Driver trapped in sinking car rescued by Ohio police officers

Driver trapped in sinking car rescued by police. Video, 00:01:27

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Walbundrie crash: Mother trapped for hour with leg injuries, two daughters unharmed | The Border Mail

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A mother was trapped in her car for about an hour near Walbundrie on Wednesday morning after her car crashed into a tree. The 37-year-old’s two daughters were also in the car, but were able to crawl from the wreckage themselves. A NSW Ambulance spokesman said emergency services were called to reports of a single vehicle accident on Barkers Road, off Daysdale Road just before 8.30am. IN OTHER NEWS: “There was one female patient who was trapped in the car and two children, aged eight and 10, who were out of the vehicle,” he said. “The female was treated for leg injuries and transported, with her two daughters, to Albury Base Hospital in a stable condition.” The woman was trapped for about an hour, while emergency services worked to remove her from the car. The daughters received no injuries.


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Power Outage Caused By A Storm, 20,000 Homes Affected

electrical storm

People in the Hunter region have been hoping for cooler weather as temperatures have been recorded to peak at the mid to high 30s with increasing humidity.

Yet as a sudden change to cool temperature surfaced, it cost them more them a power outage, a torn roof and a smashed shelter affecting 20,000 homes.

Gale force winds, horizontal rain and an electrical storm frantically hit at about 8:00 PM. This caused a sweep of damage to numerous properties. A power outage was experienced throughout the region.

The State Emergency Service received nearly 300 calls for assistance as trees had blocked down roads and traffic lights were out. In addition, 1,100 lighting strikes were recorded in the duration of the storm.

More so, a nursing home at Stockton had its roof torn, forcing residents to evacuate. Paul Sadler, chief executive of Presbyterian Aged Care said that the roof over the Ibis Wing Dining Room was partially blown off, causing damage to other Ibis Wing roof areas.

Fortunately, there were no injuries reported and other parts of the facility are operating as normal as the damage was contained to the said wing.

A bus shelter, on the other hand, was smashed into a retirement village at Fern Bay. A woman had to be rescued from her home after she was trapped inside by a large fallen tree.

The region’s emergency services including the SES, Fire Brigade and Ambulance were attending Presbyterian Aged Care, where around 30 residents in the upstairs Ibis Wing were moved to safety.

To date, they are cooperating with family members and the emergency services to arrange temporary accommodation for the residents.

For instance, PAC Wescott will be able to house some of them in another room and are currently making arrangements with other local residential care providers for the interim accommodation of the remaining residents.

They assured that an emergency plan is being plotted and will be followed thoroughly as they respond to the situation. This goes along with a number of volunteers to be out and about today to assist with the clean-up.

Ausgrid is currently working to restore the power in the affected area.

Winston-Salem Rescue Team Frees Man Trapped in Flooded Vehicle

Rescuers with the Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Fire Department pulled a man out of a flooded vehicle in the Oldtown area on Thursday, November 12, local reports said. Video released by the fire department shows rescuers helping a man out of the vehicle and onto his feet in thigh-high water where he was able to walk away. No injuries were reported. At least seven people were killed in flooding caused by historic rainfall in North Carolina on Thursday. The “widespread flooding also stranded vehicles and rendered some streets completely “impassable,” local reports said. Credit: Winston-Salem FD via Storyful

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Five-year-old boy trapped in 200-foot well in India’s Madhya Pradesh state

The incident occurred in Barahbujurg village in Niwadi district on Wednesday morning, police official Narendra Tripathi from Prithvipur police station told CNN.

“The boy, who has been identified as Prahlad, was playing near the bore-well and fell in while his father along with other workers were fitting a pipe inside,” Tripathi said.

“The bore-well is filled with water up to 100 feet from the ground but the boy is not in the water,” the official added.

Firefighters rescue a man who fell nearly 30 feet into a well from inside a home

The rescue operation is ongoing, though progress has been limited since sunset.

Police and medical officials will remain at the site overnight until efforts to rescue him resume Thursday morning.

The state’s chief minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, tweeted that the army is involved in the rescue.

“I am confident Prahlad will be rescued safely,” he tweeted. “Let us pray to God for him.”

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Sydney man trapped as car he is working on falls on him

A man has been crushed underneath a car while working on it in Sydney’s inner west.

NSW Police confirmed emergency services were called to a Summer Hill home just after 2:00pm following reports a man was trapped beneath a car.

A police spokesperson said it was understood a jack suspending the vehicle failed, causing the car to fall on top of the man.

The incident occurred as the man tinkered with the underbelly of the car.(ABC News: Harry Malcolm)

Four NSW Ambulance crews and a helicopter, along with police and Fire and Rescue NSW trucks were on the scene.

Gower Street was cordoned off as emergency crews worked to free the man.

The man, who is aged in his 30s, sustained serious injuries to his head, neck and upper body.

Inspector Brad Goodwin from NSW Ambulance said “paramedics arrived to quite a chaotic scene”. 

“Emergency services did an exceptional job in releasing and stabilising the man, who had suffered from some pretty serious injuries,” he said.

He was taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital where he remains in a critical condition.

A suburban street with emergency personnel on the road, ambulance on the left
It is understood the jack holding the car up failed, trapping the man.(ABC News: Harry Malcolm)

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I filed for bankruptcy after rehabbing my husband’s home. Now he wants an open marriage and says I own nothing. I feel trapped and bamboozled

Dear Moneyist,

I have been with my partner for five years and married for one year. I left my apartment, threw away all my furniture and moved into the home he owns from an inheritance. I racked up debt from helping to rehabilitate the home so we could be comfortable. During the pandemic, my spouse and I decided to file a Chapter 7 so we could start over fresh and do things differently.

Once the bankruptcies were done, my spouse asked me for an open marriage! I was taken aback and shocked. I declined and asked for a divorce. Here is where the problem comes in: I have no savings, no furniture and no place to move. During recent arguments, he told me he had owned the house 15 years prior to marrying me and, therefore, I have no claim to it.

The Moneyist:I offered my son $30K for a down payment on a home. His fiancée wants a written agreement for my gift to be split 50/50

I asked for the furniture and TV, which I bought on my credit card, and he told me it’s not mine, and I didn’t pay for it anyway because I filed for bankruptcy. I paid for his car and my truck. Now he says he doesn’t want the car. I can’t afford to keep paying for both.

Can I force him to pay for the car even if the loan is in my name? Do I have to file for divorce and let the courts decide on the material things versus me just moving and taking it anyway? Right now, I’m still in the home until I save enough money to get my own place, and I have to help pay the taxes on his home.

I feel trapped and bamboozled. What should I do? I don’t pay bills, which has left me pondering the idea of just staying with him out of convenience — but at what cost to me mentally?

Blindsided by love

Dear Blindsided,

I’m not sure what’s worse: to cheat or, after you say “I do,” to essentially give you notice that he intends to sleep with other people. Human beings, like the stock market, are notoriously unpredictable. They surprise you with flowers one day, and they pull the rug from under your feet the next. I’ve stopped trying to figure other people out. But I do know this: People’s actions, when you have behaved consistently and honorably, almost always have nothing, zero, zilch to do with you.

That frees you up to consider your next steps. To that end, I’m stuck on the word “rehab.” If you paid money toward the mortgage or financially helped to renovate the house itself, it’s likely that the property moved from being separate property to marital property. Similarly, paying property taxes can have the same effect. If you merely fitted out your home with “all mod cons” you will in all probability take what you brought into this marriage with you when you leave.

Ultimately, taking on debt was your decision. You, not your spouse, are personally accountable for that. If your name is on the loan for the car, you are responsible for it. The contract is between you and the lender. In the game of rock-paper-scissors, divorce decrees do not supersede loan contracts. In some states, debts acquired during the marriage are considered marital property, and a court may take that total figure into account when dividing your assets.

The Moneyist:My parents gave my brothers and me $8 million in bonds, stocks and ETFs. I’d like to use my profit to travel. My parents refuse

I caution against moving out and taking items. Ashley Wood, an attorney at Barton Wood in Salt Lake City, Utah, said people don’t give up their legal right to a marital home by moving out. “That said, courts are generally inclined to preserve the status quo in divorce cases. So if you want to live in your marital home, but you move out during the divorce, it’s somewhat less likely that the court will turn your spouse out of the home and reinstall you there,” Wood writes.

There is obviously a trade-off between your mental and financial health. “Legally, your spouse can’t force you to move out of the house in most cases — nor can you force them to move out,” Wood adds. “This is especially true if your spouse was the one who filed for divorce in the first place. If your spouse does ask you, or try to force you to leave, you should assume things are going to deteriorate quickly.” In the meantime, seek legal aid and document everything.

Don’t make any hasty decisions. If you can save money and prepare your exit plan while remaining in your current home, do that. If there were any threat to your physical safety, that would be a horse of a different color. But from what you have told me, your husband has a clear idea of how he would like to live his life with or without you, and you should start making plans for your future too. Pandemic or no pandemic, it’s best to do that with a roof over your head.

You can email The Moneyist with any financial and ethical questions related to coronavirus at

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Crews rescue women trapped in van at Dingo Beach

TWO women have been rescued after they became trapped inside their van at Dingo Beach.

Emergency services were called to a single-vehicle rollover on Pioneer Drive about midnight.

The women were trapped inside a Hyundai van on arrival, with firefighters forced to cut open one of the doors to let them out.

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They were taken to Proserpine Hospital in stable conditions, one with a back injury and the other with abdominal pain.


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Good Samaritans Save Women Trapped in Burning Car

Several Good Samaritans are being praised for rescuing two women from a burning car after it crashed early Sunday near Jefferson, Texas.

Clarence Shelvin was driving his BBQ truck on the Eastex Freeway when he looked in his rearview mirror and saw several cars “going all over the place,” according to KHOU.

A car with two women inside crashed into a wall and burst into flames, Shelvin explained, adding that he did not think twice about rushing over to help them.

“Once I saw the car was wrecked real bad, I knew there was a gas tank right in the back,” he told Click2Houston. “I knew at anytime [sic] there was going to be an explosion.”

Shelvin recruited several other men to help him and together they rescued the women trapped inside the vehicle.

Once they got them out, the car went up in flames and the “explosion went all over the place,” he recalled.

One of the women suffered minor injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, the Click2Houston report said.

“I risked my life helping those two young ladies who were trapped in that car. It was just God’s work and they’re alive,” Shelvin commented.

“I’m happy. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ I was able to pull them out, me and two other couple of guys, and that’s the most important thing that I could do tonight,” he continued.

The Houston Police Department is currently investigating the incident, according to the KHOU article.

A similar instance occurred on October 24 when a police officer in California rescued a woman from inside an overturned car that was on fire by pulling her out by the wrists, according to Breitbart News.

“I’m glad I was in the right place at the right time,” City of Davis Police Cpl. Pheng Ly recalled. “I think it was of a higher calling, for sure.”

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