‘Profound and wide-ranging concerns’ over undercover police units operating in England and Wales for over 40 years – Channel 4 News

When stories about undercover officers spying on political groups first came to light, many thought it was the stuff of film plots.

Today, as a long awaited public inquiry got underway, the search for answers for those who were spied on began.

There are “profound and wide-ranging concerns” over the activities of two undercover police units operating in England and Wales for over 40 years, the inquiry was told.

The secretive units infiltrated political and other activist groups, with some officers forming sexual relationships with the women they were spying on.

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Son who grew up not knowing his father was an undercover police officer receives compensation – Channel 4 News

A man who grew up not knowing that his father was actually an undercover policeman, spying on his mother, has received substantial damages for the emotional trauma it’s caused.

Bob Lambert fathered the child during a relationship with an animal rights activist.

But Mr Lambert wasn’t an activist as he claimed, he was a Metropolitan Police Officer on a covert operation.

The Met Police have apologised unreservedly.

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Banksy goes undercover for coronavirus art on London underground

UK graffiti artist Banksy has gone undercover to paint stealthy lockdown themed messages on London’s underground.

The anonymous graffiti artist posted a video to his Instagram account on Tuesday showing him dressed as a cleaner and entering the tube.

He spray-painted stencils of his trademark rats in various guises, including with surgical masks and spraying sneezes over tube carriage windows.

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It comes after London’s underground bosses announced they would introduce regular cleaning of carriages undertaken by staff wearing full boilersuits that make them almost impossible to recognise.

The video is entitled ‘If you don’t mask – you don’t get’ in reference to the mandatory wearing of masks on the underground. It comes on the same day that masks were made compulsory in shops in England after months of government dithering on the issue.

The playful video finishes with the line “I get locked down, but I get up again” set to the famous Chumbawumba song Tubthumbing.

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The world-famous street artist has consistently made headlines with his zeitgeist capturing artwork and social commentary.

Recently, he dressed black grime artist Stormzy in a stab-proof vest painted in the Union Jack flag for a headline slot at UK festival Glastonbury.

He made headlines around the world at a Sotheby’s auction where his coveted 2006 piece Girl With Balloon went under the hammer, triggering a shredder that was hidden in the frame to start destroying the artwork.

In fact, it stopped working halfway through leaving the £1.042 million ($A1.9 million) sale potentially more valuable to the buyer.

While several names have been attributed to the elusive street artist, he has never revealed his true identity and the small circle of people who know remain loyal to him.

It’s widely accepted his career began in early 1990s Bristol as part of a street art crew, though he exploded to international fame through exhibitions such as Dismaland and his 2010 documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.

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