London Bridge attack: Convicted murderer who helped foil attack with narwhal tusk given prison pardon

A convicted murderer who helped thwart a terror attack on London Bridge last year has been granted a 10-month reduction in his prison sentence in recognition of his actions and bravery.

Steven Gallant was jailed for 17 years in 2005 over the murder of a man, British local media reports.

Gallant was reportedly on day release when convicted terrorist Usman Khan started stabbing people at a prison rehabilitation program that was being held at Fishmongers’ Hall, next to the bridge, last November.

Gallant, along with civil servant Darryn Frost, used a 1.5 metre narwhal tusk taken from the wall of the Fishmongers’ Hall to confront Khan, despite the attacker claiming he was about to detonate a suicide vest.

The device turned out to be a fake.

Khan, who was only released from jail the previous year, killed two people and injured three more before being overpowered by bystanders, including Gallant.

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The video showed Khan being overpowered by bystanders on the London Bridge in 2019.

Video of the incident showed two men struggling on the bridge before police pulled one man in civilian clothes off another black-clad man on the ground.

Khan was then shot by police.

A statement from the UK Ministry of Justice said Gallant will become eligible for parole 10 months earlier due to the “very exceptional circumstances”.

“The Secretary of State may exercise the RPM to reward serving prisoners by remitting part of the prisoner’s current sentence or tariff because of their actions.”

Gallant’s release remains a decision for the British Parole Board to take after a full risk assessment.

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