The Enmity Between Ukrainians and Russians Is Artificial, Manufactured by the West

The authorities who forced Ukraine to become a part of the Soviet Union had no regard for the will of the people or the right to self-determination. Stalin was hell-bent on incorporating Ukraine – a pesky and independent-minded nation with a proud history – into the nascent Socialist empire. Many Ukrainians resented the process of Russification that followed feeling that it threatened to greatly diminish their rich culture and heritage. Ukrainians, after all, have their own language, literature, music, art, food and traditions.

They can boast of dozens of world famous artists such as the writers Taras Shevchenko, Lesya Ukrainka, and Gogol as well as the painters Repin, Bogomazov, Levitsky, Murasko and Marchuk.

Ukraine itself has a rather unique history having been at one time a matriarchy. This explains why Ukrainian women have a reputation for being spirited, assertive and effervescent, so finely portrayed by Mikhail Sholokov in his novel “Quiet Flows the Don”.

The most famous example of Ukrainian womanhood was beyond doubt the figure of Roxelana.

 Roxelana, strikingly beautiful (like many Ukrainian women) was captured as a young peasant during a raid in the Carpathians when sex-slave bandits kidnapped her and sold her to the Golden Horde. She quickly became a favorite of Suleyman the Magnificent. Witty, smart and a gifted practitioner of “the amourous art”, Roxelana (her Turkish name, Hürrem, means “joyful one”), would eventually become Suleyman’s wife and chief advisor bearing him five children. After his death she became “Empress of the East” and one of the most powerful women in the world more than four centuries ago.

With regard to recent history, Ukrainians – like Russians – suffered horribly under Communism – especially Stalinism. Despite the fact that Stalin was Georgian and his enforcer of collectivization Jewish, many Ukrainians now blame Russians for their “holodomor” – the brutal artificial famine that killed five million.

The current enmity which exists between Russians and Ukrainians is also artificial. It has been manufactured to divide two Slavic people who have much in common. It is a political weapon designed to prevent a prosperous and mutually-beneficial bond between Russia and Ukraine.

Global strategists from Bismarck through Brzezinski have tried to separate these two Slavic nations. And the “great game” continues to this day.

The latest ploy and tactic to keep Ukrainians and Russians apart is happening in the religious sphere. Knowing that Orthodoxy, where “sobornost” (unity) is valued above all else, serves as a spiritual bridge between Russians and Ukrainians an attempt is being made to create a rift among the faithful. If this spiritual bond between these two Slavic people can be broken the situation would become even more tragic. It is truly a Manichean drama being played out before our eyes – the forces of light versus the forces of darkness. It is a battle not only for hearts and minds, but souls as well.

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How The West Wing foreshadowed the Obama era

In a scene from The West Wing, White House press secretary CJ Cregg and deputy chief of staff Josh Lyman are arguing about the significance of a presidential primary vote taking place later that evening in Hartsfield’s Landing, New Hampshire. In the small town, we’ve learned, all 42 residents vote in person at midnight, and their results, announced soon after, have always reliably predicted the statewide winner of the nation’s crucial first primary. “It’s absurd that 42 people have this kind of power,” Josh says. “I think it’s nice,” CJ counters. “Do you?” “I think it’s democracy at its purest. They all gather at once…”. “At a gas station.” They banter a bit more before CJ delivers the killer line: “Maybe, just maybe, just maybe, those 42 people are teaching us something about ourselves, that freedom is the glory of God, that democracy is its birthright, and that our vote matters.” Josh tries to undercut the seriousness of the moment by bringing up dinner: “You getting that pizza?”

It’s easy to assume, from a cynical 2020 perspective, that CJ is being sarcastically melodramatic. But, in fact, she means every word. The West Wing, as a television show, truly, madly, earnestly believes in the power of democracy and the idea of the ‘more perfect union’ that is – that could be – the US.

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This scene originally aired in 2002, in the middle of the third season of the acclaimed NBC hit. It was also part of a recent West Wing reunion special in which the original cast gathered to reenact this entire episode, Hartsfield’s Landing, on a Los Angeles stage, with the stated mission of encouraging viewers to vote in the upcoming US presidential election. The special only served to underscore how far US politics have fallen into partisan disarray over the last 18 years, from dewy-eyed speeches on network television shows about the sacredness of voting (and the genuine feeling that this reflected the times) to a real-life president who has fomented doubt in the election process itself and has said he may not accept the results of the November 2020 vote, presumably only if they don’t go his way.

The West Wing shows us an America so high on the relatively carefree 1990s that it’s sure things can only get better in the 2000s. That goes especially for the country’s oft-romanticised system of government (and its idiosyncratic election process) so revered that it has long been a blind spot, unquestioned in the name of patriotism. Since The West Wing began in 1999, two of the last three presidents have won the office, while losing the popular vote – thanks to the electoral college system. This is not a reality The West Wing’s soaring instrumentals and inspirationally-lit speeches grappled with.

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‘Please Be Responsible’: Actress Jennifer Aniston Tells Americans Voting for Kanye West ‘Not Funny’


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Sputnik International

In the run-up to the 3 November presidential election in the United States, candidates are contesting to be the voice of America. Besides the two main candidates, sitting Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden, US rapper Kanye West joined the White House race at the last minute.

American actress and producer Jennifer Aniston on Friday told her fans, less than two weeks ahead of Election Day, that voting for Kanye West to be the US president is “not funny”, pleading with everyone to be “responsible” when picking the next US commander in chief.

“It’s not funny to vote for Kanye,” Aniston, 51, told her 35.7 million Instagram followers. “I don’t know how else to say it. Please be responsible.”

The remarks from the renowned actress, who shared a photo of her dropping off her ballot eleven days before the 3 November election, revealed that she has cast her voice to the Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate, California Senator Kamala Harris.

“I voted for them because right now this country is more divided than ever. Right now, a few men in power are deciding what women can and can’t do with their own bodies,” Aniston, one of Hollywood’s highest-paid and most popular actresses, wrote.

The Emmy Award winner slammed Republican President Donald Trump for what she described as his administration’s lackluster response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and noted that the Trump White House has dismissed racism in the US as “a non-issue”.

“Our current president has decided that racism is a non-issue. He has repeatedly and publicly ignored science […] too many people have died,” she posted. “I urge you to really consider who is going to be most affected by this election if we stay on the track we’re on right now.”

Aniston also called on Americans to make the right choice, arguing that it was about the country’s future.

“This whole thing isn’t about one candidate or one single issue, it’s about the future of this country and of the world,” Aniston wrote. “Vote for equal human rights, for love, and for decency.”

Kanye West announced that he would join the US presidential race and launched a campaign on 4 July. On 16 July, the campaign filed a Statement of Candidacy with the Federal Election Commission. Although the 43-year-old rap star has missed many deadlines to file presidential candidate paperwork in many US states, he nonetheless has said he is still available for the Election Day vote. The “Yeezus” rapper held only one rally, in North Carolina, on 19 July.

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Broken Hill residents ‘devastated’ by Adelaide’s West End brewery closure

Broken Hill residents say they are devastated to hear that Adelaide’s West End brewery will close next year, as those connected to the brand locally look back on its time in the Silver City.

West End draught has had a presence in Broken Hill since the late 19th century when the South Australian Brewing Company, the owner of the brewery at the time, expanded into the far-west New South Wales town in 1890.

It operated as a brewery for many decades and later became a depot for the brewery.

In 1983 the South Australian Brewing Company produced a Broken Hill draught to commemorate the city’s centenary.

The site of the depot is now called The Old Brewery and is a local function and catering location.

Golden age of kegs

Broken Hill resident Paul Pearce worked at the local West End depot from 1978 to 1992.

He said there were about 10 employees at the depot and his role was in the storeroom and making keg deliveries.

A West End brewery, which turned into a depot, operated in Broken Hill for nearly a century.(Supplied: Broken Hill Outback Archives)

“It was basically pre-bottle shop days, so basically everyone was drinking draught beer,” Mr Pearce said.

“I think we were the most popular people in Broken Hill because we worked for the brewery.

Mr Pearce said back in the early 1980s the depot delivered about 1,000 68-litre kegs, and about 500 39-litre kegs, a week.

“We used to go from having three or four trucks fully loaded on a Friday afternoon ready for a delivery first thing on Monday,” he said.

By the end of the decade half the depot’s supplies were packaged beer, Mr Pearce said, and by the time he finished in the early ’90s it was all packaged beer.

He said people were starting to drink at home as big bottle shops started to open.

“It’s sad in a way because the pub life in Broken Hill was just magnificent,” Mr Pearce said.

Broken Hill resident Paul Pearce in front of the city's old West End draught depot
Mr Pearce said his generation were “weaned” on West End draught(ABC Broken Hill: Callum Marshall)

“It didn’t matter what pub you went into; it was always a friendly atmosphere.”

Mr Pearce said everyone his age in town all drank West End beer.

More than just business

Mr Schinella, a Broken Hill liquor retailer, said when he first opened his store 45 years ago the bulk of the beer he sold came from the Adelaide brewery.

Before its closure was made public last week, he said he received a phone call from the manager about the news.

“He was quite shattered [when he] told me what had happened,” he said.

That included, he said, being involved in lots of local fundraisers with the brewery over the years including one for early childhood centre, Silverlea.

He recalled one time when the centre needed shade sails for its playground.

Upon hearing of the fundraiser, the brewery’s local representative quickly called to Adelaide to see how the company could support the cause.

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Primary school bus driver in WA’s South West accused of blindfolding and raping 14-year-old girl

A primary school bus driver in Western Australia’s South West region has been charged with allegedly blindfolding a 14-year-old girl, driving her somewhere and sexually assaulting her twice.

The principal of a primary school in WA’s South West has told parents sex charges laid against a bus driver did not relate to his work.

Cleve Maynard Pain has appeared in Bunbury Magistrates Court charged with assaulting a 14-year-old girl.

It is alleged the 51-year-old met the teenager online via an instant messaging app and arranged to meet her in person.

He allegedly met her earlier this month and blindfolded her before driving her to a location where he sexually assaulted her.

Police say he blindfolded her again and drove her back to where he collected her.

He has been charged with two counts of sexual penetration of a child over 13 and under 16, one count of intent to expose a child to indecent material and one count of possessing child exploitation material.

Parents urged to contact police with any concerns

The WA Education Department has said the man drove a bus for one public primary school, not a high school.

The ABC understands the principal of the primary school has written to parents saying “It is understood the charges do not relate to his duties as a bus driver”.

The principal said, “I understand this news may be concerning to families and as such, when available, I will provide as much information as I am able to.

“If you have concerns about your child, you may wish to contact WA Police directly”.

A replacement driver was arranged so there would not be an impact on the service.

Police say their investigation is ongoing.

Cleve Maynard Pain is due to appear in court again on October 26.

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West Lakes – InDaily

Real Estate

Previously owned by Australian tennis player Lleyton Hewitt, this West Lakes property is ideal for an entertainer with its three bars, indoor pool, spa, sauna and cinema. 

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West Ham snatch thrilling draw to overshadow Bale’s return to Spurs

Gareth Bale’s late introduction to the game could not halt West Ham’s momentum.Credit:AP

Fabian Balbuena’s 82nd minute header and Davinson Sanchez’s own goal gave West Ham hope. Bale almost scored his side’s fourth, but West Ham’s Manuel Lanzini struck a wonder-goal deep in stoppage time to earn his side an unlikely point.

Draw for Brighton and Crystal Palace

At Selhurst Park, Argentine substitute Alexis Mac Allister’s shot from the edge of the area ricocheted off Palace defender Gary Cahill and into the corner of the net as Brighton’s pressure finally got its reward.

Brighton centreback Lewis Dunk was handed a straight red card in the third minute of stoppage time for a crude, two-footed lunge on Cahill in a penalty area melee, but Palace had no time to take advantage of its numerical advantage.

Indeed, the home side ended the game having had just one shot – and that was the contentiously awarded penalty converted by Wilfried Zaha in the 19th minute.

Palace striker Michy Batshuayi had his jersey pulled by Tariq Lamptey in the area – although contact appeared minimal – and Zaha stepped up to send goalkeeper Mathew Ryan the wrong way from the spot for his fourth goal of the season.

Brighton picked up only their fourth point of the season, having lost three of its first four games. Palace has seven points.

Fulham and Sheffield United draw

It was Fulham who took the lead in the 77th minute through Ademola Lookman, but United kept up the pressure and levelled the tie in the 85th from the penalty spot through Billy Sharp.

Crystal Palace's Wilfried Zaha sends Brighton goalkeeper Mathew Ryan the wrong way on Sunday.

Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha sends Brighton goalkeeper Mathew Ryan the wrong way on Sunday.Credit:Getty Images

“Disappointed not to take all three points,” Fulham boss Scott Parker told reporters. “To get your noses in front with 10 to go you should see the game out. It wasn’t meant to be but there are some real positives.

“We had a lot of pace in the team and we caused United a lot of problems. We should have scored a second.”

The Blades had numerous opportunities to score in the first half and their best chance came when Oli McBurnie connected with a cross at the edge of the six-yard box, only to see Alphonse Areola make a fantastic reflex save.

The home side thought they had taken the lead minutes later when Sander Berge’s cross was deflected into Fulham’s net by Tosin Adarabioyo but the goal was chalked off for an offside in the buildup.

Fulham had a golden opportunity to take the lead in the second from the penalty spot when Jack Robinson was found to have handled the ball in the area. But Aleksandar Mitrovic thumped the ball onto the crossbar and over.

Sheffield United's Billy Sharp after scoring his side's opening goal from the penalty spot against Fulham at Bramall Lane on Sunday.

Sheffield United’s Billy Sharp after scoring his side’s opening goal from the penalty spot against Fulham at Bramall Lane on Sunday.Credit:Getty Images

The visitors went ahead when Lookman dribbled past two defenders before smashing the ball past goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale for his first Premier League goal.

However, the Blades won a penalty following a VAR review after Mitrovic kicked Robinson while competing for a high ball, and substitute Sharp made no mistake to beat Areola in the Fulham goal.

Mitrovic nearly settled the contest in stoppage time when he rose above the United defence to get to Lookman’s cross, but his header sailed inches wide of the near post.

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EPL, Tottenham vs West Ham, comeback, Premier League, world reacts, ‘unbelievable’

Gareth Bale’s second Tottenham debut was ruined by a stunning West Ham fightback from 3-0 down in the final eight minutes to draw 3-3 this morning.

Manuel Lanzini’s sensational long-range strike into the top corner capped the comeback after Fabian Balbuena’s header and Davinson Sanchez’s own goal resurrected David Moyes’s men.

Spurs raced to a 3-0 lead within 18 minutes as the free-scoring combination of Harry Kane and Son Heung-min looked to have Jose Mourinho’s side cruising towards a win that would have put them second on the Premier League table.

The opener came inside the opening minute as Kane’s sumptuous long pass in behind the West Ham defence picked out Son and the South Korean cut inside to curl into the far corner.

The roles were reversed for Kane’s first goal as the England captain produced a stunning piece of skill with a nutmeg on his marker before firing low into the bottom corner.

Sergio Reguilon also made the move from Real Madrid to Tottenham last month and his rampaging runs from left-back are reminiscent of Bale’s early days at Spurs before the Welshman pushed further up the field.

The Spaniard set up Kane’s second with a pinpoint cross for the striker to head home at the far post.

Only a fine save from Lukasz Fabianski prevented Son also registering a double in a blistering opening quarter from Spurs.

Mourinho lauded Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy as a “genius” for the deals he made in the transfer market to give his manager a depth of squad capable of challenging for trophies.

That was shown as Bale was then introduced as a substitute and showed no lack of confidence by striking a free-kick with his first touch but the ball flew straight into Fabianski’s grasp.

Kane came within inches of sealing his hat-trick with a shot from outside the box that hit the post, but Tottenham’s defensive deficiencies saw a comfortable afternoon completely unravel.

Balbuena’s header from Aaron Creswell’s free-kick started the collapse before Sanchez turned a dangerous ball across the box into his own net.

Bale should have sealed the three points and a dream debut but he flashed a shot wide with just Fabianski to beat as the game entered stoppage time.

And that would come back to haunt Mourinho’s men when a Cresswell free-kick was only cleared to the edge of the box and Lanzini arrowed an unstoppable shot high past Hugo Lloris.

West Ham are the first team in Premier League history to avoid defeat in a game having trailed by three or more goals as late as the 81st minute.

“The game was under control. We had Harry Kane to score the fourth when he hit the post, then Gareth Bale to kill the game. This is a game that was in the pocket and we lost two points,” Mourinho said.

“We should be stronger. They were lucky but maybe they deserved that luck. We were unlucky but maybe we deserved that.”

Former Socceroo Ned Zelic was rubbing his eyes in disbelief.

“What a goal,” he tweeted after Lanzini’s miracle strike. “Pure drama! Unbelievable comeback. Incredible.

“Still can’t believe what just happened. That was outrageous. Football is nuts!”

American football writer Joe Prince-Wright tweeted: “No way has this just happened. No way. This is absolutely bonkers. This season is just nuts.

“This game. My goodness.”

Journalist Rob Blanchette added: “That was extraordinary. Football, bloody hell.”


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Tottenham 3-3 West Ham: Manuel Lanzini stunner seals dramatic draw

Lanzini’s strike, his first goal since May 2019, sparked wild West Ham celebrations at White Hart Lane

West Ham came back from three goals down with under 10 minutes to go to rescue a point in an astonishing comeback against Tottenham.

Manuel Lanzini’s brilliant long-range strike in injury time levelled the scores after Spurs had taken complete control in the opening 16 minutes through two goals from Harry Kane and one from Son Heung-min.

Fabian Balbuena’s header began West Ham’s fightback, with Davinson Sanchez’s own goal giving even more hope with five minutes to go.

Gareth Bale, on as a substitute in his first appearance since his return to Spurs from Real Madrid, missed a great chance in stoppage time before Lanzini lashed the ball in off goalkeeper Hugo Lloris’ fingertips to cap an incredible climax.

West Ham improved markedly in the second half, but when Kane hit the post with 12 minutes to go there was no sign that the final result would be anything other than another win for Spurs.

The result sees Spurs remain in sixth place, while West Ham move up two places into eighth.

Spurs go from sublime to ridiculous

Spurs looked irresistible in the opening stages, carrying on in the same vein from their 6-1 thrashing of Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Kane’s sublime pass from inside his own half set up Son’s opener after only 45 seconds when the South Korean bent his shot around Balbuena and into the bottom corner.

Son then assisted Kane for the second after just eight minutes, the Spurs skipper’s excellent close control being followed up by a shot lashed past Lukasz Fabianski.

And when Kane then nodded in from a nicely floated cross by Sergio Reguilon, the hosts looked set to move up into second place ahead of the Sunday night Leicester v Aston Villa match.

The impressive Kane was even heavily involved at the other end, making an excellent block to deny Vladimir Coufal’s shot just before half-time.

But Spurs looked to ease off in the second half, and the introduction of Bale with 18 minutes left should have injected some much-needed urgency.

However the Spurs defence, barely tested before the break, creaked and then collapsed when it finally came under pressure at the crunch.

Hammers dig deep

Faced by a daunting scoreline before a quarter of the game had gone, West Ham dug deep and didn’t collapse completely as might have been expected after Spurs’ opening onslaught.

But when Pablo Fornals somehow headed over from two yards out with keeper Lloris not in the picture, it seemed to suggest that David Moyes’ side would leave north London empty-handed.

But Moyes, back in the technical zone after a spell away with coronavirus, then saw his side go onto the front foot even after the introduction of Bale suggested that Spurs were closing in for the kill.

Balbuena’s goal jangled the hosts’ nerves, and when Sanchez diverted Coufal’s cross into his own net it was the away side who scented blood.

Lanzini’s brilliant shot, his first goal since May 2019, gave West Ham a draw that sees them putting a poor start to the season behind them with seven points from their last three Premier League outings.

Bale is back, if only briefly

Jose Mourinho had been coy about the prospects of Gareth Bale making his first appearance since his return from Real Madrid, saying the Welshman would “probably” play against West Ham.

But instead of Bale, Mourinho opted for Steven Bergwijn to line up alongside Kane and Son in Spurs’ front three.

Bale lining up alongside Kane and Son makes Spurs a tantalising prospect – in attack, at least.

Gareth Bale playting for Spurs
Gareth Bale scored on his previous Spurs appearance, against Sunderland on 19 May 2013

Instead, Bale may have to wait until Thursday to make his first start for Spurs since 19 May 2013 when they take on LASK in the Europa League.

The Welshman’s very first touch after coming on was at a free kick, but he looked rusty as he drove it tamely at Fabianski.

The 31-year-old will look more ruefully at the chance he had to seal the win while Spurs were wobbling at 3-2, but his shot curled just wide and left West Ham with a slight chance that they eventually seized upon.

What the managers said

Spurs boss Jose Mourinho, speaking to BBC Sport: “It is easy for me to praise West Ham. They were losing 3-0 for the majority of the game. The game was controlled, they didn’t have chances and then late in the game, they score and increased their belief.

“They were lucky but maybe they deserved that luck. We were unlucky but maybe we deserved that.

“Harry Kane hit the post, it could be 4-0. Bale can score the fourth and kill it. Out of context, based on free-kicks and and second balls, they found a style.

“We should be stronger. In the second half they risked quite a lot, pressing up and gave us more space. We should get an occasion to win the game.

“I don’t know if it was us inviting them or them with the extra motivation of getting in the game. I cant identify us or them, maybe both.”

Is it a lesson for the players? “For the team, yes. For individuals, no.”

West Ham manager David Moyes to BBC Sport: “I hadn’t thought we played badly in the first half, that’s what I said at half-time, sometimes you feel you have to do something – we didn’t, we made changes later on and they certainly made a big difference.

“The plan was not to go 4-0 down, we said if we got one we would see what happened. It is a growing confidence we have at West Ham at the moment, we missed some chances today.

“A really good performance from the players got us back into it. We thought we played really well, the football was good, we threatened them. We are playing against a team everyone is talking about and after 10 minutes I was thinking ‘is this going to be six or seven?’ We changed and it made us better.

“Since we came back from lockdown we’ve been a completely different team. We keep scoring goals, but need to get back to clean sheets.”

The comeback kids – the stats you may have missed

  • West Ham are the first team in Premier League history to avoid defeat in a game having trailed by 3+ goals as late as the 81st minute.
  • Tottenham (D1 L2) have failed to win any of their opening three home games of a Premier League season for just the fourth time (and first time since 2017-18), conceding stoppage-time equalisers in each of their last two.
  • Tottenham were 3-0 up within 16 minutes against West Ham, the earliest they have scored three times in a single Premier League game since August 2007 v Derby County (14 mins).
  • Since Jose Mourinho took charge of Spurs in November 2019, Harry Kane (33) and Son Heung-Min (30) have had a direct hand in more goals in all competitions than any other Premier League players.
  • Gareth Bale came off the bench to appear in his first Spurs match in 7 years & 152 days, since scoring the only goal of the game v Sunderland in May 2013. Indeed, it is the longest gap between appearances by a Tottenham player in the Premier League.

What’s next?

Spurs host LASK in the Europa League at 20:00 BST on Thursday, 22 October, then travel to Turf Moor to play Burnley in the Premier League at 20:00 BST on Monday, 26 October.

West Ham will face Man City at the London Stadium on Saturday, 24 October at 12:30 BST.

Player of the match

LanziniManuel Lanzini

West Ham United

  1. Squad number10Player nameLanzini

  2. Squad number41Player nameRice

  3. Squad number28Player nameSoucek

  4. Squad number3Player nameCresswell

  5. Squad number20Player nameBowen

  6. Squad number11Player nameSnodgrass

  7. Squad number7Player nameYarmolenko

  8. Squad number30Player nameAntonio

  9. Squad number18Player nameFornals

  10. Squad number4Player nameBalbuena

  11. Squad number5Player nameCoufal

  12. Squad number21Player nameOgbonna

  13. Squad number26Player nameMasuaku

  14. Squad number1Player nameFabianski



  • 1Lloris
  • 24Aurier
  • 4Alderweireld
  • 6D Sánchez
  • 3Reguilón
  • 17Sissoko
  • 5Højbjerg
  • 23BergwijnSubstituted forBaleat 72′minutes
  • 28NdombeleSubstituted forWinksat 73′minutes
  • 7Son Heung-MinSubstituted forLucas Mouraat 80′minutes
  • 10Kane


  • 2Doherty
  • 8Winks
  • 9Bale
  • 12Hart
  • 27Lucas Moura
  • 33Davies
  • 45Alves Morais

West Ham

  • 1Fabianski
  • 5Coufal
  • 4Balbuena
  • 21OgbonnaBooked at 72mins
  • 3Cresswell
  • 26MasuakuBooked at 89minsSubstituted forSnodgrassat 90′minutes
  • 20Bowen
  • 28SoucekBooked at 77mins
  • 41Rice
  • 18FornalsSubstituted forLanziniat 77′minutesBooked at 90mins
  • 30AntonioBooked at 20minsSubstituted forYarmolenkoat 77′minutes


  • 7Yarmolenko
  • 10Lanzini
  • 11Snodgrass
  • 16Noble
  • 23Diop
  • 24Fredericks
  • 35Randolph

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AFL 2020: Season reviews, team grades 2020, every team’s grade, finals, premiership window, West Coast Eagles, Western Bulldogs

An 18-team race became an eight-team near the start of October. Now, only two remain.

With 16 sides out of the premiership race, six of them will be pondering how to turn a finals finish into something even better in 2021.

How did this year’s finalists fare? We’ve done our best to recap below.

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Grand Final

Lachie’s emotional thanks


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