Eating wild mushrooms not worth the risk

With recent rain creating ideal conditions for mushrooms to pop up in the wild, health authorities are advising against the foraging trend, warning that eating wild fungi can be fatal.

“We strongly advise against foraging for mushrooms and encourage people to only eat store bought mushrooms,” Genevieve Adamo from the NSW Poisons Information Centre said on Wednesday.

Mushrooms found in the wild or in the backyard are not safe to eat.

The centre has already received 155 calls about mushroom consumption this year.

More than 80 per cent of accidental exposures occurred in children under five.

“Alarmingly there were 33 calls regarding adults who ate wild mushrooms as food, and 20 calls regarding cases of mushrooms being ingested for recreational purposes,” Ms Adamo said.

“People don’t realise that this could be deadly,” she said.

Many mushrooms growing in the wild can cause serious poisoning, including the Death Cap mushroom, which if eaten can lead to potentially fatal organ damage.

“It is never recommended to pick and eat wild mushrooms, as it is very difficult to identify which mushrooms are safe to eat,” Ms Adamo said.

Poisonous mushrooms in Australia can look like edible mushrooms from Europe and Asia and changes in the appearance of mushrooms during the life cycle make it difficult to identify.

Toxic mushrooms can also grow in a spot where previously only edible mushrooms grew “so the fact you have safely eaten mushrooms growing in that spot previously is no guarantee that it is safe to pick mushrooms again”, Ms Adamo warned.

Cooking or boiling wild mushrooms also does not make them safe to eat.

“Eating wild mushrooms is not worth the risk,” she said.

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Wild fallow deer numbers on the rise

Recreational hunters are doing their part to reduce wild deer numbers. while awaiting a review into control measures. Luke Bowden reports.

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Easter drenching begins as Queensland coastal areas expected to be battered with wild weather

Parts of Queensland are bracing for extreme weather overnight and into Easter Monday, with central and coastal regions already copping a drenching amid several wild weather warnings. 

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued a severe weather warning for parts of the Wide Bay, Burnett and south-east coast regions, stretching from Seventeen Seventy down to Bribie Island.

Heavy rainfall, damaging winds, big surf and large hail has been forecast to hit parts of the central and coastal areas, with a reprieve in the weather not expected until late on Tuesday.

It comes as the bureau has warned intense rainfall could lead to dangerous and life-threatening flash flooding in areas between Miriam Vale to the Sunshine Coast tonight and through to Monday.

Meanwhile in Queensland’s central west, a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for areas including Longreach, Isisford, Barcaldine, Stonehenge, Evesham Station and Ilfracombe. The bureau says damaging winds, large hailstones and heavy rainfalls are about the region.

Conditions are expected to worsen overnight and further intensify into Easter Monday. 

Senior Meteorologist Lauren Boekel stressed “how serious this weather event could be for some people”.

“For the end of the long weekend, south-east Queensland can expect to see some dangerous weather,” Ms Boekel said.

“We’re expecting to see [rainfall] totals between 120 and 160 millimetres.”

Ms Boekel said within the regions expected to be hit, areas between Miriam Vale in Gladstone and Gympie would see the heaviest deluge.

Meanwhile, Queensland’s peak motoring body, RACQ, warned traffic was backed up on the Bruce Highway heading southbound as motorists braved the wet conditions to return from Easter holidays.

Dangerous surf conditions have already swept across the Sunshine Coast and are expected to move further south on Monday.

A hazardous surf warning was issued on Sunday for the Capricornia Coast and Fraser Island Coast, extending to Sunshine Coast waters on Monday and Gold Coast waters on Tuesday.

Surfers, swimmers, boaters and fishers have been warned to keep out of the water as large, dangerous swells pummel parts of the state’s coastline.

“So that’s damaging surf as well as costal erosion that we see when the waters are rough,” Ms Boekel said.

She said flooding was also a risk in catchments around south-east Queensland that have already been inundated after major flood warnings were in place late last month.

A flood watch has been issued for St Laurence in the Isaac Region down to the New South Wales border, extending inland to the Darling Downs, with the bureau warning of potentially “life-threatening flash flooding” in parts.

“We might be seeing minor to moderate flooding and we might see some … isolated areas of major flooding,” Ms Boekel said.

Authorities have urged people against camping or travelling on the roads over the next 24 hours.

The Quinn family, from Logan, have decided to stay camping at Mudjimba on the Sunshine Coast, despite several weather warnings.

Leanne Quinn said they were happy to be away from home after the lockdown threatened to end their holiday before it began.

“We’re going to stay put. We’re here till Tuesday and I think we’re just going home very wet if we decided to go home,” Ms Quinn said.

“The rain is fairly steady at the moment. It’s not inundating, so if it stays like this, hopefully we won’t be too bad.

“We just kind of thought that if it got really, really bad, we’ll just get in the car and sleep in the car.”

Bundaberg Canegrowers director and farmer Dean Cayley said this bout of wet weather promised to be the best rain the region had seen in years. 

“Until now, we were looking at our fourth summer season where we haven’t had decent rain,” he said.

“My wife said, ‘I haven’t seen you have an Easter off in five years.’

“If we get a good winter in conjunction with this rainfall, it will add tonnes to the cane crop, which is a win-win for everybody.”

SES rescue workers are on standby and sandbags are ready to be collected if needed.

It comes as the weather bureau warned the state was nearing the end of the severe weather season, with conditions expected to return to normal late on Tuesday.

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Audi crushed by tree as wild storms batter Sydney

A Sydney resident has woken up to find his Audi crushed by a tree after wild weather battered Sydney overnight.

Allan Phillips discovered a giant tree branch was covering his car in Birchgrove, in Sydney’s Inner West.

Allan Phillips had his Audi crushed by a tree on his street in Birchgrove following storms in Sydney. (Allan Phillips)

Sydney was hit with intense storms last night, with lightning and heavy rain impacting large parts of the city and coastal regions.

Thunderstorms brought up to 30mm of rain to parts of the city including in Little Bay in the east and Belrose in the north.

Other notable totals include Castle Cove which recorded 19mm and Terry Hills and Penrith both of which copped 12mm in last night’s storms.

Fog over Sydney ahead of showers and a possible thunderstorm last today. (9News)

After the storms cleared, the city was shrouded in fog this morning.

More rain is forecast today with a high chance of showers and a thunderstorms in the early evening.

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Queensland travel: Wild scenes as passengers flee Jetstar flight in Sydney

Incredible footage has captured the moment passengers on a flight to Brisbane were told about the lockdown, and they did not mess around.

Incredible footage has captured the moment passengers on a flight to Brisbane were told about the city’s three-day lockdown — leading to a scramble for the exit doors.

The Jetstar flight was on the tarmac at Sydney Airport yesterday when the pilot announced, via loudspeaker, the breaking news of a lockdown north of the state border.

Many passengers are seen scrambling to retrieve on-board luggage from overhead lockers so they could alight from the plane prior to takeoff from Sydney.

Around one third of passengers chose to get off the plane after being informed about the impending lockdown.

“Information we’re just getting now, just in the last 10 minutes about the lockdown situation in Brisbane, that they’ve just announced that Brisbane city and the surrounding areas are going into a three-day lockdown,’ the pilot can be heard in the footage — obtained by 7 NEWS.

“With that in mind, some travellers are now choosing not to travel.

“It’s up to you, you can offload the aircraft and you’ll have to talk the ground staff about possibly re-booking you onto another flight, and refunds available.”

The airline is reviewing its scheduled flights to and from Brisbane following Monday’s lockdown announcement. has contacted Jetstar for comment.

The lockdown kicked in at 5pm yesterday for Greater Brisbane, just hours after Queensland officials announced four new COVID-19 cases had been confirmed.

This morning NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has urged people in her state not to go to Queensland until the situation changes.

“I wouldn’t be going to anywhere in Queensland on holiday,” she told 2GB. “If it was me I would postpone it.

“The last thing you need on your holiday is to be locked in a hotel room for days on end.”

NSWhas said it will not close its border with Queensland despite the three-day lockdown.

“New South Wales is in a cautious position, we are not shutting down our border,” Ms Berejiklian said on Monday.

“In relation to Easter, we recommend people who are considering going to Greater Brisbane, change your plans, and consider changing your plans if you’re going anywhere in Queensland.”

NSW says those arriving in the state from the Brisbane City and Moreton Bay council areas on or after March 27 must complete a self-declaration form.

Meanwhile, Virgin Australia flights to and from Brisbane will operate as normal on Monday.

It advises all passengers not travelling within the next 72 hours to call back at a later stage as its hotline is inundated with calls from concerned customers.

Qantas also announced on its website that the airline is currently dealing with a high volume of calls.

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Who has shut its border to Queensland?

States and territories have changed border conditions in light of the Brisbane lockdown.

It is not clear at this stage how long the border restrictions will last, and whether they will extend beyond Brisbane’s three-day lockdown period and into the Easter weekend.

Victoria will shut the border on Greater Brisbane at 6pm on Monday night, when the council areas of Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan City, Moreton Bay Region and Redlands City are designated.

RELATED: New rules as Brisbane enters lockdown

RELATED: State on alert as cases cross border

This means non-Victorian residents from Brisbane can’t enter Victoria without an exemption. Victorians in Brisbane will have to apply to come home and then quarantine for 14 days.

Western Australia is reintroducing its hard border with Queensland, which will move from a “low risk” to “medium risk” state. This means only exempt travellers can enter WA from Queensland.

Those arriving in WA from Queensland since March 27 have to self-quarantine for 14 days and be tested for COVID-19.

Tasmania has also shut its border with Brisbane. Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein said on Monday anyone travelling to the state from Brisbane, Logan, Moreton Bay, Ipswich or the Redlands will not be able to enter without quarantining for up to two weeks.

South Australia said it would will close its border to Greater Brisbane from 4pm on Monday, and that includes Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Redlands and Logan.

From that time, only South Australian residents, essential workers or people relocating will be able to enter SA from Queensland, and they will have to self-isolate for 14 days. They’ll also have to be tested on days one, five and 13.

Anyone who has arrived from that Greater Brisbane hotspot area since March 20 must get tested immediately and self-isolate until they get a negative result.

“We are not happy to do this, in fact, we know that this is going to be a huge inconvenience to people, especially in the lead-up to this Easter period,” South Australian Premier Steven Marshall said.

“We know there is a flight which is due into South Australia at 4.45pm and that is why we have pulled this press conference together as quickly as possible to give that advance notice to people who might be on that flight coming into South Australia.”

The Australian Capital Territory now considers Greater Brisbane a hot spot area and is urging people against travelling there at this time.

Mandatory quarantine applies to all people entering Canberra since March 15.

People should get tested and isolate until they receive a negative result if they have been in the City of Brisbane and Moreton Bay council areas from March 11 to 14.

The Northern Territory’s chief health officer said on Monday travellers from the Queensland council areas of Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Ipswitch, Logan, Redlands and Gladstone since March 25, or from Byron Shire Council in NSW since March 27, must self-quarantine and get a COVID-19 test in the next 72 hours. They must remain in self-quarantine until a negative test is returned.

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Fiona Weaver ditching a life in law to begin Wild Island Women Tasmanian adventure community

While many people in their early 20s are taking their first steps into a career, Fiona Weaver realised she did not want to climb up the corporate ladder — she wanted to climb off it.

Ms Weaver started her career working as a legal secretary at a firm in Sydney but now spends her days on Tasmania’s rivers and mountains.

“At 22, I was just very unhappy, really not myself and I remember sitting in my beautiful office which overlooked the Blue Mountains, I was on the 17th floor … right in the middle of the CBD,” she said.

Persia Brooks (left) and Emma Fletcher (centre) participate in Wild Island Women tours.(

ABC News: Selina Ross


Ms Weaver realised her need for nature had to be more than just a weekend hobby.

“I wanted to really just get back out into the world and do what really made me happy and follow my joy rather than what was expected of me,” she said.

“I eventually just quit completely, so actually when I was 23 was my last full time role that I have ever had.”

‘Reawakening joy’

Seventeen years later, Ms Weaver is the founder of the Tasmanian outdoor adventure community, Wild Island Women.

The group aims to support women to tackle outdoor adventures around Tasmania, such as kayaking and bush-walking.

Ms Weaver is passionate about helping more women get out into the wilderness, regardless of their age or ability.

A woman wearing a long sleeve short and a vest stands in front of two horses.
Fiona Weaver left a high end career in Sydney to work in adventure tourism.(

ABC News: Selina Ross


“I want to create a greater sense of community around Tasmania, we can meet in the wild places as women and adventure together and support each other and also socialise outside rather than just meeting at cafes and having that cup of coffee,” she said.

“We can actually support each other to live these amazing untamed lives, and whatever untamed means for them.

Three young children ride horses in an arena.
Wild Island Women’s Fiona Weaver has always been happiest in nature.(

Supplied: Fiona Weaver


The idea for Wild Island Women was sparked by the women themselves, five years after Fiona and her husband Liam started running commercial adventure tours. 

“In 2016, I was receiving so many phone calls from local ladies asking if they had a more accessible trip, they were feeling a bit overwhelmed about joining a commercial trip of ours,” Ms Weaver said.

“They’d most likely had a negative experience about kayaking in the past and they were quite fearful about getting back on the kayaks again … I was just hearing this same narrative over and over and over again.”

Huge response to women only tours

Ms Weaver decided to promote a women’s only introduction to kayaking trip on social media.

“The response from local ladies was so overwhelming, that one trip of 10 spots sold over 10 times,” she said.

A group of 11 women pose for a picture in front of a mountain.
Fiona Weaver says she witnessed women ‘transformed’ by the end of a trip.(

Supplied: Fiona Weaver


“That was a sign that there was something about how we [the tourism industry] have set up adventure tourism activities that’s not really speaking to women specifically.

ABC News homepage

“That became very obvious and very clear as I was talking to more and more local ladies, that even though we had all this accessible wilderness around us, they really felt that they needed to feel supported and encouraged and safe to get out there and have a go.”

Ms Weaver said she saw the participants transform during the trip.

“I saw women get out of the car just completely overwhelmed about what they were about to encounter, very nervous and unsure about whether they could actually accomplish a three-hour moving water trip,” she said.

She said once the women “had that sense of safety and trust within themselves again to give things a go, they were mostly likely to go off and do things on their own or with a group of friends on the weekends”.

Those initial trips were the start of a thriving community.

“The women asked for a group where they could meet and catch up after they’d met on these trips, so I started a closed Facebook group where they could reconnect and exchange details and also find a buddy [for future independent adventures],” she said.

“We’ve got that space and now there’s over 1,800 women, so using social media to help build community has been really important.”

A group of women kayaking on a river.
Fiona Weaver’s tours have proved hugely popular.(

ABC News: Selina Ross


Persia Brooks first joined a Wild Island Women bush walking trip to Mount Eliza three years ago, at a time she describes as a “crossroads”.

It was a hard time of my life because I really was struggling with my mental health,” she said.

“Being out in nature really takes it away from you, you become a lot more relaxed and can think more clearly.

Emma Fletcher is also part of the Wild Island Women community, and helps out working as a kayak guide.

“Fiona has created a fantastic community of women,” she said.

“Each summer season I come and work as a kayaking guide and I’ve really noticed as I’ve come into this 50s age group how hard it is to get work, particularly outdoor guiding work.

“I really appreciate Fiona recognising the skills I can bring without caring what age I am and that I can contribute to getting women my age out into nature.”

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Wet and wild: Coast’s amazing weather of the 1990s

Gold Coast’s weather can be ideal some days but when it turns it can turn hard. Take a look at some of the wet and wild weather photos of the 1990s. SEE THE FULL GALLERY

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NRL fans go wild for freak play in thriller

Viliame Kikau and Stephen Crichton combined to pull off a miraculous try-saver to help the Penrith Panthers secure a nailbiting two-point victory over the Melbourne Storm on Thursday evening.

The highly-anticipated Grand Final rematch at Panthers Stadium proved a gritty arm wrestle from start to finish, culminating in a thrilling final passage of play.

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The Storm were leading by four points before Penrith second-rower Kurt Capewell scored a classy try in the 78th minute.

Capewell’s fancy footwork was enough to penetrate Melbourne’s defence, and Penrith took the lead when Crichton converted the try.

But in another late twist, Storm centre Justin Olam almost spoiled the party by diving over for a try after the final siren.

With zero seconds remaining on the clock, Melbourne’s players were desperately spreading the ball towards the left wing.

Olam opted to sprint for the tryline instead of passing towards speedster Josh Addo-Carr waiting on the wing, a decision which ultimately backfired.

Replays showed that Kikau and Crichton miraculously prevented the four-pointer, the video referee deciding there was no conclusive evidence to award the try.

Incredibly, Kikau had moments earlier hit the deck after colliding with an opponent player, and needed to return to his feet before the game-saving move.

The home crowd celebrated wildly when the verdict was handed down as Melbourne coach Craig Bellamy fumed in the viewing box.

“It was a tough game how we lost it,” Bellamy told reports after the defeat.

“It was disappointing, frustrating there are a lot of words you could use.”

READ MORE: Storm superstar booed after ugly move

“We pride ourselves in just effort, effort and effort,” Kikau said after the win.

“Just turning up for each other. I thought it was an obstruction there but seeing as the ball was still alive I just stood up and chased him. That was pleasing to stop that try at the end.”

Rugby league icon Phil Gould tweeted: “That’s a game! Brilliant stuff. Panther wins. Great entertainment.”

The Panthers did not concede a point in the opening two rounds, and remain undefeated in the 2021 premiership — this is only the second time ever Penrith have won three straight games to start a season.

It also marks the first time Melbourne has lost consecutive NRL games since 2018.

The Storm will next host the Brisbane Broncos in Melbourne, while Penrith will take on the Sea Eagles next Thursday evening.

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Council responds to wild weather

The City of Logan has opened its Local Disaster Coordination Centre in response to the weather event.

The coordination centre will work with Logan City Council’s disaster management partners to ensure community safety and to protect Council assets.

Hundreds of millimetres of rain has fallen in parts of the city over the last few days and more is expected today along with possible thunderstorms.

A major flood warning has been issued for the Logan River. A moderate warning remains in place for the Albert River.

Residents near the Albert River in the suburbs of Eagleby and Beenleigh are advised to maintain an awareness of their surroundings and monitor water levels in their area.

Cusack Lane at Jimboomba is closed. Other flooded roads include Waterford-Tamborine Road at Belivah Creek and Luscombe Bridge.

River and creek levels at noon today were:

  • Albert River rising
  • Logan River rising
  • Oxley Creek rising
  • Slacks and Scrubby Creek elevated but steady
  • Henderson Creek rising

For a full list of flood-affected roads go to: 

Remember – If It’s Flooded, Forget It!

City of Logan residents are advised to:

  • listen to your radio (River FM 94.9FM, 101FM, ABC radio 612AM, Rebel FM 90.5FM and Breeze 92.1FM) and/or the television for the latest information and warnings
  • check the Bureau of Meteorology website for weather warnings
  • check the Disaster Dashboard at for local information
  • Download and register for the Logan Early Warning app or website

Logan SES has completed 92 jobs since midnight on Sunday.

Council has opened a second depot for residents who think they might need sandbags to collect them ahead of forecast heavy rain today.

Sandbags will be available from the Logan Village SES Depot, 1464 Waterford-Tamborine Road, Logan Village from 10am–4pm today.

Residents can also collect sandbags from the Logan East SES Depot at Winnetts Road, Daisy Hill which is open until 4pm today.

For the safety of the community, Council engineers have closed off Boxer Avenue, Daisy Hill, after it was extensively damaged on Sunday.

Further damage assessment will take place once the weather improves.

For your health Council also recommends avoiding contact with floodwaters for up to five days after the heavy rainfall and elevated water levels due to potential risks from bacteria carried into waterways from runoff.

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Council responds to wild weather
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BOM warns more wild weather to come as tropical cloud band collides with east coast trough

“Absolutely incredible” totals are set to continue as weather systems collide, bringing a peak to the rain overnight and into tomorrow morning.

Every state and territory, except Western Australia, is expected to be under some sort of heavy rain warning by this evening.

Very dangerous conditions continue for flood-affected areas as another 50 to 100 millimetres is expected to fall on already swollen catchments today.

“We’ve got major flooding across the Hawkesbury, Nepean and Colo Rivers and moderate flood warnings to the mid-north, but we’re expecting another peak today,” said Jonathan How, senior meteorologist at the Bureau of Meteorology.

“So pretty treacherous conditions right along the coast.”

Today another 50 to 100mm is expected across parts of Western Sydney, the Blue Mountains, the Hunter and into the Mid-North Coast extending up to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, with high isolated falls again.


The highest rainfall overnight was on the Gold Coast hinterland at North Tambourine recording 263mm. Brisbane CBD picked up 125mm.

In New South Wales, the highest was 245mm at Nambucca Heads on the Mid-North coast.

In the Blue Mountains the gauge at Kurrajong Heights recorded 174mm, 116mm at Springwood, 95mm at North Richmond, 93mm at Warragamba and 88mm at Penrith.

Sydney CBD only picked up 28mm in the end.


‘Absolutely incredible’ totals so far

The overnight totals were impressive but the totals since 9am Thursday were even more extreme.

Comboyn, just to the south of Port Macquarie, has recorded 889mm of rain between 9am Thursday and 9am Monday.

According to Mr How they were likely to approach 1 metre of rain over the next day or so.

The highest falls in the Sydney area over the same period was at Blackheath with 465mm.

In Western Sydney they recorded 353mm at Warragamba, 290mm at Penrith Lakes and 263mm at Richmond.

“So we’re basically talking three to four months worth of rain over three to four days,” Mr How said.

Map of Australia with greens and blues extending from the Top End to the east coast
It has been a week of heavy and widespread rainfall for much of the continent and it is not over yet.(

Supplied: Bureau of Meteorology


The rain has not been restricted to just the last few days — Yarras, also known as Mount Seaview on the Mid-North Coast, is up to 911mm for March so far and, according to Mr How,

“They could get to a metre over the next day or so, which is absolutely incredible.”

Weather systems set to collide

From this evening it is about to get even wetter as a tropical cloud band swings in from the west, colliding with the coastal trough which has brought the rain so far.

“We’ve had days of torrential rain and now this tropical system coming through,” Mr How said.

Overnight there have already been falls of 120mm across Central Australia.

Series of synoptic charts showing the progression of tropical trough and rain moving across Monday - Thursday
Synoptic charts show the tropical cloud band extending across Australia, with low pressure system embedding in Tuesday before moving off on Wednesday. Resulting in clearer conditions by Thursday.(

Supplied: Bureau of Meteorology


Into Monday night, those heavy falls will push further east to places like Dubbo and in through the Northern Tablelands.

The resulting peak of the combined deluge is expected to be late tonight and into Tuesday morning.

“By tonight, we’re likely to have every state and territory in Australia, except WA, under some sort of heavy rain warning,” Mr How said.

Warnings are likely to extend to cover parts of the NT, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT, eastern Victoria, and most likely north-eastern parts of Tasmania.

How unusual is this?

Weather systems colliding like this are not particularly unusual, but having this much rain in the lead-up is rare.

Mr How said that ironically for Sydney, the rainfall totals across the Hawkesbury and Nepean so far have not been more than what we saw in February last year.

“We did see a pretty similar event, in some regards, in February 2020, but the main difference was that coming off the drought, the soils were much drier and so had a much bigger capacity to absorb water,” he said.

“This time around, unfortunately because of a wetter La Niña summer, runoff is much greater.”

Current analysis suggests that flood levels for this event will fall short of the 1867 flood event for the Hawkesbury and Nepean, but are likely to exceed the 1961 flood event.

While this event will be record breaking, especially for parts of NSW, it was not likely to provide much competition to the widespread rainfall totals set in 2010 and 2011 for Australia as a whole, according to Mr How.

While this rain will have been welcomed by some still needing rain, others, especially places north of Brisbane like Rockhampton, have again missed out.

When is it going to end?

The silver lining of the tropical cloud band is that it will push this coastal trough off into the Tasman Sea.

Despite a low pressure system embedding within the combined rainband rainfall is expected to clear up by Wednesday morning for most of NSW and Queensland.

Wet weather is likely to continue for Tasmania and Victoria through Wednesday but the system should be completely clear of the continent by Thursday, according to Mr How.

But because there has been so much rain, we are likely to see the rivers continue to fill well beyond Wednesday and continue to run high until the weekend.

“Even though the rain will stop and it will be mostly sunny in Sydney by Wednesday, the flooding risk will persist for some time to come,” Mr How said.

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