Former ambulance officer who sexually pursued teenage cadets could return to work in seven years

A former high-ranking St John Ambulance officer found guilty of sexually pursuing teenage cadets could be free to return to work as a nurse in less than seven years.

Daniel Patrick Symons says he would be an “excellent, well-qualified” nurse, but South Australia’s Civil and Administrative Tribunal found he had not accepted his guilt and did not understand the qualities required for the job.

Symons, 32, was in 2017 convicted of nine charges relating to offences committed against two female cadets, aged 16 and 17 at the time, dating back to 2012.

The charges included unlawful sexual intercourse while in a post of authority, inducing someone under 18 to expose their body, and communicating with a person under 17 with intent to engage in sexual activity.

During a trial, the court heard Symons used Facebook to contact the two cadets for explicit conversations about their sexual interests and experiences, and to ask them for naked photos.

The usual age of consent in South Australia is 17, but when one of the parties is in a “position of authority” — as Symons was found to be — the age of consent increases to 18.

Symons held the rank of state staff officer at the St John Ambulance head office at the time of the offences, and had sex with one of the girls at an ambulance call centre.

District Court judge Stephen McEwen handed him a two-year suspended sentence in November 2017.

The Court of Criminal Appeal dismissed Symons’s appeal in mid-2018 and, early last year, the matter was referred to the tribunal.

In submissions, Symons said he “lost everything” during the prosecution and he “wished to get on with his life”.

He added that “but for the offending [he would have] provided the South Australian Health system with an excellent, well-qualified nurse”.

Conduct ‘a gross breach of trust’

But the tribunal was not convinced, and said Symons had shown he did not understand the qualities required to be a nurse.

“A nurse must demonstrate qualities of character, demonstrated through conduct, as well as technical ability,” the judgement said.

“[His conduct] constituted a gross breach of trust and it occurred over a period of time during which the respondent had ample opportunity to consider the nature and effect of his conduct.”

The tribunal also found Symons failed to notify the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency of the charges and the convictions, and made misleading statements to the agency.

Symons, who has not worked as a nurse since November 2014, was “reprimanded in the strongest terms” and permanently banned from providing any health service to children.

He was also banned from providing health services to adults for a period of eight years, backdated to April 2019, and will be required to regain registration as a health practitioner before he can return to work.

At that time, the registering authority may decide to impose further conditions on Symons or continue the prohibition order.

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Hong Kong citizens in Australia will be allowed to stay another five years amid China crackdown

Persons from Hong Kong at the moment in Australia will be permitted to continue to be in the country for 5 much more a long time and supplied a pathway to long term residency, after China imposed a controversial security law on the metropolis. 

The new law, which critics say provides China sweeping new powers to suppress totally free speech in Hong Kong, was enacted very last 7 days.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared Australia’s reaction on Thursday, detailing plans to extend the visas of about 10,000 Hong Kong citizens finding out or functioning in the region. 

“Australia has often been a very welcoming nation to these kinds of people today from all close to the planet,” Mr Morrison instructed reporters.

The shift predominantly affects Hong Kong citizens already in Australia, fairly than individuals seeking to flee.

Mr Morrison claimed the governing administration would also try out to draw in Hong Kong-centered businesses to Australia to build a lot more work.

“I imagine that there will be numerous other countries in the region and around the entire world that would in truth be seeking to appeal to those people companies,” he reported.

Britain has also prolonged residency legal rights for up to a few million Hongkongers, allowing them to live and operate in the United kingdom for 5 several years.

In May well, the governing administration explained it envisioned Australia’s abroad migration intake to shrink by a lot more than 85 for each cent on 2018-19 degrees following economical yr because of to coronavirus journey bans.

Mr Morrison mentioned Australia has also suspended its extradition settlement with the town.

The final decision was an “acknowledgement of the fundamental adjust of circumstances” in Hong Kong because of the new safety regulation, he stated.

“Our perspective [is] that it undermines the 1 place, two techniques framework, and Hong Kong’s own standard legislation and the substantial degree of autonomy guaranteed in the Sino-British Joint Declaration that was established out there.”

Canada has also suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong in the wake of the new protection law.

Chinese international ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian strongly condemned the shift to suspend the extradition treaty.

“The suitable remarks and steps declared by the Australian aspect seriously violate worldwide regulations and the primary norms governing international relations, and they are a gross interference in China’s interior affairs,” he warned.

“We urge Australia to right away modify course and halt interfering in Hong Kong and China’s internal affairs by all signifies needed, to stay away from even more damaging bilateral relations.” 

What exactly is Australia supplying Hong Kong residents?

The arrangements for just about every variety of visa will be somewhat distinctive. 

For proficient and graduate visa holders, Australia will be extending visas by five several years from Thursday, with a pathway to everlasting residency at the end of individuals five years.

If you might be a present or future university student, you’ll be equipped to remain for a whole of five decades after you have graduated, with a pathway to long term residency at the conclude of that interval.

If you might be a temporary skilled visa holder, your visa will be extended by an further five many years from Thursday, with a pathway to long term residency at the conclude of that time period.

Also available will be a 5-yr temporary skilled visa with a pathway to everlasting residency for foreseeable future Hong Kong applicants, matter to assembly an up to date techniques listing and suitable sector tests.

There will also be a concentration on Hong Kong candidates to analyze and work in regional parts to assistance address abilities shortages, with convey pathways to everlasting residency soon after a few many years.

Riot police officers arrest a protester in Hong Kong


Amnesty Global Australia welcomed the choice to supply visas to Hongkongers at present in the nation, but urged the govt to grant safety to those people in Hong Kong as properly.

“We must also provide a safe pathway for Hongkongers who are now in Hong Kong [and] who have to have to flee the horrific and damaging problem they deal with,” refugee adviser Graham Thom mentioned.

“Australia has founded precedents in stepping in to support persons suffering repression by extending visas and giving a pathway to defense, as the Hawke Governing administration did notably in 1989 subsequent the Tiananmen Sq. massacre.”

Updated journey information

Earlier in the working day, the Department of Overseas Affairs and Trade advised Australian citizens in Hong Kong to reconsider their require to keep on being there offered the new “vaguely described” protection law.

In up-to-date travel information for the city, DFAT warned Australians could be at “increased hazard of detention” and warned they could break the law “without intending to”.

“The new national stability legislation for Hong Kong could be interpreted broadly. Beneath the legislation, you could be deported or encounter possible transfer to mainland China for prosecution beneath mainland regulation,” the current assistance reads.

“The comprehensive extent of the legislation and how it will be used is not however distinct. You could be at amplified possibility of detention on vaguely described national stability grounds. You could break the law without having intending to.

“If you are concerned about the new regulation, rethink your want to remain in Hong Kong.”

DFAT updated its vacation suggestions for China on Tuesday, warning Australians they could be at threat of arbitrary detention.

China’s foreign ministry stated in response that “foreigners in China have certainly almost nothing to get worried about as extended as they abide by the legislation”.

Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian informed reporters that China hoped Australia would “remain goal and truthful and do extra to advantage the improvement of China-Australia relations”.

Added reporting AAP.

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Tasmania’s school bus seatbelt policy continues to ‘disappoint’ despite years of debate

The head of Tasmania’s peak body for state schools says he remains disappointed by the State Government’s response to calls for mandatory seatbelts in all school buses.

There is no provision under existing laws to require restraints on buses, school or private, that seat more than 25 people.

Nigel Jones, president of the Tasmanian Association of State Schools, said he believed the Government was “not even giving it a second thought”.

“Considering the speed limits and the amount of speed and the highways in the north and north-west of the state and overcrowded school buses, we are extremely disappointed again,” he said.

Geoff Lewis, general manager of the Tasmanian Bus Association, said the group also supported seatbelts in all school buses.

“We have done that for quite a considerable amount of time, going right back to the 2008 contracts when we negotiated with the government that all school buses with less than 25 seats have lap-sash seatbelts compulsorily fitted,” he said.  

There are calls for seatbelts to be fitted on all buses.(ABC South East SA: Stuart Stansfield)

The Government has no plans to introduce mandatory seatbelts on buses with more than 25 seats.

A spokesman said bus capacity was determined by their type or size under the Passenger Transport Services Act.

He said when operational capacity was more than 90 per cent on three consecutive occasions (including seating or standing passengers), or 100 per cent capacity is met on any service on three consecutive occasions, bus contractors must advise the Department of State Growth to develop strategies to cater to high demand.

The spokesman said buses rated for standing passengers could legally operate under these conditions.

Mr Lewis said a risk analysis should be undertaken on all school routes.

He said there was scope for them to be graded as low, medium and higher risk, and that if seatbelts were to be introduced for all new buses, they should go into higher-risk routes first.

“The risk on a bus travelling on a four-lane highway is quite different to the risk of a bus travelling on a country rural road [which experiences] quite a lot of high-traffic heavy vehicles and much greater risk,” Mr Lewis said.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said the overcrowding of buses was a major concern, with children sitting on floors and in door wells because they could not get a seat.

“With the renewal of any of those contracts [to supply new buses], particularly on school bus routes, there should be provision made to have seatbelts installed,” she said.

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Russian troops to get S-500 air defense systems in coming years – Military & Defense

MOSCOW, July 8. /TASS/. The Russian military will get the new-generation S-500 air defense systems in coming years, the commander of Missile Defense Troops of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Maj. Gen. Sergei Babakov, said in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper on Wednesday.

“The Missile Defense Troops started receiving prospective S-350 Vityaz anti-aircraft systems. The delivery of S-500 Prometei systems is also planned,” Babakov said, when asked what types of prospective weaponry the troops expected to receive in coming years.

He went on to say that apart from aerodynamic and ballistic targets, S-500 systems can detect and destroy hypersound weapons of all modifications, including in the near space.

“This gives us grounds to say that this system has no rivals,” Babakov said.

S-500 Prometei (55R6M, Triumfator-M class) was designed by Almaz-Antey as a new generation of air and missile defense weapons. S-500 operates a separated method of ballistic and aerodynamic target destruction.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said in an article published in the corporate magazine Radio-Electronic Technologies of the KRET Group in February that military specialists had held the trials of the world’s unrivaled surface-to-air missiles for the latest S-500 air defense system last year. The deputy defense minister also said in an interview with Krasnaya Zvezda in December 2019 that the preliminary tests of the S-500 anti-aircraft missile system would begin in 2020 and the commencement of its serial deliveries to the troops was scheduled for 2025.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu earlier said that the deliveries of the S-500 to the troops would begin in 2020. Russia has been training specialists to learn to operate the new system at the Military Academy of the Aerospace Force in Tver since 2017.

Russia is developing the S-500 with a view of its operation in the next 25 years. As the Western media reported, the new Russian missile system struck the target at a range of 481.2 km or 80 km more compared to any existing missile system.

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I self harmed since i was about 9.i haven’t done it in 2 years now and don’t have the urge to. Yay : mentalhealth

I hope this post isn’t triggering for others going through the same. But i am glad the urge has gone for now.

I never admitted this to anyone but my best friend. I have self harmed since i was about 9 years old.

I always cut myself in places it could be passed off as an accident. I never wanted people to know i was doing it but i just felt the urge to feel something physical other than emotional.

The last time i self harmed was 2 years ago and it was so deep it still hasnt fully healed to this day. I feel ashamed of them and hate when people ask me about how i got my scars or when they look at them. It gets harder each time to explain how i got the wounds but sometimes i felt it was the only way to feel something.

I have had no urges to do it recently and hope it stays that way.

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Rockpool chef and founder steps back after 40 years

Iconic chef Neil Perry has announced he is retiring after 40 years at the helm of Australian cuisine.

Perry, 63, announced he would step back from his role as culinary director at Rockpool Dining Group on Monday but will remain a consultant and major shareholder.

Perry said he would focus on his charitable work, including Hope Delivery, which provides free meals to the vulnerable.

MORE: Perry, Fassnidge talk about pressure chef’s face

“As the business now needs to embark on a new chapter, it is time for a fresh start,” Perry said.

“It will never be easy to move on from the restaurants I founded, and I do so with a heavy heart, but as the business and the sector set their sights on new beginnings, it is the right time for the next generation to have the opportunity afforded to me over 40 years ago.”

Rockpool Dining Group has over 80 restaurants and bars around Australia with revenue of around $400 million a year and more than 3000 staff.

Its restaurants include Rockpool Bar and Grill, Spice Temple, Rosetta, The Cut Bar & Grill, and Saké Restaurant & Bar, along with casual venues Fratelli Fresh, El Camino Cantina, The Bavarian and The Argyle.

Perry sold the Rockpool Group in 2016 to the Urban Purveyor Group, which then became Quadrant Private Equity. However he was reportedly in negotiations to buy some of his key venues from Quadrant, but the deal collapsed amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has gutted the hospitality sector.

In March, Perry told The Australian: “It’s been a little bit difficult not being my own boss.” “I went down one path and now I’m lucky enough to able to go down another. (It’s) time to reboot and start again.”

Perry is renowned for his fresh, modern food and Asian specialities. He has designed in-flight menus for Qantas and appeared on reality TV show, Australian MasterChef.

In July last year, Rockpool Dining Group faced allegations of underpaying staff and was sued by a chef who claimed he worked more than 70 hours a week without breaks.

Fellow chefs and fans of his food took to social media to pay tribute to Perry. Luke Mangan called him “one of the best in our industry and a great leader.”

Mark Best said “Australian cuisine wouldn’t be where it is without your prodigious talent and energy.”

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Victoria-NSW border to close for the first time in 100 years as Melbourne coronavirus cases hit record daily high

The border in between New South Wales and Victoria will shut on Tuesday for the 1st time in 100 years as coronavirus cases in Melbourne hit a record large.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews verified the choice on Monday morning as the state recorded one more 127 coronavirus cases overnight, a record day-to-day raise for the condition.

He also announced a person in his 90s experienced died of coronavirus, having the nationwide dying toll to 105.

The border closure decision was manufactured in consultation with Primary Minister Scott Morrison and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Mr Andrews claimed.

The determination marks the initial time the Victoria-NSW border has been shut in 100 years – officers last blocked movement in between the two states in 1919 through the Spanish flu pandemic.

The closure, which arrives into impact at 11:59pm on Tuesday, will be policed on the NSW facet, he included.

“We have agreed that the very best thing to do is to close the border. That closure will be enforced on the New South Wales side, so as not to be a drain on resources that are incredibly significantly focused on combating the virus right now across our state,” Mr Andrews instructed reporters.

“This is just one of those precautionary measures, it is just one of those matters that I imagine will help us in broader conditions incorporate the spread of the virus.”

Melbourne’s coronavirus outbreak intensified about the weekend, with the condition recording 108 new situations on Saturday.

The Saturday spike resulted in a tricky lockdown of nine community housing blocks in North Melbourne and Kensington for at minimum 5 days.

Mr Andrews stated on Monday the lockdowns could final for a fortnight.

“The purchase was manufactured for 14 times but it can be rescinded before than that,” he claimed.

A sign is witnessed on a window at 1 of the community housing towers on Racecourse Highway in Flemington, Melbourne.


Of the 127 new conditions claimed on Monday, 16 are joined to the general public housing towers, having the overall variety of infections across the nine properties to 53.

Victoria now has pretty much 650 lively situations of COVID-19.

Mr Andrews apologised for the “inconvenience” the border closure would pose for folks who reside in border towns, these types of as Albury-Wodonga.

He claimed there would be a “permit system” place in area, to be comprehensive later on on Monday, and special amenities set up on the border for people today who will need to make “unavoidable” crossings.

Ms Berejiklian claimed closing the border was a “necessary step” supplied the maximize in neighborhood transmission in Victoria.

“When our country experienced all those higher range of scenarios back again in February and March, the wide vast majority of people circumstances had been from overseas travellers or the direct contacts,” she advised reporters in Sydney.

“What is occurring in Victoria is extremely distinctive, which is why we have had to choose this vital stage. We wouldn’t have taken this action, except we certainly experienced to.”

Ms Berejiklian said there was no rationale for other states to close their borders to people today from NSW.

“There is truly no excuse for any other Condition, apart from Victoria, to have any border closures with New South Wales and I urge all the other states of Australia, in our nationwide fascination, to consider about that,” she said.

Queensland Leading Annastacia Palaszczuk welcomed the NSW-Victoria border closure in a statment on Twitter.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller stated support to implement the border closure has been asked for from the Office of Defence.

He claimed it would be “difficult [but] not impossible” to cross the border in the initially 72 hrs of the ban and Support NSW will have an on line application for an exemption readily available on Tuesday.

“There will be delays even though we operate by way of who are important personnel,” he explained.

“We will choose a reasonable but pragmatic strategy to all those coming into New South Wales to ensure we guard the people of New South Wales.”

NSW reported 10 new situations of COVID-19 on Monday, none of which came from neighborhood transmission.

Individuals in Australia should keep at the very least 1.5 metres absent from some others. Check your state’s restrictions on collecting limits.

Tests for coronavirus is extensively out there throughout Australia. If you are experiencing chilly or flu signs, prepare a exam by contacting your medical professional or make contact with the Coronavirus Well being Facts Hotline on 1800 020 080.

The federal government’s coronavirus tracing app COVIDSafe is offered for download from your phone’s application retail store.

SBS is committed to informing Australia’s assorted communities about the newest COVID-19 developments. News and details is offered in 63 languages at

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Adelaide taekwondo instructor recounts fleeing North Korea 70 years ago

At the height of the Korean War nearly 70 years ago, seven-year-old Lee Choon Bong and his family made the death-defying decision to escape Pyongyang, the heart of communist North Korea.

But before the war even started and well before they decided to flee, he lost a significant part of his family.

“One day I woke up and my father was gone and then my family said they took him to jail,” Lee said.

Lee’s family were Presbyterians who helped manage a church in the North Korean capital.

But that came with trouble from local police in a state designed to stamp out religious activities.

“They [the North Korean government] didn’t say, ‘Don’t go to church’, but the church had to listen to what they said … if you denied it then you’d get in trouble, they’d put you in jail.”

Lee visits the Korean Presbyterian Church at Beulah Park in Adelaide’s east.(ABC News: Joshua Boscaini)

In late 1950 after the outbreak of war, United Nations forces advanced into North Korea, leading to the fall of Pyongyang.

But the victory was short lived.

“They all disappeared … we didn’t see the UN soldiers. The next day they were all gone,” Lee said.

Over half a million Chinese troops crossed the Yalu River into North Korea, which separates the two countries, and pushed UN forces back beyond the 38th parallel, which now separates the North and South.

North Korean refugees fled south

Lee’s mother decided her family would flee south too. Other North Koreans followed.

UN troops destroyed bridges connecting Pyongyang with the southern banks of the Taedong River to slow the advance of Chinese troops moving south, but it also slowed down thousands of desperate North Korean refugees who were trying to escape during what was a bitterly cold Korean winter.

Lee, furthest to the left, with his two brothers, his sister and his mother in South Korea
Lee (left) with his two brothers, sister and mother in South Korea.(Supplied: Lee Choon Bong)

“[The Taedong River] was too deep and freezing, with ice floating, so we couldn’t go through the river,” Lee said.

“So one of our church deacons, he paid some money [and got] a little boat so the family crossed the river by boat.

Lee said his family made it to Haeju on North Korea’s south-west coast, and waited for the war to end, hopeful of returning to a democratic Pyongyang.

“We stayed there for about three to four weeks,” he said.

“We thought the war would stop … and then one day in the morning we saw North Korean soldiers.”

He said a bloody conflict broke out at the very place they’d escaped to.

A young Mr Lee with his dog
Lee with his dog in South Korea.(Supplied: Lee Choon Bong)

Lee said his family had to move even further south, continuing what had already been a difficult and tiresome journey.

They often traversed through fields and over mountains in the night to avoid getting caught by North Korean forces.

“If you get caught, you get killed,” he said.

The Lee family eventually made it to Gongju, South Korea, where his mother helped set up a church and the family made a living, staying well away from the North.

South Koreans still grateful for Australians’ service

According to the Australian War Memorial, 340 serving Australians lost their lives in the Korean War. About 1,200 were injured and 30 became prisoners of war.

The war claimed the lives of about 2 million people and turned many Koreans, like Lee’s family, into homeless refugees.

Korea and South East Asia Forces Association of Australia’s SA branch president, John Jarrett, was one of the 17,000 Australians who served in the war.

He worked in ordinance in Seoul from 1953 to 1954.

Jarrett said while he wasn’t on the front line of the conflict, he saw the full effects of the war in Seoul.

John Jarrett at his home in Adelaide wearing his service medals
John Jarrett says South Koreans are “generous” to Australians and remain grateful for their service in the war.(ABC News: Joshua Boscaini)

Seventy years since the outbreak of the war, Australian Korean War veterans and members of Adelaide’s Korean community have formed a close friendship, meeting several times a year.

They keep in touch so the Korean community can thank Australian veterans for their service.

Jarrett said the welcome mat did not stop at home, with warm welcomes extended to Australian veterans when they visited South Korea.

“They’re so generous. If you go to Korea and they know you’re an Australian you get anything you want,” Jarrett said.

“They put on four trips a year; one for the ex-service people and their families, one for the bereaved … one for missing in action, and one for disabled. You tell me what other country does that. It’s all paid for.

“They treat you like gods and it’s embarrassing sometimes.”

North and South Korea signed an armistice in July 1953 but the nations remain technically at war, having not signed a peace agreement.

No plans to ever return to North Korea

Following a stint in the South Korean army, Lee studied English at Hanyang University.

Mr Lee standing outside his Taekwondo business on Hyde Street in Adelaide's CBD
Lee has welcomed thousands of eager students to his taekwondo gym.(ABC News: Joshua Boscaini)

He became engrossed in taekwondo and in 1973 moved to Australia after being scouted by the Australian embassy in Korea, which was looking for an instructor.

The same year, he started a successful taekwondo gym which still operates in Hyde Street in Adelaide’s CBD and has welcomed thousands of eager students.

Now 76 years old, Lee credits his mother’s hard work, strength and compassion throughout their family’s journey for their success.

He said he would never consider returning to North Korea.

“We don’t think about going back there, we don’t,” he said.

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Enaam Ahmed: F3 driver says motorsport diversity ’20 years behind other sports’

Ahmed preparing to race in Austria this weekend

Britain’s Formula 3 driver Enaam Ahmed says the “levels of diversity” in motorsport are “20 years behind other sports”.

“I don’t think it’s a racist sport, but it’s undiverse,” the Carlin Buzz Racing driver, 20, told BBC Asian Network. “It doesn’t feel representative.”

Formula 1 is setting up a foundation to fund apprenticeships and scholarships to increase diversity in the sport.

World motorsport governing body the FIA is contributingexternal-link 1m euros to this fund.

Six-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has also announced plans to set up a commission to increase diversity in motorsport.

“Racing is an elitist sport,” said Ahmed, whose parents sold their family home to support his career.

“F1 has only been a sport for the rich and wealthy, so that’s a factor. Now with the new campaigns which Formula 1 and Lewis Hamilton are establishing it will hopefully change – mechanics and engineers, for example.

“Hopefully there is a wider appeal and scope to attract people to take up those careers. Hopefully there are more chances for them too – but it’s not been the case so far.

“It does not seem like it’s a sport which is accessible to minorities. The faces are not there so it doesn’t feel representative.

“We need visible role models, so if we get to the top like Lewis it shakes up the establishment and attracts younger people.”

Ahmed, who began racing on the same Rye House track in Hertfordshire as Hamilton, believes he may have been the victim of unconscious bias in the initial stages of his motorsport career, which saw him become junior world karting champion in 2014.

“When I started out in karting I did feel it at times, but less so as I went up the levels,” he says.

Hamilton has been outspoken on the subject of race and diversity in the wake of the global Black Lives Matter protests that followed the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis last month.

On Sunday, before the opening F1 grand prix of the season in Austria, the FIA said of its financial contribution: “Priority will be placed on promoting a diverse driver talent pipeline by identifying and systematically eliminating barriers to entry from grassroots karting to Formula 1.”

Ahmed, who finished third in the Japan F3 Championship last year, is now fully fit after contracting coronavirus. He competed in the opening races of the revised Formula 3 Championship in Austria on Saturday and Sunday.

“It was the worst illness – similar to when I got pneumonia in 2018,” he says.

“Even after I got better I was weak for another month after that. I think I had it for two to three weeks. I lost weight as I could not eat, I was getting tired quickly and I couldn’t open my eyes. It was scary.”

The former British Formula 3 champion adds: “I am fighting for the top five positions then I am sure I will get into Formula 2. The aim is to win the championship convincingly so then I have the super licence points to possibly get to F1.

“Comparisons with Lewis have been flattering and are a compliment but I want to be the new Enaam.”

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Destroyers of U.S. Monuments Will Get at Least 10 Years in Prison

On Friday evening, President Donald Trump said the destroyers of American statues and monuments will receive a minimum of ten years in federal prison if convicted.

Speaking in front of Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota, Trump said his latest executive order ensures full prosecution under the law for rioters who are convicted of destroying, defacing, or tearing down the nation’s federally-protected monuments.

“That is why I am deploying federal law enforcement to protect the monuments, arrest the rioters, and prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law,” Trump said.

“Under the executive order signed last week pertaining to the Veteran’s Memorial and Recognition Act and other laws, people who damage or deface federal statues will get a minimum of ten years in prison,” Trump said.

Breitbart News is live-blogging Trump’s Mount Rushmore ceremony.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.

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