WA’s King Leopold Ranges officially renamed the Wunaamin-Miliwundi Ranges to shed ties to ‘evil tyrant’

A renowned West Australian landmark beforehand named right after an “evil tyrant” who enslaved African folks has been renamed to honour its Aboriginal heritage.

The ranges in WA’s much north Kimberly region were at first identified as the King Leopold Ranges, but will now be recognized as the Wunaamin Miliwundi Ranges.

It arrives amid a interval of world-wide reckoning for historic injustices perpetrated by colonial figures, which has been fuelled by the Black Life Make a difference movement.

Belgium, Brussels: A King Leopold II statue is amid colonial figures throughout the world that have been defaced amid the Black Lives Subject motion.


The ranges were being named in 1879 in tribute of Belgian monarch Leopold II, who was liable for brutally oppressing and enslaving individuals in the now-Democratic Republic of the Congo in the course of its period underneath European rule.

Leopold II is synonymous with Belgium’s bloody background as a colonial power in central Africa who built the so-named Congo Absolutely free Point out his assets among 1885 and 1908.

Less than Leopold II’s rule there was corporal punishment, executions and rape.

Leopold II is also acknowledged for exploiting means in central Africa this sort of as rubber, where he fully commited forceful amputations on Africans as younger as 5 years outdated for not harvesting plenty of rubber.

What was originally named King Leopold II's Ranges has been renamed Wunaamin Miliwundi Ranges out of respect to Indigenous land.

The rugged uplands of the Wunaamin Miliwundi Ranges.

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WA Aboriginal Affairs Minister Ben Wyatt mentioned it was significant to admit and promote the standard owners’ relationship to the land.

“It has troubled me for many years that an extraordinary space of Western Australia really should be named in honour of a particular person who is broadly regarded as an evil tyrant with no link to our point out,” Mr Wyatt reported.

The common entrepreneurs of the area have always known the Ranges by their own title, so it is momentous to at last get rid of reference to King Leopold II and formalise the name,” he said on Friday.

The title was picked immediately after session with the Wilinggin Aboriginal Company and Bunuba Native Title Company.

It incorporates the Ngarinyin (Wunaamin) and Bunuba (Miliwundi) classic names.

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