Baby rushed to hospital and toddlers dragged, slapped by Perth childcare worker, police claim

A Perth childcare worker has been charged after a police revealed a string of shocking child abuse came to light, alleging the woman slapped a child, forcibly dragged toddlers between rooms and in one particularly disturbing incident caused a baby to pass out while feeding the infant in an unsafe manner.

Police claim the Perth child care worker abused children at the centre between 2018 and 2020.Credit:Peter Braig

The police investigation began in August this year after the childcare centre in the central metropolitan area where the 39-year-old Karawara woman worked contacted WA Police, saying the woman had forcibly dragged two three-year-old children – one after the other – from one room to another by their arms.

One of the children hit their head on a dressing table during the ordeal and the woman was stood down by the centre.

After child abuse squad detectives took over the investigation, they revealed the woman allegedly abused children in three other occasions.

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Toddlers escape Gold Coast childcare centre and run towards main road, saved by quick-thinking passers-by

Two toddlers have escaped a childcare centre on the Gold Coast, caught by passers-by just before running onto a busy street.

Amelia Finney’s daughter Skyla, who turned two on Tuesday, is one of the two children and said the childcare centre, Okee Dokee Coomera Rivers, was unaware the children had escaped the centre.

“She got out through the back gate, she went walking down on Foxwell Road where the main road is,” Ms Finney said.

“She was seconds away — she went to take a step off the gutter to try and go onto the road.

“Obviously, she doesn’t know.

“Then an [older] girl or boy grabbed her and saved her. I’m so thankful for them.

Amelia Finney and Skyla Finney-Hampton, 2, who escaped the childcare centre.(ABC News: Sarah Cumming)

“I didn’t get told about it, I didn’t get a phone call until an hour after it happened, and even then I couldn’t answer because I was at work.

“I thought they’d call my next contact but they just didn’t at all.

“They didn’t know she was missing, they didn’t know the gate was open, they had no idea and that’s really scary.

“I asked them how two children can go out of their care and they didn’t see it.

“They said the gate had been manipulated from the outside and she had been fiddling with it and got out, so I don’t understand that one.”

Two kids play by the side of a road with red circles around them.
Dashcam footage captured the two youngsters playing by the side of the busy Gold Coast highway.(ABC News)

‘We literally saved their lives’

Dashcam footage captures the moment the youngsters run along Foxwell Road before school children and another woman stopped them.

Rondell Nicol posted the video to a local community Facebook page and said she was one of the group who rescued the children.

“We just literally saved the lives of two babies today as they were stepping onto the busy road near the Foxwell Road Finnegan Way roundabout,” she said.

Okeedokee Coomera Rivers on the Gold Coast.
Okeedokee Coomera Rivers on the Gold Coast.(Supplied: Google Maps)

“They walked through an open gate at Okee Dokee Coomera Rivers.

“The staff excuse was that they didn’t know the gate was open and didn’t know where the babies were.

“The police have been contacted and dashcam footage made available.”

Mother pulls Skyla out of centre

Ms Finney said Skyla will not be returning to the childcare centre.

“They were very apologetic, but I don’t think it’s right they got out and I wasn’t notified,” she said.

“It is a main road, so for a two-year-old to [get] on that road by herself is very scary.

“I’m very anxious, it’s very scary.

“I have no idea what happened, it’s very nerve-racking to think about.

“There’s an investigation underway and it has been taken to police as well. 

“Hopefully no other child has to get out.”

A spokeswoman from Okee Dokee said in a statement that an investigation was underway and parents had been advised.

“We are in the process of compiling an incident report to the [Education] Department,” the spokesperson said.

“No harm was brough to any child.”

A Queensland police spokesperson said they were making enquiries into the matter.

The Education Department has been contacted for comment.

The Australian Childcare Alliance Queensland said it cannot comment on open and ongoing investigations.

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Pub owner’s brutal reply to ‘entitled little toddler’s’ negative review

A pub owner who received a negative review from an unhappy customer has replied in the most brutal way

The woman called “Jo” left the review after visiting The Cowshed at Hucknall for her sister-in-law’s 50th birthday.

She claimed that her party spent approximately £700 between them on drinks and pizza before they were asked to leave by “staff with awful attitude” for being too drunk reported Daily Star.

In the review Jo wrote, she said: “[They] didn’t mind taking the £700 though, I have never been spoken to in such a way.

“Maybe they should open reviews [on their website].”

Her group were asked to leave for being too drunk

She then added: “And, yes, our family member was sick, and yes, we cleaned it up so no members of staff were affected by this.

“Maybe a course for your staff in customer service wouldn’t go amiss – rude staff, huffing and puffing because they had a large round to bring out.”

But the restaurant, which has a five star rating on TripAdvisor, shared their version of events from the night on Facebook by saying: “Hi Jo, thanks for reaching out!

“We love feedback, whether it be positive or negative, we especially love feedback like this so others can see the type of people we have to deal with sometimes.”

It thanked her for her review, before shaming her

Firstly, it said that Jo hadn’t spent the amount of money she claimed she did.

To spend that amount of money they would have had to have ordered 39 of their most expensive pizzas and 57 of their most expensive drinks…

The Cowshed continued: “You ordered nowhere near this, Jo… not even close.

“What you and your party spent, Jo, was a far more realistic and believable £280 (£225 on 5 rounds of drinks and £55 on 8 pizzas).”

Then it got a little brutal. 

It added: “You all acted like belligerent, entitled little toddlers from the moment you walked through our gates.

“At 4:30pm you showed up with the tables you wanted already taken, but not to worry, we shuffled other customers about at your request in order to accommodate you.

The group almost made a member of staff cry

“Then you proceeded to pull our light fittings loose off our boundary fence in order to hang your birthday decor.

“We cleaned up all the smashed pint glasses you broke and birthday cake you dropped and smeared all over our tables and benches, and tolerated the many loud family rows you were having with each other.”

The group also supposedly treated The Cowshed’s staff  like “personal servants.”

It wrote: “Clicking your fingers, shouting, swearing and barking your orders at [staff], to the point one was almost in tears and refused to deal with you any more.”

But it didn’t stop there.

The group also refused to abide by social distancing rules following the coronavirus pandemic.

“Then, for your party’s grand finale, the gentleman in the blue shirt headed into our bar from outside and decided to vomit everywhere but the toilet.”

“Our staff stepped into to help, but you demanded to ‘deal with the situation’ and rather than clean up the mess, proceeded to smear it over an even wider area with our mop, whilst… once again, being loud, rude, sticking your hand in our staff’s faces and shouting over anybody who was trying to communicate with you or help.

“Don’t worry, the staff member that you nearly had in tears earlier on cleaned it up for you.

“So now consider this your official barring… don’t you or your group ever set foot through our doors again.”

The interaction went viral on Facebook for the restaurant’s no nonsense reply.

Since being shared it has received over 18,000 likes and 5,800 comments with one person simply saying: “Congratulations Cowshed!

“You have won the internet today!”

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