WA tradie prices soar as incentive-fuelled building boom continues apace

Mr Hasanovic said he was paying about 80 cents per brick pre-COVID-19, but a surge in demand for bricklayers had increased rates to about $1.80 per brick.

WA tradie Adam Hasanovic. Credit:Nine News Perth

“I’ve been gathering quotes to get it all done and it appears to be $30,000 more per house than what it was pre-COVID,” he said.

“A concreter would have been in the vicinity of $6000 a slab but now you are looking at $7000-plus.”

Mr Hasanovic, who runs a plumbing and electrical business, said he was concerned tradies were being rushed to “finish the job and do as many slabs as they can”, jeopardising the quality of the final product.

He said the market was in urgent need of more apprentices to help keep up with demand.

New Homes Building Brokers managing director Tristan Kirkham said the company was seeing increases in costs well over 11 per cent and encouraged first home buyers to beware.

“I spoke to a builder this morning and immediately he’s gone from $1 to $1.50 [per brick] in a week,” he said.

Homes Building Brokers managing director Tristan Kirkham.

Homes Building Brokers managing director Tristan Kirkham.Credit:Nine News Perth

Mr Kirkham said the public should expect the market bounce-back to increase supplier and trade prices, which had been “very low” for a long period of time.


“What people need to understand is that it’s not just the trade rate that’s increasing, supplies have gone up substantially in the last two or three months,” he said.

“Some of those rates had to increase. Should they increase to a reasonable rate? Absolutely.

“Should they get out of control like some of the numbers we are hearing? No.”

Mr Kirkham said property owners who had already signed a contract were in a much better position to navigate the price surge and encouraged first-time builders to get informed.

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