Gai Waterhouse-Adrian Bott trained Entente wins Albury Gold Cup in front of a non sellout crowd | The Border Mail

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The crowds flocked back to the Albury Gold Cup on Friday, but the COVID-19 hangover was still lingering around with the smallest turnout since the inception of the half-day holiday more than 20 years ago. The marquee day consistently attracted crowds of more than 12,000 people up until the twin blows of the 2019 raceday washout and staging the cup with no crowd last year due to coronavirus. Attendance was capped at 9800, but the final attendance, which watched history created with leading Sydney trainer Gai Waterhouse winning her first Gold Cup with Entente, fell more than 1000 short of the allowable crowd despite a raceday rush for tickets. “It has been a tough couple of years for the race club and the community,” Albury Racing Club president Mark Cronin said. “But to see people back socialising, renewing old acquaintances, having a great time is just great. “It was an eerie feeling watching the cup being run last year and not seeing a soul on the course. “It was incredibly disappointing, particularly when the rug was pulled from underneath us only a few days before.” Quizzed on the non sellout, Mr Cronin said: “It says we’ve got to re-establish our brand. “People have had two years of an interrupted cup and it just might take two or three years to get it back to where we were. “You’ve got to go online and book your tickets. It is a change to the way you organise yourself to get to the races. “But I’m sure we will back with our crowds of 13, 14, 15 thousand in the not too distant future.” Waterhouse had won the Wagga Cup before, but never the Albury feature with Entente trained in partnership with Adrian Bott. Stable racing manager Neil Paine was also excited to see crowds back at the track.. “Gai and Adrian love supporting country racing,” he said. “To have the crowd yelling again for the last 100 metres was so exciting.” At the committee luncheon where member for Farrer MP Sussan Ley and member for Albury Justin Clancy were among the special guests, a special presentation was made to connections of last year’s Gold Cup winner Spunlago. Even though the actual 2020 cup didn’t make it to the event, former ARC secretary-manager and part-owner Peter Stubbs accepted the honour denied connections on the day last year due to COVID-19 Spunlago is trained by Stubb’s brother Ron on the Albury track and finished 10th in the race on Friday “It was an absolutely fantastic gesture by the club,” Mr Stubbs, who lives in Canberra, said. “It was disappointing you are not actually here, but you never lose the excitement of having won it. “I watch the video regularly and it has created a camaraderie among the owners.” The club’s two-year agreement for the half-day holiday with the NSW government is up for renewal. Our journalists work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. This is how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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Researchers in Thailand have successfully trained six sniffer Labrador retrievers as part of a six-month pilot project to identify the coronavirus in just two seconds – with an accuracy rate of 94.8%

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Hairdressers across the country to be trained in recognising domestic violence and elder abuse

WARNING: This story contains graphic descriptions of violence and abuse that readers may find distressing.

The Australia-first program will roll out to the nation’s 67,000 hairdressers and barbers who will use the sanctity of their client-hairdresser relationship to potentially save lives.

Hairdressers with Hearts (HWH) founder Sonia Colvin has already helped more than 200 victims turn their lives around by seeing the signs of abuse in her salon and reaching out.

“I’ve had clients say to me, ‘I don’t know why I’m telling you this’ or ‘I can’t believe I just told you all that’, and while trends may come and go in this industry, what stays the same is the unique client-hairdresser connection,” Ms Colvin said.

“We are not domestic violence or elder abuse workers — we are the link, and with the correct resources and appropriate training, we can do our part.”

Ms Colvin started the program three years ago but had battled to get federal recognition and funding to help train apprentices around the country to look for “warning signs”.

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Russian Navy Corvettes Trained For War Against NATO in the North Sea

The Russian Navy has continued to operate in the neutral waters closer to its shores including the Baltic and Black Seas, but this week the Baltic Fleet’s Project 20380 corvette Steregushchiy took part in a long-distance deployment mission to the North Atlantic and then held drills in the North Sea, where it took part in air, anti-ship and anti-submarine defense drills. Additional drills involved marines from the corvette’s anti-terror units.

Tass reported that the main aim of the long-distance deployment of the warship, which had been at sea for almost two months, was to ensure the naval presence and to demonstrate the Russian Navy’s flag in the area of responsibility of the Baltic Fleet.

New Class

The Project 20380 is among the newest class of corvettes being built for the Russian Navy. Designed by the Almaz Central Design Bureau of Marine Engineering in St. Petersburg, the Steregushchiy is the lead ship in the class. It is a multi-purpose warship that was developed to accomplish green-water escort and strike missions, to patrol coastal waters and to provide fire support during amphibious assault operations.

The ships can be used for littoral zone operations, engagement with enemy submarines and surface ships, as well as in the support of landing operations. The first of the Project 20380 corvettes, Steregushchiy, was commissioned in November 2007, and the Russian Navy had previously announced the intention to buy at least thirty of the ships—for use in all of its four major fleets. These were part of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin’s calls for an upgrade to the Russian Navy in 2013.

To date eight have been completed while six are in active service.

The corvettes of Project 20380 are equipped with the armament and maritime properties to allow them to accomplish the mission in any ocean environment. The warships carry Uran anti-ship missile systems along with Redut surface-to-air missile launchers as the main armament, while secondary weapons include a 100mm A-190 artillery gun and 30mm AK-630 small-caliber air defense missile systems. The corvettes are also able to carry a Ka-27 helicopter.

Recent Operations

The deployment of the Steregushchiy to the North Atlantic and North Sea follows a similar spring sortie of the warship when it was part of a Russian flotilla that included two additional Project 20380 corvettes, two Project 775 Ropucha-class landing ships and two Project 11365 Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates that transited the English Channel. Vessels of the Royal Navy, supported by Merlin and Wildcat helicopters, tracked and monitored the movements of the Russian flotilla.

The Stergushchiy and her sister ship Soobrazitelny also took part in similar anti-ship drills in the North Sea in March. During those operations the two Project 20380 corvettes conducted notional missile launches against enemy combat ships, while the crews practiced electronic measures.

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