Mum spends £15,000 on designer wardrobe for two-year-old ‘influencer’ daughter

A toddler has become a fashion influencer after her mum splashed out £15,000 on her designer wardrobe including pieces from Gucci and Versace.

Two-year-old Anita Felix has more than 12,000 followers on Instagram thanks to “mumager” Stela who kits her out with the latest luxury buys.

The stay-at-home mum, from Yorba Linda, California, used to work as a personal shopper and found her love for designer brands before giving birth to her daughter.

She has since forked out a whopping £15,000 on designer clothes for Anita, whose wardrobe is 95 per cent designer, and shares daily snaps on Instagram of the tot dressed in Balmain, Fendi and Givenchy.

Baby Anita pictured in designer Versace sleeping bag

Little Anita is pictured sitting in the middle of designer handbags dressed top to toe in Gucci and wrapped in a Versace sleeping bag as a baby.

Stela and her husband Ashvin, 32, who works as a physician, have recently introduced another member to the family, three-month-old Luka, who already has his fair share of luxury clothing.

She said: “When she was born, I started posting one or two pictures a month and saw a lot of interest from other Instagram pages who were reposting her. So, I slowly converted my Instagram into hers.

“Mumager” Stela kitted out her daughter Anita with a 95 per cent designer wardrobe

“She gets featured on a lot of popular Instagram pages – Fashion Mum Daily, Just Baby and designer clothing shops for children.

“I was a personal shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York which is a luxury department store and that’s where I developed my love for designer clothes.

“Anita’s wardrobe is 95 per cent designer and is worth £15k. There are a lot of people in this world who don’t have the opportunity to buy their children designer clothes but I do and I want to give her the best.

This toddler has a wardrobe any fashionista would be jealous of - and it's worth a whopping £15k
This toddler has a wardrobe any fashionista would be jealous of – and it’s worth a whopping £15,000

“Sometimes she will ask me to take a picture of her but sometimes she doesn’t want her picture taken so I just have to go with her mood. She can definitely be a diva.”

Despite receiving backlash for kitting her daughter out in expensive clothing, Stela loves posing up the tot for fashion pics for her Instagram.

The mum has already collaborated with a few brands making her an influencer in the making.

She added: “We get a lot of negative comments from people who think I spend too much on her, they think it’s a waste of money.

“But I would love to have grown up with designer clothing and now I have the ability to do what I think is best for me and my daughter.

“She’s been gifted a few things from different companies which is always amazing – you can even find her on a card when you order from an online designer store for children”.

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Two-year-old boy named as Australian victim of Beirut explosion

“We request that the media respects our privacy at this difficult time.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced just hours after the deadly explosion that an Australian had been killed, however their identify was not known until Isaac’s family released the statement on Saturday.

He is one of 158 people known to be killed by Tuesday’s massive explosion at a waterfront warehouse packed with ammonium nitrate.

The explosion – one of the largest to strike a major city in peacetime – produced a shockwave which flattened buildings, flipped cars on their roof, and shattered windows and walls many kilometres away from the blast site.

The Lebanese health ministry on Saturday said the death toll had reached 158, although dozens are still missing. More than 6000 people were injured.

Australia’s embassy was damaged in the incident and some staff hurt by flying glass.


Embassy officials are working from the home of ambassador Rebekah Grindlay, which was not damaged.

Isaac appears to be the only Australian killed in the incident, however consular officials in Beirut and Canberra are working to confirm whether others have been affected.

“We know that there are many thousands of people in hospital whose nationalities are unknown,” Grindlay said on Friday. “And of course the hospitals are focussed on saving people’s lives, where nationality is irrelevant.

“If you know of any [Australian] citizens who are injured or need assistance please do reach out to us.”

Tuesday’s explosion was thought to have been triggered by a fire in a warehouse containing 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate for the past six years. The material was stored there after it was confiscated from a cargo ship in 2014.

The explosion decimated the port and sent a powerful shockwave across the city.

The explosion decimated the port and sent a powerful shockwave across the city. Credit:Getty Images

While investigations continued into the conduct of port officials, it also emerged that senior government ministers were repeatedly warned about the risk of storing the highly dangerous material in a densely populated urban area, but did nothing about it.

New photos show bags of the ammonium nitrate had been stacked on top of each other in the large warehouse after Lebanese customs officials seized the chemicals from a ship in 2014.

The warehouse – which has now been replaced by a 140-metre-wide crater – appears to have had lax security and little ventilation despite Lebanon’s hot climate and the potential to raid the material for bombs.

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NSW Police investigate alleged sexual assault of two-year-old girl at Lollipop’s Playland in Penrith

Police are investigating the alleged sexual assault of a toddler at a play centre in Sydney’s west after she went missing inside the venue and was later discovered with injuries.

Officers were called to the Lollipop’s Playland and Cafe in Penrith just after midday yesterday after the two-year-old girl was found injured in a storeroom.

The girl’s mother had been searching for the lost child for about 20 minutes before she was located in a distressed state and crying.

Detective Superintendent John Kerlatec, Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad Commander, said the girl was found with injuries “sufficient for us to be very concerned”.

She was taken to the Children’s Hospital at Westmead to be treated and is now at home under the care of her family.

A crime scene was established at the play centre and detectives from the State Crime Command’s Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad have launched an investigation.

Police said initial inquiries suggested the girl was sexually assaulted by an unknown man but Detective Superintendent Kerlatec said they were examining all options.

“Due to the tender age of the child … we’ve got to keep a very open mind and treat this at its worst,” he said.

“A child between two and three can only provide so much information.”

Detective Superintendent Kerlatec said detectives were examining CCTV footage and speaking to others in the area at the time.

“There is a register due to the COVID restrictions of everyone entering the centre and that’s been provided to us and we’re currently looking through that,” he said.

The centre’s owners say they are “devastated” for the girl and her family.(ABC News)

Detectives are appealing for anyone with any information, in particular those who were at the play centre yesterday and may have witnessed suspicious behaviour, to contact Crime Stoppers.

Naomi Gent who was at the Penrith centre with her two-year-old yesterday said there were lots of people inside at the time of the incident.

“It was very busy — a lot of children, a lot of adults,” she said.

“Just before 2:30pm, we were told that the centre was closing down and we could all leave and we were given free entry to come back.

We found on the way out that there was an incident.

“They took a photo of our ID, our drivers licences and we had a sign-in sheet with our names and phone numbers.”

The Lollipops Playland and Cafe is closed today and according to its Facebook page, will reopen tomorrow.

In a post on the play centre’s page, its owners said they were “devastated” by the incident.

“As parents of young children ourselves we are devastated for the family involved and are fully cooperating with the police investigation,” the post said.

“The safety of our customers and staff is always paramount.”

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Two-year-old boy Albert found in Margaret River area after leaving hotel room overnight

A two-year-old boy has been found “safe and well” near a Margaret River hotel in WA’s South West after he wandered from his room overnight and spent several hours in cold and wet conditions.

The boy, named Albert, was staying with family at accommodation on Wallcliffe Road.

WA Police said family members noticed he was absent about 4:30am and reported him missing after he left his room.

A search was launched for the toddler near the Stay Margaret River hotel.

Just after 8:00am, police said Albert had been found safe “nearby to his accommodation”.

A Perth woman staying at the hotel, Rachel, was one of the first to spot the boy after she joined the search.

“We went for a walk, about 10 minutes from where we were staying … we could just see him standing on the verandah of a property,” she said.

“We didn’t actually go up close but he looked fine, probably a wee bit cold because it’s freezing this morning, but yeah he looked alright.”

“[We were] very pleased, good outcome.”

More to come.

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