Smith twins leave Super Rugby for US deals

The United States has emerged as the latest threat on Australia’s Super Rugby stocks after Queensland Reds identical twins Ruan and JP Smith’s exit to play in Los Angeles next year.

The forwards will play for the Venice Beach-based LA Giltinis in their inaugural season from March next year in what will be the competition’s fourth instalment.

The USA Rugby-sanctioned competition has swollen to 13 teams split between two conferences, defying the governing body’s claim for bankruptcy earlier this year and significant behind-the-scenes dramas for a host of clubs after their third season was cut short by COVID-19.

The Giltinis are named after a yet-to-be released cocktail and owned by Australian Adam Gilchrist – a gym tycoon, not the cricketer – who also owns the Austin Gilronis.

The competition has already lured former Wallabies great Chris Latham, to coach Utah, while Stephen Hoiles is an assistant coach at LA and Drew Mitchell (New York) was poised to come out of retirement before the delay.

Springbok Tendai Mtawarira (Washington DC), All Black Ma’a Nonu (San Diego), France’s Mathieu Bastareaud (New York) have all featured while Matt Giteau and Adam Ashley-Cooper have been linked to the LA club run by former Wallabies hooker Adam Freier.

But the signing of the 30-year-old Smith twins shows there is interest among active, established Super Rugby players too.

And AAP understands more could follow them in a move that would put the privately owned United States competition alongside Europe and Japan as suitors for Australia’s best talent.

Ruan said playing in the USA was a “bucket-list thing” while his brother JP said “playing with a new club in one of the sporting capitals of the world has massive appeal”.

“Away from playing, I’m really interested in player development and coaching and I’d like to take any opportunity in that area in LA to help rugby keep growing in the local community,” JP Smith said.

The pair grew up in South Africa before moving to Australia, where they now boast citizenship and run a South African meat operation specialising in boerewors and biltong.

“JP and Ruan are both very good, experienced rugby players and popular off the field in their past teams,” Hoiles said.

“It’s a significant part of the way we’ve structured our squad that they will really help guys like Blake Rogers and Mafi Seanoa, two of our talented American props.”

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World’s most premature twins to turn 2 in Iowa: Guinness World Records

DES MOINES, Iowa — Shorter than a Barbie doll and lighter than a football, Kambry Ewoldt entered the world fighting to survive.

Kambry and her identical twin sister, Keeley, were born Nov. 24, 2018, around the 22-week mark of the pregnancy of their mother, Jade Ewoldt. They weighed 15.8 ounces and 1 pound 1.3 ounces, respectively, and spent the first four months of their lives in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital before they could go home. 

Guinness World Records has recognized them as the world’s most premature twins. 

Today, the girls love singing “Baby Shark,” doing the Chicken Dance and painting pictures. They have their own personalities — Kambry is more of a tomboy and Keeley is very girly, Ewoldt said — and are excited to celebrate their second birthdays.

It’s a milestone they weren’t guaranteed.

‘Survival mode’

Ewoldt, already a mother of two, knew having twins meant it would be a high-risk pregnancy. 

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NRL news: Alex McKinnon, wife pregnant, baby, twins, Knights

Former NRL player Alex McKinnon has announced he and wife Teigan are pregnant again, this time expecting identical twins.

McKinnon posted the news on Twitter on Sunday, and the children are expected in May.

They will be siblings to Harriet who was born two years ago.

McKinnon was playing for the Knights in 2014 when he suffered a tragic injury during a game that left him a quadriplegic.

He has since worked for Newcastle in recruitment.

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Sydney driver Richard Moananu jailed over Orchard Hills crash that killed teen and woman pregnant with twins

A drunk driver who killed a woman heavily pregnant with twins, and her relative, in a horrific car crash in Western Sydney has been jailed for 15 years.

Katherine Gordon, 23, and Anh Thu Belinda Hoang, 17, died when Richard Moananu lost control of his car and crossed over a median strip on the Northern Road at Orchard Hills in September 2018.

He was travelling so fast that he became airborne and clipped another car before slamming head-on into the victims’ hatchback.

Ms Gordon’s husband, Bronko Hoang, also suffered serious injuries in the crash.

Their twins boys, Roman and Archer, were due to be born by Cesarian section the following week.

Moananu pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter and causing grievous bodily harm to Mr Hoang.

The deaths of the twins are not recognised under NSW law.

The NSW District Court heard Moananu was four times over the legal alcohol limit at the time and was seen by witnesses driving “erratically” and tailgating before the crash.

He also had traces of cannabis in his system when drug tested after the crash.

Witnesses told police Moananu was travelling at a “ridiculous speed” as be weaved in and out of traffic on the M4 motorway.

The 31-year-old had spent the day of the crash drinking at a hotel for more eight hours.

The court heard he now “wishes that he had died in the collision”.

The impact of the crash pushed the victims’ car 20 metres.(ABC News)

Mr Hoang, was seated in the passenger seat in front of her at the time of the crash and had been teaching his 17-year-old sister to drive.

The impact of the crash pushed the victims’ car back 20 metres in the opposite direction it was travelling, causing “catastrophic” damage.

Mr Hoang received brain, head, leg, and other internal injuries and woke from a coma to discover four members of his family had perished.

‘He is only human’

Outside court Mr Hoang offered forgiveness to Moanana.

“I don’t hate Richard. He didn’t wake up in the morning and say, ‘I want to destroy the Hoang family’.”

He said he was willing to meet up with Moananu once he had served his sentence.

“He is a human being at the end of the day,” Mr Hoang said.

“We’re all human, we all make mistakes.”

Mr Hoang described the twin sons he would never get to know as “still very much my angels”.

Forensic reports estimated Moananu was travelling at more than 100 kilometres per hour at the time of impact, in what was a road works 60kph zone.

Moananu claims to have no memory of the incident, but said he thought about what happened every day and vowed to “never drink again”.

In sentencing, Judge Mark Buscombe described Moananu’s driving as “erratic, aggressive, and grossly negligent”.

He also spoke about the enduring impact of Moananu’s offending on the victims’ families.

“The emotional pain and loss they have suffered is severe and continuing,” Judge Buscombe said.

“No sentence I can impose in this case can alleviate the pain they have suffered, and will continue to suffer, as a consequence of the offender’s appalling actions that day,” he said.

He sentenced Moananu to a total of 15 years in prison, with a non-parole period of 10 years.

His sentence included a 25 per cent discount for his early guilty plea.

He will be eligible for release in 2028 due to time served.

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Vladimir Putin’s alleged lover and mother of his secret twins vanishes

An Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast long rumoured to have had twins with Russian President Vladimir Putin has disappeared from public view.

Alina Kabaeva had glittered under a spotlight for two decades. She was an Olympic gold-medal athlete in her teens in the 2000s, a member of Russia’s parliament for years, and now, in her 30s, remains the boss, at least in name, of a major national media company, the New York Post reports.

But it would be as Putin’s reputed love interest for the past dozen years — and quite possibly the mother of four of his children — that the spotlight would glare its brightest.

Since 2008, Europe’s tabloids have pored over her pregnancies, public appearances and online postings, speculating over a rumoured romance that remained stubbornly unconfirmed by both Putin and Kabaeva.

Then suddenly — after she wore a billowing red dress to her last public appearance, in the fall of 2018, prompting rumours of yet another pregnancy — the spotlight clicked off, and she disappeared from public life.

She has been raising her new twin boys, born in May 2019, and two older children also rumoured to have been fathered by Putin, in secrecy ever since.

“He is obsessive about the security of his family,” a Moscow source told the Sun newspaper of the Russian strongman.

“Putin is an intensely private man. He has been hiding his two adult daughters under fake IDs for years.”

“Even now, though he talks about them occasionally, he never names them,” the source added. “If Alina gave birth to his children, her hiding away might be one of the strongest hints pointing to this.”

Kabaeva became a Russian superstar in the early 2000s as a fresh-faced, gold-bedecked rhythmic gymnast.

She collected two gold medals in 2004, and before that won 14 World Championship medals and 25 European Championship medals.

Kabaeva retired from gymnastics in 2006, later joining Putin’s United Russia Party, becoming a member of Russia’s parliament.

Rumours of a romance between Putin — who at 68 is twice Kabaeva’s age — began popping up soon after.

The European tabloids speculated that Kabaeva’s two children, born in 2009 and 2012, were fathered by the strongman.

But the Putin-Kabaeva rumours ran rampant in 2013, when the then-prime minister divorced his wife of nearly 30 years, Lyudmila Putina, a former Aeroflot flight attendant and mother of the strongman’s two acknowledged children.

No sooner had he divorced than the European tabloids claimed that he intended to marry Kabaeva.

“I like all Russian women,” the new bachelor quipped in brushing off the rumours then.

The tabloids went wild the next year, for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, when it was rumoured — wrongly, it turned out — that Kabaeva would light the Olympic flame.

Kabaeva, apparently, was otherwise occupied.

In April 2015, she gave birth to twin boys in Moscow.

This story originally appeared in the New York Postand has been reproduced with permission.

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Tasmanian mum of two sets of twins joins call for cheaper abdominoplasty

Two pregnancies gave Kerri-Louise Hooper four beautiful children, but carrying two sets of twins also left her struggling to lead a normal life.

The Hobart mother’s abdominal muscles separated normally during pregnancy, but they didn’t rejoin afterward, leaving her with a condition known as diastasis recti, or abdominal separation.

“I have a hole in my abdominal wall that is bigger than my fist and my stomach muscles will not join again,” Ms Hooper said.

Women who have multiple births like twins or larger-than-average babies are more prone to abdominal separation after pregnancy, which can lead to problems including chronic back pain and incontinence.

Ms Hooper suffers from both.

“I’m a real estate agent, I’m running around, I don’t have access to bathrooms all the time, and when that urge happens, I have no support. There is nothing,” she said.

Kerri-Louise Hooper says she will have to pay at least $12,000 if she wants an abdominoplasty.(Supplied: Kerri-Louise Hooper)

“My kids say, ‘Mummy you’re not the same anymore.’ My elder children [say], ‘You can’t play with us anymore, you’re always saying be careful of my back, you can’t stand up with us, you can’t go walking for long distances.’

“It just aches; my lower back aches, my stomach aches, everything just hurts.”

Mild abdominal separation after pregnancy can usually be fixed through physiotherapy and core-strengthening exercises, but in severe cases it must be repaired by abdominoplasty, also known as a “tummy-tuck”, a surgery during which a plastic surgeon sews the abdominal muscles together.

Ms Hooper has tried all the non-surgical treatments without success, but she will have to pay at least $12,000 if she wants an abdominoplasty.

Kerri-Louise Hooper looks at the camera.
Kerri-Louise Hooper said she feels like “I can’t live a normal life”.(ABC News: Laura Beavis)

Woman starts petition to make surgery cheaper

Abdominoplasty for women with abdominal separation after pregnancy was removed from the Medicare Benefits Schedule in 2016 because it was considered primarily a cosmetic procedure.

Without a Medicare item number, private insurers will not pay for the surgery or the hospital stay afterward.

Sydney woman Kerrie Edwards has started a petition that will be presented to Australia’s House of Representatives, asking for the Medicare item number to be restored.

The mother of twins, who also suffers from abdominal separation, said the surgery to fix the problem was unaffordable for most Australian women.

“It costs upwards of $15,000 out of pocket. There’s very few people who can afford that,” Ms Edwards said.

Kerrie Edwards with her daughters at a ski resort.
Kerrie Edwards says there are “very few people who can afford” the surgery.(Supplied: Kerrie Edwards)

Ms Edwards said it was unfair there were Medicare item numbers for abdominoplasty following significant weight loss and to correct abdominal separation caused by a tumorous mass in a person’s abdomen, but not for pregnancy-related injury.

“Medicare recognises that injury occurs if you have an intra-pelvic mass, and so there’s an item number that covers them to have abdominal repair surgery following an intra-pelvic mass,” she said.

“But we’re discriminated against when that intra-pelvic mass is a foetus, which does just as much damage to your abdominals.”

“It’s definitely unfair that women aren’t looked after following pregnancy.”

Surgeon says many women endure unnecessary pain

Melbourne plastic surgeon Dr Kim Taylor has performed abdominoplasty on more than 100 women suffering abdominal separation following pregnancy.

She said women are often shocked to learn their private health insurers won’t pay for the surgery.

“Sometimes it’s really hard to explain that whilst I believe that they have symptoms from the muscle separation, there’s no way that we can let them use their insurance because there’s no Medicare item number for that,” she said.

Dr Kim Taylor smiles at the camera.
Dr Kim Taylor says the procedure is “far from purely a cosmetic operation”.(Supplied: Dr Kim Taylor)

Dr Taylor said the cost of the surgery often leads women to delay having it.

“Sometimes when I see women that present for this, their kids have left home and they’ve been suffering for 20 years maybe or more with issues and are finally at the point where they’re like ‘okay, I can afford to get this done now’.”

Dr Taylor is on the executive of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), which has tried unsuccessfully to get the Medicare item number restored, and plans to try again next year.

Kerrie Edwards with her daughters.
Kerrie Edwards says many women struggle to afford surgery to correct abdominal separation after pregnancy.(Supplied: Kerrie Edwards)

Study finds abdominoplasty relieves back pain and incontinence

The ASPS is hopeful the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) will consider recent evidence about how abdominoplasty can help women with abdominal separation after pregnancy.

Canberra-based Dr Alistair Taylor was one of nine Australian plastic surgeons who took part in a trial in 2018 that collected data about women’s level of back pain and incontinence before and after abdominoplasty.

“We had a significant improvement statistically between back pain and urinary incontinence,” Dr Taylor said.

Dr Alistair Taylor smiles at the camera.
Dr Alistair Taylor took part in a study that found abdominoplasty helped women suffering from abdominal separation after pregnancy.(Supplied: Dr Alistair Taylor)

He said one of the reasons the Medicare item number was eliminated was because of a lack of data at the time about the medical effects of the surgery.

“It was judged to be a cosmetic operation because we didn’t really understand the functional benefits of it, but now that we do, we think that it should be included in the Medicare schedule again.”

“Not necessarily all abdominoplasty, but if patients are suffering from significant back pain post pregnancy, and urinary incontinence, it should be included for those patients.”

Dr Taylor said when the MSAC reviewed previous applications to restore the Medicare item number it did not consider there was enough demand for the surgery.

In a statement the Commonwealth Department of Health said MSAC appraises new medical services and provides advice to Government on whether they should be publicly funded based on an assessment of its comparative safety, clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, using the best available evidence.

“The committee found that although abdominoplasty had benefits for weight loss patients, there was insufficient evidence to justify Medicare funding of abdominoplasty for diastasis recti at this time.”

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Conjoined twins successfully separated in Michigan

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Couple who flew to Ukraine for birth of surrogate-born twins can’t get flight back to Australia, appeal to Scott Morrison

Perth couple Candice and Chris Dix have issued a plea to the Prime Minister Scott Morrison to relax international flight caps so they can return from Ukraine and be reunited with their young sons.

The pair travelled to Kiev in July for the birth of their twin daughters, who were carried by a surrogate who became pregnant in November before COVID-19 hit.

Mr Dix said Australia’s international flight cap was blocking them from returning home, with airlines saying they could not get the family a flight to Australia any time before December.

“We really need to see if they can get the flight caps adjusted, changed, lifted, so we can start getting some Australians home and back onto home soil so they can be reunited with their families,” he said.

Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume.

Ms Dix said she felt “abandoned” by the Federal Government.

“What country leaves their people in these situations, you know we’re Australian, I always thought that meant mateship and compassion and empathy?” she said.

The Dix’s sons, Arlo and Beau, aged two and five, have been living with their grandparents in Perth for months.

Odessa and Starla Dix at five weeks old.
Odessa and Starla Dix are now six weeks old.(Supplied)

‘There’s a lot of anxiety’

Grandmother Shirley Dix said she was “absolutely exhausted” and worried about the children’s mental health.

“They go through stages, there’s a lot of anxiety, I see it in the five-year-old, he always asks when he’s going home,” she said.

“The little one is of the greatest concern, in the mornings when I go to pick him up … he just says go away granny, I want mummy.

The Dix’s had their daughters, Starla and Odessa, via surrogacy after Candice Dix almost died giving birth to Arlo.

Shirley Dix with her grandsons Beau and Arlo.
Shirley Dix says Beau (left) and Arlo are struggling with the lengthy separation from their parents.(ABC News: Hugh Sando)

She said doctors had to remove her uterus to save her life.

“So I couldn’t have any more children and that hit me really hard, so I ended up going and seeing a psychologist and in the end landed down the path of surrogacy because I still had my eggs,” she said.

Ms Dix said she was desperate to return home to look after her sons.

“You know when I look at them they feel abandoned and that makes me feel really guilty as a parent, you know that I can’t get there to make them feel better,” she said.

“Our two-year-old really doesn’t understand why we’re here and often he’ll get upset and cry if he sees us, especially if he sees the babies, he really doesn’t understand this.

Shirley Dix with her grandsons Arlo and Beau walking on the driveway.
Shirley Dix says she is worried about the mental health of her grandsons.(ABC News: Hugh Sando)

“It’s just not a natural process at all.”

When asked to comment on the Dix’s case the Prime Minister’s office referred the ABC to statements Scott Morrison made after a national cabinet meeting last week, in which he said state premiers had agreed more Australians needed to be able to come home.

“We noted that New South Wales has been doing all the heavy lifting on this, and they really are at their capacity for the time being,” Mr Morrison said.

“And so, as I discussed with Cabinet during the course of this week, the Transport Minister will be working with others to see if we can get flights that currently all seek to come to Sydney, to see if we’re in a position to try and get them to go into other ports, whether that be in Perth, in Adelaide, in Darwin, the ACT, or elsewhere, even Tasmania.

“Almost 4,000 Australians are coming home every week, but we know there are many more who are trying to get home, and further support has been provided to DFAT to assist those Australians, particularly in hardship, overseas.”

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Morris NRL twins to lace up again in 2021

Awestruck Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson says the NRL premiers are close to re-signing Brett and Josh Morris for another season after the ageless twins penned an historic chapter to their storied careers on Saturday night.

The most prolific tryscoring siblings in premiership history – who turn 34 on Sunday – each bagged a double in the same game for the first time in the Roosters’ 38-16 rout of Wests Tigers at Leichhardt Oval.

“Obviously if Josh gets one out there on the field, I am going ‘well I need to get one now’,” Brett told AAP after his brace drew him level with Canterbury legend Terry Lamb in equal fifth on the all-time tryscorers’ list with 164.

“So there is that rivalry there but it has never been anything more than a bit of fun.”

He’s now just one behind Andrew Ettingshausen and trailing only the Sharks great plus Steve Menzies (180), Billy Slater (190) and seemingly untouchable all-time tryscoring leader Ken Irvine (212).

Josh is 18th on the list after surpassing Steve Renouf with his 143rd try and within sight of rugby league Immortals Frank Burge (146) and Bob Fulton (147).

“We are both competitive guys and obviously we enjoy scoring tries but we don’t look at the records or that sort of stuff,” Brett said.

“We are footballers and we go out there to try and do our job to the best of our ability and if scoring tries is part of it that is what you are going to do.

“Obviously we are still enjoying our footy and love getting out there and ripping in. Those tries are bonuses.”

They’re much more than that to Robinson, who admitted he thought 2020 would be the twins’ swan song.

But, hailing them as must-viewing marvels, the Roosters coach feels compelled to extend their careers for another year.

“That’s the plan. I think we’re pretty close to getting that sorted,” Robinson said.

“I love watching them play. It’s a real pleasure. For any young footy player that wants to be an outside back, come to the game and watch them; don’t just watch them on television.

“Watch them move, watch them make decisions. When other people are walking, they’ll make these decisions that will put them in good positions to score tries, to save tries. They are the ideal guys to watch play footy.

“It looks like they have grown up playing footy since they were four and it looks like they have watched a lot of footy along the way.

“They have thought about it, put it in the memory bank and they have bought it out along the way.

“They just know how to find the try line and they just get into positions and do that. There is a little bit of space and the ball bounces and they are there to pick it up and score.

“It’s a real credit to them to keep it going. I said in the box tonight, I wish I had them when they were 25.”

Instead, Robinson will have them at least until they’re 35.

“I expected this season to probably be it for them,” he said.

“I’d like to think that we gave them a new lease of life as well, in the way they enjoy their footy and they gave us a way in which we play outside backs in a certain way.”

Brett said a new lease of life was exactly what the Roosters had given the brothers.

“Nothing has been finalised at this stage but we are both enjoying our footy,” he said.

“We love going into training every day. We have got a really great group of fellows there and obviously the staff there make going to work every day a pleasure.

“The end is only around the corner so you want to enjoy as much of it as you can.

“For myself personally, it has probably been the favourite two years of my rugby league career.”


1.Ken Irvine – 212 (North Sydney, Manly 1958-73)

2.Billy Slater – 190 (Melbourne 2003-18)

3.Steve Menzies – 180 (Manly, Northern Eagles 1993-2008)

4.Andrew Ettingshausen – 165 (Cronulla 1983-2000)

= 5. Terry Lamb – 164 (Western Suburbs, Canterbury 1980-96)

=5. Brett Morris – 164 (St George Illawarra, Canterbury, Sydney Roosters 2006-2020)

= 18. Josh Morris – 143 (St George Illawarra, Canterbury, Cronulla, Sydney Roosters 2007-2020).

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MLB roundup: Maeda loses no-hit bid but Twins win in 12

Aug 18, 2020; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Twins shortstop Jorge Polanco (11) celebrates a win against the Milwaukee Brewers in twelve innings at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

August 19, 2020

Jorge Polanco drove in two runs, including the winner with one out in the 12th inning, and Kenta Maeda took a no-hitter into the ninth inning as the Minnesota Twins edged the Milwaukee Brewers 4-3 on Tuesday night in Minneapolis.

Polanco drove in Byron Buxton from third with a broken-bat dribbler past losing pitcher David Phelps (2-2) to win it.

Maeda set a team record with eight consecutive strikeouts but failed to garner the win as the Brewers rallied for three ninth-inning runs and force extra innings. Keston Hiura hit a run-scoring single, and Twins second baseman Ildemaro Vargas committed a two-run throwing error to tie the game.

Eric Sogard broke up the no-hitter to start the ninth with a soft liner over the glove of shortstop Polanco for a leadoff single. Maeda then departed after throwing a career-high 115 pitches. He struck out 12 and walked two.

Phillies 13, Red Sox 6

Bryce Harper crushed a three-run home run as part of a seven-run sixth inning, and Philadelphia sent host Boston to its ninth consecutive defeat.

Jay Bruce (four RBIs), Rhys Hoskins and Phil Gosselin also homered for the Phillies, who ran their winning streak to four. Philadelphia will seek to finish a two-game sweep Wednesday afternoon.

Rafael Devers had three hits, and Xander Bogaerts drove in a pair for the Red Sox, who have been outscored 86-41 during their skid.

Diamondbacks 10, Athletics 1

A five-run first inning set the stage for Arizona’s sixth consecutive win, a rout of Oakland in Phoenix.

Arizona’s Nick Ahmed drove in five runs in the first two innings, and Kole Calhoun hit his sixth home run this month. Luke Weaver (1-3) earned the victory after pitching a season-high five innings and allowing a run on three hits and a walk while striking out six.

Ahmed’s three-run home run highlighted the big first inning, which included a wild pitch from A’s starter Frankie Montas (2-2) that allowed the first run to score, plus an Eduardo Escobar sacrifice fly with the bases loaded.

Astros 2, Rockies 1 (11 innings)

Myles Straw hit an RBI single in the bottom of the 11th and host Houston beat Colorado.

Straw finished with two hits, Yuli Gurriel also had two hits and Andre Scrubb (1-0) pitched the 11th for the win. Raimel Tapia had an RBI single for the Rockies.

Houston starter Zack Greinke and Colorado’s Antonio Senzatela both pitched eight shutout innings before departing.

Nationals 8, Braves 5

Juan Soto continued his torrid pace with two more hits and a key RBI to help Washington win at Atlanta.

Soto finished 2-for-4 with a walk, and he scored a run after driving one in as the Nationals took the lead with a four-run rally in the fifth inning. Over the past nine games, Soto is batting .441 (15-for-34) with a double, six homers, 14 RBIs and 14 runs. He upped his average to .417.

Soto was one of seven Nationals with multiple hits, including rookie Luis Garcia with three. Wander Suero (1-0) pitched a scoreless inning for the win. Daniel Hudson, victimized by the Braves for two ninth-inning homers in Monday’s loss, worked a perfect ninth for his fifth save.

Padres 6, Rangers 4

Wil Myers hit a grand slam and former Ranger Jurickson Profar added a two-run homer to lead San Diego to a win at Arlington, Texas. Cal Quantrill came on with two on and two outs in the ninth to retire Todd Frazier on a fly to center for his first major league save.

Joey Gallo highlighted a four-run Rangers fourth with a three-run homer. Neither team scored over the final five innings.

San Diego’s Adrian Morejon made his first start of the season and allowed only one walk with four strikeouts in three hitless innings. Craig Stammen (2-1) was credited with the win, allowing only one hit in two scoreless innings after the Rangers scored four runs (three earned) against Javy Guerra.

Rays 6, Yankees 3

Brandon Lowe hit a three-run homer, and visiting Tampa Bay continued its surge by recording a victory over New York.

The Rays improved to 4-1 in the 10-game season series with the Yankees and also handed New York its first loss in 11 games this season in games played at Yankee Stadium.

Blake Snell (2-0) benefitted from the Rays’ run support while allowing three runs on four hits in five innings. Gary Sanchez hit a solo homer and Luke Voit hit a two-run homer out of the leadoff spot for the Yankees, whose 10-0 start in games played at Yankee Stadium matched the team record set in 1951 and equaled in 1987.

Cubs 6, Cardinals 3

Ian Happ and Kyle Schwarber each clubbed home runs, and Chicago held on for a win over visiting St. Louis.

Jason Heyward added an RBI triple for Chicago, which earned its second win in a row over St. Louis. The teams are scheduled to meet for a doubleheader Wednesday to cap off a stretch of five games in three days.

Cubs starter Yu Darvish (4-1) picked up his fourth straight victory after allowing one run on eight hits in six innings. Paul Goldschmidt and Matt Carpenter drove in one run apiece for the Cardinals.

Dodgers 2, Mariners 1

Corey Seager hit a go-ahead RBI single with two outs in the eighth inning to lift streaking Los Angeles to a victory over visiting Seattle.

Austin Barnes scored twice and joined Seager with two of the six hits for the Dodgers, who have won seven in a row.

Kyle Lewis scored on a groundout in the seventh inning and Marco Gonzales matched a career high with nine strikeouts for the reeling Mariners, who have lost seven consecutive games.

White Sox 10, Tigers 4

Tim Anderson, Yoan Moncada and Jose Abreu combined to go 8-for-12 with a home run and eight RBIs as the top of the order powered host Chicago past Detroit.

Detroit sputtered to its seventh straight defeat as left-hander Tarik Skubal (0-1) struggled in his major league debut. Anderson blasted the third pitch of Skubal’s career into the left field seats for his second leadoff home run against the Tigers in as many nights and third leadoff homer this season.

Chicago right-hander Dylan Cease continued his early-career dominance of Detroit, limiting the Tigers to two runs on five hits in 6 1/3 innings with three walks and three strikeouts. Cease improved to 4-1 this season and 5-0 in five starts against Detroit as the White Sox won their third straight game.

Mets 8, Marlins 3

Brandon Nimmo homered, tripled and singled while leading New York to a victory at Miami.

Nimmo, who was robbed of a hit on a line drive into a shift and also flied out to the warning track, went 3-for-5 with two RBIs while raising his on-base percentage to .431. He has four homers this season and has tripled in consecutive games.

The Mets, who have won two straight games, also got solo homers from J.D. Davis and Amed Rosario, and the latter totaled three RBIs. New York has seven homers in the past two games.

Indians 6, Pirates 3 (10 innings)

Carlos Santana’s three-run homer in the 10th inning gave visiting Cleveland its fourth straight win.

Against Pittsburgh reliever Sam Howard (1-1) in a game that had been tied 3-3 since the fifth, and with Cesar Hernandez placed on second, Francisco Lindor drew a one-out walk. Santana blasted a shot to left, his second homer, and it survived a review to see whether it was fair or foul.

Josh Bell hit a two-run double and Colin Moran an RBI single for the Pirates, who had played just two games in eight days because of COVID-19 concerns with their scheduled opponents.

Blue Jays 8, Orioles 7 (10 innings)

Toronto scored the tie-breaking run on a throwing error in the top of the 10th inning and held on to beat host Baltimore.

Lourdes Gurriel Jr. hit a shot that Orioles first baseman Chris Davis dove and stopped. While still on the ground, Davis tried to throw out Travis Shaw at the plate, but the throw was wild, and the Jays took an 8-7 lead off losing pitcher Cole Sulser (1-2).

Anthony Bass (1-0) received the win for Toronto. Randal Grichuk drove in four runs for a second straight night, including a two-run homer. Shaw hit a three-run homer and knocked in three. Anthony Santander had three hits, including two home runs, and drove in three for the Orioles.

Giants 8, Angels 2

Mike Yastrzemski and Pablo Sandoval homered, Trevor Cahill and five relievers combined on a five-hitter and San Francisco beat Los Angeles in Anaheim, Calif.

Yastrzemski led off the game with a home run off Angels starter Dylan Bundy, who has been the Angels’ best pitcher this season. Bundy (3-2) also allowed a homer to Sandoval in the second, and he was done after four innings, having yielded four runs on four hits and three walks.

Cahill, who pitched for the Angels last season, gave up a home run to Tommy La Stella in the first inning but nothing else in four innings, giving up four hits and walking one. Caleb Baragar, Sam Selman, Wandy Peralta, Jarlin Garcia (1-1) and Shaun Anderson combined to hold the Angels to one run and one hit over the final five innings to close it out.

Reds-Royals, ppd.

Cincinnati’s scheduled game at Kansas City was postponed “out of an abundance of caution,” Major League Baseball announced.

The final two games of the Reds’ weekend series against the Pittsburgh Pirates were called off in response to a positive COVID-19 test that was revealed after Cincinnati’s 8-1 win on Friday. One of the Reds players tested positive.

The two-game Reds-Royals series will be contested in a doubleheader on Wednesday.

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