Unassailable lead: Wilbur is top dog in race to be mayor of US town

While a dogfight drags on in the race for the White House, a slightly less consequential — and much better-natured — election has seen French Bulldog Wilbur become mayor in a town in Kentucky.

Wilbur Beast, a six-month-old pup, won the mayoral vote in the small town of Rabbit Hash, which has had a canine mayor since 1998.

The election is held to raise money for the Rabbit Hash Historical Society, with each vote costing $1. The biggest fundraiser gets the prize.

It’s not only dogs who can take part, with a donkey, a cat, and even a rooster vying for high office this year. The runner up and third place went to Jack Rabbit, a Beagle, and Poppy, a Golden Retriever, respectively.

One major similarity between the Rabbit Hash election and this year’s presidential election is the stunning turnout.

Like Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who now holds the record for the most votes in history for a US presidential election, Wilbur broke the record number of votes in his election with 13,143.

Overall there were 22,985 votes, the biggest turnout in the history of Rabbit Hash elections, the Rabbit Hash Historical Society said.

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