If Cops Were Killing White Kids It Would Have Ended a Long Time Ago

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said Friday that if police were killing the children of white people, “this would have ended a long time ago.”

Discussing the protest over the police killing of 13-year-old Adam Toledo, Cuomo said, ” like seeing black and white together. I like seeing old and young. I like seeing constituencies coming together even if they don’t share the same experience. When they get loud and yell at the police and how angry they are. Nobody says everything you are supposed to say is polite, and anybody who felt that way lost that privilege after January 6th when they did not speak about what happened there. They are taking a knee, and they are polite. When they start yelling how this is a 13-years-old kid, and he turned and had no gun in his hands, how is that right? They have every right to yell and be angry about it. I would argue if you are not angry and you are not outraged, it doesn’t have the energy that catches the ear of those in power.”

Anchor Don Lemon said, “You know what would be great? Look, I like to see diversity too and people together, black and white whatever it is. But wouldn’t it be great if it is all middle-aged white guys out there to say this to stop. Can you imagine?”

Cuomo said, “If it were people like me whose kids were getting shot by cops, this would have ended a long time ago.”

Lemon said, “Or never started. I know people say, oh, white people get killed by cops. If it is wrong, it is wrong. It does not matter what color they are. People take videos. You see the videos of white people getting stopped by cops and running over them and dragging them around and still living.”

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Fears of Diversity, White Displacement Is a ‘Principal Threat to Our Very Democracy’

Former Obama Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that white Americans with “fear over the increasing diversity of our nation” were a “principal threat to our very democracy.”

When asked about “violent white extremism,” Johnson said, “In my judgment, the long-term principal threat to national security is climate change. In the short-term, COVID-19. In the mid-term, it is what we saw vividly on January 6. There is a study out from the University of Chicago by Professor Robert Pape that does a study of the demographics of those who launched the attack on our Capitol on January 6, and it’s frightening. They tend to be college-educated.”

“They came from blue states as well as red states,” he continued. “They are all afraid of displacement. The baseless fear over the increasing diversity of our nation. What the study points out that was the tip of the iceberg. That iceberg did not evaporate on January 20. In my judgment, that’s a principal threat to our very democracy and represents a national security threat.”

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BLM leader ripped for ‘buying $1.4 million Los Angeles home’ in predominantly white neighborhood — RT USA News

Critics are blasting Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Black Lives Matter ‘co-founder,’ over reports she recently purchased a $1.4-million Los Angeles home in an exclusive neighborhood that comprises primarily white residents.

Khan-Cullors’ lavish Topanga Canyon home, which consists of three bedrooms and a guest house, is in a neighborhood that is nearly 90% white, according to reports. The home was sold to a corporate entity controlled by the 37-year-old activist. 

The social activist helped create the Black Lives Matter movement after spurring debate with the #blacklivesmatter hashtag in 2013 following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. The movement has since become central to race debates in the US and across the world, with protests popping up in major cities highlighting the controversial deaths of black Americans such as George Floyd. 

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Khan-Cullors, a self-described Marxist, has been blasted on social media following reports of the sale going public, with critics accusing her of exploiting the social justice movement for her own profit. 

“About to quit my job to go into activism. Looks more lucrative,” one Twitter user noted

“Under Marxism, the people in charge always live well. This is an excellent example of why knowing history is important,” Townhall contributor Mike LaChance wrote

It’s unclear how much Khan-Cullors financially pulls from her work with BLM, but the group brought in a whopping $90 million in donations last year. Since creating the movement, the activist has published a memoir as well as signed a deal with Warner Bros. to help create content that centers around black people’s stories. 

BLM’s other co-founders have parted ways with the organization, leaving Khan-Cullors as its sole leader, though that position has been heavily criticized. According to a report from Politico last year, local organizers were questioning the disbursement of funds within the group, saying they had seen little to no financial support and needed to rely on crowdfunding to stay afloat.

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‘Don’t be surprised if buildings burn’: BLM activist warns ‘all hell will break loose’ if Chauvin acquitted of George Floyd murder

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Stephen Hendry beats Jimmy White in World Championship qualifying

Hendry (right) retired in 2012 after losing at the World Championships

Seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry beat old rival Jimmy White in the first round of qualifying for this year’s World Championship.

The Scot, playing just his second match since coming out of retirement, came through 6-3 in Sheffield.

The 52-year-old must win another three rounds in qualifying to reach the World Championship, which begins on 17 April.

Defeat for White, 58, means he is likely to lose his place on the tour next season.

Hendry and White have one of the most famous rivalries in the sport – Hendry having won their four world finals at the Crucible between 1990 and 1994 – and were practising together before the draw was made.

The standard was far below their previous 60 matches but Hendry, who retired after his last appearance at the Crucible in 2012, came through an edgy encounter riddled with mistakes by both players.

He showed his familiar fighting qualities in the third frame, which he clinched despite needing a snooker with only pink and black remaining.

He punished White again in the sixth when, after the Londoner missed a red when leading 62-0, he cleared the table for a 5-1 lead.

Both players struggled in subsequent frames as White cut the deficit but Hendry closed out the win with a break of 52 shortly before midnight.

Hendry, who lost to Matthew Selt in his only previous match since his comeback, will face China’s Xu Si next.

White may now have to return to Q School to keep his place on the tour, or rely on a wild card.

Earlier, Andy Hicks reached the second qualifying round by beating 12-time women’s world champion Reanne Evans 6-2.

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Sport is very good at black and white, but life is not always so straight forward

Sport is very good at black and white.

We won, you lost is the very heart of the elite sporting contest.

However, sport often struggles with shades of grey — that’s where the ambiguous moral uncertainties lie.

And where sport can get tied in knots is when the moral philosophy stuff intersects with sport’s raison d’etre — the winning and losing bit.

Many sports at the moment are wrestling with the question of whether or not they should allow players to play or fulfil a certain role based on historic “wrongs” or alleged crimes.

This week the Australian cricketer, Steve Smith, let the whole world know that he wanted to captain his country once again.

Smith, of course, sat out of the game for one year for his role in the ball-tampering affair in March 2018 and was banned for two years from holding any captaincy position.

His “crime” was turning a blind eye to the ball-tampering planning that was going on under his nose.

“I don’t want to know about it,” he said later describing his actions.

“That was my failure of leadership.”

David Warner and Steve Smith
This week, Australian cricket coach Justin Langer told ABC there was “no captaincy position available” despite Smith’s desires. (

Reuters: Rogan Ward


Now with Tim Paine’s career and hence captaincy seemingly drawing to a close, the Cricket Australia Board need to decide whether Smith has matured enough to be given the responsibility to captain his country again.

The fundamental question the board will have to wrestle with is whether Smith should be forgiven for that historic wrong?

Does he deserve another chance, or is his character permanently tainted by that little bit of mud that’s still sticking from the ball-tampering scandal?

Cricket NSW board considered that question and overlooked Smith in favour of Pat Cummins when it selected a captain for its 50-over team.

That same question is asked repeatedly of the former rugby league and union international, Israel Folau.

Folau had his $5 million Rugby Australia contract ripped up in 2019 for posting on social media that homosexuals would go to hell.

To some Folau’s post warning drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolators that hell awaited them unless they repented, was laughable — if you weren’t guilty of at least four or five of those sins, you weren’t trying.

But others argued words counted and found the post deeply homophobic, coupled with Folau’s previous public opposition to same-sex marriage.

At his best, Israel Folau was one of Australia’s finest athletes, who could single-handedly win you a game.

That’s the currency that speaks loudest to club administrators looking for any edge on the competition.

And so, barely a week goes by without the prospect of Folau getting a contract with this club or that competition.

Most recently it was the Queensland Rugby League, and earlier this year St George Illawarra flew the kite but decided it was all too hard.

A rugby player wearing black tackles a players wearing yellow around the hips whilst another player in black watches on.
Folau hasn’t played an elite sporting match since his contract was terminated in May of 2019.(

AAP: Dan Himbrechts


So, does Israel Folau deserve a second chance — particularly given he hasn’t made any controversial public statements since 2019?

One senior former rugby league administrator I spoke to recently was adamantly opposed to the idea that the National Rugby League owed Israel Folau anything.

Young men are killing themselves about their sexuality, he told me, noting Folau had never apologised for his posts.

“We’ve done everything for him, but what’s he ever done for us?” he asked.

And yet, the Sydney sports lawyer, Darren Kane, said if any club was serious about signing Folau it would probably succeed.

The NRL could refuse to register Folau, but Kane argued the NRL would likely lose if he took it to the courts.

Kane recently wrote an excellent piece for The Sydney Morning Herald questioning what constituted a “fit and proper person” under the NRL’s rules.

Kane points out the blurring of lines when it comes to judging a player’s past.

The NRL stood down Penrith player Tyrone May in 2019 for recording and distributing sex tapes without consent.

He was charged and convicted of the crime but was allowed to resume playing by the NRL last year and subsequently played for the Panthers in the Grand Final.

This was a player convicted of an actual crime as opposed to a person causing offense — however harmful that offence may have been.

And yet the NRL has drawn widespread praise for bringing in its no-fault stand-down policy that prevents any player charged with a serious crime from playing until their case has been heard and dismissed, or they’ve served their punishment — as was the case with Tyrone May.

The players’ union is vehemently opposed to the rule, arguing a person is innocent until proven guilty.

But the NRL has stuck to its guns, and in doing so has drawn a line of sorts about the moral responsibility of the code and its players, if not for all incidents, at least for some.

Other competitions have taken a different view.

Earlier this year, Australian and South-East Melbourne Phoenix basketballer Mitch Creek, was charged with allegedly assaulting a woman.

He said he intended to contest the charges.

Mitch Creek dribbles the ball with his right hand while playing for the Phoenix in the NBL.
Creek played in Thursday’s 95-63 win over the Illawarra Hawks despite an ongoing investigation.(

AAP: Hamish Blair


This week, the National Basketball League announced that Creek was free to continue playing but noted that the decision was not an indication as to his guilt or innocence.

Collingwood AFL footballer Jordan De Goey is facing charges that he indecently assaulted a woman in 2015.

He continues to play.

Unlike the NRL, the AFL hasn’t brought in a blanket no-fault stand-down rule, preferring it says to judge each matter on a case-by-case basis.

These matters used to be easy for sport.

Teams put their best players on the field regardless of their crimes and misdemeanours past or present — “nothing to see here, officer.”

The aim was to win, and that’s all that counted.

Now, each code has to judge a player’s character and weigh up when it is appropriate to let him or her represent them on the field.

It’s not always an easy call.

But whereas before we all may have turned a blind eye, now we’re watching.

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Applications opened on Friday, 26 March 2021 for the next round of White Rock Wind Farm community grants. Please refer to the linked forms on this website under Public Notices on the Home page: WRWF CF Guidelines; WRWF Form under $5k; WRWF Form over $5K. Applications close  on Friday, 30 April 2021. Updates have been made to the Guidelines so it is important that applicants read and understand them prior to submitting an application. Any enquiries please contact Anna Watt on 6730 2317.

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Biden’s dog Major bites another White House employee

President Biden’s dog Major on Monday afternoon bit another employee, who then required medical attention.

First Lady Jill Biden’s press secretary Michael de Rosa confirmed the “nip”  in a statement to Fox News. “Major is still adjusting to his new surroundings and he nipped someone while on a walk.  Out of an abundance of caution, the individual was seen by WHMU and then returned to work without injury.”

The encounter took place on the White House South Lawn Monday. CNN first reported the bite, adding that the employee worked for the National Park Service. 

Major was seen being walked by a White House employee on a leash Monday afternoon. 

Monday’s incident was the second time Major, a three-year-old German Shepherd, bit someone at the White House in less than a month. On March 8, Major sunk his teeth into a Secret Service employee, who also required attention from the White House medical unit. Psaki referred to that incident as “minor.” 


Biden told “Good Morning America” after Major first bit someone that he would be put in training. He said his dog just needed more time to adjust to life at the White House. 

“Every door you turn to, there’s a guy there in a black jacket,” he said of the serious security. “You turn a corner, and there’s two people you don’t know at all. And [Major] moves to protect.”

Biden also has a seemingly less rambunctious, older German Shepherd– Champ, 13. 


After the first bite occurred, both pets were sent to Wilmington, Delaware to be looked after by a family friend, but the White House denied it had banished them for bad behavior. 

White House press secretary said the dogs returned to Biden’s hometown as part of a “pre-planned trip” as First Lady Jill Biden was going to be away that week. “The dogs will come and go,” Psaki said last week, confirming that they had returned to the White House from Delaware. 

Fox News’ Kristina Biddle contributed to this report.

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EPA charges Graham Leslie White over western Victoria waste dump

The Environmental Protection Authority [EPA] has laid $34 million worth of charges against a man it says owned a toxic waste dumping site in Victoria.

The EPA laid 118 charges against Graham Leslie White, 59, over chemical waste stored at a property at Lemon Springs, near the South Australian border in Victoria’s Wimmera region, in 2019.

EPA chief executive Lee Miezis told the ABC that Mr White had been charged with the offences after “comprehensive investigations”.

“In total, for the charges that we have laid, the maximum financial penalty is up to $34 million,” Mr Miezis said.

“These charges are the result of significant investigation, significant effort, and we are very hopeful the court will issue the maximum penalty under law.”

Mr Miezis said people found guilty of waste dumping charges could also face jail time.

In a statement, the EPA alleges Mr White “permitted the transport and burial of various types of industrial waste” at the Lemon Springs property, and that this unlawful dumping “created an environmental hazard and polluted both land and water on the site, amongst other matters”.

It further alleges he “permitted the unlawful dumping and storage of various types of industrial waste at nine separate warehouses across Melbourne”.

“It will be alleged that the storage of this industrial waste created a risk of serious damage to the environment and was a risk to public health.”At a meeting at nearby Kaniva on Wednesday, EPA project manager Julian Bull addressed a community meeting to discuss concerns about the property.

Brad Witmitz, who farms north of Kaniva and knows the adjoining landowner, says residents are not worried about the site.

“As a farmer, we use the artesian basin as a water supply for sheep,” he said.

“I was a bit worried about [groundwater contamination] at the start, but if they haven’t found anything by now I don’t think they will.”

In the time since the site was uncovered the state government increased penalties for individuals found to have engaged in “reckless conduct in the manufacture, storage, transport, transfer, sale or use of dangerous goods” to up to two years in prison.

EnviroPacific’s Luke Cattanach, who is managing the clean up, said this could make a difference.

“I think WorkSafe and the EPA are really getting a handle on what’s going on out there,” he said.

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Coronavirus latest: White House says vaccine deliveries have tripled to 27m a week

More than 5m Mexicans have dropped out of school because of Covid-19, a heavy toll in a country badly lagging behind its peers in education quality even before the pandemic struck. Statistics agency Inegi found 5.2m people between the ages of 3 and 29 did not enrol for the 2020-21 school year because of Covid-19 or lack of resources. 

More than one-quarter of Americans have now received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, data published on Tuesday showed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the number of people with one or more shots rose to 83.9m people, equal to 25.3 per cent of the overall population.

Coronavirus will be around for the “foreseeable future”, England’s chief medical officer said on Tuesday. Chris Whitty said that the chances of eradicating coronavirus were “close to zero”, arguing that while it may be possible to bring infection levels down to manageable levels, the virus was “not going away”.

South Korea’s Hyundai Motor is facing curbs to production from April as a chronic shortage of chips in the automotive industry hits a group that has to date been one of the most resilient. Hyundai and its affiliate Kia, which together rank as the world’s fifth-largest carmaker, have already begun cutting output of less popular models.

A window washer works on the Manulife headquarters in Toronto © Bloomberg

Insurance policyholders who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 are to be offered gift cards, hotel discounts and other perks under plans from Canada’s Manulife to encourage take-up of the jabs. Canadians who are signed up to the Manulife Vitality programme will be eligible for 400 “Vitality points” with proof they have received a vaccine.

Pfizer has begun an early-stage clinical trial of an oral drug to treat coronavirus at the first sign of infection. Mikael Dolsten, chief scientific officer at Pfizer, said the antiviral treatment had “demonstrated potent” activity against Sars-Cov-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, as well as other coronaviruses.

The European Commission is set to clear EssilorLuxottica’s €7bn acquisition of GrandVision, one of the largest mergers under review, which faced delays when the pandemic forced opticians to close. The approval of the deal is subject to EssilorLuxottica’s sale of retail operations in Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

German biotech company CureVac said that a preclinical study on mice suggested its coronavirus vaccine candidate may be effective against the more infectious B.1.351, commonly known as the South African variant. Mice given the vaccine were immunised from the original Sars-CoV-2 virus as well as the strain identified in South Africa.

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White House makes it official: Vaccines are heading to Canada

Canada is about to get a big boost in vaccine doses, with a first cross-border shipment from the United States, as the southern neighbour ever-so-slightly eases the tight grip on its supply.

The White House confirmed Friday that the U.S. will allow exports of four million AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine doses to Canada and Mexico, with 1.5 million doses headed to Canada.

That’s equivalent to a more than a one-third boost in total doses administered in Canada, an influx that will still leave Canada far behind the U.S. in its overall rate of vaccinated citizens.

The shipment dates are still being finalized, though one Canadian official said vaccines could arrive in Canada within a few days.

“We’re able to announce that we are lending a portion of our releasable AstraZeneca vaccines to Mexico and to Canada,” said Jeffrey Zients, the White House co-ordinator for the COVID-19 response. 

“This action will allow our neighbours to meet a critical vaccination need in their countries, providing more protection immediately across the North American continent.”

Zients’ colleague Andy Slavitt also tweeted the news. The White House had said Thursday the countries were finalizing plans, and, amid numerous conversations between the capitals, the news was made official Friday.

The Canadian official said the vaccine doses have expiry dates in May and June, leaving ample time to get them administered to Canadians.

Vaccines were sitting unused in the U.S.

White House officials, aware of the potential for political blow back at home over exporting vaccines during a pandemic, said the decision would not affect the U.S.’s own immunization schedule: the country plans to have enough supply for all Americans by May 31.

This transfer involves a product Americans aren’t currently using. The U.S. has yet to approve the AstraZeneca vaccine, and is sending some of the doses it has stockpiled before they risk the threat of expiring.

The country has also vaccinated its residents at a rate four times faster than Canada’s. On Friday, the U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration celebrated news that 100 million vaccine doses have been administered in 58 days, well ahead of its stated target.

Canada and Mexico will return the doses to the U.S. later this year, Zients said. He said the return would be handled through AstraZeneca.

The Biden administration said earlier this week that it was working on a deal to loan vaccines to Canada and Mexico. On Friday, Jeff Zients, the co-ordinator of the White House COVID-19 response, seen here in December, confirmed it’s going ahead. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

Marc-André Gagnon, a pharmaceutical policy expert at Carleton University in Ottawa, says the export of these particular vaccines, at this particular time, makes obvious sense.

He said the U.S. couldn’t sit on unapproved doses for much longer, lest it invite the worrying scenario of coveted vaccines going to waste in U.S. warehouses.

Why this is happening now

“I think that the expiry consideration can be the best explanation [for] why the U.S. would waive the export ban,” he said in an email.

At the same time, he said, it would have been politically toxic for the Biden administration to export other vaccines Americans are currently using — so he said shipping Astrazeneca doses was the safest political bet.

But he said the fact these AstraZeneca vaccines haven’t been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration raises a worrying question: Why?

The delay in approval is problematic whether it stems from a valid scientific concern or non-scientific considerations, he said.

Steve Morgan, a pharmaceutical-policy expert at the University of British Columbia, said the threat of vaccines expiring also looms large. 

“The Biden administration would far rather loan these vaccines to neighbours than wear the potential disaster of having millions of vaccines expire in the U.S.,” he said.

Another consideration at play: migration.

The continental migration angle

Some border-state lawmakers have urged the administration to get vaccines next to Canada and Mexico, in order to help get America’s land borders reopened earlier.

The shipment also potentially buys some goodwill with Mexico, whose help the Biden administration needs to stem a surge in undocumented migrants coming from Central America.

White House reporters have pressed Biden’s spokespeople on whether the vaccine shipments are intended as part of a plan to get Mexico to clamp down on migration.

Canada has been importing COVID-19 vaccines from overseas, as with this batch overseen by Canada Border Services Agency personnel on March 3. Expect a shipment soon from the U.S. (via REUTERS)

Biden spokespeople have replied that they’re having different conversations with Mexico at the same time. 

“As you can imagine, when you’re when you’re having conversations with different countries, you’re talking about different issues,” deputy White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters Friday on Air Force One.

“So that is that is what’s happening. … When you think about Mexico, when you think about Canada, those are our neighbours, we have similar interests,” Jean-Pierre said.

“And we want to make sure that we’re doing our part in beating back this pandemic. There are no borders when it comes to the pandemic.”

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