‘Look at Our Big Guy Go!’ Teen With Cerebral Palsy Walks After Undergoing Surgery in Houston

A teen with cerebral palsy who underwent surgery at Shriners Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas, to improve his mobility, relieve pain, and improve his posture was successfully walking in a fully upright position on October 3. Footage shows 16-year-old Noah walking through the hospital on a walker while his father, Tony Garcia, encourages him. According to the boy’s mother, Rebecca Garcia, the surgery finally allowed him to stand at his full height of 5’11″. Before the operation, she said, Noah stood at 5’6″ due to muscle spasticity that forced his knees to bend. A Facebook page dedicated to Noah’s recovery captioned the video: “Look at our big guy go!!!! Tears in my eyes as I see him walk so tall and straight!! He is doing so well. He had to make three laps around the 6th floor and did it with Dad encouraging him along the way. You are our SUPERHERO baby!!! So proud of you!!” Rebecca Garcia wrote to Storyful her son had undergone multiple surgeries in his lifetime, with the parents told he would never walk, run, or talk. However, Noah “decided otherwise,” his mother said, “and took his first walker assisted steps at 3 1/2 years old and after about 2 months of walker use, he decided he no longer needed it. ” According to Rebecca, this most recent surgery was to “relieve his high spasticity, allow him to stand up straighter and relieve the daily leg pain he lives with.” Credit: Tony Garcia via Storyful

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