Lollipop man injured in hit-run remains in hospital while police hunt female driver

A school crossing supervisor is in hospital barely able to move after he was mowed down while working near a primary school in Melbourne’s north.

Jim Tzimas had just finished crossing a group of children and was removing flags before he was struck about 9am on Findon Road in Epping yesterday.

The collision caused the lollipop man to fall hard into the gutter and hit his head, with his hip and upper body also badly hurt.

The female driver of the small silver sedan stopped about 100-200 metres up the road and paused for 10 seconds before taking off again.
“We’re just angry … how can you leave a human being just lying there?,” Wife Vicki Tzimas said.
The 58-year-old’s daughter Elenni Tzimas said she couldn’t believe her father could be injured while working for the community.
“It’s a school crossing so I thought that was the safest place because people would be really slow for children crossing, and parents with their young children and babies in prams … it was really shocking to get that call.
“He’s such a funny person and so positive – it’s hard to imagine him like that (in the gutter).
“Its really difficult,” she said.

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