Kyle Sandilands missing from radio show, sparks panic at KIIS FM

Kyle Sandilands sparked concerns this morning when he failed to show up for work.

The KIIS FM host was nowhere to be seen when his radio show started at 6am.

“We don’t know where Kyle is,” co-host Jackie O said on air. “His phone is off which is very strange.”

Jackie O added that Kyle’s manager, Bruno Bouchet, was also uncharacteristically unavailable.

Producers were so concerned that they sent a Kyle and Jackie O team member to Kyle’s house to check on the radio star.

Once there, the team member knocked on the door which woke Kyle who had simply slept in.

Kyle rushed to the studio in North Ryde where he was greeted in the carpark by show producers including Peter Deppeler.

“Thank god you’re here, we’ve been worried sick,” Pete said to Kyle in an Instagram live as the star walked inside the building to the studio. “There was a lot of panic from management. Everyone’s been freaking out.”

“You all thought I was dead?” Kyle asked. “I’m not dead!”

Kyle jumped straight on air where he apologised to listeners for missing the first hour of the show.

“I’m so sorry everyone. I slept in,” he said.

Kyle and Jackie O returned to the airwaves on Monday after a long holiday.

The pair are the highest paid stars in radio and reportedly get paid more than $35,000 each for every single show.

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Eclectic artists share passion for printmaking with new exhibition still on show in Albany

The South West Printmakers are a bunch of diverse artists brought together by a passion for printmaking, with their latest exhibition still on show in Albany.

The exhibition opened earlier this month at the Museum of the Great Southern and exemplifies the group’s fusion of like-minded and passionate artists.

The concept of the exhibition is a retrospective which highlights dialogue between the individual printmaker’s practice and the dedication to sharing experiences and techniques with the community.

The SWP consists of an eclectic mix of artists: Christine Latham, Helen Hulme-Gerrard, Lianne Jay, Sue Dennis, Yvonne Dorricott, Carol Farmer, and Janette Trainer.

They are spread out across WA from Bunbury to Torbay.

Dennis said she felt fortunate to be part of the group.

“Everyone is generous with their time, knowledge and experiences — and often their presses,” she said.

“The South West Printmakers to me means sharing, friendships, fun, and respect for these unique individuals and their commitment to creative self-expression.”

Sue Dennis's work titled Walking and Wondering.
Camera IconSue Dennis’s work titled Walking and Wondering.

The SWP’s main objective is to educate and promote printmaking as an art form.

For 15 years, the group has prompted printmaking as a visual language.

They have experimented with various printmaking techniques and how they can be incorporated into photography, installations, books and sculpture.

The techniques used in this exhibition are lino, woodcut, etching, stencil and screen print, and cyanotype.

Hulme-Gerrard said printmaking was an endless source of fascination and discovery.

“There is such a wide scope of possibilities and techniques that can be implemented to create a print,” she said.

“I find it invaluable to be a member of the SWP, to be part of such a passionate and enthusiastic group who are committed to quality, innovation and the sharing of their knowledge of printmaking.”

Jannette Trainer's work titled Orchid.
Camera IconJannette Trainer’s work titled Orchid.

The artists work separately in their own studios or in small groups to produce work, and meet monthly to discuss ideas, projects and the direction of the group.

The artists also attend an annual art camp, which has become an important part of the group’s activities, and is a time to explore, be inspired and collaborate, contributing to personal and professional development.

While each artist seems to draw inspiration from their own unique source, they have a shared passion for creating.

The exhibition is open until Sunday.

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Will Russia show its weakness in Ice Hockey World Championship?

Should the Russian Ice Hockey Federation (FHR) support its colleagues in Belarus and declare a boycott of the 2021 Ice Hockey World Cup in Latvia in protest against the interference of politics in sports?

Fasel explains why Belarus can not host Ice Hockey tournament

President of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Rene Fasel said in an interview with TASS that the decision to cancel the World Ice Hockey Championship in Minsk was made under political pressure.

“I realized that the reaction from the Eastern European, Western media and the political pressure was very strong, especially in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. I would say that it is more about political pressure rather than the situation with sponsors. This is a bad situation, but I think that it is very difficult for us to go against it,” Rene Fasel said.

Fasel also referred to pressure on the part of the Belarusian sports community.

“We knew that before our visit to Minsk, a week before that, the Belarusian Sports Fund (the Sports Solidarity Fund of Belarus, BSSF. – Ed.) wrote letters to IIHF sponsors, urging them not to support the tournament and boycott it. Therefore, we have serious problems with both sponsors and politically,” Fasel added.

In other words, Fasel was trying to show resistance to Western politicians and colleagues, but when a move was made directly from Belarus, he gave up. As a matter  of fact, Fasel perfectly understands where something is coming from. He knows that sponsors did not give for no reason either.

Who is behind the “ordinary Belarusians”

The BSSF, according to its social media portfolio, operates under the BYSOL common solidarity fund, “to provide support to the athletes who were detained and faced repressions for taking part in peaceful manifestations.”

“It is funded by citizens of Belarus and Belarusians living abroad. There is no European or American money there. The formula is simple – Belarusians help Belarusians,” one of the authors of the fund wrote on

However, the head of the fund, who fled to Latvia and ended her sports career in swimming, Aleksandra Gerasimenya, is more outspoken.

“And here I would like to separately thank big sponsors for their position and for the fact that they put human rights, but not financial interests at the forefront,” Aleksandra Gerasimenya wrote on the Facebook page of the fund commenting on the cancellation of the World Ice Championship in Minsk.

It is Soros institutions of American globalists that deal with all the work related to human rights in the world. It was them, but not “ordinary Belarusians” or national hockey federations of the Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, who “convinced” Nivea and Skoda to withdraw their sponsorship initiatives.

Their motive is also obvious: they do not want to punish someone else’s “son of a bitch.” The goal is to include Belarus in the Russophobic camp of the Baltic states to put pressure on Russia.

Aleksandra Gerasimenya has been involved in politics since August, when her fund was used as an internal factor to justify IOC sanctions against the national team of Belarus. Noteworthy, the President of Belarus presented the Olympic medalist with a $400,000 plot of land in 2018, and Gerasimenya did not refuse. Today, however, she claims that sports does not work outside politics.

Russia says nothing

The Russian Ice Hockey Federation (RIHF) did not officially react to the IIHF’s decision. However, a source told TASS that the RIHF would support any decision of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) regarding the venue for the 2021 World Championship.

No one really said anything. There were a few comments from former athletes, coaches, and sports politicians in the Russian Parliament. The Russian Foreign Ministry did not say anything either.  Indeed, the IIHF did not support Russia during the doping scandal, so Russia should not support the IIHF now. Is it right, though? It appears not.

In response to the boycott of the Olympic Games in Moscow, the Soviet Union boycotted the Olympics in Los Angeles. There was a strong Warsaw bloc, which showed its support, but the mutual boycott caused equal damage to Western sponsors, advertisers and sports in the West in general.

Nowadays, it would be correct for Russia and Belarus to boycott the World Ice Hockey Championship in Latvia or any other country where it is going to be relocated.

“We do not support Lukashenko, but we do support Belarusian athletes whom politicians deprive of their professions.” That would be the right position for Russia to take.

Is boycott a sign of weakness?

Dmitry Svishchev, a member of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs, President of the Russian Curling Federation, told Pravda.Ru that there should be no boycotts coming either from Russia or Belarus.

“We should definitely participate in competitions, because millions of fans, children, athletes, and common people who love sports – they are waiting for the Ice Hockey World Championship. This is one of the brightest events in the world of ice hockey, and in the world of sports in general. We must participate. Therefore, we should understand and defend the interests of our country. It will not be easy, but we will have to do it. I think that boycotts are a manifestation of weakness,” the MP said.

He believes that “taking away” sports competitions from any country is fraught with complex geopolitical problems.

“They can take away the World Championship from us tomorrow, the day after tomorrow – the Olympic Games, they can take away the film festival, they can take away the festival of folk arts. When you decide to hold a sports competition, you take into account your political risks. If the country won, then one should go for it. So much work has been done and so much money has been spent  – one should take all that into account,” Dmitry Svishchev told Pravda.Ru.

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Who is Amanda Gorman, the young poet who stole the show at Joe Biden’s inauguration?

Amanda Gorman has become the youngest ever poet to recite at a presidential inauguration in the United States, after delivering her powerful poem ‘The Hill We Climb’ at Joe Biden’s ceremony early on Thursday. 

The 22-year-old from Los Angeles became just the sixth poet to recite at an inauguration ceremony, following in the footsteps of Maya Angelou and Robert Frost. 

“We, the successors of a country and a time where a skinny Black girl descended from slaves and raised by a single mother can dream of becoming president only to find herself reciting for one,” Ms Gorman said during her recital.

Her poem struck an optimistic tone on the back of violent riots and racial injustice in the United States, as well as the coronavirus pandemic.

“When day comes, we step out of the shade aflame and unafraid. The new dawn blooms as we free it. For there is always light. If only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it,” she said.

Ms Gorman became the first ever national youth poet laureate in 2017. 

Ms Gorman gave the recital after First Lady Jill Biden saw one of her readings given at the Library of Congress in 2017 and invited her to participate at the Capitol steps.

Her performance touched on the themes of national unity and healing of divisions which were present throughout the inauguration. 

Ms Gorman’s piece alluded to the Capitol Hill riots at the violence that engulfed Washington DC earlier this month. 

“I wasn’t trying to write something in which those events were painted as an irregularity or different from an America that I know,” she told the Los Angeles Times.

“America is messy. It’s still in its early development of all that we can become. And I have to recognise that in the poem. I can’t ignore that or erase it. And so, I crafted an inaugural poem that recognises these scars and these wounds. Hopefully, it will move us toward healing them.”

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Sea shanties show TikTok is the global proving grounds for culture

If you’ve visited social media lately—and surely you haven’t because we’re all keeping good on our New Year’s resolutions—you’ve probably encountered a sea shanty.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, a quick recap. The sea shanty arose midway through the last millennium as a breed of work-song for sailors to while away the time, forge communal bonds, and generally keep from going insane. Then a couple months ago, a 26-year-old Scottish postman named Nathan Evans sang a rendition on TikTok that made the world become re-obsessed.

The sea shanty form is particularly suited to TikTok. The youth-craze app lets people create “duets,” a feature that adjoins a video post to one already playing. In Sept., TikTok revamped the feature, leading to a renaissance of collaborative creativity. Soon after, Evans posted his performance of “Soon May the Wellerman Come,” which promptly went viral and set off a flood of duets, remixes, and copies.

For anyone wondering, “the Wellerman” refers to an employee of The Weller Brothers, an Aussie merchant outfit that dominated New Zealand ports in the 1830s. The singers of the shanty are pining for a resupply of staples for their voyage; namely, sugar, tea, and rum. You can consider the tune to be, in spirit, a maritime predecessor to “The Wells Fargo Wagon” in the 1957 musical The Music Man. (Side note: Imagine being that excited to see someone from Wells Fargo today?)

The sea shanty’s resurgence may seem random, but it makes sense. In addition to being perfectly suited for TikTok’s duet technology, the genre fits the moment. During the lockdowns and quarantines of the pandemic, people are starved for human connection. What better way to find solidarity than to lend one’s voice to the hauntingly beautiful harmony of nautical folk a cappella?

(There’s something to be said, too, for the shared human experience of engaging in social media drudgery in the hopes of landing a big, viral score, echoing the grim lottery of 19th century whaling ventures.)

People who learn to exploit the idiosyncrasies of mass communications and tap the zeitgeist gain special powers. (See, formerly: @realDonaldTrump.) Right now, it just so happens that mobile video-sharing software from ByteDance, a Chinese corporation, is one of the most significant global proving grounds for that miracle of a feedback loop we call culture.

Lest you think the sea shanty’s newfound popularity is a fluke, I might point you to the zany genius of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, one of the all-time musical greats. In the ‘60s, Wilson perfected the “wall of sound” technique famously associated with the late hitmaker and convicted murderer Phil Spector, who died in jail this weekend. That groundbreaking style found avid fans through its characteristically fulsome reverberation, a quality that played well on radios and jukeboxes, the then-dominant audio-broadcasting technology.

After you’ve finished with the Wellerman, give “Sloop John B,” The Beach Boys’ own sea shanty adaptation, a listen. True genius is timeless.

Robert Hackett

Twitter: @rhhackett

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New studies show how Apple Watch can help detect COVID-19 prior to symptoms and testing

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NBA likely to review videos that appear to show Irving at birthday party

In December, Houston’s James Harden was fined $US50,000 (about $66,000) for “for violating the league’s health and safety protocols, which among other things prohibit attending indoor social gatherings of 15 or more people or entering bars, lounges, clubs or similar establishments,” the league said.

Irving could forfeit more money if he has to miss games because he violated the protocols. The NBA withholds 1/72 of a player’s salary for each game missed – $462,904 per game in Irving’s case – due to protocol violations. The NBA likely will review the matter.

At the beginning of the season, Irving released a statement that he did not plan on speaking with reporters, saying he wanted to let his play on and off the court speak for him.

“I am committed to show up to work everyday, ready to have fun, compete, perform, and win championships alongside my teammates and colleagues in the Nets organisation. … Life hit differently this year and it requires us, it requires me, to move differently. So, this is the beginning of that change,” the statement read.

The NBA fined Irving $US25,000 (about $32,000) for “violating rules governing media interview access.


“The fines result from Irving’s refusal on several occasions this week to participate in team media availability.”

Irving obliged and began speaking to reporters. He started the season strong, averaging 27.1 points, 6.1 assists and 5.3 rebounds and shooting 50.4 per cent from the field, 42.6 per cent on three-pointers and 100 per cent on free throws. He has played in seven of Brooklyn’s 11 games, and the Nets are 1-2 in his recent three-game absence.


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England to require travellers to show negative COVID tests

LONDON- Britain’s government will require people entering England to present a negative COVID-19 test result on arrival starting next week to protect against new strains of the coronavirus from other countries, the government said on Friday.

Passengers arriving by boat, plane or train will have to take a test up to 72 hours before departing for England, the transport ministry said, mirroring measures taken by many other countries around the world.

“We already have significant measures in place to prevent imported cases of COVID-19, but with new strains of the virus developing internationally we must take further precautions,” Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said in a statement.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered a new lockdown for England this week after a surge in cases linked to a new variant of the coronavirus believed to have originated in the country.

On Thursday, Britain said it would extend a ban on travellers entering England from South Africa to other southern African countries to prevent the spread of a variant identified in South Africa.

Exemptions to the new testing requirement rule would be offered to hauliers, children under 11, crews and people travelling from countries where tests are not available, the government said.

Passengers will be subject to a fine of 500 pounds ($678.30) if they fail to comply with the new regulations. Britain’s airline industry said it recognised the need to act to introduce pre-departure testing but only as a short-term, emergency measure.

“Once the roll-out of the vaccine accelerates, the focus must be on returning travel to normal as quickly as possible in order to support the UK’s economic recovery,” Tim Alderslade, chief executive of Airlines UK, an industry group, said.

Britain requires passengers from many countries to self-isolate for 10 days, or five if they pay for a private test and test negative. Those requirements will remain in place after the new pre-departure testing rule comes into effect.

Britain’s government was working with the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to roll out similar measures.

The new rule would not apply to the Common Travel Area which includes England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland as well as the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

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Car sales show strong WA economy

Car sales in WA were stronger than anywhere else in Australia in 2020, aside from the ACT, although they were still down on the prior year.

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New Zealand show the big three cricket boards that money can’t always buy Test success

Twenty20 leagues have created an alternative marketplace for cricketers. Many can now earn more not playing for their countries, but the big three’s affluence has insulated them from these forces.


All the while, wealth has enabled the big three to assemble a pool of players across the three formats and, when it is prudent, to pay them enough not to take part in T20 leagues and protect them for international commitments.

As England’s success at data-mining suggests, the rise of analytics may prove yet another way that the sport’s richest can gain an advantage.

Rather than ameliorate the financial chasm between countries, the big three have amplified them. All men’s global events from 2016-23 are shared exclusively between the big three. The Test Cricket Fund was quietly scrapped. Visiting countries still earn no revenue from tours.

New Zealand are the interlopers in the age of the big three. Should they avoid defeat against Pakistan at Christchurch, it will be their eighth consecutive Test series victory at home, during which they have won 11 without losing one. Those successes have come alongside reaching consecutive one-day World Cup finals.

There is no grand New Zealand master plan; their success is based on good administration. The prudent running of Cricket New Zealand is rooted in the introduction of independent governance in 1995, with directors representing the best interests of the game at large, rather than their regions.

Using boutique grounds such as Hagley Oval in Christchurch are part of New Zealand’s strategy. Credit:Getty

Unlike others, New Zealand have resisted the fool’s gold of launching a glitzy – but loss-making – franchise T20 league they cannot afford. Relations between the players and board have been consistently excellent; pragmatically allowing players to compete in overseas T20 leagues to boost their earnings has avoided poisonous relations.

New Zealand have ruthlessly prioritised, cutting back their domestic first-class schedule, while investing in their A-team program to prepare players better. And they have recognised that Test cricket is best served by being played on boutique grounds, in front of picnicking fans, rather than in soulless stadiums – creating a template for how to run the game in countries with less financial clout.

Yet there is a certain sadness to New Zealand’s successes, too. In 2015, while they were sharing a thrilling two-match series in England, Mike Hesson, then New Zealand’s head coach, declared they had ‘‘earned the right’’ to play longer Test series. New Zealand’s last three-match series at home was four years ago. Since then, they have been restricted to two-Test affairs. Unless it is against the big three, each home Test loses Cricket New Zealand about $700,000.

If Test cricket is to avoid retrenching further, its vibrancy cannot come from the big three alone. It needs Kiwi fans to be able to dream of that date at Lord’s and for their team’s consistency to be rewarded with the No.1 spot in world cricket against all the odds.

The Telegraph, London

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