Rare World War II toy airman, produced in Brisbane, discovered under Ipswich home

A weathered wartime relic has been unearthed from beneath an Ipswich home and identified as a toy soldier — an airman to be precise — produced in Brisbane towards the end of World War II.

The rare diecast aluminium figurine lay buried under Katie Hayward’s Booval home for decades, and then spent another 10 years on her shelf before she decide to look into the airman’s history.

“About 10 years ago my partner was digging under the house … and came across the little soldier,” Ms Hayward said.

Ms Hayward took to Facebook looking for answers and her post attracted a number of comments from people who said they used to play with similar models as children.

“I’ve had a lot of comments from people who had the same ones as children [and] a lot of people saying their brothers had them as children, or their fathers.”

Toys made when ‘victory’ was in the air

According to the Australian War Memorial (AWM), the airman was likely to have been part of a set of servicemen toys made during WWII. The sets would have also included a soldier and a sailor.

Casts of female figurines suggest there was a nurse toy as well.

Brisbane company Die-Cast Products, which at at one point was based at Greenslopes, is believed to have produced the weighty figurines.

Graham Wilson from the Australian Diecasting Association said the Brisbane company also made products for the war effort but went out of business in the decades that followed.

The Australian War Memorial says the diecast toys came in a set of three: a soldier (pictured), an airman and a sailor.(Supplied: Australian War Memorial)


AWM curator and toy soldier collector Chris Goddard said the production of the figurines signified a time towards the end of the war.

“Prior to 1944 rationing was in. You couldn’t use aluminium or paper … because all the material was needed for the war effort.”

He said the toys were probably made with spare aluminium and paint.

“They were available, painted or unpainted,” he said. “I suspect the airman was probably dipped as well.”

Mr Goddard donated the toy digger to the AWM from his personal collection in 2005.

“The more I had it, the more I realised it’s probably better in the War Memorial’s collection,” he said.

He said the toys were unique to Brisbane.

While Ms Hayward was not the original owner of the toy airman, she said the figurine did have some sentimental value to her.

“It might be something worth holding onto.”

While Ms Hayward’s family knew the previous owners of her home, the original owner of the airman remains a mystery.

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Dominant Suns toy with woeful Kangaroos

So a comfortable Gold Coast victory should not have been unexpected. And so it ensued. The Suns burst from the blocks and were never really challenged. North could easily have been annihilated, but Gold Coast’s inaccuracy downgraded this to a regulation thrashing.

It was the Suns’ last home game of the year, and their fans were treated to what should be a taste of the delights that will be on offer for years to come.

Block and tackle: North Melbourne’s Jed Anderson is brought down by Gold Coast’s rising star Izak Rankine.Credit:Getty Images

They had winners on every line, not least Izak Rankine who upped the ante in the Rising Star race with a crafty display in which he kicked an early goal and continued to make telling involvements in the forward half. His fellow early draft pick from 2018, Ben King, threatened to take control of the game, with the highlight being a breathtaking run towards goal in the third quarter. Alas, that dash ended with a behind, and King was one of many Suns offenders on the wastefulness front. Only Alex Sexton, back in favour with the selectors, consistently found the target.

Ben Ainsworth was another whose game was slightly diminished by poor kicking for goal, but he was remarkably prominent during the first half as Gold Coast established a four-goal buffer.

In the midfield, Hugh Greenwood and Noah Anderson racked up clearances, with the latter not doing his Rising Star chances any harm either. It was all too easy for Gold Coast, who repeatedly rebounded from defensive 50 with minimal fuss as North went goalless in the second half.

Recalled to the seniors, Majak Daw was non-factor up forward for North. Marley Williams and Nick Larkey both had ankle scares but played out the game.


He’s been something of an eternal tease. North forward Mason Wood has promised more for years but has left Kangaroos fans frustrated. He was shopped around last year, has been in and out of the side this year, and as an unrestricted free agent this year his future at the Kangaroos looks clouded at best.

On point: Mason Wood (centre) showed glimpses of top form for the Roos during loss to the Suns.

On point: Mason Wood (centre) showed glimpses of top form for the Roos during loss to the Suns.Credit:Getty Images

But on Sunday night Wood at least showed signs that he could yet be a viable AFL player next year and beyond. He rode his luck, kicking two first-half goals, the first of which came from a 50-metre penalty and the second via a dubious mark.


When you possess the tricks that Luke Davies-Uniacke has up his sleeve, it’s no surprise that sooner or later you begin to get more attention. The emerging midfielder has finally been able to string together a run of games at the senior level, and he found himself receiving some close-checking from Suns co-captain David Swallow, whose older brother Andrew coincidentally preceded Davies-Uniacke in wearing the No. 9 jumper for the Roos. Davies-Uniacke was subdued as the Suns took the clear midfield honours, but it’s a good sign for North that the No. 4 draft choice from 2017 is doing enough to warrant something resembling a tag.

3.4 7.8 8.14 12.19 (91)
2.1 4.1 4.4 4.4 (28)

GOALS – Gold Coast Suns: Sexton 4, Day 2, King 2, Ellis, Ainsworth, Rankine, Anderson
North Melbourne: Wood 2, Hall, Zurhaar

BEST – Gold Coast Suns: Ainsworth, Rankine, Greenwood, Anderson, Sexton, King, Collins, Witts
North Melbourne: McDonald, Wood, Tarrant

UMPIRES: Howorth, Harris, Gianfagna
VENUE: Metricon Stadium
CROWD: 3353

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Boy, 5, calls number written on toy ambulance after finding mum unconscious | UK News

A five-year-old boy has been praised for his quick thinking after he called the
number on his toy ambulance when his mum fell into a diabetic coma.

The young boy, named Josh, called 112 when his mum became unconscious in Telford last month.

Calling 112, the single European emergency number, is the same as calling 999 and it works in countries around the European Union.

Josh spoke to an operator who sent police officers to his home.

They found Josh and his younger brother with their mother, who was lying unconscious on the ground, before she was treated by paramedics.

West Mercia Superintendent Jim Baker said: “This was an incredible thing for Josh to do. His quick thinking saw him ring the number on his toy ambulance as he was worried about his mum.

“He was brave and stayed on the line while we were able to get to the family’s home and make sure his mum got medical assistance.

“Josh has already proved he would make a brilliant police officer in the future; hopefully we’ll see him again when he’s old enough as a new recruit.”

Following the incident, Josh was shown around his local police station by officers.

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The Northern Rivers sex toy trend that made us giggle

PHYSICAL distancing may be the norm in 2020, but a sex toy company revealed Northern Rivers residents are getting more adventurous with their purchases as the pandemic progresses.

Stop blushing and read on, because if you are not aware of this you may be missing out.

Nicola Relph, operator Adulttoymegastore.com.au, squeezed, massaged and crunched the numbers.

The company already revealed last April what toys we were purchasing back in April.

And same as in April, the Northern Rivers town that recorded the most online sex toys orders with the company was Byron Bay.

“In Byron Bay, the most popular items are the Satisfyer Partner Plus with remote, Uberlube and Almond aromatherapy massage oil,” she said.

Almond oil? Maybe we need to came up with an organic macadamia one. Is it vegan?

In Lismore, Ms Relph said the most popular items were the Satisfyer Pro 2, Wet Stuff lubricant and the Scandal Bed Restraint Kit.

Well, we all know Lismore loves a scandal, so that’s ‘on brand’.

In Ballina, the most popular items were Wet Stuff lubricant, Satisfyer Partner Plus with remote, and a card game called 50 Ways to Tease Your Lover.

50? I’d be exhausted after five, but hey, kudos to you Ballina for getting creative.

In Casino, popular items were the Satisfyer Pro 2.0, Wet stuff lubricant and the First Time Cuff set.

First time, Casino? Who are you trying to trick?

In Kyogle, the most popular products were the Satisfyer Pro 2.0, Satisfyer Partner Plus with remote, and the beginners Bondage Kit.

No comment, but noted, Kyogle.

Ms Relph said the Northern Rivers recorded a number of new products since April.

“It looks like people are trying beginner bondage toys and games, given they have more time on their hands,” she said

“The Satisfyer Partner Plus with remote is a partner toy where one person wears it and the other partner can control it with a remote.

“Byron Bay residents are still very discerning when it comes to adult toys – the almond aromatherapy is an interesting choice, it’s one of our very high-end products.

“They’re buying beautiful glass products and luxury lube. It seems there’s really this a commitment to enjoying the time they have at home. The increase in popularity of games and beginner bondage set might indicate people are getting bored and they want to try new things.”

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