Giant 271kg tuna caught on NSW north coast

A giant tuna weighing more than four times the average fish of its kind has been caught on the New South Wales North Coast this morning.

The northern bluefin tuna was caught by a longliner vessel working off Coffs Harbour and weighed a whopping 271kg.

The catch is likely to be a record-breaker in NSW with the largest tuna previously recorded by the CSIRO weighing in at 148kg and measuring 185cm.

A 271kg northern bluefin tuna has been reeled in on the NSW North Coast. (Sydney Fish Market/Supplied)

On average, tunas are roughly 150cm long and weigh about 60kg.

“It certainly is a spectacular fish and in pretty good condition,” Erik Poole, supply and business manager at the Sydney Fish Market, told

Mr Poole said the local market generally targets tuna in the 40kg to 50kg range with bigger catches normally sent overseas to Japan.

The giant fish is more than four times the average weight of a tuna of this kind. (Sydney Fish Market/Supplied)

“A fish of that size isn’t something we’d target because they’re just too big,” he said.

“The fish needs to be used within in a few days so to use all of that sashimi is a big ask.

“And normally only the bigger buyers would be able to afford a fish of that size.”

Today’s catch was sold at the Sydney Fish Market to major seafood retailer Claudio’s Seafood, which supplies a large number of Japanese restaurants around Sydney.

The giant fish is almost 70kg heavier than the largest tuna tagged by the CSIRO. (Sydney Fish Market/Supplied)

Mr Poole said the fact a local supplier was able to buy the fish was a positive sign of the Australian food industry recovering from the struggles of COVID-19.

“Being able to afford to eat good quality fish like that opposed to something that comes vacuum-packed from overseas is great news and something we certainly encourage.”

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‘Tuna up’ for anglers off Ocean Grove

Inside the bay has still been fishing quite well for a whole host of species including pinkie snapper, King George whiting and calamari.

Calamari are still showing up in good numbers in close to Clifton Springs and around the boat ramp.

At times it can be quite the mission to find where they are holding but when you find them you should just keep plucking them from the pack.

Whiting still remain a popular target species around Clifton Springs also.

Like the squid, there is a bit of searching at times but when you do the fishing can be red hot.

Around the corner towards St Leonards has been a little more consistent with the whiting bite with a bit less moving required to locate where they are holding.

The Rip has really fired up this week with kingfish reports coming in crazy!

Jigging has been the most popular technique with jigs weighing between 150 – 250grams being ideal.

As for colour, they don’t seem to be super fussy but having a variety of colours and weights does pay. Dropping live baits down has been working very well too and live squid is definitely the go, just crank it off the bottom a bit to keep it away from the wrasse and stop getting snagged.

The tuna off Ocean Grove are showing no sign of slowing down with plenty of good reports still coming through.

Trolling small skirted lures has been working very well for a large percentage of boats.

The back of the foul grounds towards Torquay in 50m of water has been holding tonnes of fish but the trick is just to get them to bite.

Casting surface lures into the school during the day has been working very well , with poppers seeming to be very effective.

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Tuna Fish Cakes – Healthy Little Foodies

Mashed potato and tuna are mixed together with spring onion, lime juice and coriander (cilantro) to make these delicious tuna fish cakes. They are then coated in breadcrumbs and lightly fried or baked.

My tuna patties are too soft, how do I prevent this?

Make sure not to overcook the potatoes as this can cause them to absorb too much water. Before mashing, return the potatoes to the pan, shake briefly and allow them to steam dry. If you have time, refrigerate and allow your mash to cool completely before mixing and forming the patties.

If you have already formed your cakes but find them too soft to handle, pop them in the freezer for around 10 mins to harden. This will make it easier to coat and fry. Baking will be easier if still too soft.

My Tuna Fish Cakes Full Apart When I coat /cook them, how do I prevent this?

This could be because your mixture is too wet or too textured.

You need to make sure your potatoes are completely dry and ideally cold before mixing with the other ingredients. Also, make sure to fully drain the tuna so you are not adding extra liquid to the mixture.

If you have large chunks of tuna make sure to break them down when mixing. In addition, make sure to chop the onion small.

It’s important that the oil is hot enough when the patties enter the pan. If it’s too low, they will soak up the oil and become soggy.

If still falling apart them try baking over frying.

Can you make fish cakes ahead of time?

Yes. You can form and refrigerate a day before cooking. See storage instructions, above, for further information.

Are these suitable for babies/ toddlers?

Yes. These are perfect for both babies (6mth+) and toddlers.

What should I serve with these?

I usually serve these with salad, roasted vegetables or raw vegetables and dips.

Can you freeze these fish cakes?

Yes. You can freeze before cooking and after cooking. See above section on storage instructions.

Have you tries this recipe? I love receiving your feedback, please rate and leave a comment below or tag me on Instagram @healthylittlefoodies

*First published Aug 2015. The post has been updated to include process steps and photos and more cooking tips and information.

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Jessica Simpson’s Response to Subway’s Tuna Debacle Is Spot On – E! Online

Subway, the fast-food chain that’s synonymous with $5 foot-longs, is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. For better or worse, however, they have an unlikely ally in Jessica Simpson.

According to NBC News, Subway is facing a class action lawsuit alleging their tuna isn’t actually tuna. The lawsuit claims that instead of serving actual fish, Subway makes an “entirely non-tuna based mixture that Defendants blended to resemble tuna and imitate its texture.”

Subway vehemently denied the allegation in a statement, telling NBC News in part that it “delivers 100% cooked tuna to its restaurants, which is mixed with mayonnaise and used in freshly made sandwiches, wraps.”

The controversial case became a topic of discussion on social media, earning the attention of Subway diners like Meghan McCain, who asked the question we all have on our minds: “WHAT EXACTLY HAVE I BEEN EATING AT SUBWAY!?!?!?”

Jessica Simpson, however, is less concerned about the contents of Subway’s mixture, as she’s famously always struggled with the concept of tuna. She sympathized with the fast food chain on Twitter, writing, “It’s OK @SUBWAY. It IS confusing.”

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Toyosu fish market holds first tuna auction of 2021

Tokyo’s Toyosu fish market held its first tuna auction of 2021 on Tuesday. Before dawn, buyers in rubber boots inspected the quality of giant fresh and frozen tunas by examining the neatly cut tail end with flashlights and rubbing slices between their fingers.

Tokyo’s annual New Year tuna auction ends without the usual jaw-dropping bidding war and the most expensive fish of the day — a 208-kilogram bluefin, bought by the sushi restaurant Ginza Onodera for 21 million yen (€166,000).

Previously in Tsukiji — the world’s biggest fish market and a popular tourist attraction in an area packed with restaurants and shops — the market moved in October 2018 to Toyosu, a former gas plant a bit further east.

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DV accused threw a can of tuna, threatened police, court told

A BANORA Point man had his bail revoked after he allegedly threw a can of tuna at and then tussled with his former partner.

The 33-year-old man, who is not named to protect the victim, appeared in Tweed Heads Local Court on October 12 by videolink from the Tweed Heads police station.

He pleaded not guilty to common assault, contravening an apprehended violence order and damage property.

The man pleaded guilty to intimidate police but disputed the police facts.

The man had been in a relationship with his former partner for 13 years and they share three children together aged from nine to 15 months old.

On October 10, the pair exchanged texts about seeing the children and his former partner said she allowed him to stay overnight as it was “in the best interest of the children”.

It is alleged about 7am the next day, the woman and the man argued and when she walked towards the lounge room to call police he threw a can of tuna at her which missed.

Police alleged there was a brief tussle to get the phone out of her hand and the man left before police arrived.

It is alleged he damaged the bedroom door, leaving a hole about 20-25cm wide.

About 10.20am police say he returned to the house, attempting to gain entry before leaving again.

He was found a short time later leaning against the Banora Central Shopping Centre and was arrested after a short foot chase.

He was allegedly captured on police body camera video making threats of violence towards officers including, “you get f—’n close enough to me c— I’m going to break your f—– nose”.

It is alleged he thrashed out at police while they attempted to remove his handcuffs.

He allegedly told officers he would cave their heads in, he was going to slap the looks off their faces and “if I see ya outside I’m going to run you over”.

Defence solicitor Phil Mulherin said the man was the primary provider financially for the family in terms of paying child support and had been unemployed but was due to start a new job later in the week.

Mr Mulherin submitted his client was at risk of spending too much time on remand than he would receive in any penalty.

During his bail application, the man leaned into the camera to show Magistrate Geoff Dunlevy the black eye he was sporting and chipped tooth he alleged came at the hands of his former partner.

Mr Mulherin said his client had apologised to police and that while his comments were unacceptable there was antagonism from police.

Police prosecutor Alix Thom said the defendant was subject to an apprehended violence order and subject to a number of bails for offending “in a similar vein” in relation to the same woman.

Mr Dunlevy revoked the man’s existing bail and did not grant bail for the fresh charges.

The offending also allegedly breached a community correctional order which was relisted on November 24.

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