Martial arts instructor charged after alleged sexual assault of boy in Sydney’s west

A bail application at Fairfield Local Court on Wednesday was told that Mr Barnes, who has his students call him Master Chris, was already facing separate charges relating to intentionally sexually touching another student between the ages of 10 and 16.

The court heard the 33-year-old had pleaded not guilty to that charge in November last year.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Mr Barnes appeared via an audio-visual link where his lawyer, Michael Fokkes, said there were serious doubts about the police case against his client and said there could be collusion between the two families of his alleged victims.

Mr Fokkes said, since the first charges were laid against Mr Barnes, CCTV had been installed at the martial arts studio.

Martial arts instructor Christopher Barnes has been arrested. Credit:Facebook

The court also heard that the mother of the child involved in the latest charges had initially offered to provide a character witness assessment for Mr Barnes in the matter involving the first child. That offer has since been withdrawn.

Mr Fokkes said, on the day the latest alleged victim provided a statement to police, Mr Barnes’ brother contacted the boy’s mother, asking if he would return to classes that year.

The mother responded that the child would “be back as of the first of February,” Mr Fokkes said.

But police allege that conversation took place before the boy had disclosed to his parents what had allegedly occurred. The boy overheard the discussion between his mother and Mr Barnes’ brother which then prompted him to come forward and raise the allegations, the court heard.

Mr Barnes was already on strict bail conditions relating to the first alleged offence which prevented him from being with anyone under the age of 16 and led him to step back from running his martial arts studio.

Mr Fokkes told the court this had placed considerable stress on Mr Barnes’ family as the business helped support their ill mother.

The martial arts instructor was granted bail again on Wednesday on the condition he reports to police seven days a week and surrenders his passport.

The matter will next be heard at Fairfield Local Court on March 17.

If anyone has experienced an incident such as this, they are urged to contact local police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Nearly 3,000 reports of online child sexual abuse last year

Save the Children Finland (Pelastakaa Lapset), a non-profit organisation that specialises in foster care, adoption and child protection services, has revealed that they received 2,750 tips related to online sexual exploitation of children last year.

The organisation provides a service on their website which allows anyone to report illegal activities pertaining to sexual solicitation or abuse of minors. This information is then handed over to the authorities.

Children or young adults who are victims of online sexual assaults or grooming can report crimes themselves. Additionally, the service provides support in case of nude pictures of minors being circulated online and suspected human trafficking. 

The online service received more reports than usual this Spring, but experts fear that many instances of exploitation will fall under the radar as minors are often unable to identify the markers of sexual grooming. 

In April, Save the Children expressed concern that children may be at higher risk of being targeted by sex offenders online given the current exceptional circumstances.


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Hawthorn investigates allegations of sexual photos sent by Jonathon Patton

An internal investigation has been launched into Hawthorn player Jonathon Patton after reports the 27-year-old allegedly sent lewd images to a woman on social media.

Hawthorn Football Club released a statement on Saturday evening confirming the probe, after reports in the Herald Sun that an unnamed woman had reported the behaviour publicly.

Jonathon Patton has been referred to the Hawthorn’s integrity committee.Credit:Getty

“Hawthorn Football Club is aware of allegations made on social media regarding the behaviour of Jonathon Patton,” the statement read.

“The allegations are of behaviour that does not reflect the values and standards of Hawthorn Football Club.

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Another Tasmanian public servant stood down over allegations of sexual misconduct

A Tasmanian public service employee has been stood down pending an investigation into an allegation of alleged sexual misconduct — the 10th employee to face allegations of misconduct in the past two months.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Government said the “allegation has been referred to Tasmania Police for assessment”.

The person has not been identified, nor has the department for which they worked.

The Government spokesman on Wednesday said being stood down was “not an indication of wrongdoing”.

“Principles of natural justice and other legal considerations demand that further comment is not made whilst the investigation is underway,” the statement reads.

“We also need to make sure that we fulfil our duty of care to our employees and do not prejudice investigations.”

It is the latest in a string of incidents involving Tasmanian public servants.

  • November 19: Three employees from Ashley Youth Detention Centre stood down pending investigation, not all relating to sexual misconduct;
  • November 23: Teacher from northern school stood down and charged in relation to historical allegations of child sexual abuse;
  • November 23: Statewide Mental Health Service employee stood down pending outcome of criminal proceedings related to child sexual abuse outside of work;
  • December 4: Employee based in northern Tasmania stood down pending investigation into historical allegations of child sex abuse identified through National Redress Scheme. Allegation referred to Tasmania Police for assessment;
  • December 10: Employee based in northern Tasmania stood down pending investigation into historical allegation of child sex abuse identified through National Redress Scheme. Abuse alleged to have occurred “over a decade ago” and referred to Tasmania Police for assessment;
  • December 14: Employee based in northern Tasmania stood down pending investigation into allegation of sexual misconduct relating to a minor. Allegation referred to Tasmania Police for assessment;
  • December 16: Employee based in northern Tasmania stood down pending investigation into allegation relating to potential sexual abuse involving a minor. Allegation referred to Tasmania Police for assessment;
  • December 23: Employee based in northern Tasmania stood down pending investigation into allegation relating to potential sexual abuse involving a minor. Allegation referred to Tasmania Police for assessment.

Regarding today’s announcement, the spokesperson said the “presumption of innocence until proven guilty must be upheld”.

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The Most Proven Sexual Performance Supplement

Up until recently, we knew that the herb Eurycoma longifolia, aka tongkat ali, raised testosterone levels. We knew that it prevented testosterone from converting to estrogen. We knew that it freed up bound testosterone so that it was available to muscles.

And we also knew that Eurycoma led to better erections, but we thought that this last point was just a happy side effect of the testosterone-fueled increase in libido.

Little did we know that Eurycoma looks like it increases erectile strength through an entirely separate mechanism, one that works independently of testosterone and that, when combined with its other attributes, qualifies it as an herb that’s as close to being an aphrodisiac as there is.

A Few Words About Sexual Desire, or Lack of It

It’s estimated that a mind-blowing 30 to 40% of people experience a lack of sexual interest for at least several months in any given year.

This joyless lack of lust might be caused by depression, medications, diabetes, hypothyroidism, social and interpersonal problems or, separately, any one of a number of conditions or situations that can inhibit dopamine release.

Lack of sexual desire can also be caused by a neurochemical lack of feedback after sexual stimulation, disturbances in brain neurotransmitters, and, of course, low levels of steroid hormones, chief among them testosterone.

Up until now, the only drugs that were available to treat a low libido were testosterone itself and some inadequately researched herbal drugs. Enter Eurycoma longifolia.

Elevated Testosterone. That’s a Given

I guess it’s a little ethnocentric to suggest in any way that Eurycoma longifolia is a new discovery because Malaysian men have been using it for hundreds of years to enhance both the quantity and the quality of their sexual engagements.

Probably the only things new about it are its growing popularity in the Western world and an expanded understanding of the mechanisms involved in its libido and performance-enhancing properties.

Up until very recently, we thought that Eurycoma’s sexual effects were solely related to two particular quassinoids, which, to those of you who have a working knowledge of biochemistry, are metabolically altered triterpines.

These two quassinoids – eurycomanone and 13-alpha- (21) dihydro eurycomanone – elevate levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which in turn direct the testes to crank out more testosterone.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Eurycoma increases testosterone levels further through two additional biochemical mechanisms. It both blocks the conversion of testosterone to estradiol (thus ensuring higher levels of testosterone) and selectively controls the conversion of DHEA to testosterone.

All of the preceding explains why we thought this Malaysian herb led to better erections. Little did we know that a separate mechanism was involved, one that’s far more reliable than just what might occur with elevated levels of sex hormone.

Erectile “Integrity” (Seriously, It’s a Real Thing)

An erection is a marvel of hydraulics. In simple terms, it’s not too much different than the inflatable arm-flailing tube men you see in front of car dealerships, but you know, without the flailing arms. Of course, to be scientifically accurate, the “tube men” are more related to pneumatics rather than hydraulics and much, much simpler, but the concept of pressure is still similar.

Initially, an excitatory thought or external stimulus sends chemical messages to the arteries in your penis, whereupon the arteries relax and allow a tremendous amount of blood to flow in. The veins then constrict, which pressurizes the penis and sends it skyward, at least ideally.

One of the chemical messages that instigates erections is nitric oxide. Another is a family of chemicals known as rho kinases (ROCKs). They’re found in many tissues and are known to have therapeutic applications in a variety of conditions including cancer, asthma, diabetes, and, as is pertinent to our current discussion, erections.

When you inhibit ROCK, you get bigger and stronger erections, and Eurycoma was found in a recent study to specifically inhibit ROCK-2, an action which researchers believed might explain the herb’s use as an “aphrodisiac” and to treat sexual disorders. (Shahira)

Of course, the strong erections attained through Eurycoma use might also be the result of synergism between elevated testosterone, ROCK-2 inhibition, and perhaps some other yet to be discovered mechanisms.

Despite all that happy news for erectile function, there’s more to a healthy reproductive system than elevated serum levels of testosterone and firm erections, and that’s fertility. It seems Eurycoma plays a big role in that, too.


Firing Blanks

You can add another grim sexual statistic to that epidemic of sexual disinterest I described earlier: Almost 15% of US couples are infertile and about half the time the problem lies with the man.

One meta-analysis of 61 worldwide studies revealed that a general downward trend of sperm count and semen volume over the last 50 years. Whether that’s because of environmental assault (environmental estrogens), a regrettable evolutionary trend, or overly tight tighty-whities is unknown.

Numerous studies, however, have found that Eurycoma increases human and animal semen volume, sperm count, and sperm motility:

  • A randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study involving 109 men, ages 30-55, showed that daily doses of 300 mg. of Eurycoma led to higher scores in erectile function domain, sexual libido, seminal fluid analysis, sperm motility, and semen volume. (Ismail. et al)

  • The sperm counts of rats at varying doses of Eurycoma increased by 78.9, 94.3 and 99.2 % over control. (Chan, et al)

  • In men 40-65 years old, 12 weeks of Eurycoma supplementation led to significant improvements in scores for “sexual intercourse attempts,” erection hardness scale, “sexual health inventory,” and the aging male symptom scale. (Chan, et al)

  • Eurycoma increased spermatogenesis and sperm counts of rats in 14 days, reversing the effects of estrogen. (Wahab, et al)

  • 350 patients who were given 200 mg. of Eurycoma per day showed significant improvements in all semen parameters, allowing for 14.7% more “spontaneous” pregnancies. (Tambi and Imran)

  • Male rats given Eurycoma increased testosterone concentrations by up to 30.2%, along with exhibiting increases in total sperm concentration, motility, and vitality. (Solomon, et al)

Oh Yeah, It Appears to Build Muscle, Too

Anything that increases testosterone levels can and should increase muscle mass, assuming it occurs in conjunction with resistance training of some kind and adequate nutrient intake.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been many studies done on Eurycoma to test this assumption, although at least two have shown promising results. In one study of men between the ages of 57 and 72, 400 mg. a day of Eurycoma for 5 weeks increased free and total testosterone with a measurable increase of “muscular force.” (Henkel, et al).

Another study involved 14 men who undertook an intense strength-training program while taking 100 mg. of Eurycoma a day. The men increased their arm circumference significantly compared to placebo (6.8% to 2.8%). (Hamzah & Yusof).

How to Use Eurycoma Longifolia, aka Tongkat Ali

It should be evident that eurycoma is a powerful testosterone booster/”aphrodisiac” all on its own, but Biotest chose to combine it with two additional powerhouse testosterone boosters/modulators in its Alpha Male®.

Get Alpha Male Here

Each serving (2 tablets) contains 100 mg. of a Eurycoma longifolia extract, (standardized to contain the highest amount possible of the two major, bio-active quassinoids), along with 20 mg. of forskolin carbonate and 500 mg. of Tribulus terrestris.

For those of you unfamiliar with forskolin, it’s a polyphenol that stimulates the production of an enzyme named adenylate cyclase, which in turn increases levels of a cellular messenger called cyclic AMP, or cAMP for short.

In turn, elevated levels of cAMP increase testosterone levels, in addition to increasing thyroid secretion of T4 (increased fat burning), breaking down triglycerides, increasing protein synthesis in skeletal muscles, and increasing activation of brown adipose tissue, or BAT (which causes more fat burning, although through a different mechanism).

Tribulus terrestris is the perfect companion to these other two testosterone-raising compounds as its primary function is to enhance androgen receptor density in the brain (and possibly muscle tissue, too). That means that any testosterone churned out, courtesy of Eurycoma and forskolin, has a lot more room for it to “park” on cells and initiate its biochemical effects.

Together, the three compounds are the next best thing to an actual testosterone injection taken with a Viagra chaser. Take 1-2 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach with 8 ounces of water. Repeat 6 to 8 hours later.

Get Alpha Male® Here

The Next Best Thing to Testosterone Injections


  1. Shahira M. Ezzat, et al. “Rho-Kinase II Inhibitory Potential of Eurycoma longifolia New Isolate for the Management of Erectile Dysfunction,” Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 15 May 2019.

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  5. Solomon MC, Erasmus N, Henkel RR, “In vivo effects of Eurycoma longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali) extract on reproductive functions in the rat,” Andrologia. 2014 May;46(4):339-48.

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Hayne, de Belin trial outcomes could deter sexual assault victims from pursuing charges, say experts

BOCSAR executive director Jackie Fitzgerald said the recent trials of prominent footballers had highlighted the standard of proof used in criminal proceedings, requiring an offence to be proven beyond reasonable doubt.


Ms Fitzgerald said the low conviction rate was an intractable issue and the outcomes in the trials of the footballers were likely to have an impact on how many victims pursued charges.

“Those particular cases are obviously harrowing for those people involved and it’s reasonable to think that could translate into reduced reporting, even for a short period. I think that’s likely,” she said.

Nicholas Cowdery, QC, former NSW director of public prosecutions, said there was already a deterrent effect for victims who did not want to go through a traumatic trial where their version of events would be aggressively questioned.

“When people see that in cases that attract a lot of publicity … the alleged victim is put through a very testing experience and the end result is either indecision or an acquittal then I think it’s a fair comment that would act as an additional deterrent to any victims in that situation from coming forward,” Mr Cowdery said.

Mr Cowdery said it was easy for the defence to sow enough doubt in jurors’ minds as they weigh up one person’s word against another’s, especially when the matter hinged on the question of consent.


He said some of the difficulty for victims in sexual assault trials was an inevitable result of important legal concepts – like the presumption of innocence and proving an offence beyond reasonable doubt – but the process could still be improved and delays reduced.

Some reforms have already been put in place that seek to make it easier for complainants, including allowing the use of a complainant’s original evidence in a retrial and permitting evidence to be given by videolink rather than in the court room.

Among other suggested changes to consent laws, a recent NSW Law Reform Commission report recommended juries receive improved directions to address misconceptions about consensual and non-consensual sex.

The report was commissioned by the state government in 2018 following the acquittal of Luke Lazarus, who was accused of rape by Saxon Mullins. The highly publicised matter, which centred on the question of consent, involved a trial, a retrial and two appeals over five years.

Former NSW director of public prosecutions Nicholas Cowdery, QC, believes sexual assault reporting might be affected by recent court outcomes.

Former NSW director of public prosecutions Nicholas Cowdery, QC, believes sexual assault reporting might be affected by recent court outcomes. Credit:Rob Homer

Ms Mullins criticised the findings of the report and said the law should change to stop an accused relying in court on a mistaken belief in consent based on reasonable grounds unless they took steps to find out if the other person was consenting to sex.

Helen Campbell, executive officer of Women’s Legal Service NSW, said it would be understandable if seeing the price paid by sexual assault victims in criminal trials affected potential complainants.

“I have no personal experience of any particular client saying they would not report to police because of an outcome they saw in the news but it wouldn’t surprise me,” she said.

Ms Campbell pointed to the trial of de Belin and his friend Callan Sinclair which saw the 19-year-old complainant give evidence in the witness box over five days.

“Who would want to do that? And why is it allowed? … The criminal justice system needs to be reformed to be more supportive and protective of victim witnesses,” she said.

The juries in the trial of de Belin and Sinclair and the separate Hayne trial were both unable to reach a verdict in late 2020.

Hayne was accused of sexually assaulting a 26-year-old woman in her Newcastle home. He pleaded not guilty and a jury of eight men and four women was discharged after they were unable to reach a verdict. Hayne will face a retrial next year.

De Belin and Sinclair both pleaded not guilty to allegations they raped the 19-year-old woman in Wollongong in December 2018 after a night out. The pair said the encounter was entirely consensual. The jury was unable to reach a unanimous or majority verdict on the five charges of aggravated sexual assault against each man. A retrial has been scheduled for April.

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Alexander Wang accused of sexual assault by several model ‘victims’

Alexander Wang is facing allegations of sexual misconduct after multiple accusers came forward on social media accusing the fashion designer of drugging and assaulting them, according to a new report. 

The 37-year-old New York City designer was accused of being a ‘sexual predator’ by several anonymous accusers, many of whom claimed Wang had drugged their drinks with MDMA and sexually assaulted them at events in recent years, WWD reported. 

Wang, who became known for his star-studded parties following the success of his fashion label launch in 2005, declined to comment on WWD’s report on Tuesday. 

Representatives for Wang did not respond to’s repeated requests for comment.

Alexander Wang, who rose to fame in the mid 2000s following the launch of his fashion label, has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple individuals, according to WWD. He is pictured above with Naomi Campbell and Janet Jackson in January

The NYC fashion designer (pictured at the 2018) Met Gala with Kylie Jenner  is known for his hard partying lifestyle and for hosting star-studded events.

Wang pictured with model Bella Hadid in 2018

Wang, 37, declined to comment on the allegations on Tuesday. The NYC fashion designer is known for his hard partying lifestyle and for hosting star-studded events.

The allegations against Wang went viral on Monday, when industry watchdog Sh*t Model Management posted stories from several different accusers on Instagram (pictured)

The allegations against Wang went viral on Monday, when industry watchdog Sh*t Model Management posted stories from several different accusers on Instagram (pictured) 

Allegations against Wang went viral on Monday after they were shared on Instagram by industry watchdog, Sh*t Model Management, who urged the public to boycott his label, according to the report. 

‘Alexander Wang is an alleged sexual predator, many male models and trans models have come out and spoken about the alleged sexual abuse that Alexander Wang has inflicted upon them,’ the post read. 

‘It is important to show your support to these victims by unfollowing Alexander Wang and boycotting his clothing line.’

Included in the post was a video clip by model Owen Mooney, who had earlier uploaded a TikTok video claiming he had been ‘touched up’ by a ‘really famous’ fashion designer in 2017. 

Although Mooney did not initially name his alleged abuser, he later uploaded a follow-up TikTok following speculation from viewers and confirmed he had been talking about Wang.

In the video, which has since gone viral, Mooney claimed he had been at a crowded New York City club where he and a few friends had gone to watch rapper CupcakKe perform. 

Model Owen Mooney, who told his story on TikTok, claimed Wang had groped him at a crowded NYC club in 2017

Model Owen Mooney, who told his story on TikTok, claimed Wang had groped him at a crowded NYC club in 2017

One alleged victim also claimed Wang had done the same 'Molly water trick on me

Another accused him of drugging two friends in 2014

One alleged victim also claimed Wang had done the same ‘Molly water trick on me’, while another accused him of drugging two friends in 2014.

Fashion advocacy organization Model Alliance released a statement on Tuesday in support of Wang's accusers

Fashion advocacy organization Model Alliance released a statement on Tuesday in support of Wang’s accusers

‘I was by myself at one point and this guy next to me obviously took at advantage of the fact that no one could f**king move,’ Mooney says in the video.

‘And he just started touching me up. Like, fully up my leg, in my crotch. It made me freeze completely me because I was in so much shock. 

‘And then I look to my left to see who it was and it was a really famous fashion designer and I just couldn’t believe that he was doing that to me,’ Mooney added.

The model went on to describe the incident as ‘really f**ked up’, saying he then had to ‘slowly move away’ from the designer. 

Mooney’s account was one of at least seven included in the post on Monday, the majority of which were shared through screenshots of allegations sent in by anonymous users, according to the report. 

The allegations against Wang were also reported by The Daily Beast.  

Wang, who launched his fashion label in 2005, formerly served as the creative director of Balenciaga

Wang, who launched his fashion label in 2005, formerly served as the creative director of Balenciaga 

Wang, who is openly gay, is seen at the New York City Pride March on June 24, 2018

Wang, who is openly gay, is seen at the New York City Pride March on June 24, 2018

One accuser claimed their friend, who is a trans man, had been riding in a limo with Wang after a party ‘a while ago’ when the designer offered him water and made sure he drank it all.

‘A few moments after, they noticed they were rolling and had been giving molly water,’ the anonymous person claimed.

‘This was a regular occurrence because a year after being told this story, I also heard other people confirm that they also got drugged on the way to any after party.’

Another alleged victim also claimed Wang had done the same ‘Molly water trick on me’, while another accused him of drugging two friends in 2014. 

On Tuesday, fashion advocacy organization Model Alliance, released a statement in support of Wang’s accusers. 

‘We at Model Alliance stand in solidarity with those who have shared accusations of sexual abuse by Alexander Wang,’ it said in an Instagram post.  

‘Lets be clear: The fashion industry’s lack of transparency and accountability leaves all models vulnerable to abuse, regardless of their sex or gender identity.’  

Wang  and Nicki Minaj in 2017

Wang  and Nicki Minaj in 2017 

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Former IMH nurse gets jail and caning for sexual offences against patients, ex-colleagues

SINGAPORE: A former Institute of Mental Health (IMH) nurse tasked to care for patients – including those who were severely mentally ill and suicidal – abused his position and committed sexual offences against them instead.

The 36-year-old man – who cannot be named due to gag orders imposed by the court – was sentenced on Monday (Dec 28) to four years, nine months and one week’s jail and 10 strokes of the cane.

He molested patients and took videos of them when they were naked. At the time of the incident, some of his victims were warded in the High Dependency Psychiatric Care Unit, a highly specialised ward for patients who are actively disturbed, suicidal or severely mentally ill. 

Other victims include his then-colleagues and a pregnant woman who responded to an advertisement he posted for a photoshoot model.

The man was caught in March this year by a victim who saw him take an upskirt video of her on an escalator at a train station.

The police arrested the man on Mar 4 this year at IMH and seized his phones. Four types of videos were found in them – upskirt videos of IMH staff and members of the public, videos of IMH nurses changing, videos of IMH patients showering and videos of the accused molesting IMH patients.

As part of his duties caring for patients in the High Dependency Psychiatric Care Unit, the man had to monitor patients in the shower to ensure they did not commit acts of self-harm.

Usually, nurses are assigned to wards of their corresponding gender, but the man would occasionally be asked to carry out duties in the female ward by the nurse in charge of the shift.

Investigations found that he had filmed nine female patients in the unit.

He also molested a victim at the unit who had been restrained to a hospital bed, and filmed himself committing the crime.

The man also outraged the modesty of another patient who had been sedated for aggression.

In a separate incident, the man posted an advertisement online for a pregnant model for a photoshoot. He asked the woman who responded to the ad to wear a dress that clearly showed her pregnancy bump and met her at Chinese Gardens.

While instructing her to face away from him, the man took five upskirt videos of the pregnant woman before placing the videos in an application that password-protected the clips.

The man, who is married with four children, pleaded guilty to eight charges of molestation, insulting a woman’s modesty and various acts of voyeurism. Another 34 similar charges were taken into consideration. He has been diagnosed with voyeuristic disorder.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Thiagesh Sukumaran asked for 58 months’ jail and 13 strokes of the cane, taking into account “the large number of offences, the repugnant and sickening abuse of the accused’s position” and “how the accused compromised the physical integrity and dignity” of the patients under his care.

Nurses are at the heart of our healthcare system, he said, but the accused instead perpetrated “egregious abuse at a public hospital”, with his “despicable conduct” striking “at the very ethos of nursing” and threatening to “grossly taint and mar the efforts of healthcare workers everywhere”. 

Defence lawyers Mato Kotwani and Ashwin Ganapathy asked instead for not more than 57 months and a week’s jail, and no more than nine strokes of the cane.

Mr Kotwani said his client’s decision to plead guilty stemmed from his remorse.

“He is truly sorry for the hurt and pain he has caused to the victims and their families,” he said. 

He added that his client has made “unqualified confessions to the police, fully assisting in their investigations”.

District Judge Luke Tan said he broadly agreed with the prosecution, adding that the accused has “really done a great disservice” to the nursing profession.

IMH said in response to queries from CNA that it takes a serious view of the incident. It has also since tightened protocol for staff members working in mixed-gender wards.

“IMH takes a serious view of the incident and staff conduct, and had fully cooperated with the police in their investigations,” said an IMH spokesperson, adding that the accused was dismissed on Mar 11. 

“We had also reached out to the affected staff and patients, addressed their concerns, and provided support to them,” the spokesperson said.

“Following the charge in court, we have reminded all staff to adhere to the hospital’s code of conduct. We also further tightened our protocol for staff working in mixed-gender wards.”

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Former CEO launches sexual harassment claim against her own company’s investors

Executives from a number of large Australian companies have complained of sexual harassment in recent years but Ms Hendry is one of the few who has escalated the matter to legal action. She told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald she wanted to be a lightning rod for change for women in business, and her experience to serve as a reminder about what is appropriate behaviour.

From CEO to court

Ms Hendry went within six months from being chief executive of a 38-year-old, award-winning family business that provides advice to the property industry, to being unable to work and embroiled in lawsuits.

She took the reins six years ago as CEO of a company started by her father in 1982. Under her watch, it turned over millions each year and was featured on The Australian Financial Review‘s innovation list three years in a row. Ms Hendry said the company’s customer base had been growing, but she had needed more capital to pay debts and invest in technology.

In early 2019, she started looking for investors and was introduced to The Salter Brothers, a Melbourne-based fund manager that specialises in alternative investments. The $2 billion company was one of 10 private equity firms she had met, but The Salter Brothers’ track record in the property industry made it a good fit, she said.

“Those few first meetings were around what Hendry is, where we’re going, our strategic plan for getting there and from my experience, they were very excited about this opportunity.”

Soon after, a small team from The Salter Brothers began due diligence – forensically examining the company’s books and records to decide how much they wanted to commit. It was during this period, Ms Hendry alleges, that Mr Matanda, Salter’s investment manager, started asking “many inappropriate personal questions”. These questions “pertained to my private and personal life which were very inappropriate”, Ms Hendry said.

“Do I drink alcohol? Do I have children? Do I have a partner? Do I plan to have children?

“When I asked, ‘Why are you asking me these questions?’ he responded he just wanted to work out what type of a woman I was.”

That was the beginning of what Ms Hendry’s legal team will allege was repeated sexual harassment and discrimination by employees of The Salter Brothers that ended in her being muscled out of the company.

Partnership forged

The investment firm officially bought into Hendry Group in June 2019 with a significant investment, and publicly, it appeared the partnership was thriving. Robert Salter commended Ms Hendry’s leadership in a press release dated July 2019, saying she had a a “clear vision for the future of this industry”.

But behind the scenes, it was a very different story. The 10-page originating application, obtained by The Age and Herald, details a series of occasions where Ms Hendry’s appearance, clothing and gender was commented on.

“You better go and speak to your dad, little girl, I will bankrupt both you and him,” Mr Salter is quoted as allegedly having said.

The document alleges she was talked over, prevented from making decisions and belittled. Mr Salter had “leered at her and looked her up and down”, openly laughed at her and “slowly traced his eyes up and down her body”.

“It started as very subtle and then became more overt over time,” she told The Age and Herald. “Being dismissed, being talked over, not being allowed to finish a conversation and comments on my body, on my appearance, my attire.


It was very demeaning, belittling. It made me extremely upset.”

Ms Hendry had closely watched the #MeToo movement unfold and followed the reporting of AMP’s botched handling of a sexual harassment complaint that ended in chair David Murray resigning in August. She said in many of the cases that made headlines, there was a power imbalance.

“People feel that if there’s a power imbalance, the people in power have impunity,” she said.

In this case, the power imbalance was reversed. Ms Hendry was the chief executive but also the alleged victim.

As the alleged harassment became more frequent and overt, Ms Hendry said the pressure caused her to faint in a tram in December last year.

“The stress and the emotional and physical toll that it had taken on me had caused me to just not be able to deal with these people any longer,” she said. “All this behaviour made me not able to come to work to do my job.”

Emma Hendry.Credit:Jessica Hromas

A doctor advised her to take stress leave, and it was then that Ms Hendry sent a letter to the Hendry Group board detailing her experience of alleged sexual harassment. By that time, according to the legal claim, the company was “controlled by The Salter Brothers and Robert Salter particularly”. The Hendry Group acknowledged receipt of her complaint but launched two legal cases against her, alleging professional misconduct, saying she had breached terms of her contract.

The Salter Brothers said in a statement to The Age and Herald that an internal investigation into Ms Hendry’s approach to running the company had been launched before her letter was received.

Ms Hendry said the allegations against her were unfounded, and a thinly veiled attempt to push her out of the company she had built. Her lawsuit against the investment firm is intended to secure her reinstatement as chief executive so she could finish the company transformation she had planned.

“I do believe in our justice system and I do believe justice will be served,” she said.

If you or anyone you know needs support, you can contact the National Sexual Assault, Domestic and Family Violence Counselling Service on 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732)

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Jarryd Hayne engaged, wedding, girlfriend Amellia Bonnici, sexual assault trial, verdict, when is the retrial

Jarryd Hayne has had a turbulent year but was all smiles yesterday after adding to his Christmas cheer.

The former NRL star revealed on social media he was now engaged to partner Amellia Bonnici, posting a photo to social media of her posing with a ring on her finger.

“‘He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favour from the LORD’. Proverbs 18:22 NKJV,” Hayne wrote.

“It’s been a rollercoaster. But I’m thankful for God and what the Holy Spirit has done through us. It’s only by the grace of God we are here and were excited moving forward as Husband n Wife,” he added with a love heart emoji.

The post was liked by nearly 20,000 Instagram users at the time of writing and plenty of people commented, sending the couple their best wishes.

Eels fullback Clint Gutherson wrote “Congrats student” with a kissing face emoji. Fellow footy players including Kevin Naiqama, Darcy Lussick, Akuila Uate, Tim Mannah, Ash Taylor and rugby union star Quade Cooper also congratulated the pair.

Hayne re-posted multiple messages of support from his friends on his Instagram story.

Hayne and Bonnici already have a child together, daughter Beliviah Ivy.

Hayne, 32, hasn’t played in the NRL since 2018 and learnt earlier this month he will face trial again next year on sexual assault charges after a jury in Newcastle could not agree on a verdict.

Hayne’s retrial is set to start in March after his first trial ended with a hung jury.

Earlier in December Judge Peter Whitford SC discharged a jury of eight men and four women following an eight-day trial, which started on November 24, after they failed to reach a verdict on either of Hayne’s two charges.

The 32-year-old has pleaded not guilty to two counts of aggravated sexual intercourse without consent recklessly causing actual bodily harm.

After the jury was discharged Mr Hayne told media outside court he was “disappointed” with the result, saying he “told the truth and we’ll do it all again”.

Police allege the former NSW fullback forced himself on a woman, then 26, at her home on the outskirts of Newcastle on grand final night 2018.

Hayne is accused performing oral and digital sex without her consent, causing two lacerations to her vagina and significant bleeding.

He denies the allegations against him and says the sexual encounter was consensual, and claims the woman’s injuries were an accident likely caused by his finger.

Bonnici was by Hayne’s side throughout his trial, regularly accompanying him to and from court.

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