding the impacts report, released today, has shone a light on the struggles of renters during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Senator Faruqi said:

“Renters are doing it very tough. The findings of this report confirm many of the fears we’ve had for renters throughout this crisis. Many are earning less, living precariously, and being refused rent reductions.

“The government needs a plan to manage the immense rental stress people are experiencing, and which will worsen as the government continues to withdraw income support.

“There were no measures in last week’s budget to address housing affordability or ensure that people will not have to go hungry to keep a roof over their heads.

“The government must reverse their cruel cuts to income support and invest in social housing to ensure accessible, affordable and sustainable homes for everyone who needs one.

“I call on the National Cabinet to ensure eviction bans are in place so this public health and economic crisis doesn’t leave more and more people in a homelessness crisis,” she said.

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