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Candice Warner was once again made to re-live an ugly episode from her past, opening up about her encounter with Sonny Bill Williams on Monday night’s episode of SAS Australia.

As part of a trust exercise on the Channel 7 reality show, the celebrity contestants were asked to share with the group something they regret and are ashamed about.

Not for the first time this series, Warner opened up about her night with Williams at Sydney’s Clovelly Hotel in 2007, when the pair were photographed by a member of the public in the bathroom together.

The former Ironwoman, now married to Australian cricket star David Warner, told her fellow contestants: “A long time ago, when I was young, I got myself in a compromising position, which I regret. It had a huge impact on my family. Huge.”

Asked what the “situation” was, Warner refrained from referencing the incident with the then-Canterbury Bulldogs player directly, but spoke about the impact her drunken mistake from 13 years ago continues to have on her life.

“So … it was just a personal situation. Too many drinks,” she said.

“Living with that and having to explain to my kids in the future is going to be very difficult. Especially when you’ve got three girls.

“I remember sitting on the side of the street and not being able to take it anymore. And just thinking, ‘If this is what life’s about then I can’t take it anymore’.”

Speaking to camera, Warner added: “Yes, I’d made a mistake. But is that really worth, every single day, the media trying to drag me down? I don’t think so.”

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Warner had previously spoken on SAS Australia about her tryst with Williams, who was celebrating a win with his Bulldogs teammates when the pair hooked up.

Earlier in the series she revealed she was still haunted by her liaison with the famous football star.

“It is something I am not proud of but something I can never take back,” Warner said.

“I put myself in a situation where I shouldn’t have and because of that I brought embarrassment (and) shame to my family.”

The incident has continued to follow Warner in her life. During the Australian cricket team’s ill-fated tour of South Africa in 2018, when the ball tampering scandal occurred, Candice was mocked by fans wearing Williams face masks at the second Test in Port Elizabeth.

“There were incidents in South Africa where people were trying to make fun of me, mock me. Belittle me in front of my family,” Warner previously told SAS.

“Because of an incident that happened in the past. And they think it’s funny.”

During that same tour, David revealed why he had to be physically restrained by teammates when confronting South African wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock in a Durban stairwell mid-match after hearing a “vile” comment the player allegedly made about his wife.

“I cop it left, right and centre, especially off the field from spectators and I’m used to that and it doesn’t bother me,” Warner said at the time.

“But in a proximity of my personal space and from behind me, a comment that was vile and disgusting about my wife, and in general about a lady, was quite poor, I felt.

“My emotional response was just something that I don’t believe should have been said and I’ll always stick up for my family and in that case my teammates as well.”

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NRL 2020: North Queensland Cowboys, airport tryst, valium, Peter Parr, Dr Chris Ball, Gold Coast

The North Queensland Cowboys have released a statement in the wake of bombshell claims that the NRL’s integrity unit ignored the complaint of a man whose wife had a consenting sexual encounter with a Cowboys player in an airport toilet.

The husband, The Sydney Morning Herald report claims, was also given valium by the Cowboys’ then football manager, Peter Parr, and provided with a false medical certificate by the Cowboys’ club doctor, Chris Ball, upon learning of the tryst.

The encounter is said to have taken place in a Qantas Lounge toilet in mid-2018 when the Cowboys were travelling back to Townsville via Brisbane.

The woman is an employee of the club. After her husband became aware of the tryst, he was reportedly furious with his wife and the Cowboys.

Grand Final

In a statement, the club said: “The North Queensland Cowboys are aware of a series of allegations published by the Sydney Morning Herald today.

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Candice Warner has been forced to address her regrettable night with Sonny Bill Williams at the Clovelly Hotel on SAS Australia.

In a harrowing interrogation scene on the Channel 7 program that will be aired this series, the Daily Mail reports Candice, 35, confesses: “In my early 20s I made a very big mistake.”

Now married to cricket star David Warner and a mother of three daughters, Candice continues to be haunted by a drunken moment that happened 13 years ago.

“It is something I am not proud of but something I can never take back,” she says.

“I put myself in a situation where I shouldn’t have and because of that I brought embarrassment (and) shame to my family.”

A member of the public used a mobile phone to capture the hook-up between Candice and Williams at the Clovelly Hotel in Sydney’s eastern suburbs on a Saturday night in April, 2007.

At the time Candice, 22, was an iron woman and Williams, 21, was playing for the Canterbury Bulldogs in the NRL. Bulldogs players were celebrating their win over the South Sydney Rabbitohs the night before.

The pair met at the establishment where they started dancing and kissing.

A friend of Candice’s, Llara Rope, told the ABC the pair were “drunk” and “messy”.

Williams’ manager at the time Gavin Orr said his client was extremely drunk that night.

“He had been there since 2pm and I know he was really blind,’’ Orr said. “I don’t know anything about Candice Falzon — all I was told was that Sonny Bill was taken home in a taxi by (teammate) Willie Mason’s girlfriend just before midnight.’’

According to reports, Williams — who had a girlfriend at the time — allegedly went so far as to buy as many newspapers as he could in his local area so his partner wouldn’t find out about his public displays with another woman. He said he was so drunk he couldn’t remember the encounter.

“I know it sounds so stupid saying I can’t remember,” Williams said. “But I can honestly say I don’t remember anything.”

Shortly after the incident was made public Falzon said: “Nothing happened — it was blown out of proportion.” Her then-manager Max Markson said she was “terribly embarrassed” and she later revealed her regret about what transpired.

“I’ve made a mistake and I’m very, very sorry about it,” Falzon said. “I’m conscious of my image as a sportswoman and I’ve got a responsibility to young people. Young girls look up to me.”

Speaking to ABC program Australian Story in 2008, Candice said she wasn’t thinking about what impact her actions would later have.

“I wasn’t in a state where I didn’t know what happened, but you don’t think of how your actions, when you’re drunk, can have an affect on your life,” she said.

“You really don’t. You are in your own little zone. Although you are conscious of what you’re doing, you’re not really.”

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph in 2012, she revealed how the constant scrutiny and public pressure drove her to thinking about taking her own life.

“I did get a lot of media attention at a young age and I hadn’t had a lot of results,” she said. “I think people felt like I didn’t deserve the attention. I can understand that — all my intentions ever were to try to promote the sport and try to get ironwoman racing in everyone’s mind.

“At a young age, I had this profile and I think people forgot how young I was and they felt they could say whatever they wanted.”

Candice had to deal with “repulsive” slurs made by people passing her in the street in her own country, which “really cut” her.

But years after the encounter with Williams, she was able to put the storm behind her.

“I have come out the other end. It’s not part of my thinking. It’s something that happened, that got really out of control in the media,” she said in 2012.

“I have come out of it a different and a better person.”

That hasn’t stopped others bringing it up.

Candice and David Warner were the subject of ugly taunts during the Australian cricket team’s Test tour of South Africa in 2018.

During the first Test, Warner confronted South African wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock in a stairwell in Durban after he allegedly made a comment about Candice.

Both players were charged with breaching the code of conduct.

The taunts continued during the second Test in Port Elizabeth when some spectators wore masks of Williams to the ground.

Warner opened up about why he had to be physically retrained by teammates after hearing the “vile” comment de Kock made about his wife.

“I cop it left, right and centre, especially off the field from spectators and I’m used to that and it doesn’t bother me,” Warner said.

“But in a proximity of my personal space and from behind me, a comment that was vile and disgusting about my wife, and in general about a lady, was quite poor, I felt.

“My emotional response was just something that I don’t believe should have been said and I’ll always stick up for my family and in that case my teammates as well.”

SAS Australia sees Aussie celebrities take on a series of physical and psychological tests from the real special forces selection process.

An elite team of ex-Special Forces soldiers is subjecting them to extreme physical endurance, sleep deprivation, interrogation and psychological testing, pushing the stars beyond their limits every step of the way.

Unfortunately for Candice that has meant dredging up the past, even after she attempted to put the matter to bed for good after the South Africa tour.

“I finally received a weak apology from Cricket South Africa (for the fan taunts). I realised they’re the ones to feel ashamed, not me,” she said after returning home.

“I’d like to extend that apology to Sonny Bill. He’s a husband and father, so imagine how his wife would feel and his kids.

“It’s time to put it to rest and get on with things that matter.”

If only.

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Sonny Bill Williams reinvented himself after Candice Falzon toilet tryst

The world remembers Sonny Bill Williams was “ashamed and embarrassed” as his own chief executive declared his career was hanging by a thread following his infamous toilet cubicle tryst with Candice Warner.

The world also remembers the way Williams returned to the NRL a changed man when he first signed with the Roosters in 2013.

His story is often told as a wild superstar given too much too soon before hitting rock bottom and returning as a conquering hero.

That story forgets the entire first act of the saga.

The truth of the 35-year-old’s resurrection ahead of his second comeback to the NRL with the Roosters against the Raiders in Canberra on Saturday night after six years away is that the Bulldogs were both the source of and solution to his early-career crisis.

Williams has spoken countless times about his corruption at the hands of Canterbury’s work-hard, play-hard culture.

When he left the Bulldogs in the greatest walk-out scandal the game has ever known to jump ship to French Rugby despite having more than four years left on a $2 million contract he was not the same person that arrived at the club as a 16-year-old from New Zealand.

“When I was a youngster, I fell off. I never touched alcohol until I made first grade,’’ he said in 2013.

“Growing up I was really dedicated to my craft and just wanted to be best I could be.

“I lost my way for a couple of years there but I’m proud to say I’m proud of the man I see in the mirror.’’

Williams won a premiership with the Bulldogs in his first season playing in the NRL at the age of 18, slotting into one of the best teams the NRL has ever seen.

An impressionable teenager Williams was seduced almost immediately.

In 2005 he was fined $10,000 for the Bulldogs when he pleaded guilty to drink driving while on his P-Plate.

His license was suspended for five months.

In 2007 he was fined by police for urinating in public and then hit rock bottom when news of his drunken toilet cubicle tryst with former ironwoman star Candice Falzon inside a Kings Cross nightclub made headlines around the world.

Williams was in a long-term relationship with ex-girlfriend Genna Shaw at the time — leading Williams to give an emotional front page confession that he was “ashamed and embarrassed” by the scandal.

It was the scandal that planted the seeds for Williams’ transformation into the textbook role model the world knows him as today.

In that same year he gave up alcohol for six months — his first of many booze bans until his eventual decision to give up the drink entirely after converting to his Muslim faith.

The scandal also planted the seeds for his infamous walk out on the Bulldogs 12 months later.

Williams was forced by the club to admit he had a drinking problem — something he says he never had — after a third alcohol-related incident left his career at a crossroads, according to former Bulldogs boss Malcolm Noad.

“It has also been pointed out to Sonny that should there be any further incidents he’s in danger of cutting short a very promising career,” Noad said at the time.

Williams’ response showed even then his career at the club was on borrowed time.

“I got hung out to dry,” Williams said of the club’s reported decision to make him announce that he would seek help.

“The CEO says stand here and say that,” Williams said. “It’s like you’ve been naughty and that’s just the fastest way to make it right. I was very pissed off that I had to say I had a drinking problem because the only problem I had was being naive.”

As reported this week by The Daily Telegraph’sJamie Pandaram, Williams’ desertion was a twisted, complex dispute — but ultimately could have been solved if the Bulldogs had agreed to pay the $90,000 interest owing on Williams’ Caringbah home.

The Bulldogs held tight on the contract in place and Williams boarded a flight to France.

It was revealed at the time Anthony Mundine and agent Khoder Nasser were behind Williams’ defection after Williams also abandoned his former management.

It was claimed at the time the pair brainwashed Williams.

What they actually did was mould him into the player that will walk out onto GIO Stadium on Saturday night as one of the most admired and respected athletes in the country.

Shortly after linking with Nasser in 2008, Williams converted to Islam.

With a clean slate in French Rugby, Williams talked the talk and walked the walk, abstaining from alcohol on the spot — something he has never wavered from 11-years later.

“The first thing I cut down was no drinking, then from no drinking you cut down being out late, you’re up early in the morning,” he told The Sydney Morning Herald in 2011.

“You get those looks from the boys like, ‘What are you doing?’

“I’ve had obviously the drink-driving, the thing with Candice [Warner] in the toilet, getting caught pissing in the alleyway, but those things have made me who I am today, I wouldn’t change that,” Williams says.

“If I hadn’t done those mistakes I probably wouldn’t have stopped drinking. It’s difficult because you’ve had it, you’ve experienced those highs and having a laugh, that’s why you miss it. But it’s not difficult aside from that, I know I’m better off without it. I don’t make stupid mistakes, my body feels better without it.

“If I hadn’t made those mistakes because I was blind … for me it’s like a 360. I never used to drink until I was 18, until I played first grade for Canterbury.”

This was the man that was so revered in his first return to the Roosters that the entire team went on a booze ban during the 2013 season as they went on to win the NRL premiership.

In 2014 his resurrection was completed by the whirlwind romance and marriage to Alana Raffie in a secret ceremony after just a six-month courtship.

The couple have since welcomed four children — daughter Iman, 5, daughter, Aisha, 4, son Zaid, 2, and seven-month-old son Essa.

The beautiful family would never have grown so perfectly without those mistakes that turned Williams’ life around.

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The Eden-Monaro ballot tryst

The Eden-Monaro By-election proved to be an entertaining democratic flirtation giving some thing for absolutely everyone, writes Dr Binoy Kampmark.

ELECTIONS must be cherished as a prospect for voters to have interaction in the democratic ritual referred to as “voting for your representative”. On the other hand, many do not care a jot, at minimum in Australia, that a agent is a fusty human being with no other goal in lifestyle than filling the ballot position. A superior portion vote for the party their mother and father did. Once elected, shortly overlooked. 

Australia also delivers the grandest of political processes and very little in phrases of hefty concepts in the political arena. The mild on the hill can be lowered to a set of containers on a preferential voting method. The figurehead is stuffing in a course of action that is revered in excess of the compound of what is available. 

That method is its individual enemy. Compulsory voting techniques develop drizzles of boring predictability, punctuated by the rarest of surprises. One exception can be the by-election. In the Westminster procedure, the byelection is tentative titillation, distraction, flirtation. It is a night out from your previous get together husband or wife, a tryst off the observe. 

Swings are permitted, often on a grand scale. Vote for fringe events. Knock you out, but hardly ever up, considering that commitment is not essentially heading to be on the cards. As a voter inconvenienced by the realisation that you will have to vote all over again very shortly, you can tell your common get together to take a fantastic glance at alone as you pack in your lot with the opposition prospect for a steamily quick holiday absent from reality. The Australian by-election, in other words and phrases, is a prospect to have an alternative ballot “shag“.

The Eden-Monaro ballot shag had a very little bit of anything for the commentators and candidates. Would Key Minister Scott Morrison’s bungled handling of the bushfire disaster chunk? Where would the coronavirus disaster and the Federal Government response attribute? It also offered the Morrison Governing administration a narrative that they would not be pretty so hammered as they normally would be in these little contests. It gave the Labor Opposition Chief Anthony Albanese a opportunity for his social gathering to maintain on to a seat, which he truly risked dropping. 


It also offered the Nationals with a large headache, mainly in the form of NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro. Barilaro had been at first eager on nominating for the Nationals, hoping to leapfrog from state politics to the Federal parliament. But things did not quite change out that way. In May, he attacked fellow Countrywide, Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, for featuring inadequate assist for his candidacy. 

Barilaro raged by way of a leaked text information: 

“You will in no way be acknowledged by me as our leader. You aren’t. You by no means will be.” 

For the briefest of moments, there had been a suggestion that the Coalition Authorities would concede to only operating just one candidate in the combat, but that proved chimerical. The Liberals’ NSW Condition Transportation Minister Andrew Constance at first threw his hat into the ring — an exertion that lasted all but 24 hrs. Barilaro, champing at the bit, was none way too pleased, describing his contesting colleague as a “c*nt”

Constance, in convert, mirrored on the parlous point out of politics in Australia:

“I want to continue to be concentrated on the bushfire recovery and be grateful for the prospects I by now have.” 

Seeds of confusion experienced been sown.  

McCormack was also agitated: owning Barilaro in the celebration Federal ranks could possibly incorporate pointless dynamite to his already fragile maintain on electrical power. The crimson carpet remedy would not be forthcoming.

Barilaro reached his have conclusions, telling McCormack: 

“To sense threatened by me evidently exhibits you have unsuccessful your group and failed as a chief.”    

With the bucking Barilaro and wounded Constance out, the dust settled — in a trend. A three-way contest unfolded showcasing Labor’s previous Bega Mayor Kristy McBain, the Liberals’ Fiona Kotvojs and Trevor Hicks for the Nationals. 

The Liberal prospect had attracted attention for her group submission in aid of the Religious Freedom Bill in 2018, which integrated the pursuing:

‘Religious colleges and organisations must be authorized to positively discriminate in employment for persons who adhere to their beliefs on relationship.’ 

Environmentalists also mentioned Kotvojs’ background of minimising the anthropogenic results in of local climate improve.

Warned founder and president of Cleanse Electrical power for Eternity Matthew Nott:

“She has a much more conservative position on weather than Tony Abbott.”

The vote – and cumbersome commentary – wore on via the Saturday night television coverage. Victory in the seat would have adjusted tiny in the decreased residence for either social gathering, but the chattering politicos thought in any other case. Governments really should drop these kinds of elections opposition parties really should acquire them. This experienced been the scenario for a century. But Morrison’s particular recognition is high, although it has failed to translate into voting attitudes Albanese seems to exist in a point out of lasting political eclipse. There was a feeling that Labor may possibly fall short in retaining Eden-Monaro and, in so doing, gentle the fires of a possible coup in opposition to their chief. Much warm air was emitted.

Every single politician on the ABC election panel understood their quick. Senator Kristina Keneally – who has normally been additional a heel of Achilles for the Labor Bash than its talisman – was executing her ideal to persuade that Labor must be executing far worse, the seat being “notionally Liberal”. Her counterpart in debate and commentary, Setting Minister (Australia nevertheless has them) Sussan Ley championed the credentials of the Key Minister. The ABC’s Jane Norman did her most effective to steer proceedings and prod issues election analyst and perennial psephologist Antony Eco-friendly held court.

Finally, the victory claimed by McBain was one of a compact-margin and even scaled-down result. Commentators and pundits ended up squeezing blood from the stone, but it appeared that Labor experienced held on with the unremarkable phenomenon of tastes, cushioning a drop of three for every cent in the key vote

What is really wrong with our media: The Eden Monaro example

Rupert Murdoch’s assault dog The Australian growled with resentment at what it saw as the “bastardry” of Barilaro. 

Norman observed that the outcome

“…at the same time aided to strengthen Anthony Albanese’s leadership of the Labor Get together even though giving Scott Morrison a shot in the arm, getting withstood a feasible protest vote over his dealing with of the bushfire crisis.” 

Some Labor insiders, such as the extended-in-tooth Joel Fitzgibbonfelt that the dip in the main vote was inadequate for the ALP to gain Federal office, however expressed gratification at the party’s move in direction of the “sensible centre”. 

In other phrases, it was a by-election with a little something, having said that small, for all people.

Dr Binoy Kampmark was a Cambridge Scholar and is an Impartial Australia columnist and lecturer at RMIT College. You can stick to Dr Kampmark on Twitter @BKampmark.

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